Slicked Back Hairstyle

Most trending hairstyles are stylish for a few years and become old-fashioned after a decade or so. Slicked back hair is a classic hairstyle that has stood the test of time.

It is still considered chic, no matter what the current trends are. We have put together a guide to the best slicked-back hairstyles to help you choose your new look. Read on to know all about slicked-back hairstyles for men.

What Is Slicked Back Hair

Slicked back hair is a hairstyle in which you push your hair backward and away from your face. It looks best when your hair is short on the sides and longer on top.

You will need to use pomade to give it a sleek look. Slicked-back hair is professional yet fashionable.

What Do You Need for It

Your hair needs to be at least 3-4 inches long for a slicked-back hairstyle. Slicked-back hairstyles don’t work on short hair.

You will also need quality products to keep your slicked-back hairstyle looking well-groomed daily. A good pomade and a comb are necessary for a slicked-back hairstyle. Find ones that suit your hair type.

Hair gel is a great option for styling slicked-back hair. You can also consider using a hairdryer to help blow your hair into the style you want.

If your hair is frizzy or you have a lot of flyaways, you will also need hairspray to tame your hair.

How to Choose the Best One

Hair Type

Your hair type is essential while picking a slicked-back hairstyle. If your hair is thick, this hairstyle will look good on you.

However, if your hair is too thin, it might not look that great. We suggest using a good shampoo for hair loss to make your hair thicker.

Straight hair is the easiest to style a slicked-back hairstyle. Wavy hair and curly hair will be difficult to slick back. If you have coiled hair, it won’t be possible to have a slicked-back hairstyle.

Face Shape

How to Choose the Best Slicked Back Hairstyle

Fortunately, slicked-back hair looks good on all face types. Whether your face is oblong, square, round or diamond, you will look great with slicked-back hair.

How to Slick Back Hair

Step 1 – Wash hair

Your hair needs to be wet, so you must first wash and towel dry your hair. This will make styling easier and the product will also have a better hold.

Step 2 – Apply product

Take some pomade and apply it all over your hair. Start with a small amount; you can add more later if you need it.

Step 3 – Comb

Now take your comb and start combing backward. You need to start at your forehead and comb towards the back in one motion. If your hair is thick or curly, you can use a hairdryer while combing, making it easier.

Step 4 – Aftercare

As a final touch, you can apply some hairspray to make your hair look sleeker and well-groomed.

How to Style It

It will take some experimentation to land on the perfect styling method for slicked-back hair. You need a combination of the right haircut and a good styling regimen to style slicked-back hair perfectly.

A fade or undercut is the best haircut for a slicked-back hairstyle. They are a bit high maintenance, so investing in a quality razor for head shaving is a good idea to save some money.

After combing, you apply more product to help with the hold if your hair is thicker. Combing a few times a day helps maintain the hairstyle throughout the day.

11 Most Popular Slicked Back Hairstyles for Men

Tapered Back and Sides With Textured Top

This is a classic hairstyle. The hair volume tapers both from front to back and around the sides. It creates a quiff on top, which looks excellent, especially with wavy or curly hair.

Slick Back With Drop Fade

Fades are in right now, so you can combine a fade with a slick back for a classy yet trendy look. You need more volume on top, which gradually tapers into a fade.

Burst Fade Mohawk With Design

This is a bold choice that will turn heads wherever you go. Ask your barber for a fade mohawk and add a unique design to the back to give it more character. Slick back the long hair on the top.

Low Fade With Textured Side Part

If a side part suits your face, you should go for this slicked-back hairstyle. The fade is low and gradual to make the side part more comfortable. This hairstyle looks good with blonde or platinum hair.

High Skin Fade With Line in Hair

Most Popular Slicked Back Hairstyles for Men

This adds some novelty to your slicked-back hair. A shaved line in a skin fade looks stylish without stealing too much attention from the rest of your look. The slicked-back hair makes it acceptable for formal settings too.

Low Bald Fade With Quiff

A quiff adds the perfect amount of contrast to your fade. If your hair is thicker than average, the volume will look great with a quiff.

Razor Fade With Slick Back

This look is excellent, especially for men with long beards. The razor fade looks fresh and neat and the slicked-back hair perfectly balances out the beard.

If you’ve been having trouble maintaining your beard, using a premium beard balm helps keep it thick and well-groomed.

Mid Taper Fade With Hard Part Comb Over

Taper fades are great for people who don’t want a drastic change in their hairstyle. A challenging part works well for both high and low-volume hair.

Slicked Back Undercut

An undercut complements slicked-back hair well. There is a lot of contrast and it looks fashionable yet masculine.

Crew Cut With Fade

Crew cuts are significant for those who don’t want to spend too much time styling their hair. You can leave it as-is for an everyday look and slick it back for a classy look on special occasions.

Disconnected Undercut Fade With Curly Hair

It isn’t easy to find good hairstyles for curly hair. A disconnected undercut fade is an excellent way to make your hair stylish yet easy to manage. Use pomade with a strong hold and you can slick it back when you feel like it.


FAQ About Slicked Back Hairstyles for Men

How do I cut the back of my short hair?

Cutting the back of your short hair is a little tricky, but you can do it with the right tools. You need 2 mirrors to be able to see what you’re doing and slow, gentle movements to avoid any mishaps.

You will need clippers and a razor to get the job done. We know how difficult it can be choosing a razor for sensitive skin, but you need a razor that will help you shave precisely if you don’t want to mess up your fade.

Clippers are also quite essential; you need the world’s best hair clippers and a steady hand to be able to cut the back of your short hair successfully.

What is a back and sides haircut?

A back and sides haircut is when the hair on the sides and back is shorter than the hair on top of your head.  A fade with a quiff on top is an excellent example of this haircut. You can also slick back the hair on top if you’re going for a sleek, classy look.

How do men keep their hair back long?

Styling your slick-back hair is one thing and keeping your slick-back hair as you styled it for an extended time is a whole different thing.

If you want your hair to stay as you originally styled it for an extended period, use a generous amount of glossy gel while styling your hair and finishing it off with a firm hold hairspray.

We know that men usually don’t pay much attention to hair products and use whatever is in the bathroom, but applying conditioner for men is very important if you want smooth, shiny long hair.


Slicked back hair is a great way to clean up your appearance and look more polished. It is low-effort but gives you a well-groomed, stylish look. The most significant part is that it is chic and modern yet clean enough to wear professionally.

For people trying to spruce up their appearance, you can never go wrong with a popular musky cologne and an effective face mask for men. If you’re looking to switch up your look, we highly recommend trying a classic slicked-back hairstyle.