Black Woman Long Hair Microlocs

Being a dreadlocks aficionado has probably averted you towards micro locs.

What are those?

Micro locs combine the best of both worlds as you get the convenience that dreadlocks offer and the flexibility of regular hair.

Micro locks are currently some of the trendiest dreadlock styles out there.

There are also some very unique ways that you can wear them and can create a variety of different styles that may put you in front of the rest.

Girls are the ones that wear them primarily, but some guys are also not afraid to try them.

If the idea of getting micro locs of your own is burning a while in your mind, you should read on and you might also find some tips to get curly hair for black men.

10 Most Popular Micro Locs Hairstyles

We think it is much better to show you the variety of hairstyles you can create with micro locs. Depending on how you look at them, some of them can even qualify as protective hairstyles.

Micro Locs With Mid Drop Fade

One of the trendiest ways that guys can rock micro locks is with a mid-drop fade. The fade starts at the hairline’s edge and drops down into a blad shave. The top of the hair is the show’s star, locked into micro locks and allowed to stand loosely on top.

Short Micro Locs Haircut

Smiling African American Woman With Short Dreads Hairstyle

If you have healthy and moisturized hair, you can easily create shorter locks that fall to the sides. Here, you need to have short to mid-length hair, make some small locks and then part the hair and move it to one side.

Micro Locs Half-Up Long Ringlets

Sometimes you can combine micro locks with other locking techniques and generate exciting results. For instance, twists and pin curls can allow you to connect some larger locks with micro ones. Pull all of your locks up and pin them up.

Micro Locs Two Strand Twist Locs

Creating micro locs with a two-strand twist is one of the most standard ways of getting them. When you start them, you need to be sure to make the locks as small as possible. You don’t want them to lock up on you.

Micro Locs Long Hairstyle

Creating a hairstyle with long micro locks is standard practice. There is no specific way of making smaller locks that are long and go beyond shoulder height. You can tying them up in a bun or wear them long.

Long Locs in Low Ponytail

Micro locks are very small and that way allows for added flexibility. One of the ways to manage them is to tie them up in a ponytail. Not only that, but you can also use accessories and different bands to make everything look awesome.

Dyed Micro Curly Locs

There is no better way of accentuating your locks than with different hair colors. If you have curly hair and can create micro locks, you can dye them in various ways to make things unique. These curly hairstyles for men work equally well on women as well.

Micro Locs Pin Curled Hairstyle

The smaller nature of micro locks will allow you to craft some curled pin locks. These require smaller sections of hair to create, so micro locks are the perfect pick when making pin curls. Also, as you take the pin down, you can transition to an exquisite curled hairstyle.

Micro Locs Traditional Hamar Tribal Dreads

Micro locks are essential to the traditional hairstyle that the Hamar tribe of Ethiopia wears. They use butter and red mud to style the hair and give it a unique tribal look that is only seen in this part of the world.

Micro Locs And Asymmetrical Ombre Style

Girls do like wearing asymmetrical haircuts. They have a good reason to do it as they are in style. By creating some long to mid-length micro locks, you can wrap a few of them in the back with copper wire.

The rest of them should be free or fall on the side of your head. You can also play a bit with color variations, like coloring the ends in a copper hue and leaving the roots dark.

Methods to Start Your Locs

Micro locks can be created in a variety of different ways. The three most popular ones will allow you to make your micro locks in a matter of microseconds.


The interlocking technique is the base method of creating locks. It is a bit time-consuming, but it is the technique that professionals use to create micro locks.

It works best for people with fine hair but is also the most suitable for making smaller locks, especially micro ones. You can always get an interlocking tool to help make things go faster.


Creating braids is also an excellent way to make micro locks in your hair. It is especially useful for those with fine hair where twists are not good enough to hold the hair.

Young Girl With a Microlocs

Micro locks also do not require creating a grid, which makes the braiding technique a great choice when doing this type of hair. Doing braids is only possible with long hair; you can have it shorter than mid-length.


Unlike the braiding technique, twists allow you to create micro locks on medium-length to long hair. It also works for most types of hair. Two-strand twists growth is the perfect method for creating micro locks and predominantly used ones.

All you have to do is to twist the sections of your hair from the roots till the end while leaving them alone to lock on their own.

Micro Locs Pros and Cons

To help you determine whether you want micro locks, it is best to look at both sides and see both the style’s benefits and downsides.

First, the good stuff:

  • Allows versatility and combines various types of hair.
  • Almost anyone can create micro locks; you don’t have to be a professional.
  • A very inexpensive style to try out and does not require much maintenance.
  • There is not a lot of scalp tension involved here.

Now, for the bad part:

  • Time-consuming, you will need to invest a lot of time in locking the hair.
  • It is much more expensive to ask for and create micro locks than when making traditional dreadlocks.
  • Micro locks are small, but they are very fragile as well, meaning that they can fray or even break easily.

How to Install and Maintain Micro Locks

Micro locks do look complex when you see them for the first time. Not to mention viewing all those intricate hairstyles that can be created using them. Installing micro locks is relatively easy and you don’t have to be a professional.

All you need is a steady hand and some patience and you will be on your way to combining them with black men’s beard styles.

Be prepared for this to take some time off you, so gather your materials and start with the following steps:

Step 1 – Wash and condition your hair

You need a clean set of hair to do your micro locks. Shampoo it as you regularly do and then follow it up with some conditioner. Rinse off with cold water after you are done.

Step 2 – Section out your hair

While your hair is still damp, you must divide it into four or more sections. The sections should be detangled and secured with a hair tie. Start with one of the back sections.

Braiding Hair of a Girl With Long Micro Locs

Step 3 – Create locks

Use the end of your comb to create a small section from across your nape. Break it into smaller pieces where each portion of the hair will be one micro lock. Apply the desired technique to create the locks.

The two-strand twist method works the fattest and you can also shape it into different patterns like a square or a crescent.

Step 4 – Take care of your locks

After installing the locks, you will need to wait a few months for the twist and braids to transform your hair into locks. Take care of the starter braids until then by rebraiding them while manipulating your hair as less as possible.

Things to Consider 

Many factors come into creating perfect micro locks.

While the installation and maintenance is something that takes a lot of time, there are some other parts that you will need to take into account that will help you determine whether you want them or not:

Cost of Micro Locks

Micro locks created by a professional will cost you somewhere between $200 to $600, depending on where you go.

Maintenance Cost

Besides the initial cost, you will also need to spend some on maintenance. Expect to cash out somewhere between $50 and $80 for re-tightening.

Long-Term Commitment

You cannot get rid of this type of hairstyle quickly. It is the same as with dreads. So you must be sure of what you are getting yourself into with micro dreads.

Adding Hair Volume

Micro locks are small and stack up much easier than dreads do. This results in more volume, sometimes more than you’ve expected.

Starter Installation Techniques Require More Time to Fade

The braid or twist method will require months or even a year to create the locks. It also takes even more time for the locks the fade after they have been created.

Micro Locs vs. Sister Locks

Micro locks and sister locks are often mixed. They are very similar, but certain things set them apart. For instance, sister locks are often created with an interlocking tool as they need to use precise grids to make the locks.

Sister locks are usually installed by certified professionals, meaning that you will probably not be able to do it on your own. Plus, it is also hard to find a professional that can create sister locks, making micro locks the preferred choice.

Micro locks are also preferred as they can be created with the help of a starter technique, like twists and braids, while sister locks require you to spend added time on creating symmetrical grids.

How to Remove Micro Dreads

Micro locks are a long-term hairstyle, but not a permanent one. Yet, they can be a little challenging to remove and deal with. Some fast and easy ways of doing it are cutting them off or creating larger locks.

You also have the option of combing them out, which takes quite a lot of time and you may not want to invest in them.

To do it properly, you will need to follow this method:

Step 1 – Warm water and conditioner

Soak your micro dreads in warm water and add a lot of conditioner.

Step 2 – Start from the back

Take one of the back dreads, start from the back, and unravel it carefully with a fine-tooth comb.

Continue combing upwards until you reach the end.

Step 3 – Look out for tangles

After you reach the root and detangle one section, ensure it does not tangle with the rest of the hair.

You will have to repeat the process for each micro dread until you are done with them. Add more conditioner if necessary.


Is micro locs damaging?

Due to the twisting and braiding techniques, it is possible to break strands of your hair. You can avoid all of that by doing it carefully and with proper technique.

How do I know if micro locks are right for me?

You can determine whether you want them or not based on the type of hair you have.

How long does micro locs take to loc?

It may require them to lock from somewhere between 6 to 12 months.

How to retwist micro locs?

Find the lowest lock in your section and twist it in the same manner as you did when you created it the first time.

What are the benefits of micro locs?

Micro locks can help you create an elegant style and there are also a lot of variations that you can try. Not only that, but they help to add volume to your hair.

How much does it cost to get micro locs?

Depending on where you live and the professional you find, you will need to pay somewhere between $200 to $600.

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