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15 Most Popular Barber Shops In Austin


Finley’s Barber Shop is worth visiting if you like to be in an environment that mixes the old and new. This barbershop combines retro with modern facilities and amenities, making it appealing to many people.

Finley’s offers many services, not just for haircuts and hair colors but also for your facial hair and mustache, like sideburns and beard styles.

In addition, you can treat yourself through its spa-related services, including shoulder and neck massage, face massage and exfoliating scrub.


You may also want to check out Sportsman’s Barbershop, which has been offering its services to locals for more than sixty years.

Here, you can get the services of their licensed and professional barbers specializing in men’s haircuts, including buzz haircuts, flat hair and curly hairstyles.

Note that this barbershop is on an appointment basis. Aside from men’s haircuts, you can also take advantage of their other services, like razor shaves, beard trims, and neck shaves.

South Austin

South Austin Barber Shop also gives its clients a combination of classic and modern feel during their visit. They do so by combining modern and traditional barbering techniques.

This barbershop is also easily recognizable through its stylists, who have plenty of experience in the field. They wear suspenders and bowties to give out a throwback feel. You can get haircuts for around $30 and buzz cuts and beard trims for around $20.


Barbon’s Barbershop will surely make you feel welcome, thanks to its well-designed interiors with dark wood accents, brass pendant lamps, and brick walls. It looks masculine and provides various hair-related services.

Men’s haircut prices in this barbershop are also very reasonable. Expect to enjoy professional haircuts here for $40 inclusive of shampoo, light shoulder massage, and neck shave. Other services include head shaves, razor fade hairstyles and straight razors.

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The Rosewood

From the moment you set foot into the Rosewood Barbershop, you will immediately feel the welcoming and relaxing vibe, thanks to its exterior with the shade of mustard-yellow and its wooden shingle roof.

What’s great about this barbershop is that it does not only let you pamper yourself through a shave or a haircut. You can also enjoy a brew here.

The Good Life

You may also want to visit the Good Life Barber Shop if you are searching for the best places to visit for your hair-cutting needs. It has an old-school or traditional vibe and provides a wide range of haircutting and grooming services, like straight-razor shaves and precision haircuts.

They can expertly provide you with your desired cuts, like the crew cut hairstyle, mohawk, buzz cuts and even shaggy hairstyles. It is also the best barbershop to visit for your beard, neck, and goatee trimming needs.

Luis’ Corner

This barbershop also has a fun and friendly feel. A visit to this place to get your desired haircut and pampering sessions will make you feel relaxed.

It allows you to get your desired haircut in a fun and friendly environment. Here, you will enjoy traditional haircuts and straight-razor shaves.


Owned by a mother and son tandem, Marchica’s Barbershop aims to provide its clients with the best experience every time they step foot inside.

You will surely love their well-designed shelves filled with high-quality hair and grooming products and their barber chairs in cherry red.

This is the best place to visit in Austin if you are planning to avail of haircutting, beard trimming, straight-razor shaving, gray blending and ear and neck waxing services. You can also get a facial treatment here.


In this famous barbershop in Austin, sports memorabilia are framed and displayed on the wall, television screens, and the busy yet fun and friendly interaction between expert barbers and their clients.

Redd’s Barber Shop also caters to precision haircuts, scissors and clippers. Other services are beard trims, waxing, facial treatments, and hot towel shaves.

SHED Barber and Supply

You can get it at SHED Barber and Supply if you want hot fringe haircuts or other hairstyles. You can take advantage of their traditional haircut services, including skin fades, long cuts, and tailored cuts.

You can also get your beard trimmed using scissors or clippers here. Apart from haircutting and grooming services, this shop also offers a wide range of products, including tees, hats, pants, and bags. You can also buy high-quality grooming products in this famous barbershop.

Nelly Be Fading

Another popular barbershop in Austin is Nelly Be Fading. It mainly specializes in grooming for men, shaving, and high-quality haircuts. One advantage of visiting this place is that it focuses on making its clients feel comfortable from the moment they get inside the shop.

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Anointed Hands Barbershop

With more than twenty years of barbering experience, you will feel at ease during your visits to Anointed Hands Barbershop. It has been trusted by its clients for a couple of decades already, so it is safe to say that you are in good hands if you get your haircut here.

What’s even better about this barbershop is its fun and friendly atmosphere. The fact that it is a multicultural barbershop also means it can meet all hairstyles requested by clients.

Barber Vision

At Barber Vision, you can access an extensive range of services for all types of hair. A few of the services offered here are classic haircuts, kid and teen haircuts, men’s haircuts, head shaves and hairstyling and designs.

In addition, their expert and professional barbers effectively perform full beard trims. They can also remove facial hair, hot lathers, and scalp treatments.


This barbershop caters to the barbering needs and requirements of people around Austin and the areas and communities close to it.

What’s impressive about this shop is that it offers haircut services that include consultation, product application, styled cuts, hot towels and hot lather neck shave. 

You can deal with expert staff and barbers at Honest Barber who genuinely know what they are doing, especially regarding haircutting, razor shaving, and beard trimming. You also get access to a lot of products for men here.

Avenue Barber Shop

This locally-owned establishment aims to offer the best hair grooming solutions to men in Austin. They focus on classic and traditional haircuts, straight-edged razor shaves, and short-length clipper cuts.

Additionally, they cater to men needing beard-related services, like lining up, shaping and trimming.


How much do most barbers charge in Austin?

The amount charged by barbers in Austin differs based on certain factors, like the specific kind of service and the barber’s experience. You will usually spend around $20 to $60 for the haircut.

Is $30 a lot for a haircut?

No. Most agree that $30 is just enough or reasonable for a haircut. It still falls within the average cost of haircuts in Austin, especially if you go for the most experienced barbers.

How to find a good barber in Austin?

One of the things you should check when it comes to finding the best barber in Austin is the experience. Check the time the barber has been offering his services to the public.

It is also advisable to check for reviews, so you will know what the previous clients of a specific barber are saying about his services.

What are the best barbershops for children in Austin?

Finley’s is one of Austin’s best barbershops to meet the needs of kids and children. This place has a very fun and inviting atmosphere, which I’m sure the kids will love.

What are the best barber shops for seniors in Austin?

The best barber shops for seniors in Austin probably mix the old and new in their techniques and facilities. In that case, you can choose Finley’s, which also offers services for seniors and showcases a retro and modern appeal.

South Austin Barber Shop also holds a modern and classic vibe that many seniors enjoy.


Finding the best barber shops in Austin is not that hard because there are many of them around the area. Make sure your choice has already been trusted in the industry and is guaranteed to make you feel comfortable during your visits.

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