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Not everyone is happy with their hair’s natural hair color. Sometimes, it’s not about not liking the hair color but rather being versatile with hairdos. And while searching for the right and most appealing hairdo, you’ll come across myriad hair color ideas. Needless to say, one person could look absolutely gorgeous in one hair color and totally hideous in another color. It’s always important to pick the right color for your hair. From balayage to ombre and burgundy, there’s no limit to how many hair colors you can look good in. Read on for pointers to some of those popular hair colors.

40 Most Popular Hair Color Ideas

Below are some of the most popular hair color ideas you can try:


As opposed to the traditional highlighting techniques using foils and cap highlighting, Balayage is a French hair coloring method where the color is painted on the hair by hand. Whether using blonde, brunette, red or unnatural colors like trendy pastels and even neons, the free-hand application creates a more natural and contemporary effect with subtle transitions between the chosen hues. The examples we’ve provided here will give you a lot of options. Remember to ask essential questions, such as how much a balayage is, before getting one.

Reverse Balayage

Reverse balayage is when your colorist adds lowlights near the roots and throughout your strands, using dark colors to give your color depth. Reverse balayage can soften your brassy or overly bright blonde balayage while preserving the depth and dimension you’ve come to love.

Sandy Blonde Balayage

Never before has adding blonde balayage highlights to a brunette’s hair been so simple, elegant and lovely. Well, it should be simple for a skilled stylist because you only need to intertwine the palest blonde hues with subdued golden-brown hair. Use the lightest hues to frame your face.

Honey Blonde Balayage

When it comes to balayage color combinations, a blend of light brown and blonde pieces is a popular option. Why? They are adaptable to everyone’s needs! Ask a stylist you can trust for their professional advice on which combination to choose, then go for it.

Woman With a Honey Blonde Balayage Hair

Glazed Bronde Balayage

The best balayage are those in which all the colors harmoniously and beautifully melt into one another. As beautiful as the color combination is, a good haircut must go with it. Ask your stylist to add layers for movement, mainly if your hair is long.

Bleached Front Strands

Nothing is as sexy as a few bleached strands hanging down your face while you hold the rest of your hair back in a bun or ponytail. And while this look has been around for a while, it isn’t going anywhere soon. If you’ve been considering wearing this look but have been afraid it might be too outdated, you have the green light to rock your way into 2023.

Warm Espresso Balayage

Don’t you love how calm and sexy an espresso looks through the glass mug? Now, how about wearing your hair in an espresso tone? You can wear your balayage in a dark brown espresso color with a hint of black on the tips.

Chocolate Balayage Hair

It isn’t the typical streaking. This dyeing method’s main advantage is that it gives the hair dimension. If you like your natural dark brown color, choose medium-toned brown balayage hair and keep the rest of your hair that color. This color will look stunning on haircuts with medium-length layers and wavy hair.

Brown Balayage With Lowlights

Lowlights are colored sections of hair one or two shades darker than the base color of brown. In essence, these streaks are the opposite of the highlights. By generating shadows and depth all over, lowlights give your mane a natural-looking boost of volume and dimension.

Ombre Hair Color

The rational ombre hair color options are not constrained by your hair’s natural color or length but depend on them to a large extent. You can choose a reverse ombre or experiment with unexpected short ombre hairstyles for a more distinctive, angular appearance. And naturally, stunning long hair embodies the idea of ombre to the fullest extent.

Ombre Hair Color For Women

Light Brown Ombre

One of the sexiest and most versatile ways of wearing your hair is in a light brown shade of ombre. Most people use deep colors such as purple and pink to state their personality, but a light brown shade is as good (or even better than) those deep shades. You need to learn how to wear it well and be confident in your look.

Hair Highlights

You’ll probably choose highlights that are created using a free-hand technique and no foil if you generally like the color of your hair but want to give it more depth, dimension, and a trendy feel. Pastel or vivid neon hues will give you a sun-kissed, natural look or soft color transitions. The use of highlights and lowlights enables the creation of highly complex hair color solutions that are challenging to imitate. Still, you can create a complex hair color that is superior to the source of your inspiration.

Sun-Kissed Hair

You can change your hair entirely with blonde highlights. Transform your appearance from basic and unattractive to glamorous and guaranteed to attract compliments. Balayage is necessary to give your hair that priceless summer shine.

Partial Caramel Highlights

On brunette hair, caramel balayage looks stunning! You must seamlessly transition from dark brown to delicate caramel highlights to achieve this appearance. Add soft waves to make your hairstyle look more refined and elegant.

Caramel and Bronze Highlights

On brunette hair, these highlights in pale bronze and caramel are applied to look natural and seamless in the transition. The balayage coloring looks best when your hair is curled with a curling iron, and you can complete your hairstyle with a spritz of shine spray for extra gloss.

Shadow Roots and Highlights

You can wear your hair in an excellent highlight, but you know what would make it more unique? Shadowing the roots in a color you love.  For instance, why not shadow the roots with black hair dye if you’re wearing blonde highlights? Not only is this look stylish and elegant, but it also sets you apart from other people with highlights. 

Chocolate Latte Hair

This is the look for people with cool, laid-back, yet sexy lifestyles. Like a latte, this style speaks style and a subtle wildness in fashion. When getting the chocolate latte highlights, you need to be specific with your stylist. It’s easy to get drowned in other shades of chocolate, so be very specific.

Chocolate Latte Hair Color

Cold Brew Waves

Cold brew hair is a must-try color trend that resembles your preferred cold coffee drink. The color technique has a similar aesthetic to the stunning color harmonies that result from blending coffee with a bit of milk and ice. The best feature is that, like your coffee, the appearance is completely customizable.

Blonde Hair

Why do men favor blondes more? Blonde girls are thought to be lighthearted, good-natured, and delicately feminine. You are a fairy in men’s eyes whether you currently have short blonde hair, long fair curls or any other blonde hairstyle. Long blonde hairstyles are the epitome of a woman’s beauty and grace.

Buttercream Blonde

This warm, buttery blonde appears to have been baked in the California sun. It appears three-dimensional and alluring to the eye because it immediately conjures up memories of carefree days spent by the ocean.

Pampas Blonde

The pampas blonde look is for women who like fluffy hair with a sexy edge. Like the pampas grass, you’ll wear your hair in a nice neutral highlight and allow its fluffy texture to shine as you waltz your way into rooms.

Pearly Blonde Hair Color

Girls who want to brighten their dishwater blonde locks and get a new sophisticated hair color that won’t be too outlandish or yelling should consider having healthy, natural-looking flaxen hair with pearl blonde highlights. You might also consider getting micro locs.

Gilded Ash Blonde

This flirtatious look features soft balayage coloring on dark blonde hair. When styled away from the face, the light hair can play peekaboo by flashing out, thanks to the technique. The free-flowing Hollywood waves complete the elegant look.

Honey Gold

The look’s central blonde tone is beeline honey blonde, but there is also a gradient in it. Although you probably picture a brunette with caramel-colored ends when you think of sombre hair, blondes also look great with subtle ombre. Long lengths are perfect for adding interest with progressive color techniques. Here, fawn roots blend into oatmeal ends without distinction.

Brown Hair

Among all hair colors, brown is arguably the most “intelligent.” Because brunettes are naturally light-colored, they can wear a variety of short, medium, and long brown hairstyles. It’s also a lot of fun to experiment with different brown hair color tones. The most popular hair color over the past few seasons has been chocolate brown. It’s elegant, refined, delicate, and just so pretty! Millions of people worldwide are fans of brown ombre hair because it has the most variations of any hair color. Another preferred option for brunettes who want to change their natural hair color is dark brown hair with highlights. The most versatile and in-demand hair color is light brown with highlights.

Dark Chocolate

The color of dark brown hair is a deep brunette that always appears glossy and shining. Even though it complements most skin tones, it most definitely brings out the warmth in darker skin tones.

Light Brown

The opposite of dark brown is light brown, which is a tad lighter than medium brown. It’s the perfect amount of light and darkness.

Woman With a Wavy Light Brown Colored Hairstyle

Amber Brown

Amber hair has shades that are halfway between red and strawberry blonde. It is, however, customizable and undoubtedly variable, just like all hair colors. Generally speaking, it has hints of gold, red, and orange tones, creating a warm shade with lots of depth.

Matte Brown

If you prefer a color that oozes strength and confidence, this is the right hair color. This hairstyle gives you that deep corporate look and will have people paying attention to you when you walk into a room.


Mahogany hair is typically described as having a reddish-brown hue. It can, however, also have a very faint violet tint, just like the dark, rich wood it is named for.

Golden Copper 

A warm hair color resembling rose gold is produced by blending a light copper red with lighter babylights, known as golden copper hair. Golden copper hair combines red and blonde tones similar to strawberry blonde hair for a shimmering, light-bending effect that instantly brightens the complexion.

Caramel Highlights

Your hair will have a better texture and require less styling time with well-balanced highlights. Tie the top of your hair up in a messy knot to create a half-updo, or try a sweet little bun.

Chestnut Highlights and Lowlights

Simply put, highlights are areas of your hair that have been dyed or bleached to be lighter than your base color or natural hair color, whereas lowlights are darker (think: chocolate-brown streaks on chestnut hair or dark-blonde pieces on a sandy base).

Black Hair

Women with black hair can also experiment with different hair colors and look good. Here are two of the most popular options in this category.

Black Hair With Caramel Brown Highlights

Caramel brown highlights have this calm and relaxed look and feel; there’s no way you won’t love them on your hair. You can wear the highlights on a few strands or dye the tips of your hair.

Black Hair With Dark Copper Highlights

Did you know that copper highlights look exceptionally good on black hair? These look especially good if you use dark copper color.

Gray Hair

The gray hair trend has captured the attention of fashion experts. It also inspired many older women to accept their gray hair—the shades of gray that are most attractive today range from ash blonde to silver. Inspired by salt and pepper hair, gray and black variations are among the most popular choices. Its best feature is the compatibility of gray hair dye with any cool tone hair color, including natural blonde, brown and especially pastel shades.

Embracing Gray

While most women find it difficult to embrace their gray hair, there’s nothing wrong with loving it just the way it is. You can continue wearing your favorite hairstyles, and now, they’ll be in a beautiful shimmer of gray. After all, old is gold.

Golden Pops

Gold hues give a faded, gloomy color life. Their warmth warms cool, ashy, or green tones, which liven up your hair, improve your complexion, and draw attention to your best features.

Golden Blonde Hair Color

Silver Champagne

Silver champagne hair has a lovely blend of golden blonde and a hint of pale pink. This is an excellent option for women with medium-length hair who want a shiny, almost iridescent finish to their blonde hair.

Burgundy Hair Color

Burgundy hair color is not natural, but when applied to dark hair, it appears as natural as possible, making it one of the best color upgrades for brunettes who want a noticeable but not too drastic change in hair color. Choosing burgundy hair can also be a step toward a vibrant color you’ve never worn before. This occurs when burgundy hair dye is used on light or medium-toned hair.  Mahogany-colored hair, also known as burgundy red hair, has a retro appeal and looks incredibly stunning when paired with green eyes. Your eyes appear brighter, and you have an intense burgundy hair color that is captivating and mesmerizing due to how these two complement one another.

Red Hair Color

Few people naturally have red hair, but fortunately, the beauty industry allows us to experiment with any hair color we like. If you don’t have naturally red hair, you can experiment with the romantic shade in one of the short red hairstyles.

Shades of Red

Why wear one shade of red when you can wear different shades simultaneously? This is an excellent option if you want something wild and captivating.

Cinnamon Red

What’s sexier than a cinnamon-red hairdo? Honestly, nothing!

Dusty Rose Hairstyle

A more subdued version of the current copper trend is dusty rose gold. This trend combines blonde with warm gold to create the dusty rose gold look. This fashion trend was first noticed in the early 2000s and is now resurfacing.

Rosy Pop

This is a hairstyle with a refreshing shade of pink. It’s great for women who don’t mind being the center of attention.

Fantasy Blue

This might be the right hairdo for you if you prefer an out-of-the-ordinary look.

Cool Purple Hair

While purple isn’t a common hair color, it might be just what you need to get a refreshingly new look.

Purple Hair Color For Women

Crazy Green

If you prefer a little more attention, try this crazy green hair dye.

How to Style and Maintain Colored Hair

Here are some tips to help you style and maintain your colored hair:

Step 1 – Pick the right one

Choose the right hair color depending on your preferences. For instance, you can choose hair color depending on your personality and the message you want to convey.

Step 2 – Crucial styling tips

Use the right products and tools to style your hair. If you don’t have the right tools and products, have your hair stylist do the styling.

Step 3 –  Maintain

Keep your hair clean and retouch the dye every so often. However, don’t wash your colored hair with shampoo too often, as washing can strip your hair of natural oils, leaving it dry, dull and brittle.

Step 4 – Products to use

Use a color-protectant shampoo to help maintain the color. Also, invest in a quality hair conditioner that is also color-safe. Likewise, use deep-conditioning treatment at least once a week.

Quick Tips for Coloring Hair According to Its Length

  • Wear protective clothing such as gloves and aprons.
  • Use quality hair colors such as Arctic Fox hair dye.
  • Start with small sections, depending on how much hair you have.
  • Ask a hairstylist to help you color your hair.


What color hair makes you look younger?

Bold colors such as pink and purple.

What is the most attractive color of hair?

Depends on your skin tone and hair texture.

What hair color will brighten my face?

Bright colors such as silver and gold highlights.

Who should I consult for hair color ideas?

A qualified hairstylist.

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