Cutting Blonde's Baby Hair

You may not know much about it, but toddler haircuts are in trend now. Going with your kid to a barber does not have to be an everyday experience. It can become much more as you get a stylish crew cut for him or any other modern hairstyle.

As with grownup hair, it is important to choose the haircut for your toddler and your barber’s choice.
You have to find a good one that deals with toddler’s hair and provides good results.

We are here to help you make the right choice and have laid out several toddler haircut examples for you to look at and pick from.

50 Most Popular Toddler Hairstyles

When you take your kid to a barber, you should come prepared. Don’t just say “whatever” when being asked about the haircut.
Choose one that will look good on your kid and make him stylish.

Toddler Crew Cut

Crew Cut

Photo @alan_beak

Both a classic and a practical haircut, the crew cut is that go-to style that will fit any toddler perfectly.
It does not differ from the grownup version, as it still features short sides and a bit longer hair on top.

Toddler Disconnected Cut

Disconnected Cut

Photo @dynasty_barbers

The disconnected cut is something that is becoming very popular for toddlers. It features short sides and an extra-long top and the contrast between them makes this hairstyle work.

Toddler Faux Hawk Cut

Faux Hawk Cut

Photo @pjabreu

Your toddler can get away with a rebellious style as well. The faux hawk is one of those that will make that happen.
The sides should be buzzed down rather than shaved, while the top should be much longer and styled appropriately.

Toddler Afro

Smiling Black Boy With Messy Curly Afro Hair

If your boy has locks, let them go wild. An afro look is beautiful and plays on the person’s strengths.
Your toddler’s natural hair can become very interesting if you allow it to grow and go on its way.

Toddler Bold Fade

Bold Fade

Photo @dynasty_barbers

The best time to get a bold fade is when you are a toddler. It is a trendy and stylish hairstyle that works for any hair.
It also helps mums and dads use less time dealing with it.

Children’s Fringe


Photo @alan_beak

There are some genuinely great fringe hairstyles for toddlers out there. They mostly resemble styles from the 80s, with a critical difference being much shorter and layered. It works best for boys with straight hair.

Toddler’s Baby Bun

Baby Bun

The equivalent of a man bun for a toddler is a baby bun. You don’t have to cut your toddler’s hair; you can create a baby bun for him. It looks fantastic and is very practical.

Kids Natural Curly Hair

Natural Curly Hair

Photo @dynasty_barbers

If your boy has naturally curly hair, the best thing to do is leave it be and allow it to do its something.
Curlier and longer hair requires regular trims, so more trips to a barber will be needed here.

Toddler’s Pompadour


Photo @alan_beak

You might think that a pompadour does not work for a toddler. Yet it works the same as layered hairstyles.
Boys with naturally thicker hair can pull this off and will like the attention-grabbing characteristics that come with it.

Kid’s Quiff


Photo @pjabreu

Another adult style that transfers well to toddlers’ hair. Top quiff hairstyles will make your boy look smart and perfectly dress him up for a special occasion.

Children’s Side Part

Side Part Toddler

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Classic side-part haircuts are suitable for almost any type of face shape. They come from the 50s and 60s but have integrated well into the modern age. It will work best if you create a naturally deeper side part.

Toddler Spiky Hair

Spiky Hair Toddler

Photo @dynasty_barbers

If you want your kid to get a rocker vibe, then spiky hairstyles are the way to go. It will probably remind him of his favorite cartoon character, as many of them have a similar style.

Toddler Hard Part

Hard Part Toddler


The hard part involves shaving a line with a trimmer or a razor in the area where your hair is parting.
It is also the reason why it is sometimes called a razor part. This one is a perfect short hairstyle for your toddler and gives him some attitude.

Layered Medium Length Toddler Hair

Toddler Layered Medium Length Hair


Medium-length hairstyles are immensely versatile. They will allow you to style your hair in almost any way you like.
You can slick it back or on the sides. The layered look adds some texture to it and makes the hair manageable.

Toddler Mini Mohawk

Little Boy With Mohawk Haircut

A minim mohawk look can be fun for a toddler to wear. It is between a faux hawk and a quiff and helps you add a bit of individuality to your toddler.

Toddler Mini Mohawk And Sign

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Toddler Fade Design

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Toddler Mohawk And Rings

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Children Bowl Cut


Children Curly Hair

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Children Sponge Top

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Children Mini Dreadlocks

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Children Buzz Cut

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Children Curly Spikes

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Children Spikes Mohawk

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Children Fade Sign And Mohawk

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Kids Wavy Inducted Line

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Kids Double Temple Notches

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Kids Blow Up

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Kids Little Twists

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Kids Hairtattoo

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Toddler High Fade And Curls

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Toddler Wet Curls

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Toddler Classic Buzz Cut

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Toddler Nape Hairtattoo


Toddler Textured Fringe

Photo @alan_beak

Fringed Blow Up Bangs

Photo @alan_beak

Toddler Messy Fringe

Photo @alan_beak

Toddler Slick Side Part

Photo @ashxlauren


Toddler Short Side Haircut

Wavy Longer Haircut

Casual Short

Twisted Out

Combed Side Part Toddler Haircut

Casual Mid Haircut

Mid Boys Haircut

Shaggy Toddler Hair

Longer Bangs

Spiky Toddler's Haircut

How to Style and Maintain Toddler Haircut

Next time you take your toddler to a barber, you must prepare. We have some crucial styling tips for you here, as they will make your life a lot easier and help you get the proper 90s hairstyles you want your toddler to have.

Step 1 – Decide on the look first

Determine if you want to cut your toddler’s hair short or if you want to let it grow and style it.
Think of convenience as well as longer hair can be harder to maintain.

Step 2 – Explain to the barber

Having a picture at your side is also a good idea to show him what you are aiming for.

Step 3 – Style appropriately

Each morning as you wake up and brush your teeth you should stand in front of the mirror with your kid and brush their hair.

Step 4 – Heavy use of products isn’t advised

If you have to, you should employ some natural or water-based ones. All you will need is a softer shampoo and hair dryers for men to maintain your child’s hair.


When should my toddler get his first haircut?

The earliest you should have your toddler get a haircut is 6 months. Ideally, it is better to wait for at least a year.

Is it reasonable to cut a toddler’s hair?

There is no correct answer here. It depends on the child’s hair, how strong or how long it gets.
It is best to wait at least a year and decide then.

How often should I cut my toddler’s hair?

Toddler’s hair does not grow as fast as grownup hair, so you will not need to trim it so often. It should be adequate to get a trim twice a year.

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