Medium Length Hairstyles for Men

For a long time, medium-length haircuts were the grey area in men’s grooming. Men associated hairstyles such as the mullet with indecisiveness. However, with the increase in these hairstyles, men have embraced medium-length haircuts as part of their grooming routines.

What Are Medium Long Hairstyles For Men

Medium-length hairstyles are haircuts that allow men to keep part of their hair and still look fantastic. They are a welcome alternative to bald shaving styles or the long manes that men sometimes wear. There’s no shortage of medium-length hairstyles you can choose from.

Read on for insight into 15 of the most popular hairstyles in this category.

15 Most Popular Medium Hairstyles For Men

Medium Pompadour Hairstyle

This is one of the hairstyles that has survived the test of time. It was popularized in the 80s by celebrities such as Elvis Presley and has continued to evolve over the decades. The modern version allows you to style it in different ways.

The only constant thing about this hairstyle is the upward-facing wave or front flip of hair at the front, with a gradually receding volume as it flows backward.

Medium Quiff Hairstyle

People often assume quiffs to be the same as pompadours. This is because a pompadour is a type of quiff. Confused? Quiffs are broader, giving your more styles and designs to choose from.

Some standard quiff designs are textured quiffs, faux hawks, long quiffs with tapered sides, and high quiffs with a low fade.

Medium Comb-Over Hairstyle

Medium Comb Over Hairstyle

A neat comb-over could be the hairstyle you need to set you apart from other men. The comb-over has worn to the side instead of straight back. It’s ideal for men with too heavy or thick hair. Keep the front hair longer and reduce it at the crown to perfect this look.

Messy Fringe

You can wear your medium-length hair with a fringe in a messy look. However, that doesn’t mean you can shoot out of bed and rock your way to work. You still must work with your mirror, quality hair products, and a good comb.

Try these messy haircuts and see how well they work for you. These shaggy styles are low maintenance.

Medium Blowout Haircut

The blowout might be the ideal design for you if you like to wear your hair somewhere messy and sharp. With this style, you’ll need to learn how to do quick styling with a hair dryer to blow and shape the hair upwards and establish volume.

Use quality pomade and top the look off with hairspray.

Medium Slicked Back Haircut

The slicked-back hairstyle is a perennial favorite among men with thick straight hair. With this style, you’ll style your hair backward. You need products such as mousse, gel, and a quality fine-toothed comb. You can complement this hairdo with a trimmed beard and a sharp undercut.

Side Part Medium Hairstyle

This distinguished hairstyle features shorter hair on one side of your head. The hair increases in volume as it ascends to a hard part. The top of the head has a thick crown of mid-length hair swept in the opposite direction.

Textured Bangs

Wearing bangs or a fringe is a great way to style your mid-length hair. You can texture and layer the hair to create a wild but purposeful look. This hairstyle oozes a youth appeal.

Faux Hawk

This hairstyle has been worn by celebrities such as David Beckham and Zayn Malik and has become one of the most popular mid-length hairstyles for the modern man. It’s resoundingly fresh and trendy, especially if you pair it with a clean undercut.

Loose Waves

If your hair is naturally wavy, you can wear the waves proudly. You only need good products and tools to style your hair as desired.

Medium Dreadlocks Haircut

You can wax your medium-length hair into neat dreadlocks and rock your way to a more appealing appearance. You can hold your locks differently, such as letting them down or holding them in a ponytail.

Medium Length Dreadlocks Hairstyle for Men

Layered Cut

This hairstyle is ideal for men with thinner hair. The layers add volume, giving you a thicker and fuller look. Placement is everything with a layered haircut. Talk about options with your barber before getting the haircut.

Half Up

This has to be one of those timeless hairstyles that look good on almost every man. You can style it differently; you only need to consult your barber on which style would look good on you.


As one of the oldest medium-length hairstyles, the mullet has aced the test of time and remains a favorite among men who like the classic man look. The modern version of this haircut is modified to suit modern lifestyles.

Bowl Cut

If you’re thinking about the bowl cuts from the sixties, please shift your thoughts to the more modern version. This is an edgy medium-length haircut that pushes the bowl cut boundaries. Chili bowl haircuts can look good on different face types.

How to Style Medium Hairstyles For Men

Step 1 – Clean

To achieve the best look with our hairstyle, start by leaning it with quality shampoos and deep leave-in conditioners. Don’t overdo the cleaning, so you don’t strip your hair of its natural oils.

Step 2 – Combing

Comb your hair to detangle it and make t easier to apply air products. If your hair is not too tangled, you can finger-detangle it.

Step 3 – Applying hair products

Apply a good hair pomade vs gel vs wax vs clay to help style your hair. Such products also help to hold your hair in place. You can also use a hair cream and tonic to style your hair.

Step 4 – Rock your hairstyle

Step out in confidence with a well-done hairstyle. Complement the look with a well-groomed beard.

Quick Maintenance Tips For Medium Lenght Hairstyles

Hair Care

Don’t wash your hair daily with shampoos. Shampoos have chemicals that strip your air of natural oils, leaving it dry and susceptible to damage and breakage. A good deep conditioner is crucial for a good hair look. Use natural hair oils such as argan, coconut, and almond for your hair.


Shake out water in your hair before using a towel. Stroke the hair with the towel in the direction in which your hair grows naturally. This helps to reduce frizz and split ends.


Trim your hair with quality clippers regularly to remove damaged sections and keep it looking good and neat.


Maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat a balanced diet. Keep hydrating for more radiant hair.


How often should I wash my hair?

Wash your hair once a week to keep it clean and protect it from damage.

Will medium-length hair suit me?

Medium Haircut for Men

There are different medium-length hairstyles for different personalities and lifestyles. There’s something for every man.

What is the best styling product for medium-length hair?

A good pomade or hair wax is a great styling product for your medium-length hair.

What length is considered medium in men’s haircuts?

A medium length is neither too long nor too short.

How can I improve my hair growth?

Eat a balanced diet, stay hydrated and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can also grow fuller hair with supplements.