Shaving with an unsuitable razor can be a real nightmare.

Having a razor that is past its due can turn a pleasant shaving experience into a, well, bloodbath in a worst-case scenario.

Actually, what mostly happens is redness and skin irritation.

But even that is what you want to avoid.

Disposable razors are an easy and quick option when you are on the road or at times when you need a quick shave.

Getting one of shady quality is something that you should absolutely avoid.

Imagine preparing for an important meeting and all you have is a disposable razor.

Going to that meeting with a red face, very literally, is a scenario no one wants.

The best solution in such a case is getting a quality disposable razor.

A good razor will ensure that you get a suitable shave so as to avoid any skin irritation or other unwanted outcomes.

If you are not sure which blade you need to pick, don’t worry, we’ve done the research for you.

All you have to do is take a look at the article, ponder a little bit about the given products and choose one of them.

Disposable Razors

Image Product Details  
Closest ShaveBIC Flex 3
  • Pivoting head
  • Lubricating strip
  • Affordable
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Longest Lasting BladesGillette Sensor2 Plus
  • Water activated lubrastip
  • Soft ultragrip handle
  • Quality blades
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No Pulling or TuggingGillette Fusion5 ProGlide Power
  • Handle with FlexBall technology
  • Precision trimmer
  • Thin blades
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Bump Fighter
  • Doesn’t cause razor bumps
  • No nicks and scratches
  • Comes as a pack of 48 razors
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Gillette Mach3 Sensitive
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Spring-mounted pressure control system
  • 3 high-definition blades
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For more detailed and complete product reviews on benefits and features, keep reading.

It can be hard to figure out what disposable razor works best for you.

Not only does the type of razor you choose matter, but exactly how you use it can greatly impact the shave you get.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide for how to choose – and also use – the best disposable razor.

7 Best Disposable Razors Reviewed

1. BIC Flex 3

Providing high-end performance at an affordable price, BIC Flex 3 features a pivoting head and three flexible blades that follow the contours of your face and give you a very close shave.

During the process, you have more control thanks to the ergonomic handle that has a rubberized grip.

The gliding is effortless due to the lubricating strip, so there’s less hair dragging and irritation.

For hard-to-access areas, there’s a precision edge blade, while the added weight and a pivoting head provide greater control.

For a very low price, you get 8 razors, which means you’ll be supplied for quite some time. However, the flex blades are not that quality, so you’ll probably have to replace them soon.



  • Pivoting head and flex blades for an ultra close shave
  • Lubricating strip for better glide
  • Ergonomic handle with rubberized grip for more control
  • Incredibly low price

  • Blades get dull fairly fast
  • Hard to clean

2. Gillette Sensor2 Plus

The established name among men who like to shave, Gillette Sensor2 Plus has multiple characteristics you’ll love.

For instance, it has a pivoting head that follows the lines of your face and comes with two twin blades that provide a smooth shave.

To make your shaving experience even more pleasant, there’s also a lubrastrip that’s instantly activated with water.

The handle feels soft in your hand and has an ergonomic grip giving you complete control over the shaving process.

Although some may find the price to be a bit higher, you get 3 packs of disposable razors for it and they come in a packaging that is resealable.



  • Pivoting head adjusts to all the contours of your face
  • Water activated lubrastip
  • Quality, long lasting blades
  • Soft Ultragrip handle for enhanced control

  • Causes nicks and cuts
  • Blades aren’t of good quality and don’t last for long

3. Schick Hydro 5

One of the rare products that hydrate your skin and reduce irritation while shaving, Schick Hydro 5 is different than other disposables for his hydrating gel reservoir.

This reservoir has two times longer lifetime than regular lubrication strips. Friction and irritation are prevented because all five ultra glide blades of this product have skin guards.

To give you complete control over the process, so you don’t get cut easily, the seller made the handle to be ergonomic and rubberized.

This razor is the only disposable that’s made with a flip trimmer, which you can start with a simple flip of a thumb. It’s ideal for those hard-to-access areas that need a precise trimming.

Make sure to clean the razor regularly and thoroughly because it can pull hairs a lot when it gets clogged. Also, note that it won’t give you a close shave you’re used to.



  • Ultra glide blades with skin guards
  • Flip trimmer for hard-to-reach areas
  • Ergonomic, rubber grip handle
  • Hydrating gel reservoir that lasts two times longer

  • Can pull hairs when it gets clogged
  • Doesn’t give a very close shave

4. Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Power

With the handle that features FlexBall technology, Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Power adjusts to the contours of your face, so it gets to and removes all the hairs.

It has five anti-friction blades, four of which are very thin and don’t tug or pull the hairs. The longevity of the blade refill depends on the thickness of the beard and the sensitivity of your skin.

With a precision trimmer that can be found on the back, you can get to areas that are hard to access, especially nose and sideburns.

The shaving is made more pleasant and smoother thanks to the enhanced lubrastrip that has more lubricant than ever.

There’s also a micro comb for more precise styling. The battery needs to be changed when the low-battery indicator begins to flesh.



  • Handle with FlexBall technology follows the contours of your face
  • Precision trimmer for hard-to-reach areas
  • Thin blades that don’t pull or tug hairs
  • Lubrastrip with more lubricant

  • Blades can get dull fast
  • Slightly expensive

5. BIC Twin Select

Package of ten disposable BIC Twin Select Razors is ideal for men who wish to have a smooth and comfortable shave every time.

Twin blades are designed to give you a close shave, so they are pretty sharp. However, they can quickly get clogged up with hairs.

The product also has a slim head and a long, tapered handle, giving you more than enough control while shaving.

Although it’s made primarily for sensitive skin, you can use it no matter your skin type.

With snap-on covers, it’s very convenient to bring it on your travels or when you need some occasional touch-ups.



  • Twin blades designed to give a close, comfortable shave
  • Made for sensitive skin
  • Long, tapered handle and slim head
  • Snap-on covers for portability

  • Clogs with hairs fast
  • Can easily cause razor burn

6. Bump Fighter

Crafted mostly for African American men skin and type of beard, Bump Fighter is also an excellent solution for those with sensitive skin or curly facial hair.

Most of the other disposables cause bumps, irritation and ingrown hairs. This product is the exact opposite as it represents the combination of a bump guard technology with a conditioner.

In other words, it’ll make your skin smooth and irritation free when shaving, so the ingrown hairs and razor bumps are less likely to appear.

In addition, all the cuts and scratches will be reduced. The razor will effortlessly glide over your skin without cutting you in the process.

Make sure you dry it after each shave to prolong its lifetime. As a downside, the razor doesn’t really provide you with a close shave and is quite expensive.



  • Doesn’t cause razor bumps or ingrown hairs
  • No nicks and scratches
  • Great for men with sensitive skin and curly beards
  • Comes as a pack of 48 razors

  • Doesn’t give a close shave
  • Very expensive

7. Gillette Mach3 Sensitive

With three progressively aligned blades, Gillette Mach3 Sensitive adapts to all skin types and removes more hairs with fewer passes.

There’s also a pressure control system that prevents you from pressing the blades too hard on your skin.

This unables irritation that might occur as the consequence of increased pressure during the shave.

Enhanced microfin skin guards have a role in gently smoothing down your skin and preparing beard hairs to be cut, while lubrastrip provides for a smooth glide.

Thanks to the open architecture system, the blades are relatively easy to rinse, which prevents hairs from clogging them and making them unusable.



  • 3 high-definition blades with microfine skin guards
  • Enhanced lubrastrip for a smooth glide
  • Spring-mounted pressure control system
  • Perfectly balanced, ergonomic handle

  • Causes razor burn
  • Blades get dull fast and the lubricant coating lasts only a few shaves

What Features Should the Best Disposable Razor Have

First and foremost, it’s best to learn about what precisely makes a disposable razor good.

Most disposable razors are very simply designed and manufactured, which make the handful of features each has all the more important.

You know exactly what kind of chair suits you, and therefore you guarantee that you’ll leave with the right fit.

Shopping for the best disposable razors should be the same. If you know what to look for, you’re sure to walk out with the right product for you.

Primarily, the features you should consider are:

  • Lubrication strips
  • Swivel or pivoting heads
  • Price vs quality
  • Number of blades (i.e. single vs multi-blade)

It’s a pretty straightforward list. Thankfully there are no tangled electrical cords or fancy leather strops to deal with when it comes to disposable blades, but let’s still take a look at each of these features in turn.

Lubrication Strip

Most disposable razors come with a lubrication strip, which provides extra layer protection alongside your shaving cream or foam.

They help the blades glide more easily across your skin and help cut down on irritation if they contain ingredients like aloe or cocoa butter.

The strip will wear down with use, though, so you can use them to gauge when it’s a good time to replace your shaving tool.

Don’t mistake a strip of lubrication for being a substitute for shaving cream, though.

Unfortunately, some brands don’t advertise what ingredients go into these lubrication strips, meaning they can sometimes contain counterintuitive chemicals that actually cause irritation or dryness.

If you shave with a new disposable razor and have a breakout of razor burn bumps or a rash but have otherwise followed all proper shaving hygiene routines, the lubrication strip may be the culprit.

One of our best beard shaping tips: Always look for an ingredients list whenever possible if you have sensitive skin or are afraid of an allergic reaction.

Pivoting Heads

Pivoting heads are rare on disposable razors, but they’re often worth the investment for those who prefer them.

A pivoting or swivel head will better conform to the shapes and surfaces of what you’re shaving, which is useful if you find you can’t always reach every last hair on your face.

They’re definitely not a standard feature on disposables, so you may have to go searching for them in particular if you’re interested in pivoting heads.

Razors with replaceable cartridges are more likely to have a swivel, at the expense of costing more than a non-swivel razor.

Price vs Quality

There’s also the issue of price and quality. You can get cheap multi-packs of razors or pricier single disposable ones, so it all really depends on your budget.

It may be cheaper, in the long run, to invest in a straight blade or safety razor, but they can be difficult and inconvenient to maintain if you don’t want to put in the work.

If you’re careful to maintain your disposables, they’ll last you long enough to compete with other forms of shaving.

While quality tends to go down with the price, the inverse isn’t necessarily true – sometimes spending a little extra doesn’t necessarily give you a better shave.

After you’ve determined what kind of blade you want, you should always consider how many disposable razors come in a pack and do a little math to figure out the cost per piece.

Your wallet – and maybe even your facial hair – will thank you.

Types – Single vs Multi-blade

Disposable razors typically come with anywhere between one and five blades in a head.

As the number of blades goes up, so does the price and, generally, so does quality.

While tools with four or five blades do tend to give a better, closer shave, ultimately it’s up to your individual preference.

Some find they can get as perfectly smooth shave with a single blade as they can with a five-bladed razor, so it really depends on the sensitivity of your skin and how coarse the hair is you’re shaving.

Ingrown hairs are often a problem with multi-blade razors.

Each blade has a purpose – the first tugs on each strand of hair, the second cuts it, the third, fourth, and fifth all run over the surface again to take care of anything that remains.

While this gives you a closer shave, it can sometimes be too close and cut hair beneath the surface of the skin, which can then get trapped and become in-grown.

This is particularly a concern for people with curly, thick hair.

Multi-blades also have more opportunities for rusting or gaining imperfections on their surfaces because there’s just more metal and more sharp edges than a single blade.

If you’re prone to nicks, cuts, or ingrown hairs, try a razor with fewer than three blades and replace it often, usually after five uses or so.

Smooth out your facial hair with your handy beard comb to counter the harsh razor surface.

How to Choose It

When trying to choose the best disposable razor, you first have to figure out what you want from one. With this guide in mind, try asking yourself:

  • Are you looking to touch up the edges of your beard or do you want to go completely smooth?
  • Do you want bare-bones, just-get-the-job-done razor or something a little higher tech?
  • Is your skin sensitive or can it withstand anything?
  • How thick and curly is your hair?
  • How much are you willing to spend?

Generally, those with irritation-prone skin and coarse or curly hair will want to stick with fewer blades.

A pivoting head will be more expensive, but more thorough. Dirt cheap razors that come in a 10-pack aren’t always the best choice despite being economical.

In the end, it’s all up to your individual preferences and hair and skin types. That – and your shaving technique!

How to Shave with It

Shaving with a disposable razor isn’t as simple as applying shaving gel and going to town on your stubble beard – while you don’t need the same level of skill that, say, a straight razor requires, doing a little prep and being mindful of your technique can go a long way.

You can get bad results from a good razor if you have poor shaving hygiene, or good results from a bad razor if you’re careful.

If you’re taking the time to research the best disposable razors, you should also put that same level of consideration into how exactly you use them.

Step 1 – Preparation

First, you have to prepare your face. Wash your face and beard thoroughly, and exfoliate to remove dead skin that could otherwise unnecessarily clog up your razor.

Using warm water softens both your skin and your hair, which ultimately means easier management.

Trim your beard if necessary, either if you just want to shape your beard or get rid of it entirely.

The general recommendation is to have no more than two days’ worth of stubble on your face if you plan to get rid of it all.

Consider using one of the best bristle beard brushes to further prepare your scruff for shaving, as they can make the hair way easier to tame.

An optional step here is to apply a pre-shave oil or soap, which can be useful if you have particularly sensitive skin.

It can also be quite hydrating for dry skin, which is a nice extra touch.

Step 2 – Lather

Apply your gel or foam of choice – and don’t think just plain bar soap is enough.

The shaving cream you use has a huge impact on how close a shave you can get and how much irritation or how many razor bumps (if any) you get from your blade.

You should generally type to avoid products with fragrances or artificial colors in them, as the chemicals can lead to irritation or allergic reactions.

Whether you choose a gel, foam, or old-fashioned barber’s cream is entirely a matter of personal preference; just make sure you use something specifically formulated for shaving, to ensure your face is protected properly.

Don’t skimp on the amount of cream, but don’t come out looking like a foamy Santa either.

Make sure the cream is applied evenly and dispersed throughout your beard hair to coat each strand and the skin beneath.

Step 3 – Shave

After you’re adequately prepped and foamed, it’s time for the moment of truth.

Shaving in the direction your hair grows (usually downwards, with the grain) is your best bet for avoiding irritation.

Rinse your razor after every few strokes.

If you miss a spot, reapply some shaving cream, take another swipe, and then splash your entire face with cool water (to help soothe irritation) when everything’s done.

Dry thoroughly and splash on a little aftershave if you so desire.

Finally, make sure your razor is clear of any clogs or leftover hair, shake off any extra droplets of water, and leave it somewhere dry.

Pro Shaving Tips

Best disposable razors can be used as a beard shaping tool just as much as an electric razor or beard trimmer.

If you’re just touching up your beard, make sure to rub in one of the best beard oils as a final touch.

Remember proper maintenance is needed even if you’re trying to grow a thicker beard.

Be careful with your shaving cream placement when sculpting your scruff – it can be hard to tell what and where you’re trying to trim if your entire face is hidden behind a cloud of foam.

If you want to grow your beard faster, make sure you’re not excessively shaving.

Use a beard bib or apron if you’re worried about hair getting everywhere (and if you want to feel a little bit like a pro barber).

Do not skimp on the prep work and aftercare – they’re critical for a neat, even shave and healthy skin.

And after you’re done tending to your face, don’t forget to give a little TLC to your razor, too.

How to Sharpen a Disposable Razor

The simple beauty of best disposable razors is that you don’t really need to sharpen them at all – you can just toss them and bust out a new one when they start getting dull.

That being said, it’s absolutely possible to sharpen a disposable razor and keep them sharp to ensure their longevity and prevent you from walking through the shaving aisle every week.

The most straightforward way is to use a leather strop or sharpening stone, as you would with a straight razor.

However, one of the simplest and most common tricks to care for a disposable razor is to simply drag the blades down an old pair of jeans – a pair that you aren’t currently wearing, that is.

The denim doesn’t exactly sharpen the blades, but smooths them out and rids them of any indentations that could lead to nicks or cuts.

Place your jeans on a flat surface and push the razor down them in a straight line, away from you, in a motion opposite as if you were shaving the denim.

And don’t forget to rinse and dry your razor afterward!

This can help dramatically increase the lifespan of your razor.

While how many uses you can get out of a blade depends on how often you use it and how thick the hair is you’re shaving, the jean trick is sometimes known to double the life of a disposable blade.

Pro Tip

If you shave in the shower, make sure you shake the water off your razor when you’re done and leave it in a dry place.

Leaving it covered in moisture can actually cause the metal of the blades to deteriorate faster, so don’t let it sit in a wet shower caddy or on the soap holder of your tub.

This is a little step that may feel like an inconvenience, but this habit can save you time and money in the long run.

Disposable Razors vs Other Shaving Tools

How do best disposable razors stack up compared to straight razors and safety razors?

Straight razors are the classic shaving tool – they’re a single, long blade that’s scraped against your skin to remove hair.

A lot of people prefer them if only because of the coolness factor and because they allow for very precise sculpting, but they have a lot of downsides.

Specifically, they can be quite dangerous and difficult to wield at first.

For that reason, safety razors were developed as a, well, safer alternative to straight blades.

Safety razors are generally made of metal and have changeable heads that allow you to customize what kind of blade you’re using depending on what you need in a given situation.

Disposable razors definitely require less maintenance than straight razors, which have to be continually stropped and honed using specialized tools.

Some enjoy the experience of using a traditional straight razor, but, on the other hand, it can be frankly annoying to deal with the upkeep.

For this reason, many prefer the convenience and ease of using a disposable razor.

While disposable razors are based on safety razors and are shaped similarly, they have a few key differences.

A safety razor has a changeable head, so you’ll have to buy new heads frequently.

If you’re using one with a metal body, there’s a chance it’ll rust and deteriorate if left exposed to water, unlike a plastic disposable.

Furthermore, disposables also have lubrication strips, unlike safeties.

And there are, of course, huge differences between electric razors and disposables.

Namely, the cost and shaving process itself.

While electric shavers are faster to use, their shaves aren’t as close as other options (unless you drop major dough on a top-of-the-line luxury model).

The biggest downside to electric tools is their lack of dependability.

There’s always a chance a portable electric trimmer will run out of juice in the middle of a shave, and corded options are clunky and not very portable.

Speaking of portability, that’s probably one of the biggest benefits to disposables – they can go with you almost anywhere.

Safety and straight razors are not permitted on planes in the United States, but disposables are. Keep that in mind when packing for your next trip.

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