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Getting to that ripe old age also means getting a haircut to match the number on your birth certificate. An old dog with some modern dreadlocks styles does not do.

When you get to a certain age, you need to turn to some classic and timeless styles that are more suitable for the part of the life you are in. To get with the time and your age, we have created an article with the most popular old man haircuts you will love.

Consider these for an improved old man look.

15 Most Popular Hairstyles

To look as swab and elegant in your old age as one should, plenty of gentlemen’s haircuts can be of use. We exclude the top ones that we think you should give thought to trying.

Quiff + Beard

Going old man means going classic, and there is no timeless style than the quiff. The style suits men of all ages, but it best goes when paired with a beard for those in advanced years.

Hair Twists

The best alternative for dreadlocks and braids is twists in your hair. This one is particularly suitable for black men adding years to their calendars. For a subtle look, short twists are preferred.

Ivy League

An Ivy League is an all-time classic. It is one of the neatest hairstyles that an older gentleman can have. This one does its best work when worn on a clean-shaven face and it also leaves some room on top for additional styling if needed.

Dreadlocks in a Bun Hairstyle

Older gents with Afro hair can go for some exquisite dreadlocks tied in a bun. Ideally, use a twist-up style if you have longer locks. It helps get the dreadlocks out of the way and makes for a contemporary look suitable for your age.

Medium Length Comb Over

Sometimes it is best to go as simple as possible and nothing is simpler than a comb-over. The 50s hairstyle’s comb-over version is usually worn on short hair. But the contemporary version, and the one you want here, is most suitable for longer or medium-length hair.

Man With Long White Beard Getting His Hair Trimmed

Wavy Quiff Haircut

One of the top quiff hairstyles is the wavy version of it. It is for those who still have a lot of energy to display as they want to exemplify their fun personality. It also hides away a receding hairline and a window’s peak.

Natural Hairstyle + Beard

Sometimes it does not take a lot to get a perfect style if you keep things natural. Go with what you got and with your natural texture of hair. Do the same with your beard, but make sure that the beard is kept neat.

Long Curly Hairstyle

A straightforward long and curly style works excellence for men with wavy hair. In this case, your hair’s natural texture will do all the work. Apply a comb-over to keep everything stylish and think about adding some hair vitamins to help the hair grow more.

Modern Textured Quiff

A textured quiff is a modern take on the classic style. This one requires more volume and height in the very front. Then comes some hair pomade that you can work into your hair and create a windswept texture. Perfect for old guys that are still active.

Buzz Cut

Keeping your masculinity intact can be done with a simple buzz cut. This one goes well on guys of all ages and is a style that does not require so much maintenance. Also, if you are thinning on the top, a buzz cut will take care of all that and do away with the patch.

Clean Shave Hairstyle

A Bruce Willis look does not mean giving up; it means being certain of your looks and masculinity. Losing one’s hair is never a good feeling, but once the time comes, it just might do you better if you take a razor and shave it all off.

Bald Older Man With His Hands Crossed

Slick Back

Slicked-back hairstyles have some vintage appeal that others don’t have. It is an older man remarkable as it can be paired with a beard of any length and type. It can even go along with a widow’s peak that has probably started to show.

Short Afro

Afro-textured hair is much more prone to breakage than other types of hair. Hence, it becomes significantly harder to sport an Afro as you grow old. But a shorter version of it will complement your entire look much greater than any other kind of long hairstyle.

Faux Hawk

Getting old does not mean giving up on extravagant hairstyles. If you are still wild at heart and like to experiment, a faux hawk style is the one to try. It is still not over the top as mohawk hairstyles are, but it brings just enough youthful energy to an old hound.

Half Up Half Down

If you have strong hair and can still grow it long, half up, half down is a modern style to try out. A man bun combined with long hair that flows to your shoulders looks captivating, even on grey hair.

How to Style and Maintain

With all the retro hairstyles out there and ways to improve your look, you have to know how to start and create the one that you like. Things can go relatively simple if you follow our proposed steps in detail.

Step 1 – Decide on a suitable style

Take into account your hair type, if you have a receding hairline or not, and your head shape. If you start to lose hair, consider shaving your head if no style suits you.

Step 2 – Style accordingly

Use some shaping tools and a bit of hair product if needed. If you are going to be a barber, it is best to show a picture of the style you want.

Step 3 – Maintain 

Regular touch-ups are needed. Also, shampooing your hair is required, but too often, as a couple of times, a week is more than enough. Consider using products to help your hair get stronger and grow firmer.

Try some natural products like balms or conditioners to style the hair. It helps the hair grow healthy and also keeps it intact the way you set it.


What’s the best haircut for older men to look younger?

Some haircuts that can help an older person look younger are the faux hawk or a quiff. Either way, both must be styled well to get your desired youthful effect.

Can old men have long hair?

Yes, they can. If they have stronger hair, they are undoubtedly able to grow it long. Not all men lose their hair, as a certain percentage don’t go bald. Those lucky ones can grow their hair out without showing their age.

What’s the suitable hair length for older men?

Any hair length will do. It just depends on the set of your hair and the personal style you want to go with.

What is the best hairstyle for those over 60?

Neat haircuts usually work for men around 60, even though slick back and comb-over styles are pretty good to try.

What is the best hairstyle for those over 70?

Men around 70 years old should concentrate on short and neat styles. They are suitable as you might start to get a receding hairline by this stage.

Can older men color their hair?

Yes, they can. Older men usually color their hair to cover up their grey hair. However, it does not work if you go all crazy and start using elegant hair colors. Try using natural dyes or the one which is closest to your own.

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