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A curly undercut is a very fashionable style that a lot of men are going for these days.

It may be more suitable for younger people, but it is a very good-looking haircut that almost any man can totally rock.

The problem is picking the most suitable look.

A curly undercut style will depend a lot on your face shape.

You are going to have to pick the most appropriate one first.

After that come some styling tips that will make it work for you.

Here we have a variety of curly undercut styles that are currently popular.

55 Most Popular Curly Undercut Hairstyles

There is more than one way to skin a cat, as there are various curly undercuts to create

. We give you some of the most attractive ones and a guide to short sides long top haircuts that will help you choose the one that fits you:

Curly Undercut Faux hawk

Fauxhawk modern curly hair with tapered undercut.
short curly hair undercut male
short curly hairstyles with undercut

Photo @legendary.barber

A fauxhawk style gains an additional element when you add some curls. Even with all the curls it can stay firmly in one place and you will not have to spend much on hair products to make it set. But the undercut part is the cream of the crop, making this hairstyle unique.

Curly Undercut Asymmetrical Bangs

Asymmetrical Bangs mid fade krullen
mid taper fade krullen
mid-length curls with a faded undercut

Photo @yeganebarber

Those with wide curls and bouncy hair can benefit from an asymmetrical style. Keep a medium undercut on one side and add a natural sideline. The curls should go to the other side as they fall over the ear.

The hairstyle is layered, allowing the curls to be spread on all sides equally. You might need a good blow dryer and the help of a round brush to manage this one.

Curly Undercut Loose Curls

Loose Curls mens curly undercut fade
mens undercut long curly hair
mid fade disconnected undercut

Photo @vbodnarr

The best way to understand this type of haircut is by imagining something between curly and wavy hair, but with a higher emphasis on the font than at the back.

The taper fade created in the back should make for a nice transition from the dense, high and voluminous hair on the top.
This particular style requires a lot of volumes, so styling it can be a bit hard.

But with proper use of a blow dryer and a round brush you will get the desired effect. Put on hairspray to seal the deal and make the entire thing stick.

Curly Disconnected Undercut

Disconnected Undercut men long curly hair undercut
men wavy hair undercut
men's curly undercut

Photo @yeganebarber

There are two ways to create a curly undercut. One is with a gradient line, while the other is with a more distinct one.
In this case a distinct line placed under the crown section is what you need to go for.

It can extend from the forehead to the point where the upper part of your ear meets the head.

Curly Undercut Flat Top Fade

Flat Top Fade medium curly undercut female
medium curly undercut male
medium length long curly undercut male

Photo @ashxlauren

The flat-top fade is going to create a very unique but distinctive look. The curly fringes cut in a straight line, barely covering the forehead continue all around the head, creating a disconnect between the undercut and the curly crop.

You will be left with the short fringes you need to stylize. Pretty simple.

Tapered Undercut Haircut

Tapered Undercut Haircut male undercut hairstyles
male undercut long hair curly
man bun undercut curly hair

Photo @legendary.barber

When it comes to the curly undercut staples the tapered undercut is the most popular one. What makes this haircut perfect is the precision of the cut and the fade which contrast the curls quite remarkably. The curls will create their flow and fall lightly towards the front of your head.

This hairstyle is suitable because there are no sharp edges and everything is soft and curvy. The leave-in conditioner is perfect for curls and could also be applied here. You can style it the way you like it but based on your hair type.

Mohawk Curly Undercut

Mohawk Curly Undercut long undercut curly hair
loose curly + undercut fade
male undercut curly hair

Photo @pjabreu

Modifying the mohawk to fit curly hair is a boisterous piece of business in this case. The undercut should be kept short with a low fade, so there is enough hair left to keep on the sides. The top part of the hair should be kept very curly and messy.

But the top should remain flatter than curlier to create a boxy appearance. The temple lines should be straight and sharp.
But maintaining this look is a bit hard and you must visit the barber regularly.

Medium Curls With Sharp Lines

Medium Curls With Sharp Lines long curly hair with undercut
long curly hair with undercut female
long side part undercut

Photo @legendary.barber

People that want to accentuate their natural facial lines can go with some medium curls combined with sharper lines.
The lines on the sides and the forehead can be made with a buzz cut as they are kept straight with sharp edges.

The hair should be kept to a medium length, layered and at equal length on the sides. The sharp lines will stop the curls from getting in your face, putting your face and natural facial lines into full perspective.

Neck Curly Undercut Hair

Neck Undercut Hair fringe undercut male curly
growing out undercut curly hair
krullen taper fade

Photo @duubanks_carlton

The neck undercut can seem like a peculiar choice but is a style that works surprisingly well. The undercut is the most visible at the back of the head, where the greatest emphasis is put. Since it is low and gradual it can open the undercut further.

The hair should be styled towards its natural curly direction and could be kept more voluminous on the sides. Premium curly hair pomade could help you shape them better and define them more.

Gradual Fade Undercut Hairstyle

Gradual Fade Undercut Hairstyle disconnected curly haircut
fade undercut curly
fringe undercut curly

Photo @barberhdm3

With the gradual fade, the top should be kept high with the curls small, natural, and interlocking. As the hair goes towards the neck it should fade into an undercut. The temple fade should be precise and clean, while the temple lines should be vertical and straight.

The straight lines are what keep the top curly part in check. But the height of the curls should be kept equal to the top and you can use some mouse for more texture. But regular trips to a barber are needed to keep it steady.

Thin Undercut Curls

Thin Curls curly undercut taper
curly undercut with beard
different types of undercut

Photo @duubanks_carlton

If you have thin curls, there is even an excellent option. The haircut should look as if it is leaning a bit to the equal height of the top and decreasing as the fade goes. The hair should keep the same length as it starts from the top.

The fade should be the most accentuated on the neck and at the temples, but keeping the part around the ears blurry.
It will require regular trimming, so you will need some of the hair cutting shears for at-home trims to maintain regularly.

Long Fringe Curly Undercut Hairstyle

Long Fringe Curly Undercut Hairstyle curly undercut male long
curly undercut man
curly undercut mid fade

Photo @alan_beak

The long fringe is an excellent way to show the texture of your hair. This one is quite flexible as it allows you to style it to the front or the side, the choice is yours. It also works more than well for various social situations.

Slick Back Undercut Curls

Slick Back Curls curly undercut for men
curly undercut hair men
curly undercut long hair

Photo @pjabreu

A slick back is always a good choice nowadays and it pairs more than well with an undercut. Curly-haired men can style their hair in two ways: Slick the top hair back entirely or slick it, so the curls hang from the back of the head.

Either way, you will need some product to set the hair and keep it steady. So you better start thinking about pomade vs wax vs gel vs clay preferences.

Textured Curly Quiff Undercut

Textured Curly Quiff Undercut curly undercut boy
curly undercut boys
curly undercut female

Photo @barbersukraine

A quiff and an undercut match together splendidly. Creating a quiff requires a rolling brush and a hair dryer to set everything in place.
Doing the same thing with the curls creates a fresh and spotless look.

The combination fits masterfully together when the edges of the undercut are clearly defined.

Afro Curly Undercut

Afro Curly Undercut curly undecut
curly under cut men
curly under ut

Photo @pjabreu

The Afro undercut is one of the fun curly hairstyles for black men. People with Afro hair can let nature do its course and allow it to grow out. But as you let the top of the head grow, the sides should be shaven, allowing the curly Afro hair to come into focus.

Dyed Curly Undercut Haircut

Dyed Curly Undercut Haircut curly taper undercut
curly top undercut
curly top with undercut

Photo @vbodnarr

Adding some flare to the curly undercut can be done with a bit of color. The first part is easy and requires you to style the hair as you please. Grow the top a bit and shave the sides. Then comes the part where you need to choose the appropriate color.

Most people decide to bleach the top, but if you want to stand out you should pick a color that will make you stand out.
There are many possibilities left for you, so choose them wisely.

Man Bun Curly Undercut Hair

Man Bun Curly Undercut Hair curly haired undercut
curly hairstyles men undercut
curly hairstyles undercut

Photo @universalcutsbarbershop

A man bun has gained a lot of prominence with millennials. But the hipster-style man bun can pair very well with some curly locks.

To create this one, you should untangle your curls, add salt spray and then pull back the curly hair left on the top, so you tie it off with a hair tie. You can keep the bun on the head or a bit further at the back.

Curly Undercut Design

Curly Undercut Design curly hair undercut for men
curly hair with an undercut
curly haircut undercut

Photo @barberhdm3

A design line will add an interesting effect to the entire curly undercut concept. After determining the length of the top of your hear and after creating an appropriate undercut add a design line or even two.

It is a radical style that differs from most and can be worked into all types of clothing styles.

Wet Curls Undercut

Wet Curls Undercut curly hair disconnected undercut
curly hair fade undercut
curly hair shaved underneath

Photo @barberhdm3

Some wet curls are going to make your hair pop. It is not as unique as a fauxhawk but pretty attractive. Also, it does not take a lot of effort to style. However, the maintenance part can be a difficult one to muster.

Undercut Curls With Braids

Undercut Curls With Braids undercuts for curly hair
wavy top undercut
afro undercut male

Photo @braids_by_christy

You can accessorize and make some beautiful additions by braiding your hair. But braids look much better on curly hair.
Shave the sides, leave the top part longer and tie it off in braids.

You can decide to create multiple thinner and smaller ones and then tie them off with a tie, or make a French braid that goes on top and leaves the smaller bits hanging from the back.

Twisted Undercut Curls

Twisted Undercut Curls undercuts for curly hair
wavy top undercut
afro undercut male

Photo @duubanks_carlton

The short twisted curls on a bald undercut look astounding. These can freshen up the man’s style and make him look unique simultaneously. Black men, in particular, can make this styling look good, mainly due to the natural properties of their hair.

Military Curly Undercut

Military Curly Undercut undercut taper fade curly hair
undercut wavy hair
undercut with wavy hair

Photo @alan_beak

A military haircut is an elegant and disciplined style, especially an undercut. Guys with curly hair can allow the top to go all the way to the forehead but not allow it to grow or extend for too long. It is an elegant way to style your curly hair and can look good on muscular men.

Curly Undercut Pompadour

Curly Undercut Pompadourundercut for curly hair men
undercut for men curly
undercut hairstyle curly hair

Photo @pjabreu

The combination of a pompadour and an undercut is a combo that never fails. Add some curly hair and you get a very classy hairstyle.
Allow the top to go a bit longer and wavier and you get an excellent design that will be more attractive to the ladies.

High Undercut Curlsundercut fade long curly hair
undercut fade with curly hair
undercut for curly hair female

Photo @duubanks_carlton

Undercut Long Curly Topshort curly undercut men
under cut curly
undercut curly top

Photo @duubanks_carlton

Bounded Curly Top And Signmessy curly undercut
modern curly hair with tapered undercut
short curly undercut

Photo @duubanks_carlton

Skin Fade And Twisted Topmen undercut curly
mens curly undercut hairstyles
mens undercut hairstyle curly hair

Photo @universalcutsbarbershop

Classic Short Curly Haircuthow to get a curly undercut
long curly undercut men
low undercut curly hair

Photo @barbeariachoice

Mid Fade Curly Topcurly undercut hairstyle men
curly undercut mens
different undercut styles

Photo @barberhdm3

Curly Undercut curl undercut
curls with undercut
curly hair mens undercut

Photo @ashxlauren

Blow Back And Textured Curlsundercut on curly hair
wavy hair undercut
best undercut for curly hair

Photo @ashxlauren

Red Hair Curly Topundercut hairstyle curly
undercut hairstyle for curly hair
undercut hairstyles curly hair

Photo @moeecutz

Curly Undercut Faux Hawkundercut curly men
undercut for wavy hair
undercut haircut for curly hair

Photo @barbersukraine

Curly Undercut Bowl Haircuttextured curly undercut
types of undercut
undercut curly hair man

Photo @barbersukraine

Side Part Long Curly Undercutmens long curly undercut
mens undercut curly
potongan undercut curly

Photo @barbersukraine

Hard Fade With Curlsmale curly hair undercut
male curly undercut
men undercut curly hair

Photo @barbersukraine

Light Blue Quiffcurly long hair undercut
long curly hair undercut men
low fade krullen

Photo @yeganebarber

Wavy Fringeundercut with curly hair male
boys curly undercut
curly hair undercut look

Photo @ashxlauren

Curly Undercut Bald Fade And Wavy Topmens curly hair with undercut
under cut for curly hair
undercut men curly

Photo @ashxlauren

Curly Undercut Wavy Textured Fringemale undercut long hair
medium curly undercut
men's curly hair undercut

Photo @alan_beak

Classy Big Curls Topcurly long undercut
curly undercut hairstyle male
disconnected undercut curly hair

Photo @alan_beak

Curly Undercut Pompadour curly hair men undercut
curly hair undercut fade
curly hair undercut mens

Photo @alan_beak

Part Dyed Curly Top Curly Undercutwavy undercut with fade
can you get an undercut with curly hair
curley undercut

Photo @enzo_m3

Curly Quiff And Shaved Linecurly mens undercut
high fade undercut curly hair
mens long curly hair undercut

Photo @barberhdm3

Curved And Platinum Highlighted Topshort curly undercut male
under cut curly hair
undercut with curls

Photo @barberhdm3

Faux Hawk And Shaved Signcurly under cut
long curly undercut
long curly undercut male

Photo @barberhdm3

Curly Undercut Taper With Two Colors Curlslong curly hair undercut
undercut curly hair men
curly hair with undercut male

Photo @barberhdm3

Curly Undercut Mohawk Long Bangsmid fade undercut curly hair
undercut men curly hair
curly hair with undercut

Photo @barberhdm3

Taper Fade And Brushed Curlsmens curly hair undercut
fade undercut curly hair
men curly undercut

Photo @barberhdm3

Messy Top Hard Fadeundercut long curly hair male
undercut with curly hair
curly undercut fade

Photo @barberhdm3

V-Shaped Haircut With Hot Topmen curly hair undercut
curly hair undercut men
mens curly undercut hairstyle

Photo @barberhdm3

Curly Undercut Back Sidecurly fade undercut
long curly hair undercut male
low fade undercut curly hair

Photo @barberhdm3

Big Curls Undercut Long Bangsundercut curly hair male
mens undercut curly hair
undercut for curly hair

Photo @scammellsbarbershop

Curly Undercut Sponge Short Mohawkundercut haircut curly hair
undercut fade curly hair
undercut curly hair fade

Photo @pjabreu

Classic Fade Wet Undercut Curlscurly undercut male
curly hair undercut male
mens curly undercut

Photo @pjabreu

Curly Undercut

A curly undercut is precisely what it sounds like. Men with curly hair can keep the top curls and shave the sides of their heads.
But even though it sounds simple enough there are many ways of going about it.

People with curly hair know how difficult it is to style curly hair. Cutting and shaving it can be torturous as you must go through rigid hair texture and deal with all the twisted locks you naturally have. But with the right style it can be managed with ease.

The curly undercut is one such hairstyle for men as it helps you tame the wild curly hair as well as helps you attain a more than a decent haircut.

You can sometimes do with some of the world’s best wave grease for your hair type and work it into your fabulous new look, which will result in both a stylish and a manageable hairdo.

How to Style Curly Undercut Hairstyle

For a perfect curly undercut you need to prepare a few tools. You need a comb, some clips, a hair trimmer, some sheers and a mirror.
To prepare your hair you can use some hair tonic for better growth and volume.

It doesn’t hurt to have some hair product of your choice to keep the hair steady once you create the style you like.

Wash and condition

Wash and condition your hair using some high-quality leave-in conditioner for men that make your hair fabulous.

Use a comb

Use a comb to untangle the curly locks of your hair.

Determine a part you need to shave off

Determine which part and length of your curly hair you intend to keep and which part you need to shave off.

Part the hair

Part your hair with a comb and use the clip to keep the hair that you want to leave on top.

Moisten the hair

Moisten your hair and cut off any excess you don’t want to remain.

Shave the sides

Use the trimmer to shave the sides of the head. Start with a higher guard and move to lower ones to create a gradient fade.

Trim the hair on the top

Once you create the undercut use the shears to trim the hair on the top to your liking.

Use a serum

Add some serum to moisten the hair and a hair product to keep it steady. After taking these steps, you are done with the hair.

If you want to grow a beard and expand on this style you should think about ways to make a curly beard more manageable, so you combine it with the curly undercut as best as possible.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Wash and moisturize your hair before making the style.
  • Use regenerators and products that will keep your locks strong and healthy.
  • Go for regular touch-ups at the barber.


  • Try to make a tough style by yourself.
  • Disregard the maintenance routine.
  • Get a friend or an untrained person to shave the undercut for you.


A curly undercut is a contemporary style that deserves a lot of acclaim. It generally belongs to the youth culture and is a style that has its roots in some traditional ones but has typically adopted a modern approach.

It is a way for curly-haired people to find a suitable haircut to help them tame their locks. On the other hand, it looks exceptionally well on various types of people as it does not only offer convenience in maintaining your hair.


Does an undercut make it easier to manage curly hair?

It does. The curly locks become more prominent visually, while the undercut helps them not go wild and all over the place.

How do I know if I can pull off an undercut?

You can talk to your regular barber first or determine if you have a head shape for it.

Afro Man with Short Curly Hair
curly hair undercut
undercut curly hair
curly undercut men

How do I ask for an undercut?

You can show your barber a picture of what you want or tell them that you wish to get an undercut. A seasoned professional will know what you mean.

What is the difference between an undercut and a fade?

Far as the undercut goes the hair on the back and the sides is much shorter, making the contrast more apparent.

When it comes to a fade, the length of the hair decreases gradually as you go downward.

Is an undercut difficult to maintain?

It is not difficult, but you will need regular touch-ups that you can do on your own or go to a barber to freshen it up.

What is a curly undercut?

A curly undercut is a hairstyle that involves shaving the sides and back of the head while leaving longer, curly hair on top.

This creates a stark contrast between the short sides and the voluminous curls on top.

The haircut can be styled in various ways, from slicking back the top curls to letting them hang loose for a more relaxed look.

Overall, a curly undercut is a bold and fashion-forward choice for those looking to make a statement with their hair.

How do you style a curly undercut?

To achieve the perfect curly undercut, one must first ensure that the hair is cut short on the sides and back while leaving the top longer.

This allows for easy styling and maintenance of the curls on top.

To style a curly undercut, one should use a curl-enhancing product to define and control the curls, and a strong hold gel or wax to shape the undercut.


Vinnie - Barber

About the author: Vinnie – Barber

Vinnie is one of the members of the Beardoholic writers team. He’s also a barber and hairstylist for 15 years now and he has a kick-ass beard of his own, so he surely knows what makes a magnificent beard and hair and how to achieve them. He’s our go-to guy for all the latest beard and hairstyle trends and he always has a tip or two on how to grow and style a thick beard fast.

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