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You don’t always have to cut your hair short and tapered as a man. Sometimes, you can wear a shoulder-length hairstyle to give you a balanced look while oozing your masculinity.

Shoulder-length hairstyles are neither too long nor too short and allow you to achieve different looks regardless of your lifestyle.

What Are Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Men

Shoulder-length hairstyles are mid-length hairstyles that fall right at the perfect spot. They are neither too short nor too long. Shoulder-length hair can be styled in various ways without sacrificing your masculinity.

25 Most Popular Styles

Keeping your hair longer than usual doesn’t mean you always have to let it down loose. You can experiment with many styles and enjoy your long hairdo. You can even try some popular ’70s hairstyles with your long hair. Here are some of the styles you can wear.

Medium Layers

You need to make layers on the hair need the forehead. This will add width to the hair on your forehead and help you stand out with your shoulder-length hair.

Chin Length Waves

This hairdo will look great on you wearing a full beard. You’ll need to wave your shoulder-length hair, then tuck them behind your ears. To get a better look, you can split your hair and let each section fall on either side of your head.

Bleached Blond

You can bleach your hair blond to give it a more appealing look. You can ask your hairstylist to apply the dye for you. This hairdo looks best if you let your hair down. You can run your fingers through your hair to give it some volume.

Beachy Waves

If you’re going on a beach vacation, this is the style to adorn your hair. Push your waves backward and tuck them under your ears. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t wear this hair in a formal setting. This style looks best if you wear it on your natural hair.

Sea salt spray gives hair a beachy look and would be a great addition to your product list if you dot this hairstyle.

Wavy Pattern

To achieve this look, you’ll need a layered haircut. Sweep the bags on top of your head backward, and use quality hair products to maintain a shiny effect on the braids. Long wavy hairstyles are becoming more common among men.

Permed Locks

If you are wearing locks on your har, you can perm them to give them a neater look. You only need to get quality hair products to achieve this look. You can also study a guide to permed hairstyles for more tips.

Surfer Hairstyle

This hairstyle always looks like the hair is wet. To achieve this look, you need to have wavy hair and use curls to enhance the wet look.

You should style your hair to fall on your shoulders and slightly on your face. To make this hairdo look best, you should have a clean, shaved beard. You can also look up other summer surfer hairstyles.

Surfer With Messy Hair Wearing Sunglasses

Flowy Light Hair

You can let your hair flow down your shoulders with no particular style. This style looks best on men with light hair.

Straight Sleek Hair

With this hairstyle, your hair will fall down your shoulders with no waves or twists. It looks best on sleek hair. You can add an ultra-shiny layer on the upper side to make it more appealing. The highlight of this hairdo is the wispy ends which look good when styled.

Side Swept

The side-swept hairdo will look amazing on you if you have long wavy hair. You can trim the edges of your hair and then blow-dry it to one side of your head. Use dryers that dry hair fast for the best look. This hairdo will look best on you if you have a round face.

Platinum Blond

You can dye your hair with shades such as ash, silver, metallic or pearl. You can then style it whichever way you desire. The dye will help you stand out as a sling as you maintain your hair with quality products.

Choppy Cut

This is your style if you want a more unkempt look for your hair. You can ask your hairstylist to make choppy ends on your hair, then give it an asymmetrical twist to fall on one part of your face, covering your eye partially. The only downside to this style is that it can only be worn for informal occasions.

Twist In Bun

Hold your hair in a ponytail, then divide it into two sections. Twist each section loosely, then twirl them to form a quick knot. This style will look good on you if you have a long mane.

Samurai Bun

Hold up your hair as if holding it in a tight bun, but let the ends flow to the back of your head. You can let a few strands fall to the front for a more dramatic look.

Dutch Braids

This style is one of the unique styles you can have with your shoulder-length hair. You’ll need an undercut, then braid the remaining hair. You’ll divide the unshaved hair and braid each section separately. Use a hairband to hold all the braids together.

Braided Bun

Shave the hair at the back of your head up to the middle. Make a conrow of the V-shaped hair and a bun with the rest of the hair at the center of your head.

Loose Bun

The loose bun is ponytail style. You’ll need to make a loose ponytail at the back of your head, then pull it in and out of the bun. Use the other half of the hair to twist it around the bun. Leave the rest f the hair loose at the back.

French Braids

Have a neat undercut at the sides of your head. Mae french braids with the rest of your hair, then tie them up at the back of your head to form a classic bun.

Side Part

You can wear the side part if you are attending a formal event. You’ll achieve it by sweeping a large amount of your hair to one side. You can also use this style to hide a path of thinning hair. To achieve a fuller look, you n need to wear waves and run your fingers through the hair.

Young Man With Medium Length Hair Sitting on a Chair

Slicked Back

You must slick your hair back with this look and leave the front locks wild. If your hair is longer, it’ll hang down the frame of your face. You can dye your hair a brown shade to give it some more highlights.

Ombre Design

You can dye the ends of your hair ombre to achieve this look. Sweep your hair to the back of your head, then hold it in a ponytail.

The ombre dye will significantly affect your hair and improve your overall appearance.

Fish-Tail Braid

This is one of the complex styles where you’ll need a professional hair stylist to work on your hair. You must divide your hair and make a braid from the back to the edge of each section. The stylist will then knot at the tip where the braid ends to give it a nice look.

Double Ponytail

If you think you look good in a single ponytail, then you should try the double ponytail. You can achieve this look by sectioning your hair into two parts. Make the first ponytail from the upper hair and the second from the lower hair.

Voluminous Waves

To achieve this look, you’ll news a large volume of hair around the cheek. You can use a volume-boosting shampoo or volumizing hair tonics

Blowdry the head and spray it with a silicone hairspray to keep the waves in position.

How to Choose

Your Style

What style do you want to achieve? Formal hairstyles work well for men in the corporate world, while everyday hairstyles are ideal if you want to achieve a more relaxed look.

Face Shape

Some hairstyles look good on specific face shapes. Pick a hairstyle that works well with your shape.

Hair Type

Some shoulder-length hairstyles are great for thick hair, while others work for thin hair.

How to Style

Step 1 – Wash your hair

The first thing you need to do when styling any hair is clean it first. With medium-length hairstyles, use the right hair shampoo and conditioner.

Step 2 – Apply pomade and style

Apply a small amount of hair pomade to make styling easy. Make sure you distribute the pomade throughout your hair. You can use a comb or your hands for this process. After that, blow dry or comb your hair into your desired style.

Blonde Guy With Curly Hair and Short Beard Smiling

How to Maintain

Step 1 – Keep things clean

Keep your hair clean and moisturized. Clean hair is attractive and gives off a well-kept vibe.

Step 2 – Use the right products

Always use the right products to keep your hair healthy and good. If you have shoulder-length hair products, you can’t afford to miss out on products like hair pomade, moisturizer, and hair shampoo.


How should men trim their shoulder-length hair?

You can either trim your hair at home with premium self-hair-cutting tools or visit a hairstylist for your trim. Explain to the stylist the look you want to achieve before they trim your hair.

Will shoulder-long hair suit me?

Yes. There are different styles for different face shapes and personalities.

Should I trim my hair as I’m growing it out?

Yes. You can trim your hair every 12 weeks to grow in equal lengths.

How often should I wash my hair?

Every two to three days to keep it well moisturized.

What is the best product for maintaining longer hair?

You can buy the best hair conditioner for men to maintain your long hair. Hair spray adds texture and could be a great product too.


If you want a break from the usually tapered hairstyles, you can grow out your hair and maintain it at shoulder length. There are numerous grunge hairstyles to try both for formal and informal occasions.

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