Blonde Boy With Long Hair

Long hair has grown in popularity among young boys and toddlers.

As a parent it helps to know that there are many ways to grow, cut and even style your boy’s hair.

Whether your kid has straight, wavy, curly or thick hair, there is a style to suit their personality perfectly.

Continue reading to learn more about popular boys’ haircuts for toddlers and teens with long hair.

34 Most Popular Long Haircuts for Boys

We’ve rounded up the 34 most trendy preteens and toddler haircuts. Most of these styles are easy to get and require very little maintenance.
So, if your boy’s long hair is starting to look a little raggedy and unkempt these long boy haircuts will help shape it up.

Straight Boys’ Long Haircut

Straight long hair rarely requires extra styling; it just effortlessly looks shiny and healthy. If your kid has long, straight hair, he can wear it loose and still get a trendy haircut.

Modern Textured Shag

Shag hairstyles are ideal for boys who want an effortless look. However, if you want to avoid your kid’s “woke up like this” vibe of shag-long haircuts texturizing it will make it look like it was carefully planned.

Trendy Side Swept Hair

Long haircuts for boys draw attention on their own, but you can elevate that impression by sweeping the hair to the side and letting it fall naturally.

Layered Long Haircuts for Boys

Layering works wonders for long hair. It helps add definition and movement. At the same time it makes the hair appear thicker and fuller.

If your kid has thin hair, this is the best hairstyle for them, rather than opting for a boys’ short hairstyle, which will only emphasize the thin strands.

Curly Bob With Bangs

If you wonder how your kid can wear his hair longer than the cheekbone level a curly bob with bangs should do the trick.
Bangs help draw attention to the eyes while making one look more complete.

Trust us. He will be the envy of his peers with this classic hairstyle.

Boy With a Curly Long Bob Hair

Comb-Over Pompadour

Hairstyles come and go, but a pompadour is one style that never goes out of style. Combining a comb-over haircut with a pompadour has grown in popularity among boys.

A comb-over with an undercut and shaved lines on the side, in particular is very popular today. To achieve a pompadour sweep the hair high up from the forehead and then comb it back.

It is one of the best hairstyles for a formal look and gives a very “gentleman” vibe. Apply hair gel to hold the strands in place and add shine.

Spiky Bangs Boys’ Haircut

Are you looking for great haircuts for teen boys? If there is one thing teen boys appreciate most is spikes in their hair.
If your teen son wants spiky hair then spiky bangs will look great on them. It is an effortless hairstyle that doesn’t take much to maintain.

Little Boys Braids

Braids are the most popular boy’s long hairstyles for a good reason. They are cool and trendy and help keep your kid’s unruly hair in check.
Many black boy hairstyles and little boys’ braids add a certain vibe to their personalities.

The best thing about braids is that they work for almost every hair texture, from straight to highly kinky hair.
You only need to ensure your kid has enough patience to sit quietly in the barber’s chair to get the hairstyle.

On top of that listen to your barber’s advice on maintaining the braid style. For instance, if your kid combines the hairstyle with an undercut you need to visit the barber shop every few weeks to shave the sides for a clean look.

Sporty Box Braids

Box braids present a great option to wrangle and style long hair for young boys, especially if it’s becoming increasingly difficult to manage their hair as it grows. Box braids are popular among young black boys.

They hang freely, ensuring he doesn’t feel constricted or have to deal with scalp pain from extremely tight flat braids. 
Box braids can last for 4 to 6 weeks, so you won’t need to visit the barber shop every few days for maintenance.

Cool Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are a favorite among boys who are growing out their hair. They are fun and versatile when it comes to styling.
Dreadlocks are also easy to maintain.

Once they grow out you can style them in various ways, like leaving them to grow out naturally or adding a boys’ fade haircut.

African American Boy With Dreadlocks Hair

Curly Bob With Center Parting

The curly bob with center parting is a great kids’ bob style. Curly hair tends to look shaggy and unkempt.
Consider long shag haircuts like a curly bob and complement that with a center part to add definition.

Short Sides Long Top

Long boy hairstyles don’t have to have uniform length. To add contrast consider trimming the sides short and leaving the hair on top long.

Baby Bun

Man buns have a certain masculine appeal. No longer considered a fad, man bun hairstyles work beautifully for young boys and toddlers with long hair. It is referred to as a baby bun and is similar to a top knot, only the hairstyle is set farther back.

A top knot usually comes with a fade, undercut or shaved sides with the long hair tied up in a knot.
On the other hand, a baby bun is achieved with long hair tied in a bun at the back.

It is a perfect hairstyle for kids who want to embrace their long and straight hair but want to keep it out of their faces.

Messy Waves Boys Long Haircut

Wavy hair tends to look naturally messy, making it the best hairstyle for boys growing out their hair. Let your kid grow the hair until it achieves its natural shape, and then have his barber accentuate it. The haircut is easy to maintain since it only needs to be cut once in a while.

Boys Shaggy Hairstyle

Need help with your kid’s shaggy hair? Allow him to embrace his shag with this boy’s shaggy look hairstyle
Such a haircut can be accompanied by a bang that can be styled, brushed forward, pushed back or swept to the side.

Stylish Middle Part

Consider the stylish middle part if your kid wants a polished and elegant hairstyle. This simple yet bold hairstyle makes a kid’s hair look neater. The only downside is that it requires a lot of styling and maintenance. Other than that it’s an excellent haircut for boys with long hair.

Medium Length Hairstyle

The idea behind the medium-length hairstyle is to allow your kid’s hair to grow wild and messy. It’s a simple haircut ideal for boys with naturally wavy or curly hair. Your kid’s hair will naturally grow to achieve its style without requiring active styling.

Shoulder Length Boys Haircuts

Shoulder-length haircuts are popular among boys and teens since they allow them to flaunt their stately strands.
The hairstyle also offers a wide range of styling options.

Chin Length With Long Bang

It is never too early to highlight your kid’s facial features. Chin length with long bang haircuts is ideal for boys who want to keep the focus on their jawline. Pair the hair with long full bangs to add an intricate twist.

Afro Boy Hairstyle

An afro boy hairstyle will work for black boys blessed with naturally thick and tightly curled hair.
The afro is a fresh way to add fun to one’s natural hair. Afro hairstyles require additional maintenance, but the results are worth the struggle.

Smiling Black Boy With Afro Hairstyle

Mid Length Layered Cut

Layering usually adds a certain charm to any hairstyle. Layered medium-length haircuts are great for boys with fine hair, as the layers help add volume. The hairstyle is meant to be worn messy, perfect for young boys and teenagers who prefer a hassle-free trim.

Clean Bowl Cut

The best way to style your kid’s hair is to allow them to embrace their natural hair texture. Whether your kid was born with naturally straight or wavy hair let it flow naturally. You can tousle the strands and apply a hair styling product to accentuate the texture.

Straight and Blunt Boys Long Haircuts

Your kid should never shy away from standing out in the crowd. It’s your job as a parent to encourage them to do so.
One way you can help them achieve that is through certain hairstyles. A good example is a straight cut with blunt edges.

Skater Long Boy Hair

Consider the skater’s long boy haircut if you want your kid to look trendy.

Red Swirl

Boys with red hair can take advantage of it by allowing it to grow long first, so every swirl is emphasized.

Bushy Top Boys Long Haircuts

This hairstyle works best for medium-length to long hair. To pull it off your kid should have thick hair.

Textured Shag With Flipped Ends

Textured shags used to be popular in the 1970s rock scene but have made a strong comeback in modern times.
Rock icons like Mick Jagger and David Bowie wore the hairstyle with a feathered top. Your kid can just let their hair lay flat.

Straight Bob

Cool shoulder-length haircuts for boys don’t need to be complicated to look good. You don’t need braided sections, some hipster spin or dreads to pull off the look. Instead, sweep the hair behind their ears, part it at the center and let it fall naturally.

Shoulder-length hair is similar to a bro flow in that it adds fullness and volume, making a kid look trendy.

Chic Twists

Chic twists are great since they are easier to maintain compared to dreadlocks. They are a great way to help your kid embrace his thick, texture hair. It is a versatile hairstyle that you can style in various ways. You can even add a fade to maximize the effect of the hair on top.

Top Knot

If your kid wants to try something daring, let them go for a top knot hairstyle. The top knot grew in popularity around the same time as the man bun but has yet to enjoy the same following.

It is similar to a ponytail, the only difference is in the tie-up placement and adding a fade, undercut or shaved sides.
To achieve the look let your kid grow their hair, cut the sides short and slowly grow out the top while maintaining the shorter sides.

When the hair is long enough gather it into a knot on the crown and then tie it using a hair tie.

Medium Length Wavy Hair

Consider a medium-length style if your kid has naturally wavy hair but isn’t ready to let it grow to his shoulder.
The hair should be long and flow past his ears without reaching the chin.

The hair looks great when it’s parted in the middle or to swept to the side.

Handsome Mohawk

There’s just something about mohawk for kids. Let your kid embrace his wild side by allowing him to rock this iconic hairstyle.

Boy With a Blonde Mohawk Haircut

Classic Ponytail for Boys

If you are looking for an easy hairstyle for your son a classic ponytail is what you need. Whether your boy is in the process of growing out their hair or already has the proper length both of you will enjoy this low-maintenance hairstyle.

Cute Blonde Boy Long Hairstyle

There is no denying the charm and allure of blonde-colored hairstyles. From short polished cuts to rugged man buns, bold buzz cuts and expertly groomed pompadours your son will love embracing his blonde hair, especially if he has long hair.

How to Grow and Maintain Long Hairstyles for Boys

So, how do you grow and maintain long hairstyles for boys?

Here’s how:

Step 1 – Choose the right one

Long hairstyles are great since there are so many ways to style them. Don’t hesitate to get creative when choosing a suitable long-boy haircut for your son. If he prefers his messy hair, many tousled styles use his natural texture without requiring much styling. 

You only need to stay on top of the frizz and trim the ends for a neater look.

Step 2 – Crucial styling tips

When styling your kid’s long hairstyle, you must balance the hold, volume, fullness and flow for a stylish look.
To style the hair use a small amount of a styling product making sure you work it throughout the hair from roots to tips.

Create their desired hairstyle or leave the hair flowing naturally.

Step 3 – Maintain

Ensure your kid has regular trims to keep the ends healthy and prevent split ends as they grow out their hair.
Make sure to fight the frizz typical with long hair with the right products and techniques.

Finally, ensure your kid washes his hair when needed. Daily washing isn’t recommended, nor does he need to use shampoo every time he showers.

Step 4 – Best products to use

The best hair products for long boys’ hairstyles have a light to medium hold. We recommend styling cream, wax, sea salt or mousse for a textured finish. A good shampoo and conditioner are also essential to keep his long hair clean and healthy.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Avoid using too much styling product, making it look like you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • Avoid using poor-quality products which can damage your kid’s delicate hair.
  • Avoid always choosing a hairstyle for your kid, let them have a say in the hairstyle they want.
  • Remember to moisturize significantly when his hair is growing out.
  • Avoid washing his hair too often. Using shampoo two or three times a week is more than enough.


Which haircut is best for long hair boy?

The best haircuts for boys with long hair are the ones that add volume and fullness.

Is long hair in style for boys?

Long hairstyles for boys are likely to stay in style for a while.

What haircut should a teenage guy get?

Teenage boys can get haircuts like the textured shag with flipped ends, man bun, top knot, skater boy haircut, chin length with long bangs or a classic middle part. The choices are unlimited.

What are the worst long boys’ haircuts?

One of the worst long-boy haircuts is the braided rattail hairstyle. It’s a weird hairstyle, especially for a young boy or teen.

Where can I get a long boy’s haircut?

You can get a long boy haircut at a barber shop near you. Go with a hairstyle picture if you don’t know how to explain it to the barber.

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