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What Is It

One of the most classic haircuts for males is the quiff. To adapt to the present day, it has undergone numerous adjustments. Everyone, from infants to adults, can wear this hairstyle successfully thanks to its adaptability. It is suitable for various circumstances and not just for different age groups.

The combination of long top hair and short sides creates a quiff haircut. The quiff is typically styled in a voluminous, slightly unkempt manner. Since there are wide quiff varieties, picking the one that looks best on you is essential. Experimenting with all of your options can help you locate the quiff that suits you best.

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Despite being the most fundamental iteration of the style, it is nonetheless quite mainstream and sexy. Trim the hair on the back and sides a little bit shorter than the top hair to achieve the traditional men’s quiff.

Ask the hairdresser to shorten the sides and leave the top around four to five inches long. Start by washing and towel-drying your hair before styling it into the classic quiff. Then use a comb and a blow dryer to provide the desired volume after dabbing on a bead of a matte paste.


The top and sides of the modern quiff can now be styled in a more pronounced contrast than in the past, according to current fashion trends. Remember that the forehead should have the longest hair. Use matte hair products while styling men’s hair because a glossy haircut shows how dated the cut is.

Teddy Boy

The Teddy Boy quiff, which has a long, frontward curl that drapes down at the forehead, is undoubtedly the most distinctive variation of this retro style. Due to the way this distinctive trait ends, which is close to the eyebrows, it is frequently compared to a duck’s tail. This is undoubtedly one of the most daring and distinctive quiff variations — not it’s for people who wish to blend in!


The rockabilly quiff might be the look you need to channel your inner badass if you’ve thought of yourself as a little bit of a rock-and-roller. The iconic hairstyle has been given a little comical makeover with a super-long, ultra upswept quiff with short on the sides and the back.


The textured quiff has a more contemporary messy appearance than the more defined, clean rockabilly quiff. It leans more toward the faux hawk than any of the other quiff variations on this list, making it a preferred option for rocker guys and other individuals with a modern edge. This is also a fantastic alternative for gentlemen who don’t have a lot of time to style; for the ideal, textured quiff, the messier, the better.


A disconnected quiff is an excellent option for preppy guys who don’t like to have a single hair out of place. It begins with a contemporary quiff with tightly cut sides and a prominent top but is completed by shaving a clear line where the long hair on the side of the head connects to the buzzed side. This provides it with a polished, current appearance from all sides.

High Fade 

A quiff and a fade complement one other well. They enable you to make the top of your hair the center of attention of your entire appearance and give you a neat and handsome appearance. Think about a high quiff fade if you want your hairdo to have a bigger impact.


Perhaps nothing is as good as a straightforward short quiff for males. This subtle flip in the front gives your image a lively and snappy twist while requiring little upkeep or styling. You can choose a taper on the sides and back or a quiff undercut for more emphasis.

Couple Posing


Using a traditional taper and fade, you can modernize your quiff. The fade is typically gentle and gradual rather than a dramatic change from sides with short hair to the top with long hair, making this style less drastic than the undercut quiff. This quiff style is common among preppy males since it tends to have a polished, businesslike appearance.

Side Part

Most quiff styles can be changed to a side-part haircut. Use a comb to make a side part of achieving the desired look. Utilizing your hands, work the styling product through the sides of your hair. The top hair should then be combed up and shaped in a direction, unlike the parting.


Sometimes it seems as though a quiff was designed to be messy styled. We adore how natural and carefree it appears. Additionally, the styling requires little effort. You may be ready to go by disheveling the top locks with your fingers and a small amount of hairstyling product.

Slicked Back

The hairdo is attractive and sophisticated when done in a slick-back quiff. Slicked-back hair is classy. For males who have naturally thick hair, it is a terrific appearance. Apply a sufficient styling cream with your fingers to achieve the slicked-back look.

Then place your hair with a comb to make the part and the quiff. Use a blow dryer on low heat to set the style and ensure that it doesn’t lose volume or move throughout the day.


There are no hair texture limitations when it comes to a quiff. So, even if you have curly or wavy hair, you can pull off this hairdo. The long quiff is essentially the curly quiff for men with curly hair. The result is more artsy and laid-back than slick and professional.


The psychobilly quiff, also known as the wedge quiff, is a hyperbolic, occasionally comical variant of the cut with Mohawk-like elements. Your back and sides of your head should be shaved.

This look’s amusing feature is that the top hair should be chopped and groomed to resemble a reverse shark fin. Choose a pomades for use on a hair with a strong hold when it comes to styling items. Add extra hairspray as a finishing touch to keep the quiff in place.


Do you lack time and can’t style your hair? Having a sloppy men’s quiff will be beneficial. All you need to do to prepare yourself is ruffle your hair lightly with some hairstyle product.

Faux Hawk

Hair styling without the use of additional appliances is gaining popularity. And that’s when you have to use your hands. Scoop out a coin-sized amount of hair wax, rub it between your hands, then use your fingers to rake the quiff to one side. By doing this, you may design a stylish and appropriate hairstyle for every situation.

Long Blowout

Although your hair appears to have been styled by the wind in this quiff, you had to spend a lot of time on it. A hairdryer and hair gel can be used to create a blowout quiff. Then, you might also want to style your hair using your fingers for a more textured, natural look.

Man With Glasses and Messy Hair Peeking

Brush Up

What distinguishes this is the delicate undercut, tapering sides, and blended beard. The top is side-swept with that thick volume and shining dye, making it stand out.

Short History

Quiff confirms that hairstyles from the 50s are still present. Although the haircut was there before wartime, it wasn’t until the war’s end that it started to be used often.

It emerged in response to the flat and uninteresting medium hairstyles for males participating in combat. However, the development of rock ‘n’ roll marked genuine innovation. The teenagers used the quif as an instantaneous symbol of the uprising.

How to Choose 

One of the most crucial aspects to consider while deciding on your quiff style is the shape of your face. Every guy can wear an updo, which is a blessing, but those who want to lengthen a round face should pay particular attention to them.

But if your face is extremely thin, be careful because higher hair will make you appear more angular and elongated. Most hair types, except those highly curly, excessively frizzy, or very fine, can be styled into quiffs.

How to Style

Step 1 – Wash hair

Starting with clean, moist hair from the shower always makes style easier, regardless of the cut. Use the best leave-in conditioner for men and shampoo that cleans hair but doesn’t completely strip it of its textures and natural oils. If your hair has a more natural texture, your quiff will appear nicer and stay in place longer once it has been styled.

Step 2 – Hair drying

An essential step in creating a quiff is drying your hair. Use a hair styling brush to blow dry your hair over medium heat as you curl it upwards as you go if you prefer a more structured, every-hair-in-its-place type of style. Dry with a hair dryer over cold to medium heat while shaking your hands for a messy look with more texture.

Step 3 – Use a hair product 

Hair gel is ideal for quiffs. If you don’t have a good supply of hair styling devices like premium self-hair cutting tools and holders on hand, you won’t get far with this modern cut. For a textured top, you’ll need a premium hair paste or styling clay that will allow you to mold and style your quiff precisely as you want and hold it all day.

Use a sea salt spray for guys to add a little more texture and grip to your normally super-slick, hard-to-style locks while also improving the performance of your styling products.

How to Maintain

Applying a generous amount of strong-hold hairspray over the quiff will help maintain its volume and structure.


What is the difference between a quiff and a pompadour?

In terms of appearance, the quiff and pompadour are similar. Both of these sweeping back hairstyles are voluminous. But there are some critical differences between the two. A quiff emphasizes sheer volume towards the front of the head, although a pompadour doesn’t always do this.

There are many smaller and less severe pompadours available. The quiff’s slightly disheveled appearance is another identifying feature. The hair on the top of the head is frequently angled and appears wavy. Pompadours typically have a tighter fit and a little more sparkle to them.

How long should my hair be for a quiff?

For a quiff to ultimately set up an appointment with a barber, how long does your hair need to be? Before trimming your hair into a quiff, wait until it is at leastwise three inches long at the upper front. You will have adequate length to operate as a result.

Is quiff a high-maintenance haircut?

No, it’s easy to style flow haircuts. The quiff, one of the most classic men’s hairstyles, has a devoted following because of its adaptability, attitude toward minimum maintenance, and capacity to elevate any guy’s appearance to a new level.

Are quiffs attractive?

Yes, the quiff is a stylish and adaptable haircut that looks fantastic on most guys, if not all.