Dread Styles For Men

Guys that want to make cool dreadlocks styles need to think things through a bit.

Yes, it is a very cool-looking style, especially among African American men.

And yes, it will undoubtedly change your appearance for the better.

However, it is, by all means, not easy to create.

You need time and patience, and most of all you need specific guidance.

Trying to do things by yourself can have some unwanted effects.

You may end up getting some unsavory results.

Worst case scenario involves damaging your hair.

With the help that we provide in this article, you will be able to pick and style the perfect dreadlocks.

First of all, we found some of the best and most interesting dreadlock styles for men that are currently hot.

We then went through the best ways to copy each one of them.

Finally, we add a few bits of advice that will help your chosen style look even cooler.

So, if you are done contemplating whether to try it, we suggest moving downward for a few very useful comments on how to create hot dreadlocks.

35 Best Dreadlock Styles for Men

There are many more than just these hairstyles for men. But you can consider this the primer you need to get into specializations.

Dreadlock Mohawk

Dreadlock Styles For Men With Mohawk

Photo @doneupbydanni

This is a hairstyle for those who have short locs. It mixes the Mohawk, which makes the hair stand upright. Its inherent burst fade look makes the dreadlocks look twisted and awesome.

Short Locs and High Fade

Short Locs and High Fade

Photo @negoreyart

This is a good one because the short locs are supposed to contrast the sides shaved into a high fade. And it is also easy to wear this style.

Drop Fade Dreadlock Hairstyle

Drop Fade Dreadlocks

This is another fade that looks good with short locs. Drop fade is usually like a bald fade, making the short dreads on the top look cool.

Modern Locs and Line Up

Modern Locs and Line Up

Photo @negoreyart

The faded neckline acts as a frame and the dreads are coiled on top.

Locs and Beard

white man Locs and Beard

Photo @chef_barber_jay

If you have long dreads and want to pair them with a long beard, it is what it is called. And you can do this whether you are going for the well-groomed French beard or confident enough to pull off the Irish beard.


You have the option of wearing your dreads in a ponytail on top of your head and letting the high fade on the sides get the attention that it is due.

Two-Strand Twists Dreads

Two-Strand Twists Dread Styles for Men

This is another dread style where you twist two existing strands of hair.

Medium Length Locs

Medium Length Locs

This is a good length for anyone with long hair and has decided to knot them into dreads. And they get pretty long even then and seem to go against the laws of physics.

Dreadlock Ponytail Hairstyle

Unique Dread Ponytail

Photo @jayblendedit

This one is just like a regular ponytail, except you will be bunching up your knotted dreads and most likely adding a high fade to the mix.

Low Fade and Twisted Locs

Low Fade and Twisted Short Locs

Photo @negoreyart

This hairstyle is possible when you have a low fade under the locs and tie the dreads into a ponytail.

Dreads Half Up Man Bun

Half Up Man Bun Dread Styles for Men

This is like a samurai haircut that looks cool when your locs are up at your shoulder length. A few loose fringes are also encouraged for ruggedness.

Undercut Fade Dreadlock Haircut

Dread Styles For Men With Undercut Fade

Photo @negoreyart

In this style, typically, the hair on top is left as it is and the bottom part is shaved so that your long dreads are out of the way whether you tie them up or not.

Dreadlocks With Half Ponytail

Half Ponytail With Blonde Tops Locs Hair

Photo @negoreyart

This means your hair will be pulled out of the way in the front, but the dreads on your shoulder will stay hanging down.

Dreadlock Man Bun Hairstyle

Dreadlock Man Bun

Photo @negoreyart

This is a pretty classic look, with the hair on one side at the back is in feather design and the other side in a crucifix. The top of the hair is tied up like a regular man bun.

Low Fade + Low Braided Ponytail

Low Fade and Low Ponytail

Photo @negoreyart

This is the combination of a low fade and a ponytail closer to the neck. This look is easy to style and maintain without compromising on your looks.

Long Dreadlocks + Beard

High Top Long Dreadlocks and Beard

When you have long locs tied towards the top of your head and a beard connected to the locs with a fade, you have this hairstyle. It’s a great chance to try the ultimate beard fade.

Long Dreadlocks and Half Man Bun

Big Long Dreadlocks and Half Man Bun

This combination of long locs and a half-man bun leads to easier maintenance.

Dread Edge Up + Low Fade

Edge Up and Low Fade Dreadlock Hairstyle

This is when the edges are faded and the locs are long and thick.

Long Dreadlocks For Men

Long Dreadlocks

Photo @negoreyart

This is as direct as the name itself. Long dreads are typically worn down and open.


Unusual Braids Dreadlock Hairstyle

Photo @afro_barber8

Dreadlock Upwards with Signature

Photo @negoreyart

Dreadlock and Fade Design

Photo @negoreyart

Dreadlock Bun and Hairtatto

Photo @negoreyart

Bun and Fade Hair Design Dreadlock Haircut

Photo @negoreyart

Unusual Braids Back Side Dreadlock hairstyle

Photo @jayblendedit

Dreadlock Magnified

Photo @alitheebarber

Two Color Bun and Hairtatto

Photo @negoreyart

Bleached Dreadlock with Hair Design

Photo @negoreyart

Fade In The Progress Dreadlock Haircut

Photo @negoreyart

Mid Dreadlock Top dreads men's afro style

Dreadlock Bound

Long Dreadlock plait On The Back

Dreadlock Pigtails With Bleached Ends

men's dreadlock weave styles

Casual men's dreadlock styles

Shaggy Style Dreadlock Haircuts for men

Very Long Dreadlock

What Are Dreadlocks

The style is called dreadlocks when they are done so intentionally. When you style it in this fashion, the hair is strategically placed to withstand the wear and tear of daily life.

Plus, it looks stylish and uniform compared to organically tangled, which is the goal anyway. Although some people allow it to matte on its own, that is called the neglect method. It takes about half a year to be matted well and then the knotting is done.

They are not uniform in shape or size and it don’t work too well if your hair is not coily or coarse.

A Short History Of Dreadlock Hairstyles

Dreadlocks have been in existence for longer than you would think. But the term came into existence during the Rastafarian movement. This was a religious movement and the hairstyle was symbolic of god Jah. It was meant to be a sign of respect and connected them with the god.

But this language spread wide and deep after the British started their colonization and English influenced the movement. And so the term came into being.

How to Start With Dread Styles for Men

Prepping for dreads

First, you must prep the hair by cleaning it thoroughly. You must make sure it does not have any conditioner but has enough texture to easily make it into dreads.

When the hair has moisture, which conditioner does, it will slip easily, which is not what you want. And if you were never into the idea of applying conditioner for men, this is where you will prevail.

Apply shampoo

Then you must use a clarifying shampoo and remove any grease, dirt or product like the premium hair gel still attached to your hair. Towel dry your hair to ensure it is not wet but still damp.

Add an accelerator to lock the texture of the hair if required. This will make it easier to knot the hair. Then you can choose any of the well-known methods to knot it into dreadlocks. We’ll give you one right now.

How to Make Dreads

Blow drying

After washing your hair, as mentioned in the previous section, you must blow dry it from all directions so that your hair gains volume. Then you must check to ensure that there is absolutely no wet hair.

Dread Sectioning 

This is when you part the hair horizontally above the neck and hold the sections with rubber bands or clips. Pick up a section of the hair about one-inch width and get started.


Lift the hair about one inch from the roots and comb it towards the scalp to form a tangle at the base. This will be the foundation of the dreads. Do this for the length of the hair.

Twisting and waxing locs

How to Make Dreads

Now you must pick up the section of the hair that was backcombed and form a tight cylinder. Then add a little bit of dread wax to your fingers and add it to the dreads while twisting them. This way, they become smooth and bind the hairs that are still loose.

Rolling and staggering

Now, you must roll the waxed locs from the root to the end so that they are taut. This is important to keep them healthy and in shape for a long time.

Optimal usage of hair wax is essential. After rolling them, you must stagger them to make sure they cover your scalp to give your head a full look.

And you’re done.

How to Wash Your Locs

Wetting and shampooing

You need to wet the dreads and scalp before getting to the shampoo. Then you must pour some shampoo into your hair and make sure it reaches all parts of your hair. You will have to do this a few times. There are shampoos made explicitly for dreads and they don’t produce a lot of lather because of the organic ingredients. Don’t worry about it.

Massaging and rinsing your dreads

But once you produce enough lather, you should massage your scalp gently with your fingertips. Use enough water to make sure you rinse the shampoo well afterward. This is easier for newer dreads because they are comparatively more tender.

Shampoo again

Repeat the shampooing once more, focusing on the scalp this time so that the ingredients can nourish the hair from the roots. Make sure you rinse it all off and you are done unless you feel the need to repeat the process just one more time.

How to Style Dreadlock Hairstyle

How to Style Your Dreads

All of this depends on the hairstyle and hair length. Using hair sprays can help you shape them to a certain extent. But here’s what you can mainly do.


You have seen the many ways in which hair can be cut and dreads can be worn before. You can also combine those styles with ponytails, braids and man buns with fades and tapers on the side. It’s all about permutations and combinations.


Depending on how you style the hair, you can tie your hair or use bands to keep it intact or let it loose. You can pick from clips or rubber bands if you are going for the latter.

You can also wear a hairband and let your hair loose. Mostly it depends on the length of your hair and a little help from a barber or stylist.

Keep the visits to the barber regular to make sure your dreads stay clean and healthy.

Men’s Dreadlock Styles FAQ

How much does it cost to do dreadlocks?

This depends on the hairstyle and length of the hair because that decides the time and effort. It can cost you anywhere from $200 to $1,500. 

What are different styles of dreadlocks for guys?

Plenty of them has been listed above.

What is the best haircut for dreads?

 Once again, you can pick one from the list above based on the hair length. Or you can wait till it reaches the length that works well for the style you’ve picked.

How can I style my dreadlocks at home?

 We’ll be honest; this is tough to do if you’re a first-timer. But otherwise, get a haircut from the barber, bring the accessories and use a good mirror to help you section your hair at the back. And if you know how to knot the hair, you can do the rest on your own.

What are the 3 types of dreadlocks?

There are more than three types, but the primary styles are sisterlocs smaller than usual, traditional locs, regular-sized and freeform locs that are not knotted intentionally but left for nature to take their course.

What fade should I get with dreads?

From low fade to skin or bald fade, there are many options.


There are many unprofessional hairstyles you want to avoid and there was a time when dreads were on that list. But not anymore. So, pick a style and go wild.

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