Black Men With Yellow Hair

10 Most Popular Hairstyles

Blonde Mohawk Fade

Do you prefer a look as daring as the various braids styles today? Then choose the blonde mohawk fade. You will stand out with your hair perfectly blonde.

Blonde Fade Haircut

This style can make any black man look fresh and stylish. Here, you will have to apply blonde hair color ideas that tend to go darker. This fade hairstyle for blonde hair also works for those with masculine faces while having the ability to highlight one’s sharp facial features.

Blonde Buzz Cut

Perfect for oval faces, the blonde buzz cut has its charm, mainly when sported by black men. Pair up the buzz cut with a beard to draw more attention to this style.

Blonde Crew Cut

If you don’t have much time for maintenance but still want a cool blonde hairstyle, go for the crew cut designed for black men. Make the traditional crew cut more modern by adding a high-top fade or low-skin fade. Use gel, wax, or sea salt spray to maintain this sleek style.

Blonde Curly Hair Fade

If you prefer a trendy and attractive style, you will never go wrong with the blonde curly hair fade. Use your long hair to your advantage by integrating an extreme fade to improve contrast. It emphasizes the volume on top and looks better on thick hair.

Black Men With Blonde Hair and Short Beard

Blonde Afro

Of course, no hairstyle will look as natural to black men as the blonde hairstyle. It allows you to show off your natural hair texture. Make this cut unique, whether long or short, by integrating a taper fade on both sides.

Hair Twists

Rock a hairstyle that is as trendy and cool as the 90s hairstyles with the aid of hair twists. Evenly divide your hair, then twist individual parts surrounding each other.

These are among the twist hairstyles with several variations – one of which is to give contrasts to the twists by pairing them up with a mid-fade. This is good for those with short hair.

Bleached Hair

Have your hair bleached to bring out a bolder and more daring look? Pick a blonde dye to give a bold contrast to your dark skin tone. Make this look more masculine by combining your bleached locks with a fade considered a trend nowadays.

Blonde Hair Tips

Provide your black hair with a nice contrast by having blonde frosted tips. It is an excellent way to emphasize your longer hairstyle on top. If you get a fade on the back, it is possible to experiment by pairing it with short curls, high-top fade, or burst fade.

These are edgy hairstyles for men with diamond face shapes or other facial structures.

Blonde Dreadlocks

Instead of the usual dreadlocks, make your style more unique by wearing your dreads while your hair is blonde. You can go for short blonde dreadlocks designed to cover your afro-textured roots and mid-fade. You may also make it more stylish with a ponytail or man bun.

Black Men With Yellow Dreadlock Hairstyle

How to Style and Maintain

Step 1 – Research hairstyles

Research the different blonde hairstyles for black men and determine which one looks good on you. Consider your facial shape, hair texture, and skin tone. Make sure that you are also confident when wearing the style.

Step 2 – Apply the safest hair color

Ensure that the brand of blonde hair color will not damage your hair. It is also crucial to check a small part or section of your hair before you wash out the bleach to make sure it is fully lightened.

You can get your style by washing and blow-drying it and putting in some hair gel and moisturizer.

Step 3 – Trim regularly

Use cutting shears or scissors for this purpose. This is necessary to keep your chosen style looking good and prevent split ends.

Step 4 – Bleach 

To bleach your hair and make it color-blonde, use a shampoo, brush, volume developer, and salon-grade powder bleach. You also have to use a purple bleach shampoo (dedicated).

Continue using it until the water used for rinsing runs clear, a sign that no bleach remains. Put on a hydrating deep conditioner and a moisturizer, pomade, or gel.


Do black men look good with blonde hair?

Yes, of course. This is provided they choose the perfect blonde hairstyle for black men designed for them. They will look good and cause people to turn their heads.

Can black men be born with blonde hair?

The general black population is not naturally blonde, but there was also a small group known as Melanesians whose hair colors are naturally blonde while having dark skin.

Is going blonde bad for Afro hair?

In several cases, the answer to this is yes. Your decision to go blonde may cause some damage to your Afro hair as it uses chemical bleaching processes. Still, you can prevent that from happening if you get this color with the help of a trusted and professional stylist.

What is the best blonde shade for black men?

Base your answer to this question on your skin undertones. If it is golden, pick honey blonde or golden blonde shade. Those with pink undertones should pick the pearl blonde or platinum, while those with neutral undertones look good in any blonde shade.