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The most common reason for hair loss in men is male pattern baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia. With this condition, beard loss might happen too. It can be frustrating to deal with thinning hair or a receding hairline.

Some hairstyles don’t look as nice as when you had thick hair, as your hairline recedes and the hair on top of your head thins. Fortunately, several strategies to handle your hairstyle when it begins to thin and recede.

40 Most Popular Older Men’s Hairstyles for Thinning Hair

Comb-Over Hairstyle for Thinning Hair

Comb-Over For Older Menmodern hairstyles for men over 50
old hair style for men
older man slicked back hair

Photo @alitheebarber

A comb-over is a straightforward choice to consider. The primary reason for this hairstyle’s popularity is its neat appearance. It is an excellent take on the traditional pompadour and never seems excessive.

You only need to sweep your fine hair to one side and comb it in your selected direction while using a tiny bit of pomade or hair wax.

Low Fade Quiff With Comb Over

Older Dude Low Fade Quiffmiddle age men hairstyles
middle age mens hairstyles
military haircut for balding

Photo @patrick.prunetti

One of the essential components of current popular haircuts is certainly a fade. A sloppy, textured quiff will look great on you if you have thinning hairlines. However, to pull off this hairstyle, you’d need to have hair that is at least medium in length.

Buzz Cut Hairstyle for Thinning Hair With Goatee Beard

Buzz Cut Older Men's Hairstyles for Thinning Hairmens hairstyles 60 plus
mens hairstyles for fine hair
mens hairstyles long on top

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If you have finer hair, a buzz cut is ideal because it is simple to style and maintains. A buzz cut is another effective treatment for receding hairlines because it lessens the distinction between your forehead and hair, which hides the entire hairline.

Older Men Crew Cut Hairstyle

Crew Cut Hairstyles for Thinning Hairmens hair styles for thinning crown
mens haircuts 2023 for thin hair
mens haircuts 50 years old

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The military-style crew cut is one of the best hairstyles for guys who are balding or trying to hide a receding hairline. In this haircut, the hair is often cut short on top and considerably shorter on the sides and back. The best feature of this haircut is how nicely it complements practically all facial shapes.

Side Part Haircut for Older Men Thinning Grey Hair

Side Part Older Men's Hairstyles for Thinning Hairmen's haircuts for balding thin hair
men's medium length hairstyles over 50
mens hair styles for 60 year olds

Photo @christinathebarber__

A side part will seem to be your best bet if you want your receding hair to look fantastic and denser. However, this hairdo will only work if you resist using an excessive amount of styling products. Otherwise, a hair gel or styling paste weighs your fine hair.

Older Men Curtain Hairstyle

Curtain Hairstyle
medium length haircuts for older guys with thinning hair
men's hair styles over 50
men's haircut for 40 year old

A long fringe separated in the middle, giving it the appearance of curtains, is the defining feature of this hairstyle. It is a reasonably adaptable appearance that may be improved by combining it with other current hairstyles, like a taper fade or an undercut.

Slick Back Pomp

Slick Back Pomphairstyles for over 50 men's
hairstyles men over 40
how to cut older men's thinning hair at home


Even though a slick back haircut won’t cover your receding hairline, it’s a terrific way to own it and masks crown-thinning hair. A smooth back hairstyle is precisely as it sounds: short sides and hair pulled back over your crown at the top of your head.

Caesar Cut For Older Men With Thin Hair

Caesar Cut Hairstyles for Thinning Hairhairstyles for men 50
hairstyles for men with thinning hair on top
hairstyles for over 50 male

Photo from: klublub/depositphotos.com

A Caesar cut is a hairdo with short, straight bangs. It is a low-key haircut that short-haired males who adore fringes favor. As a result of this cut’s adaptability, practically anyone can wear it. This hairstyle is perfect for men who struggle with hair loss.

Razor Shave Hairstyle for Thinning Hair With Full Beard

Razor Shave Salt and Pepper Beardhaircuts for 60 year old men
haircuts for older gentleman
haircuts for older guys with thinning hair over 60

Photo @odellexec

The man’s hair is shaved in the back and front of this hairdo. Because they create a high-contrast and disconnected look, this hairstyle has proven to be a beautiful addition to any current hairdo.

If you want to display a razor cut, you probably won’t have to worry about the rest of your hair since this cut looks good on everyone.

Ivy League Hairstyle for Thinning Hair

Middle Aged Man With Greying Hair and Modern Hairstyle
haircut men over 40
haircut styles for 50 year old man
haircuts for 55 year old man

An exceptional classic Ivy league haircut can be your greatest option if you’re looking for a business cut for your fine hair. It displays a taper fade with a sensitive firm portion on one side.

On the other side, however, the side-swept hair on the top expertly conceals the receding hairline, which organically integrates with the style.

Mature Men Hair Thinning Taper Fade

Older Guys Taper Fadehair style for 55 year old man
haircut for men 50 years old
haircut for men thin hair

Photo @anthonythebarber916

With its classic, timeless elegance, the tapper haircut is a head-turner for older men over 50. The best feature of this hairstyle is that the top hair is left long while the sides and back are tapered, giving it a disjointed appearance.

Older guys can look more presentable, youthful, and brilliant in any situation with this hairdo.

Hair Thinning Side Swept Hairstyle With Handlebar Mustache

Side Swepthair cut for 50 year old man
hair cut for elderly man
hair cuts for men over 40

Photo @alitheebarber

Adopting this hairstyle is appropriate if you want to control your hair or cover up any flaws. The top hairs are combed to one side while another side is left natural in this haircut. Undoubtedly, this haircut is among the most striking ones for elderly guys.

Undercut With a Longer Top

Undercut With a Longer Top
cool haircuts for 50 year old man
fade haircut for older man
good haircuts for men with thinning hair

This hairdo is one that older men have long tried. Over the past few years, this hairstyle has become utterly fashionable and has progressively increased in popularity among senior men. The top is styled with long hair, contrasting with the side hairs.

The hair on the side and back has the same shape and is either wholly shaved or has been given a misleading look.

Short Textured Cut

Short Textured Cut Hairstyles for Thinning Hairbest haircut for guys with thinning hair on top
best haircuts for 50 year old man
comb over haircut old man

Photo @silverbeard013

The greatest older men’s haircut for thinning hair is short, textured hair if you prefer short hairstyles. The hairstyle is primarily favored because it is simple to maintain and looks good. Older men who enjoy dressing stylishly can choose this look to showcase their originality.

Short Fringe Hairstyle for Thinning Hair

Short Fringe
best fades for thin hair
best hair style for thin hair male
best haircut for 65 year old man

A small fringe hairstyle is one of the favorite hairstyles for elderly guys. A contemporary, trendy little fringe hairstyle is the ideal option for elderly men who have bangs. This hairstyle enables older men to style several looks because it looks well on guys with long, short, curly, or wavy hair.

Short Spiky Hairstyle for Older Men With Thinning Hair

Short Spiky Hair For Men Over 7070 year-old man with long hair
balding men's hairstyles 2023
balding slicked back hair

Photo from: PopularImages/depositphotos.com

Military haircuts are primarily the inspiration for the short, spiky cut. Fortunately, this has resulted in a variety of spiky haircut patterns. This hairstyle is ideal for guys who want to spend less time styling their hair and instead use their fingers.

High and Tight

High and Tight Thin Hair For Older Menshort haircut for 50 year old man
skin fade old man
slicked back hair older man

Photo @alitheebarber

High and tight haircuts might give a pleasing contour if you’re seeking a male hairstyle for older guys. This hairstyle is mainly influenced by the military, with the sides entirely or partially faded, the back kept longer, and the top kept short for a tidy appearance.

This haircut’s best feature is its numerous versions, each of which is elegant.

Short Top With Skin Fade Gray Hair

Short Top With Skin Fade Older Men Hairstyle
older mens haircuts with beards
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senior men's hairstyles 2023

The most common older men’s thinning hairstyles are short hair with skin fades. This haircut may make your morning routine simple and quick because it takes less effort to maintain.

The top hair is short in this hairdo, while the side and back hairs have been faded with a trimmer and razor. For the hairdo to stand out and be more attractive, most elderly men prefer to maintain a buzz cut paired with a beard.

French Crop Hairstyle for Thinning Hair

French Cropold man spiky hair
older men's thinning hair styles
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Photo @universalcutsbarbershop

The French Crop haircut is one of the best older men’s haircuts for thinning hair. Those older men who want a hairdo that makes them look elegant can undoubtedly choose this look. With universally appealing cool hairstyles, older men with thinning hair can shape themselves.

The undercut, curls, and fades are just a few of the vast varieties of this hairstyle that make older men look appreciative.

Man Bun Hairstyle for Thinning Hair And Facial Hair

Man Bunmen's hairstyles for receding hair over 50
mens hairstyles for receding hair over 50
mens thin hair styles

Photo @vipin_sachdeva99

The bun is one of the traditional looks for older guys to convey a stylish viewpoint. A bun provides one’s appearance with a sense of serenity and assurance. The whole man bun is simple to make and has a unified appearance.

If you wear your hair in a man bun, you must remember to manage it often to keep it healthy.

Faux Hawk

Faux Hawkmen thin hairstyles
men's hair styles for thinning hair
men's hairstyle 50 year old

Photo from: Fred Duval/shutterstock.com

A faux hawk is comparable to the infamous mohawk, but without the striking strip of spiky hair on a bare skull. This hairdo is noticeable because it is striking without being overly so. You can become confused when selecting the ideal new hairdo due to the variety of faux hawk hairstyles.

Blow Backlonger hairstyles for older men
male pattern baldness hairstyle for thin hair male
medium length haircuts for older men

Photo @alitheebarber

Thinning Hair Slickhairstyles for 45 year old man
hairstyles for 60 year old men
how should a 60 year old man cut his hair

Photo @ashxlauren

Feathered Back Side Haircut for Thinning Hairhaircut 50 year old man
haircut men over 50
haircut middle aged man

Photo @ashxlauren

Two Part From Above Losing Hairhair cut for thinning hair men
hair cuts for 40 year old man
hair style for mature man

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Undercut For balding menbest men's haircut for thinning hair on crown
best men's short haircuts for thinning hair
fade haircut older men

Photo @alan_beak

Classic Slick Backbest haircut for old men
best haircuts for men over 60
best hairstyle for 40 year old man

Photo @alan_beak

Layered Salt And Papperbest hair cuts for thin hair men
best haircut for 50 year old man
best haircut for male pattern baldness

Photo @alan_beak

Slick And Pomp50 year old mens hairstyles 2023
balding fade haircut
best hair cut for men with thin hair

Photo @alitheebarber

Oldschool Gentleman Hairstyle40 year old men's haircuts
40 year old mens hairstyles
50 year old male hairstyles

Photo @alitheebarber

White Pomp For Older Gentlemanold man haircut bald on top name
over 50 receding hairline older mens hairstyles thinning hair
short haircuts for 70 year old man

Photo @alitheebarber

Two Side Comb Overhairstyle for 50 year old man
hairstyles for men in their 50s
men's haircut for 50 year old

Photo @alan_beak

Slick Backhair style for 60 year old man
hair styles for men in their 50s
haircut styles for men over 60

Photo @alitheebarber

Blow Dried Slick Hair For Men Over 60older men short hairstyles
short haircuts for balding men
current middle aged men's hairstyles

Photo @alitheebarber

Spiky gray hairmens hairstyles for 50+
middle age man haircut
older man spiky hair style

Photo @scammellsbarbershop

Bound Braidshair styles for older balding men
low maintenance haircuts for 70 year old man
men's over 60 hairstyles

Photo @silverwolf_70

Two Partshort haircuts for men with thinning hair
best haircut for 60-year old man
hair cuts for 60 year old man

Photo @patrick.prunetti

balding men Blow Up Hairstylebalding mens haircuts 2023
mature mens short haircuts
men's hairstyles for balding hair over 60

Photo @vuthi.mc

Black White Pompshort haircuts for 70 year old man
haircut styles for men over 50
haircuts for 60 year old man

Photo @scammellsbarbershop

How to Choose Best Older Men’s Hairstyles for Thinning Hair

Not all haircuts are created equal, which is crucial to understand if you’re experiencing hair loss. One of the hardest decisions a senior man must make is what kind of haircut is best for him. Older men should base their haircut decisions on their particular preferences, face shape, and hair volume.

As the hair ages and thinner, curly or textured hair may typically be kept longer because the texture adds volume. If you have straighter hair, you might decide to trim it progressively to match the rate of hair loss.

How to Style Thin Hair

Hairstyle In Progress40 year old men's hairstyles 2023
men's haircuts for 60 year olds
short haircuts for 40 year old man

Photo @alitheebarber

Step 1 – Consider textured top

Consider fusing a shorter top and sides cut with a longer, more textured top. Also, think about brushing your hair from front to back rather than using a side.

Step 2 – Cut the sides short

Cut the sides of your hair very short, keeping the top of your hair medium-length for adaptability. Discuss a layered style with your hairdresser or barber if you want more length. Also, select a buzz cut if you want a low-maintenance haircut.


What is the best way to style thinning hair for men?

The buzz cut is especially recommended if the hair on the crown and top of your head is beginning to thin. These balding hairstyles are a no-fail, badass option for the balding male because they don’t require any styling.

Angry Bearded Old Man Pulling His Hair
short haircuts for older guys with thinning hair
hairstyles for men over 40
mens over 50s hairstyles

Why is gel not good for styling thinning hair?

While styling gels in and of themselves are not harmful to hair, an improper application can cause issues. 

How do you hide the top of thinning hair?

Blowing your hair dry every day might be drying if you have fine hair. A hairdryer is a powerful tool for searching for a hair dryer with ionic technology to reduce damage.

Work a volumizing mousse and heat protection spray into your hair, then tilt your head upside down and blow air directly at the roots of your hair. Adding a lot of volumes will mask any hair loss.

When is it best to buzz all of my hair off?

Men with widow’s peaks, bald patches, or receding hairlines benefit greatly from buzz cuts. The same holds for men with powerful features and lean faces. Make a follow-up visit to the barbershop or shave with the balding clippers every two to three weeks to keep it looking fresh.

Can the process of thinning hair be reversed?

Even while it’s not always feasible to stop hair loss, the sooner you start, the more probable it is that you’ll get the desired results. Numerous hair vitamins and dietary supplements are available that promise to either regrow hair or thicken it.

Green tea, pumpkin seed, coconut oil, and caffeine are some of the natural DHT blockers, the principal hormone causing male pattern baldness. 

How do you cut older men’s hair who are bald on top?

Professional barbers or hair stylists are trained to cut older men’s hair who are bald on top, using clippers and scissors to remove the hair from the crown of the head carefully.

This style can be a bold and modern choice for those looking to embrace their balding or thinning hair.

It is recommended to consult with a professional to ensure a clean and even cut.

What is the old-man haircut called?

The old-man haircut is commonly referred to as a “comb-over.”

This hairstyle involves combing longer hair on top of the head to one side in an attempt to cover up bald spots or receding hairlines.

It is typically associated with older men who are trying to conceal their hair loss.

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