Popular Boy‘s Fade Haircut

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35 Most Popular Boy’s Fade Hairstyles

High Fade With Mohawk

High Fade With Mohawk

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The fact that this spiky and unique mohawk is quick and easy to style is one reason why it is one of the most popular boy’s haircuts now. It has a high fade cut visible on every side and contrasted with a shaved and curved line.

Low Boy’s Fade Fade Texture

Low Fade Texture

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If you are in search of low-fade haircuts, go with this style. It involves gradually tapering from a boy’s neckline to the ears until the taper reaches eye level. It is a good choice if you are searching for a style that provides more texture on top.

High Boy’s Fade Haircut

High Fade For Boys

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The best high-fade haircuts will make any boy look good and confident. It provides a fun and exciting contrast in the areas between the top of the hair to the bottom. It has a low-maintenance bottom and a top you can style however you like.

Short Fade For Boys

Short Fade Boy's Haircut

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The short fade will stop you from overthinking about which to choose: the taper or fade. This is because this is one of those skin fade hairstyles that look good. It is a hassle-free and versatile hairstyle characterized by skin fade on all sides and a nice style on top.

Colorful Boy’s Mohawk Fade

Colorful Mohawk Fade

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This style looks as fun and unique as the Eboy haircut. It is an incredible style for any boy who prefers to look different and unique. It features intricately faded and styled hair with a nice mohawk on top.

Add more fun to your hair by shading it in any color you want, preferably blue.

Hawk Boy’s Fade Haircut

Hawk Fade

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This is a bold style guaranteed to make you stand out and show your confidence. You can shape this style into a mohawk anytime you want. You can also have it tamed to make it look neat and polished for formal and school events.

Side Sweeper Boys Fade Hairstyle

Side Sweeper Fade

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This holds the classic side-swept hairstyle. It looks more modern and trendier, though, as it also comes with a fade.

Low Fade Quiff Hairstyle For Boys

Low Fade Quiff

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This famous quiff hairstyle comes with more length, character, and volume on top. It requires tapering off the style slowly at the bottom, offering a nice contrast in its overall look.

Side Part Fade Boy Haircut

Side Part Fade

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Increase texture and volume on top by growing your hair long and adding a parting on the side. Keep the sides short by integrating a high fade.

Boy’s Shaved Line Contrast Haircut

Shaved Line Contrast Boy's Fade Haircut

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This style utilizes a shaved line design to separate the long and short elements of your hair. It features a short mohawk on top and a slow taper at the back. This increases volume in the area. Keep the sides short, making it easier and quicker to style.

Long Curl High Boy Fade Haircut

Long Curl High Fade

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Go for this style to eliminate the problem of messy and unruly curls. It does so as it maintains short sides and back and long curls on top.

Boy’s Swept Back Fade

Swept Back Fade

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This is perfect for those who have thick hair. It adds texture and volume on top, promoting ease of styling. It also features a neat and polished back and sides.

Slicker Boy’s Fade

Boy's Slicker Fade Hair

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It is one of those styles that can give anyone a wet hair look. To get this style, it is crucial to slick longer hair length at the back on top. This can increase height and volume. Adding a high fade and shaved line on all sides is also essential.

Boy’s Sharp Edge Hairstyle

Sharp Edge

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This famous boy’s hairstyle features sharp edges, well-shaped sides and back that have more definition, and clean-cut and polished lines. It also features a quiff on top, making it look edgy.

High Fade Comb Over for Boys

High Fade Comb Over

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This style gives the classic combover a more modern vibe. It does so by giving the side a shaved line. It also has short sides that promote ease of styling.

Boy’s High Fade With Curls

High Fade for Curls

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This haircut allows you to display a boy’s curls without making everything unmanageable. It integrates a shaved line that makes your hair’s top and bottom parts look more defined.

Burst Fade For Boys

Burst Fade

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The burst fade is a fantastic choice for boys who want the shape of their hair to be unique and exciting. It features a more refined shaved line and more volume at the back and the side.

Boy’s Full Mohawk High Fade

Full Mohawk High Fade

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One thing to note about the full mohawk is that it is high-maintenance despite being trendy and stylish. This version of the full mohawk features sides and back with a high fade. This somewhat lessens the time and effort you have to spend styling it.

Boy’s Fade Pompadour


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Everyone seems to be familiar with the classic and trendy pompadour hairstyle. Make this more attractive by combining it with a fade. Depending on your preferences, you can also choose to wear it loose or slick it back.

Curly Top High Fade

Curly Top High Fade Boy Haircut

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This style makes it possible for a boy to show off his curls. One can do so by incorporating sharp edges into the high fade. Create an appealing contrast by aiming for a curly texture and volume on top.

Boy's Fade Design And Spiky

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Boy's Taper Fade Comb Over

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Boy's Fade Curve Design

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Boy's Fade Lines Dyed Bangs

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Boy's Fade Design Lines

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Boy's Shadow Fade Blow Up

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Fade Design And Dyed Spikes

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Boy's Quiff Fade Signature

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Classic Fringe For Boys

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Curly Boy's Top And Fade

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Blow Up And Taper Boy's Fade Haircut

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Boy's Leaning Pomp And Fade

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High Fade And Curls

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Fringe And Fade Lines

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Boy's Hairtattoo And Quiff

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Boy's Spiky Quiff With Fade

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How to Style and Maintain Fade Haircut For Boys

Step 1 – Find out what looks good on your boy

Find out what looks good on a boy depending on his facial shape and overall personality. Consider his hair texture and comfort level, too. The style should make him feel comfortable and confident in himself.

A straightforward way to give boys a fade haircut is to use a blade or razor to trim hair based on what kind of fade you intend to achieve. You may also add layers to the style. You can also pair the fade with braids, long or short hair, and different hair colors.

Step 2 – Learn about prices

Learn about hair cuttery prices, so you can have your boy’s hair styled professionally. Visit a professional barber for regular trimming and shaping. This will ensure that the faded haircut will stay in place.

Step 3 – Use products that are safe 

You can use hair clays that are also gentle enough for use on young and sensitive hair. Boys can also use hair gels, shampoo, conditioner, and pomades.

FAQ About Boy’s Fade Haircuts

What fade haircut is the best for boys?

One of the best fade haircuts for boys is the bold and edgy high fade. It is perfect for hair that is short or medium in length. It features a short high fade that blends well to the sides.

Are fade haircuts for boys still in style?

Yes. There are several variations of them. You can also find modern takes on classic hairstyles using the fade, making them even trendier and more stylish.

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