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The term “fade” means blending hair of varying lengths. The fade graduates from the ears and neck, creating a smooth transition from very short hair on the back and sides of the head to longer hair on the top. In a high fade the graduation starts high up the head.

A high fade can be combined with any other haircut on the top, including a crew cut, slick back, undercut, a pompadour, faux hawk or anything else you want.

50 Most Popular High Fade Hairstyles

Wavy Top High Fade Haircut

Wavy Top men's high fade haircut
men's high fade short hair
mens fade haircut

Photo @kalin_barber

Short sides long top haircuts are in vogue. And, if you have curly or wavy hair, adding a high fade will draw attention to your curly top locks while keeping them tamed.

Textured Crop High Fade Haircut

Textured Croplow fade haircut short
low top fade
men's fade haircut long on top

Photo @pjabreu

If you want to keep your thick mop the textured crop haircut with a high fade is a great, versatile look.

Buzz Cut High Fade Haircut

Buzz Cut long hair high fade haircut
long quiff high fade
low fade haircut black

Photo @pjabreu

The combination of the “old school” buzz cut and the modern high fade gives you a sharp and trendy style that you can flaunt around town.

Lined Up High Fade Haircut

Lined Up High Fade Haircut kids low fade haircut
long hair fade haircut
long hair high fade

Photo @pjabreu

A lineup paired with a high fade adds definition and sharpness to any haircut you’re sure to love.

Crew Cut High Fade Hairstyle

Crew Cut High Fade Hairstyle hight fide
higth fade
how to style high fade

Photo @pjabreu

Crew cuts are easy and clean. And a crew cut combined with a high fade looks equally cool at a party and the workplace.

Pompadour High Fade Haircut

Pompadour High Fade Haircut high taper haircut
high top skin fade
high-top fade

Photo @pjabreu

If you love the classic “rock and roll” pompadour hairstyle of the 50s, you can give it a modern twist by combining it with a trendy high fade.
The pompadour hairstyle needs time and effort to maintain, but you can easily do it using the best styling hair creams.

Slick Back High Fade Hairstyle

Slick Back High Fade Hairstyle high skin fase
high skin haircut
high skin taper haircut

Photo @pjabreu

The slick back hairstyle is a timeless, classic style. And you can elevate the stylishness and sophistication of the look with a high fade.
Use premium hair oil for men to maintain the slick back style.

Tapered Cut

Tapered Cut high skin fade undercut
high skin fade with hard part
high skin fade with long hair on top

Photo @dynasty_barbers

When you consider taper vs fade the basic difference between the two is in length. And a tapered cut finishes around the ears and temples combined with long hair at the top, which you can style in different ways.

High Top

High Top high skin fade long top
high skin fade short hair
high skin fade textured top

Photo @pjabreu

The trendiest hairstyle in the 80s and early 90s, the high top seems to be making a comeback.
And, when you add a high fade to the mix, you get a super trendy and modern hairstyle.

Comb Over High Fade Haircut

Comb Over High Fade Haircut high skin fade cut
high skin fade hair cut
high skin fade haircut short on top

Photo @j.d_barber

You will love the comb-over style combined with a high fade if you have thinning hair. The comb-over adds volume and the shaved back and sides give you a stylish look you want. You can use the best hair tonic to style your hair and get fuller hair with supplements.

Skin Fade High Fade Hairstyle

Skin Fade High Fade Hairstyle high gade
high sides haircut
high skin fade 2 on top

Photo @pjabreu

If you want to sport a sharp, bold look, a high bald fade or a high skin fade is the perfect haircut, especially for men with thinning hair. DHT blockers stop hair loss and make your hair appear fuller.

High and Tight High Fade Haircut

High and Tight High Fade Haircut high fade with textured top
high fades haircuts
high faxe

Photo @pjabreu

If you are looking for a minimalist, yet stylish haircut, then the high and tight style is the perfect one that will give you a polished and neat look.

Long Top

Long Top high fade with long hair
high fade with messy top
high fade with part

Photo @pjabreu

A high fade with very short sides and back, combined with a long top, is a prominent, striking and low-maintenance hairstyle.


Undercut high fade spiky
high fade to skin
high fade undercut long hair

Photo @pjabreu

Emerging as a popular hairstyle across the globe, the undercut has long hair on the top, which you can style into a pompadour, quiff or the ultimate fuckboy hairstyle, a slicked-back undercut.

Hard Part

Hard Part high fade parted haircut
high fade pictures
high fade skin fade

Photo @pjabreu

A high fade style, combined with a hard part, gives you a simple and discreet style that is professional yet stylish and trendy.


Quiff high fade messy top
high fade panjang
high fade part

Photo @pjabreu

If you have a high forehead a quiff is the best style to show it off. And, when combined with a high fade, you have an uber-cool kind.

Curly Top

Curly Top high fade long on top
high fade men haircut
high fade mens haircuts

Photo @pjabreu

If you have curly hair then a curly top fade helps to maximize your hair and the high fade keeps it neat.


Afro high fade haircuts men
high fade hard part
high fade long hair on top

Photo @pjabreu

Adding a high fade to your afro can help to add some shape. And the high fade helps to create a balance between the volume of your afro at the top and the short and smooth sides and back.

Temple Fade

Temple Fade high fade haircut with beard
high fade haircut with short hair
high fade haircuts for men

Photo @pjabreu

If you’re aiming for an edgy look, then the temple fade is just the style to opt for, which adds a lineup along your temple and forehead while keeping the focus on the top.

Spiky Top

Spiky Top high fade haircut short
high fade haircut short hair
high fade haircut styles

Photo @pjabreu

The spiky top haircut with a high fade is an excellent choice if you want a playboy look with a boyish charm that allows you to instantly move from your meetings to date nights.

Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk high fade haircut for men
high fade haircut for short hair
high fade haircut for women

Photo @kalin_barber

Combining a mohawk with a high taper fade gives you a faux hawk with a softer yet fresher style that you can easily sport even at the workplace.

Braided Top

Braided Top high fade haircut beard
high fade haircut crew cut
high fade haircut designs

Photo @pjabreu

A braided top keeps your unruly curls tamed and gives you a dapper look. Piled-up braids on top of your head, paired with a high fade, are guaranteed to give you a bold and showy look.

Flat Top

Flat Top high fade hair cuts
high fade hair style
high fade haircut back and sides

Photo @pjabreu

A high fade adds to the overall look and makes your flat-top hairstyle the focal point.

Caesar Cut

Caesar Cut high fade crop haircut
high fade cuts
high fade hair cut

Photo @pjabreu

When you team the Caesar cut with the hair combed forward along with a high faded cut on the back and sides you get a haircut with a modern twist.


Mohawk high fade back
high fade buzz haircut
high fade crewcut

Photo @pjabreu

If you think a mohawk is too bold for your workplace you can get a style with longer sculpted hair on the top and a closely-cropped high fade on the sides.

Side Slick High Fade Haircuthigh cut fade haircut
high dade
high fade adalah

Photo @pjabreu

Side Undercut High Fade Haircuthigh and low hairstyle
high and tight faux hawk
high cut fade

Photo @pjabreu

Wavy Undercut High Fade Haircuthairstyle high fade
hi fade haircut
hig fade

Photo @pjabreu

Deep Curve High Fadegaya rambut high fade
hair style high fade
haircut high fade

Photo @pjabreu

Two Notches High Fadefade high cut
fade vs taper haircut
french crop burst fade

Photo @pjabreu

Short Mohawk fade hair cut
fade haircut long on top
fade haircut pictures

Photo @pjabreu

Brush Up Curly Top High Fadedifferent high fade haircuts
fade cut high
fade for long hair

Photo @pjabreu

Skin Fade Undercut High Fadebald fade haircut black boy
best fade haircut
different fade haircuts

Photo @pjabreu

High Curly Mohawk High Fadeskin high fade
types of high fade haircut
back of head high fade

Photo @pjabreu

Brush On Side High Fademens high fade haircut
mens high fade haircuts
short high fade haircut

Photo @pjabreu

Textured Fringe High Fadehugh fade
low high top fade
men's haircut high fade

Photo @kalin_barber

Messy Fringe High Fadehigj fade
hogh fade
how to style a high fade

Photo @kalin_barber

Bleached Bangs Slick Back High Fadehigh fade short hair on top
high fade with long hair on top
high skin fade hairstyles

Photo @kalin_barber

Dyed Side Undercut High Fadehigh fade haircut how to
high fade hairstyles for men
high fade quiff

Photo @kalin_barber

Wave Fade Line High Fadehigh cut haircut
high fade crew cut
high fade cut hairstyle

Photo @pjabreu

Spiky Spines High Fadebest high fade haircut
hair cut high fade
hi fade

Photo @kalin_barber

Classic Faux Hawk High Fadehigh fade short top
high fade side part
hight fade

Photo @kalin_barber

Shadow Buzz Cut High Fade

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Slick On Side High Fadehigh fade long top
high fide
high fade long hair

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Disconnected Quiff High Fadebusket kapsel
high fade mens haircut
high fade cut

Photo @pjabreu

How to Maintain High Fade Haircut

Step 1 – Do it regularly

A high-fade haircut is quite dramatic, but the more intense looking the haircut is the more quickly it will grow out.
So, to keep your high fade style looking good for a longer time,you must maintain it regularly.

A bit of shaping and light trimming on your own can help to keep your haircut.

Barber Using Electric Trimmer to Cut Man's Hair
high fade undercut
high skin fade haircut
high fade haircut men

Step 2 – Maintain the hair shape

Working with your hairstyle and shaping it can help. Longer hair needs more time, effort and products than shorter hair.

For instance, if your hair is very straight, you may have to trim and shape it more frequently and if you have curly hair, you must try to cut it when it is dry. If you’re unsure what to do with your specific texture and shape of the hair then consult your hairdresser.

Step 3 – Use appropriate products

Using the right products is key to keeping your high-fade haircut looking neat, fresh and not overly styled.
Further, different types of fade haircuts need other products and care.

For instance, a high fade needs more time and effort than a low fade style. A pompadour will need to be styled with the right products.
Hair waxes and clays can keep the pompadour dry and high, but it may cause too much product build-up over time.

So, it is better to use a good gel or pomade for a glossy, high-sheen look. Conditioner is essential for short hair to keep it moisturized and well-hydrated. Using a matte product and working it through the hair on top will give you a nicely tousled and stylish look.

You can speak to your barber to choose the best styling products or try out different products to determine which or a combination of products is the best for you.


Is a high fade a professional look?

A high fade haircut is a nice, professional look, especially when paired with a high skin taper, slick back, combover, or pompadour.

Is a high fade better than a low fade?

Both a low fade and a high fade are good haircuts. The style you choose depends on your personal preference.
If you want a bold and edgy look, opt for a high fade; if you want something less intense, go in for a low fade.

Can a bad high-fade haircut be fixed?

You should visit a reputed professional barber to fix a bad high-fade haircut.

If the fade is uneven, patchy, or poorly blended, you may have to wait one to two weeks for your hair to grow out and then go to your barber and have it fixed by taking the fade a bit lower the next time.

How do you ask for a high-fade haircut?

Ask your hairstylist for any haircut you like, be it a buzz cut, crop, crew cut, or any other style, and ask them for a high fade on the back and sides. Take reference pictures of hairstyles you like to show your barber what you have in mind.

What face shape is best for a high-fade haircut?

High fade haircuts with short sides and back and some length on top elongate the head. So, if you have a rectangular face, this style may not be the best for you, or it may be better to consider a style with a short top too.

If you have a round or heart-shaped face styles like quiffs or pompadours paired with a high fade will work well.
But if you have an oval-shaped face, you can choose any hairstyle with a high fade.

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