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You don’t have to have long and luscious hair to look feminine. Short haircuts can be equally captivating and bring out your feminine side much more than one can expect. The thing that you have to watch out for is picking the right one and styling them correctly.

With so many alt hairstyles created daily, you can be forgiven for not knowing which to pick. For that reason, we offer you some help with a list of styles you can choose from and a short explanation about how to create one yourself.

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50 Most Popular Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles look pretty cute on a girl. However, to make it work and incorporate it into your look, you must ensure that it matches your personality, face shape and eyes.

Here are some inspiring short hairstyles for girls to try:

Blue Punky Pixie With Undercut

You can have galaxy pixies hair, even if it’s short. Shorter hair does not have to limit you; it can open up a lot of horizons and options for you. A punk-style undercut will look captivating with Pixie blue hair.

Tomboy Bowl Cut

Styling your hair well will help you not look like a boy. A tomboy bowl cut is called such by name only. If you have feminine features on your face, this one will be an excellent choice and one of the easy-maintenance hairstyles to go for.

Side-Swept Longer Strands

You can allow some length here, but still not so much. The idea is to use the longer parts and side-swipe them to the side that looks better on you.

Undercut Pixie Layers

You can have layers even with short haircuts; adding an undercut on the side will only improve things tenfold. Pixie hair looks very cute here and complements petite girls the most.

Brush Up Hairstyle

This type of hair can help you show off more of an attitude. It does not take a lot to style, but you will need some product to keep it still. Brush it all back, the slides as well, and it will fancy any formal occasion you have planned.

Chin-Length Layered Bob

It’s still short, even if it reaches your chin. This type of bob hair looks stunning on girls with darker or brown hair. You will pull it off without a problem if you have the neck.

One Length Blunt Style

The very essence of a minimalist look is the one-light blunt haircut. Bobs are now trendy, so this one takes the cake as one of the most convenient ones.

Funky Disheveled Pixie Cut

You can shorten your hair and still be able to style it. A pixie cut can be arranged in a disheveled look, allowing you to get a real carefree appearance.

Short Women Hairstyle With Shaved Sides

This one is truly out of a fashion catalog. The tomboy look is what you first think about due to the shaved sides, but the perfectly fashioned top makes all the difference and puts your feminine beauty into the first perspective.

Woman With Short Haircut and Shaved Side

Short Mullet Style

Girls can wear a mullet as well. You can get rid of flyaways and create a mullet, but you need to incorporate it with the rest of your clothing and appearance to make it work.

Wolf Cut

A Wolf cut is fierce; it is messy and elegant at the same time. It shows that you are strong and don’t mind taking things into your own hands. It works for any day occasion, but also an excellent choice when you go out.

Bixie Haircut

A cute bixie haircut makes all the difference when choosing a stunning short hairstyle. With it, you have more options as you can set the hair differently and look quite good.

Stacked Bob With Long Tresses

A stacked bob with long tresses is the best option for girls with wavy hair. You can wear it short and still use the volume of your natural waves to your advantage.

Shaggy Cut With Bottleneck Bangs

A shaggy cut will never fail you if you want a hairstyle that fits any occasion. Some bottleneck bangs that can add a bit more depth to the hair will make the hair more distinguishable than the others.

Ultra Modern Buzz Cut

The ultimate short hairstyle is a buzz cut. This military-inspired look will look good on a girl, especially if she has some light eyes to pull it off. Also, you need to have the head shape for it, or else you might stand to regret it.

Deep Red Crop

Short hair looks extremely captivating if you throw in an exciting kind of color to go with it. A deep red hue will make you the show’s star, especially if you have the character that follows it.

Tapered Haircut With Shaved Side

The way to trim short hair is always good when tapering it. To make things even more interesting, some shaved sides will do the trick.
You can even have the top part in a lighter color and the sides slightly darker.

Brave Short Haircut With Shaved Sides

If you are brave enough, then you can pull this one off. Not many girls go for shaved sides, but if the top is styled correctly, you don’t have to worry about losing some hair on the sides.

Pixie Short Haircuts for Women

Pixie hair seems to be in a fashion more than any other short hairstyle currently seen everywhere. To make your pixie hair distinguishable, you have some band hairstyles to try and can always accessorize a bit.

Girl With Pixie Haircut and Bangs

Classic Short Pixie

If you do not like to experiment and prefer doing things the old-fashioned way, there is nothing wrong with going for a classic short pixie style. It won’t take so much out of you and can be easily maintained.

Sweet Pixie With Bangs

One of the ways to make your pixie cut distinguishable from the rest is by playing with your bangs. While some prefer shorting them, others like to style them. No matter what you decide to do, it will put a special emphasis on your pixie-cut hair.

Shattered Pixie

Your pixie hair does not have to look basic. You can have loads of fun by styling it in various manners. The shattered look is unique and will help you break the mold of other similar pixie hairstyles.

Cool Long Pixie

You can go a little longer with your hair than your conventional pixie hair. It can look dazzling but should not reach your shoulders, it still can’t be too long, but it can be very exciting with how you decide to wear it.

Faux Hawk Short Pixie

A punk-style haircut is short with faux hawk hair in the middle. You can wear it the same way guys wear it, but you will need some styling products. The longer the top, the more extreme the faux hawk will be.

Short Hair Style With a Balayage

You don’t need length to create a balayage. Some short hair will do and you can choose to frost the tips or the top of your hair; either way will work.

Short Hairstyle With Buzzed Lines

The tomboy look is getting more and more attention and is starting to get fashionable. To make your short hairstyle unique, some buzzed lines on the side will help to add some added flare.

Subtle Textured Short Hairstyle

Sometimes you don’t want to stand out as much as other girls do. In such a case, short textured hair gives you a style that looks good for any occasion and does not require you to reshape things too highly.

Short Style With Loose Curls

Give your curly hair some flare by shortening it while keeping some loose curls hanging around. You can move all that weight off your head with a short hairstyle with dominant curls.

Bright Blunt Style for Short Straight Hair

Blunt styles are minimalistic looks for each occasion. They can help you reshape your image. Even straight hair is not a problem and some excitement is something that your hair will enjoy.

Layered Shag With a Side Part

Layering your hair enables you to do all kinds of tricks with your short hair. A side part is the most obvious choice and you can even have it with some shaggy hair.

Feathered Short Waves

With feathered hair comes the option of shortening and keeping the waves. Long wavy hair is beautiful, but a feathered look can be even better on short hair.

Long Side Bangs Blunt Bob

Allow your bangs to grow while you part the hair and place them on the slides. Long-side bangs will pair exceptionally well with a blunt bob, providing it with some personality.

Woman With Long Side Bangs

One Length Bob With Long Bangs

The same-length bob gives off a young Emily Portman look. Except here, the longer bangs distinguish it from all the similar styles and give it a great flare.

Chin Length Graduated Bob

Bob hair at chin length is something to expect. On the other hand, a graduated bob at the same level is something that could come entirely from left field.

Bright Bang Pixie Look

Some short pigtail hairstyles can look extremely cute, but so does a pixie cut with bright bangs. Color the bangs differently so your pixie cut will gain its flare not commonly seen with others.

Braided Updo for Short Hair

You may think that there is not enough short hair for braiding. You are entirely wrong, as you will be able to create a braided updo with ease. This style can even be worn on an elegant gown for special occasions.

Braided Top Style With Short Sides

Instead of braiding the sides, you can have the top braided and create a single braid that goes back. At the same time, the sides need to be short and in a darker color.

French Braids Updo

An updo can work even with a French braid. It does require a bit more work than other styles, but the payoff is much grander and more effective with simpler hair.

Braided Mohawk for Short Hair

A mohawk is a very extravagant look for girls with short hair. However, a braided mohawk is an even more extreme type of style that goes better for any informal situation.

Twisted Updo Style for Bob Haircut

Add a flare to your bob haircut by creating an updo. This is not a basic updo that we are talking about; it is a twisted kind that will bring the attractiveness level to 11.

Face Framing Lob

What a short haircut does best is to bring your facial features front and center. A face-framing lob will do just that and will keep the elegance level with it.

A-line Bob With an Undercut

Something that you don’t see too often is an a-line bob. With all the bobs out there, this is the least worn one. However, if you pair it with an undercut, you get one of the unique hairstyles that girls wear today.

Classic Angled Short Bob

Get a classic bob and pair it with an angled look. The short bob is already cute as a button, but the angled features you add to your hair will flare things up to an extreme.

Long Pixie for Thin Hair

A pixie hairdo will not be a good choice if you have stared, thin and fair hair unless you go for a longer version that will help out all of your hair features and enhance them.

Blonde Balayage and a Shaggy Bob

No girl can exist a great balayage. If you want a shaggy look that goes on some short hair, we suggest giving the dirty blonde hair color a go to complete the entire style.

Woman With Blonde Shaggy Bob Haircut

Messy Bob With a Deep Side Part

Your messy bob will get some balance if you add a deep side part to it. Part the hair and put it on the side so you open up your face a bit while having messy hair.

Voluminous Pixie With Wavy Texture

You can add some volume to your pixie hair with a bit of texture. Of course, it helps if you already have wavy hair, but you can add some with the help of products to get the volume going.

Textured Bob With Babylights

Some babylights will do wonders on a bob. A textured hairstyle helps the short hairstyle get more distinction than when you have it longer.
It is also easy to create even with the babylights.

Peach Wavy Stacked Style for Short Hair

With a peach-wavy stacked style, your short hair can get all the attention it needs. With this one, you can look as cute as a peach and as distinguished as you want. It does not even require so much from you to maintain it.

Blunt Wavy Bob With Thinned Bangs

Wavy hair can be turned into a blunt bob in seconds. Introduce some thinned bangs into the mix and make your hair the highlight of your entire look.

How to Style and Maintain Short Haircuts

There is a trick to everything and there is certainly one when it comes to creating short haircuts for girls. If you follow some of the steps we propose, your hair will look as stunning as ever and more luscious than before.

Step 1 – Decide on a style

Go with your face shape, eye color and head shape to determine the right hairstyle for you.

Step 2 – Grow just a little bit of hair

Depending on the style, you might need a bit to start with.

Step 3 – Explain to your hairstylist exactly what you are going for

It helps if you have a photo nearby, as an example.

Step 4 – Style the hair

Style it per your liking and add some products if necessary to keep it still.

The biggest advantage of short hair is that hair care is not so hard as with longer hair. You still need some natural products with quality ingredients, but you will not have to use many. Drying your hair also becomes a lot easier and faster.


Which short haircut will suit an elderly woman?

A bob haircut is a classic and suits almost any woman, regardless of age.

What is the best short haircut for curly hair?

Girls with curly hair should consider a pixie cut.

What is the best short haircut for straight hair?

A blunt style is very suitable for girls with straight hair.

How often do short haircuts need to be trimmed?

They need to be trimmed more often than longer ones. So every two to three weeks, depending on the style 

How do short haircuts compare to other haircuts?

Short haircuts are much easier to maintain and you don’t need many products to keep your hair healthy.

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