Woman With Very Short Pixie Haircut

If you are looking for short hairstyles, you can’t do better than the pixie haircut. The pixie cut is a women’s short haircut seen mostly on fashionably gamine ladies.

Consider pixie haircuts if you are a tomboy at heart or want to spruce up your look and don’t mind losing most of your locks.

You will lose most of your hair, but the results are worth it – you get a simple wash-and-go hairstyle that is easy to style and not to mention versatile when it comes to styling. So, what is a pixie cut?

Also referred to as a pixie crop, a pixie cut is a haircut about half an inch to three inches long. It can be of uniform length or cut shorter at the back or sides while the top part remains longer.

Pixie haircuts were trendy in the 50s, right after the premier of the Roman Holiday that featured a charming short-haired Audrey Hepburn.

In the 60s, many models and celebrities began wearing the style, and that’s how the pixie crop has become the go-to style for women who want a simple yet sophisticated look.

There are several benefits to rocking a pixie cut – you get a practical, expressive hairstyle that makes it easy to experiment with hair colors. We’ve combed the internet to find some of the most popular ways to wear a pixie cut.

Keep reading to find out.

35 Most Popular Pixie Haircuts

Modern pixie haircuts usually have shorter angled side fringes or long side bangs. The cut can also be upgraded with spiky layers, a choppy, or an undercut.

The contrast in length, whereby the hair on top is longer with short tapered sides and back, makes the pixie cut so fashionable.
A great idea to revamp your look if you decide to get a pixie is to try a fashionable color that you’ve never tried but have always desired.

For instance, peach hair color is trendy and looks great on many pixie cuts. Check out these popular variations of the pixie cut for when you want to try short women’s hairstyles.

Short Dramatic Pixie

The short dramatic pixie is the perfect haircut to emphasize a playful mood. It is sassy and volumetric and works even with fine hair.

Asymmetrical Pixie

Asymmetrical pixie cuts always look interesting; they are a great way to step out of your comfort zone. The dark roots add contrast which helps emphasize certain facial features. This is a great pixie cut when you like rocking spunky alt hairstyles.

Grown-Out Straight Golden Pixie

One of the benefits of a pixie cut is the ability to grow out your hair when you want. The grown-out straight golden pixie is a perfect example of that. The haircut is achieved by allowing your pixie to grow out intentionally and non-internationally without making your hair look bad.

A pixie cut will always adapt to any hair phase if it doesn’t grow too much past the chin area. The grow-out pixie is radiant, volumetric, and perfect for professional or casual settings.

Low Maintenance Pixie Cut

Pixies aren’t ideal when it comes to lowest-maintenance hairstyles. However, if you already have a busy lifestyle, the last thing you want is your hair, adding to that.

If you’ve decided to chop your hair, ensure the style you choose doesn’t give you a lot of trouble, like making you spend so much time styling it. A low-maintenance pixie cut features soft lines that make it easy to style.

Ask your stylist to take your hair away from the center if you want more volume.

Uneven Undercut Pixie

The uneven undercut pixie features uneven layers that twist and turn on a whim covering a back undercut, thus creating a cool asymmetrical half-shaved cut. Spruce up your look with a platinum blonde shade. If you have porcelain skin, then go for an icy shade.

Feathered Pixie With Balayage Highlights

When unsure what pixie hairstyles you want, pair layers and highlights. This works for short and long haircuts. Should you ever choose to grow out the pixie, the original asymmetrical cut will still look edgy and interesting as your hair gets longer.

Stacked Pixie With V-Cut Nape

If you choose a voluminous pixie with stacked layers, include a shaved nape. Usually, a square nape will always look masculine and block; we recommend fading the nape for women’s short haircuts.

Another great choice is to go with a V-cut nape. It helps add an edginess to your shaggy pixie and helps draw attention to your neckline and shoulders.

Choppy Side-Parted Pixie Bob

If you decide to go extra short, you might be afraid you will have a boyish appearance. But that is not always the case, especially if you add height on the top.

Tiered layers achieve this. It is ideal for round and square face shapes since it has an elongating effect that is flattering for these face shapes.

Chic Texture Pixie Cut

Textured cuts only suit some. However, a chic textured pixie cut is best for showing off your bold personality. You can style it differently since the subtle layers add volume and dimension.

For instance, your can sleek your strands back for a sleek look or style it with side-swept bangs for a feminine look. Make the ends angled or spiky, or lift them at the roots by brushing your hair backward.

Girl With Textured Pixie Bob Cut

Long Wavy Pixie Layers

Adding waves to the top of your pixie is one of the best ways of diversifying your look. Long wavy pixie layers are ideal for all kinds of events and situations. And the best thing is that there are so many wavy patterns.

To achieve the look, sweep your hair to the side and pass a curling wand on each lock. Spritz a little hairspray to achieve a bouncy texture, and you are good to go.

Cute Pixie-Bob With Long Bangs

Try the pixie bob with long bangs if you want a sophisticated look. The haircut features side or curtain bangs that adequately frame your face while accentuating some of your best facial features.

Feel free to add some color, like an ash-blonde or purple shade. If you color your hair at home, consider washing your hair after coloring to finish the look.

Razored Cut With Precise Nape and Sideburns

The razored cut with the precise nape and sideburns is a unique hairstyle thanks to the combination of wispy layers and precise cuts. Ash-blonde layers help to soften the straight-cut nape plus the angled front pieces resulting in a sophisticated short-length style that still looks 100% feminine. 

Pixie-Bob With Temple Undercut

Try the pixie bob with a temple undercut if you want an edgy haircut. It features a half pixie and a half undercut bob. The asymmetry is what makes the whole look attractive.

Add a dimensional two-tone color like caramel balayage hair and tousled texture for a head-turning look.

Gelled Pixie Look

If you are a fan of pixie haircuts but have never figured out how to make the look appear fresh without being messy, the gelled pixie look is for you. It is achieved by adding a bit of semi-shine gel and styling the hair to the side.

Such a hairstyle is perfect for women who don’t have time to style their hair every morning for a decent look.

Classic Pixie Cuts

A classic pixie cut is straight to naturally curly for all hair types. When done right, it can flatter your face shape. To make any classic pixie stand out, see a hair colorist for advice on the hue that best matches your eye color and skin tone.

Soft Feminine Textured Pixie Cut

The soft feminine textured pixie cut is a minimalist version of the textured crop. Like its predecessor, the haircut is simple yet very refined. The soft texturizing at the top softens the haircut and makes it appear airy, leaving enough room for fringe styling.

Tapered Pixie With Blonde Highlights

There is a reason why a tapered pixie is one of the most popular hairstyles among many women, regardless of age. The pixie cut does an excellent job of making your hair appear neat and healthy. Add a few blonde highlights to help brighten your face.

Short Pixie With Slightly Waves

When it comes to styling pixie haircuts, there are very few boundaries. The short pixie with slight waves is an excellent example of that. You only need the right styling product to make beautiful waves.

Pair the haircut with barely-there makeup, and you have a look that will draw attention to you.

Strawberry Blonde Pixie

The choppy pixie and unique hair color are a match made in heaven. If you have a bright personality that you want to express with your hair, go for the strawberry blonde and super voluminous pixie crop.

Woman With Strawberry Blonde Pixie Haircut

Pixie With Long Bang

The grown-out shaggy pixie with long bangs looks adorable on jet-black hair. On the other hand, a wet look will help add texture making the style appear even more interesting. Use the right gel to achieve the wet look and finish off with a glossing spray.

Messy Pixie Hairstyle

If you are transitioning from long hair to short tresses, going for a voluminous messy pixie makes sense.

This amazing pixie crop has everything – messy layers on top that add volume. These choppy layered bangs beautifully integrate with the rest of the hair and are a fantastic pixie color solution to flatter your skin tone.

Undercut Pixie

Why not combine both if you are still deciding whether to go for a softer style or a rough, edgier look? The undercut pixie is on trend and is the perfect haircut to bring out your inner bad girl while maintaining a lady-like appearance.

Shaggy Pixie Cut

A shaggy pixie cut is an elaborate haircut about volume and cuteness. The cut seamlessly merges with choppy bangs. Because of that, it is the perfect solution for long or round face shapes.

Stylish Pixie Wedge

The stylish pixie wedge is the perfect hairstyle for women with fine to medium hair. It gives the hair body and shapes while softly draping around your face.

Long Straight Side-Parted Pixie

Pixie cuts are about enhancing your best features and balancing the not-so-good ones. The long straight side-parted pixie does that job quite well – slightly hiding your flaws while the side part accentuates your face shape, giving it a little framing finish.

Disconnected Blonde Balayage Pixie

Longer tapered pixie cuts have enough length to play with color and texture. Try a pixie cut with long disconnected layers, piece-y bangs and a soft nape line.

If you have fine, dense straight hair, the haircut will look good in an easy tousled style. Finish by dabbing a little root-lifting product before blow-drying the hair.

Piece-y Cut With Subtle Balayage

The modern-day woman is all about experimenting with different looks. Feel free to mix everything – colors, texture and lengths to achieve stunning contrast. The piece-y cut with subtle balayage isn’t so much in your face but sticks to the idea and still looks fresh.

Retro-Inspired Long Pixie Cut

The retro-inspired long pixie cut features longer sides and a top that helps add volume. On a closer look, you’ll notice that the look is an almost throwback to the popular ‘do that Dorothy Hamill wore in the 1970s.

Because of that, it is the perfect look to capture a retro look with a modern flair of color. It’s a good choice when you want to experiment with different styles and shades.

Finely Chopped Pixie for Thin Hair

If you have thin hair that you are worried may not be able to accommodate bold short hairstyles, try the finely chopped pixie for thin hair.
The haircut features finely chopped layers that add structure and volume to your thin hair.

Side Swept Pixie

The side-swept pixie has an unusual shape that will certainly keep all eyes on you. Use a quality styling product to ensure the strands are always in place.

Choppy Bowl-Cut Pixie

Undercut pixies like the choppy bowl-cut pixie is chic. The haircut features a nape and sides undercut topped with choppy layers to give you a badass vibe. While the look isn’t for everyone, go for it if you are into bold hairstyles.

Sassy Two-Tone Pixie

If you like experimenting with hair colors, go for a sassy two-tone pixie. The haircut features a longer blonde or ashy blonde top and shorter jet-black sides. You can also try peekaboo highlights with this haircut if you feel adventurous.

Layered Pixie Bowl

If you want to rock a bold contrast between the different lengths of your hair, make a cascade of shorter hair throughout your head for a stylish hairstyle. A few layers of various lengths help add structure and volume resulting in an easy-to-style haircut.

Feel free to combine your pixie with a bowl cut, which is on trend right now – the fringe texture will be a nice addition to an otherwise traditional pixie cut.

Long Voluminous Pixie

While pixies are associated with tomboys, the long voluminous pixie is different. Its layers, length and color create a short yet voluminous hairdo that you can wear to a fancy dinner or a night out of town.

Short Choppy Side-Parted Pixie

Long pixie cuts require layering to brighten your overall look. Go for chunky layers and combine them with balayage to accentuate the texture. Style the hair tousled and add a side part, especially if you have thin hair.

How to Style and Maintain Pixie Hairstyles 

If you decide to get a pixie cut, you must know how to choose and maintain the right style.

Here’s how:

Step 1 – Choose the right one

While a pixie cut may seem like an effortless wash-and-go style, it’s a style that will suit only some. With the help of a professional hair stylist and a dash of confidence, anyone can rock a pixie haircut.

Certain variations help conceal or highlight different facial features, and some styles work better for specific hair types. One of the most important things to consider when choosing a pixie cut is your face shape.

Once you get that out of your way, it’s easier to determine which features you want to play up and which ones you want to balance out. Regardless of the outcome, you can be assured that your pixie cut won’t stay the same forever.

You can either maintain your crop or allow your tresses to grow out. Whichever style you choose, ensure you have fun with it and choose something that suits your personality the most.

Step 2 – Crucial styling tips

Pixie haircuts are quite versatile. You can style them in many ways, depending on whether you want a classic, edgy or retro look. When styling any pixie haircut, start with washed hair for a wet-looking pixie.

Part your hair in the direction you want and apply shine-inducing oil. After that, apply a mild gel to the entire head and then use your hands, going with the grain to keep the hair flat and avoid that helmet look. Consider coloring your hair if you want to spruce up your look.

Regarding washing hair before dyeing, most hairstylists recommend working with hair that is not freshly washed. There is a whole array of stunning colors to choose from when it comes to hair color, depending on your personality.

Step 3 – Maintain your chosen style

As far as easy-maintenance haircuts go, the pixie cut isn’t as low-maintenance as most people assume. The pixie cut only proves one thing – great hair takes work, regardless of length.

As it is, shorter haircuts need more maintenance than longer cuts. With a pixie cut, you must keep your hair short unless you are growing it out. So, consider getting a cut every six to eight weeks.

For some people, depending on how fast the hair grows, this frequency could be four to six weeks. We recommend visiting your hairstylist whenever your haircut has become bulky.

Step 4 – Best products to use

Since a pixie cut requires frequent salon visits, using the right hair products is key. We recommend becoming familiar with styling products and options so you get the most out of them regardless of your hair growth stage.

With pixies, you want to use products that cut the bulk and add definition. You must reduce puffiness and bring out the texture. Invest in a quality styling cream for an easy natural look since it gives the hair a soft, second-day definition with a natural, satin finish.

Styling cream also helps eliminate flyaways and better manage baby hairs that stick out. For a more tousled and undone look, use volumizing texture spray. Most texturizing sprays work on wet and dry hair and are easy to finger brush.


How short is a pixie haircut?

Pixie cuts are short women’s hairstyles – usually no longer than two inches.

Which face shapes will a pixie haircut suit?

Round, oval, and heart face shapes are best suited to pull off a pixie cut. However, most face shapes can handle the hairstyle; you only need to find the right balance.

Which celebrities are famous for their pixie haircuts?

Ginnifer Goodwin, Halle Berry, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Kris Jenner, Zoe Kravitz, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Hudson, Meagan Good, Shailene Woodley, Miley Cyrus, Angela Bassett and Halsey are some of the celebrities who are famous for their pixie cuts.

What are some pros and cons of having a pixie haircut?

Pros: Pixies are fun, take less time to dry and style, require fewer products, and if you don’t like the style, you can always grow out your hair.

Cons: They require more maintenance since they fall in the category of short haircuts, and on top of that, you will need to go to a hairstylist who is familiar with styling pixies.

How often do pixie haircuts require trims?

Depending on your hair growth rate, you will need a trim every four to eight weeks to maintain the length and shape.

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