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Exposing ourselves to all kinds of weather conditions can lead to hair damage.

You may think you have cool hair, but it may be more damaged than you think because of the hot, cold, or windy conditions you are exposed to.

The best possible solution is to create protective hairstyles.

These hairdos are especially good for guys with afro hair or locks.

They protect your hair and stop it from getting brittle.

If you don’t get a protective haircut, you may end up doing a lot of damage to your hair that will be hard to repair later on.

Read our article and inform yourself about these haircuts.

We do not only have the best possible advice for your hair protection, but we also offer a bunch of interesting styles that are going to help you look good as well as save your hair.

Here is what we got for you.

15 Most Popular Protective Hairstyles for Men

The ‘90s Inspired Locs

If you love the 90s vibe, you can’t go wrong with the 90s-inspired locs. Pull your locs into ponytails on both sides of your head to rock the style and set it with the world’s best hairspray.

Single Braids

Single braids are a great protective yet fashionable style for your Afro hair. And depending on your hair length, you can get short or long braids.

Loc’d Man Bun

Pull up your dreadlocked hair into a man bun for a unique look. And, if you want to stand out, add some hair color or embellishments to your locs.

Tapered Man Bun Protective Hairstyle

If you want to grow out your hair but look professional at work, then the tapered man bun is a great way to maintain your twists and coils and yet look dapper in a suit.

Faded Cornrows

Faded cornrows are one of the most popular styles, ideal if you’re growing out the top portion of your hair. Make sure to keep your hair conditioned by using hair conditioners for men.

Braids With a Crisp Fade Protective Hairstyle

Whether for a day at work or an evening out, you can’t go wrong with a center parting with two braids, especially when paired with a crisp fade on the sides.

You can combine this look with one of the popular beard styles for black men, which you can keep well-groomed with cordless hair clippers and premium beard balm.

Single Braids With Added Length

Single braids are always a great protective hairstyle, but you can add to the look with extra-long braids by adding extensions to your original length.

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Intricate Cornrows Protective Haircut

This timeless style allows you to be creative with your cornrows. You can even go further and pair the intricate cornrows with a clean fade on either side.

Four Cornrows Protective Hairstyle

The four cornrows hairstyle is perfect for hair of any length. Maintaining this sleek style is by keeping your braids well moisturized and hydrated by applying hair cream for men.

Medium-Length Locs Protective Haircut

If you have mid-length hair, then shoulder-length locs are a great style to sport. To add to the looks, try combining it with goatee style beard.

Tapered Locs

With some time and skill, you can quickly achieve the short and full loc’d crown look. And, combined with a tapered fade on the sides will complete the look.

Mini Braids

These mini plaits or braids are very stylish and neat and, when kept well conditioned and moisturized, work as a great protective style.

Bantu Knots Protective Hairstyle

You can now recreate this fun 90s protective hairstyle as an everyday office-going style or pair it with a colorful shirt and shades for your beach vacation.

Face-Framing Box Braids

This cool 90s style works very well today too. This is a cool, versatile style that you can wear down in a low ponytail or coiled up into a bun.


One of the most common Afro hairstyles, cornrows come in varying styles. They can also be the best way to show your creativity and try out newer patterns and lengths.

How to Do and Maintain It Protective Hairstyle

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Protective hairstyles can take time and effort to achieve. But when done right, they help protect your hair, but they can also be stylish and stunning. Here are the steps to get a suitable protective hairstyle and maintain it.

Step 1 – Find a hairstylist

Finding the right hairstylist is the most important step in getting a stunning protective hairstyle.

Step 2 – Choose an appropriate hairstyle

Speak to your stylist, who can suggest the right hairstyle after looking at your hair type, texture, length, maintenance needs and personal preference.

Step 3 – Maintenance 

Getting a protective hairstyle is only the first step. The most important aspect is to care for your hair correctly by washing, deep conditioning and styling using high-quality styling products. Avoid getting your hair wet in the shower or the rain and wear a hair tie, headscarf, or durag at night.

Best Products Protective Haircut

To maintain your protective hairstyle, wash your hair and condition it regularly. Every few days, moisturize with oils such as coconut, avocado or almond oils for styles like cornrows and braids.

For locs, use apple cider vinegar to clear any product build-up. Use natural oils and anti-itch oils to keep your locs hydrated.


Does wearing protective hairstyles grow your hair?

Protective styles help maintain moisture and prevent hair breakage, but they also help to encourage hair growth.

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What are some protective hairstyles for men?

Some of the best protective hairstyles for men include braids, cornrows, twists, locs and finger coils. Some of the unprofessional hairstyles you want to avoid include a mohawk, hair designs, asymmetrical hairstyles, etc.

Are protective styles bad?

Protective styles such as braids, locs, cornrows, etc., can cause tension and strain because of the pulling. Adding hair extensions can cause excessive friction. These styles limit your ability to wash and clean your hair. And all of these can cause breakage and damage to your hair.


Protective hairstyles are a great way to keep your locks healthy. So, what are you waiting for? Choose a style you like and give it a go.