Easy Ponytail Hairstyle For Women

You don’t need to spend an hour or more every morning just working on your hair in front of a mirror.

Some easy hairstyles will not take much time and skill to make. Most importantly, all of them look good.

25 Most Popular Easy Hairstyles

Slicked Back Pony

A ponytail and other simple band hairstyles can look more attractive if you slick your hair back using some pomade or wax.

You can achieve this look using a wide paddle brush, a simple hair tie, and your choice of pomade or wax. Before you tie back your hair, brush your hair back with pomade and ensure that not even one strand of hair is out of place.

Long Hair in Dutch Braids

If you have hair that is more than shoulder-length, then Dutch braids would be a good look on you. You only need to part your hair down the middle and create not-so-tight Dutch braids on both sides of your head.

This hairstyle does not need any complicated tools – maybe just a brush or comb and a couple of rubber bands. Even with long hair, this hairstyle will not take more than half an hour to make.

Messy Half-Up

This hairstyle might be called “messy,” but it is messy in a cute kind of way. This is just a simple half-updo with the fringes left to hang loose. The fringes will frame your face nicely. You can also add a couple of peekaboo braids to your hair to give it a Bohemian feel.

Butterfly Haircut

You can try a butterfly haircut if you want a great-looking, low-maintenance style. You need a simple hair dryer and a roller brush to make the ends of your hair curl up nicely. Using a bit of volumizing mousse is also possible if you want more volume and shine.

Braided Pony Hairstyle

This is a perfect hairstyle for spring and summer and is very easy to do. You only need to create a regular French braid, stopping just at the nape of your neck and then tying the braid off using a rubber band or using a bit of your hair.

Sleek Top Knot

The procedure for doing this hairstyle is the same as the sleek ponytails, but right after you tie your hair, you roll it into a sleek bun and pin it on top of your head.

This is an excellent choice if you cannot seem to decide on what hairstyle to wear that day, or if you are having a bad hair day. Your hair cannot be bad if trussed up in a top knot.

Braided Headband

A braided headband is a stylish and easy way to keep your hair out of your face. Just section out a part of your hair in front – from the front of your head down to one side of your head.

After that, start doing a tight French braid, and then use a hairpin or clip to secure the braid just above your ear.

Woman With a Braided Headband Hairstyle

Messy Bun

Unlike the sleep top knot, the messy bun is more casual. Just gather your hair on top of your head and then fashion it into a loose bun. Don’t worry if a couple of stray hairs stick out of the bun.

You should also let your fringes loose and hang around your face. This will keep your hair out of your face and make you look good.

Low Bun Hairstyle

This is another way for you to deal with a bad hair day, or when you recently tried a new hair color for a new look. Gather your hair back, brush it, apply product to make it smooth, and tie the base.

After that, gather the hair and fashion it into a tight little bun. You can make it as sleek as you want or let the fringes and a bit of the hair on the sides loose to make your hair look more relaxed.

Half-Up Top Knot

If your hair has gotten a bit too long and thick and you don’t have time for a trim anytime soon, you should style it into a half-up top knot. Gather the front half of your hair and style it into a loose top knot.

This removes your hair from getting in your face and makes your hair still stylish.

French Twist Pony

This style might look like it is complicated to do, but it is pretty simple. You need a couple of hairpins to hold the French twist, then let the ends loose by using your hair to hold the ponytail.

You have to practice this technique a bit, but it will only take you a couple of times before you get it down pat.

Low Pony for Short Hair

The low ponytail is ideal for you if you have short or medium-length hair. To get this look, part your hair down the middle, gather the front part of one side, twist it rather tightly, and do the same with the other side of your hair.

Use a couple of hairpins to hold them in place. Gather the rest of your hair and then tie it back into a simple ponytail.

Space Buns

This is quirky yet still very easy to do. Part your hair down the middle, gather each side and put them into a loose bun. You can leave the fringes open to frame your face.

Side-Swept Curly Hair

This hairstyle will give your hair a cool 80s vibe if you have long, curly hair. Gather the hair on top and sweep it to one side of your head. Grab a section of hair, twist it tight, and pin it at the back of your head.

Young Woman With a Side Swept Long Curly Hair

High Bun With Wavy Bangs

This is another hairstyle that is ideal for long curly hair. Gather your hair except for the bangs and turn it into a loose bun. This hairstyle is reminiscent of the 80s but with an updated look.

French Braided Bun

This is yet another hairstyle that looks more complicated than it is. Just part the middle part of your hair, then French braid per side until it gets at the back. Gather the ends of the braids and use a couple of pins to fashion them into a tight bun.

Braided Ponytail

If you need to step out of the house quickly and don’t have enough time for proper styling, do a simple braided ponytail. Gather your hair and tie it to the back of your head. Starting at the base of your ponytail, braid it loosely and secure the end with a rubber band.

Natural Afro Hairstyle

If you have naturally tight curly hair, you can have it cut to a simple afro. If you have an afro, blow dry your hair correctly and add a bit of volumizing product and your hair will look great all day with hardly any effort.

Simple Bob Haircut

The bob haircut is an absolute classic that has withstood the test of time. One of the biggest reasons is that it is low-maintenance. Because the hair is cut relatively short, you can dry it quickly. You also must brush it a bit to get your hair to behave.

Crown Braid

Although this is not a quick hairstyle, you can do this to your hair on the weekend and it will be good until the next time you need to wash it.

Part your hair at a bias and start French braiding one side and go around your head. Use hairpins to keep your braids in place. Do the same on the other side and join the two braids using a couple more hairpins.

Retro Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is one of the alt hairstyles inspired by the haircut of the same name that was popular in the late 80s and early 90s.

The modern take on this classic haircut is relatively low-maintenance, and because it is meant to look a bit messy, you do not have to spend a lot of time styling it.

Straight Layers

This is yet another haircut from the not-so-distant past, from the late 90s. The straight layers haircut was made famous by Friends star, Jennifer Aniston. The appeal of this haircut is that it is fairly low-maintenance and easy to style.

Textured Waves

This hairstyle is easy to do; all you need is a curling iron. Set the curling iron to medium-low and quickly add waves and texture to your hair. This works with all lengths of hair.

Half-Up French Twist

This simple yet elegant hairstyle takes just a couple of minutes. This is your classic half-up hairstyle but instead of a ponytail, tuck the ends into a small French twist.

Half Up French Twist Hairstyle

Single Braid Hairstyle

This is the classic braided hairstyle. It is the same style that little girls used to get before going to school, but if you style it so that the braid goes over one shoulder, you immediately update the braided hair for adults.

How to Style and Maintain Easy Hairstyles

Step 1 – Pick a hairstyle

Choose an easy hairstyle based on the length and texture of your hair. Your choice should also complement the shape of your face.

Also, consider your hairstyling skill level. Not everyone is skilled at braiding hair, so avoid styles that require braiding, at least for now.

Step 2 – Set aside hairstyles you know you can do fast

Deciding on your hair the night before is best to avoid wasting time. This way, you can start working on your hair without thinking about what to do with your hair. A sleek ponytail will always be good if your hair does not want to cooperate with you.

Step 3 – Have all your tools ready

The hairstyles listed above do not require a lot of tools, so you should always have them ready at your vanity. Aside from the blow dryer, ensure that you also have a couple of brushes and a good supply of hairpins and rubber bands.

This way, whatever hairstyle you choose, you always have the things you need to make it happen.

Step 4 – Use the right hair products

Some days, your hair doesn’t want to cooperate, so you will have to force it to oblige. This means you should use hair pomades, waxes, and gels to keep your hair still. Aside from hair hold products, you should also have some volumizing products.


Which easy hairstyle works for most hair types?

The traditional ponytail is the easiest hairstyle that works well for all hair types and textures. If you want to make your ponytail suitable for work, slick your hair back using some pomade or gel.

Which easy hairstyle can be worn for special occasions?

Typically, you want to wear your hair up for special occasions, so anything with the top bun will work.

What are some easy hairstyles for curly hair?

Curly hair works well when braided. Cornrows and square braids are great options.

How can I make an easy hairstyle look nice?

One way to make simple hairstyles look much fancier is by using the appropriate products. For instance, a ponytail will look much better if you slick the hair back with pomade.

Also, adding volumizing products to short bob cuts will make it look like you spent hours on your hair.

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