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A teenager has to look good always. If it’s not to impress their peers, it’s to boost their self-esteem. And one of the best ways to help them look good is to give them a nice haircut.

Whether that means sporting one of the perfect light skin haircuts or an impressive afro, there are so many teen boy hairstyles to choose from.

20 Most Popular Hairstyles


In contrast to the subtle gradient effect of a fade, the undercut is all about sharp contrast. Your barber will shave the sides of your head super short – or completely clean – without blending, leaving your top section of hair longer.

Long Wavy Hair

Allow your hair to grow out and avoid using too much product to achieve the look of deliberately ‘unstyled’ wavy hair with a rugged and masculine feel. Pull your hair back from your face and tuck it behind your ears.

Crew Cut 

A crew cut involves cutting your hair short to the point where it stands up and cannot be combed. The sides are tapered, while the top section is left slightly longer to give your hair a thicker appearance.

Spiky Hair

Spiky hair has become popular among celebrities and football players because it is so eye-catching. Pair spiky hair with a skin fade to add to the edgy feel and avoid the ‘kid with too much gel’ look.

Messy Fringe

Messy hair looks more laidback and relaxed than blunt or smooth bangs, making it ideal for all occasions, from school or university to a night out. Use matte clay to achieve the messy look without adding shine or weight to your fringe.

Smiliing Teen Boy With Messy Blonde Hairstyle

Faux Hawk

A faux hawk can be made in different ways. The simplest is to request a high fade from your barber, leaving the central section of your hair extra long – especially at the front. Then, using gel and strong hold hairspray, create a more subtle version of the mohawk.

Side Part

The modern side part haircut looks polished and clean-cut in its traditional form. However, it can be tailored to your preferences. For a more edgy look, pair it with a quiff, shaved parting, or high fade.

Bowl Cut

Many men combine the great chili bowl cut with an edgy undercut or asymmetric fringe cut. Another option is adding texture to the hair to ‘break up’ its traditional uniform appearance. A bowl cut also reduces the prominence of your brow and balances out your features.


A quiff looks great on any hair length but is best on short to medium hair. A side-parted quiff, which is more casual than a classic quiff, is one way to put your spin on the style.

Natural Wavy Hair

Natural wavy hair has a relaxed and effortless appearance when appropriately cut. Keep your waves defined and moisturized to avoid the frizzy bird’s nest look. Use pomade or styling cream to give your hair a slightly wet finish and keep it from drying.

Caesar Haircut

Push the top section of your hair to create a tiny fringe, then add texture with a hair paste or texturizing spray. This is a good option if you have fine hair, a large forehead, or an uneven hairline.

Line Up Haircut

You can combine a line-up haircut with a fade, undercut, or buzzcut, to achieve an edgy ‘disconnected’ look. The line-up gives your hair a distinct look, especially if it’s short. You can look up military haircuts for more options.


A perfect afro hairstyle is ideal for boys who enjoy drawing attention to themselves. Consider the size of your afro before growing it out. A full afro has a relaxed retro vibe, but a smaller afro is easier to keep up with.

Smiling African American Teen Boy


The blowback haircut was popularized in the 1950s by stars such as Elvis Presley and James Dean, and it still looks as cool and effortless today as it did then.

Like other volumized hairstyles like the quiff and pompadour, the blowback flatters almost every face shape. Combine it with a taper fade for a modern take on a classic look.

Mid Fade With Fringe

Pairing fringe haircuts with a mid-fade creates an edgier look. This haircut stands out due to the contrast between the longer fringe pieces and the short sides.

Natural Curls

Ask your barber for a cut that complements your curl pattern, and keep your hair moisturized to prevent frizziness. You can complete it with a curly undercut.

Use sulfate-free shampoos and deep conditioners every two weeks, and detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb while it’s wet rather than dry-brushing.


The front and crown sections of the hair are styled up and off the forehead in an exaggerated version of the quiff, while the sides are kept short – either buzzed or scissor cut.

Swooping Fringe

A modern swooping fringe is more about messy texture than stick-straight hair and sharp angles. It’s an excellent way to hide a larger brow and complements a triangle face shape.


For a ’90s vibe, try mid-length asymmetric dreads, or create high-top dreads by having your barber do a high fade before you get your dreadlocks.

Short Curls

To achieve this style, combine a taper fade with a scissor-cut curly top. If your hair is naturally straight, have your barber leave the top a little longer. Use heated curling tools like rollers to achieve a curly look. Look up curly hairstyles for black men for more options.

Teen Boy With Short Curly Hairstyle

How to Style and Maintain

Step 1 – Choosing the right hairstyle

Pick the right hairstyle depending on your hair type and the style you hope to achieve.

Step 2 – How to style

Use quality styling tools and products to maintain your hair. When styling it, consider your hair texture and the shape of your face.

Step 3 – How to maintain

Clean your hair with shampoo and conditioner to keep it clean and moisturized. Also, visit the barber regularly to maintain your style.

Step 4 – Haircare products to use

Some products you should use include hair pomade for men, shampoos and quality hair conditioners.


What haircut is the best for a 14-year-old boy?

Try a line-up haircut or a swooping fringe if he has long hair.

What haircut should a 13-year-old boy get?

Try a pompadour or a bowl cut.

What is the TikTok boy haircut called?

It’s called the wet mop haircut.

What is a teddy boy haircut?

It’s a pompadour hairstyle.