Wavy Hairstyles for Men

Men with wavy hair should never be limited in the styles they can wear. After all, natural flow hairstyles are such eye candy. If you have wavy hair, read on, we’ve got a lot of information on how you can style your hair.

23 Most Popular Wavy Hairstyles For Men

Tousled Top With Tapered Sides

Waves are never symmetrical or perfect; hence wearing them with this style is a great idea. Keep the back and sides shorter to leave the long wavy section on the top.

Wavy Side Swept Hairstyle

If you have long type 2A, you can use mousse or a styling gel to achieve this look. You also need a good comb to sweep the hair to one side. This look is also applicable to dreadlock styles.

Flowy Top With Short Sides

Take advantage of your waves and create a flowy Mexican haircut top to accentuate their beauty. Couple this look with short hair on the sides and use pomade or gel to lay the edges.

Faded Sides

You can still enjoy the full burst of your waves without too much work. Fade the sides of your head with a high-quality clipper and let the waves bounce their way to greatness. Try this on spiky haircuts too.

Shaggy Waves

Sometimes neatness is overrated. If you like to do things differently, try this shaggy style and enjoy the full unmanaged look of your waves. It’s long enough to show off your waves and short enough to maintain.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs have a trendy swooping shape that starts from the middle part. This look will be easy to pull off if you have natural waves. Shave the sides of your head to look even cooler.

Wavy Crop

Instead of cutting your hair short on the sides and back, leave a little length. This will give your hair a better texture and a better way to show off your waves.

Man With Wavy Crop Haircut

Middle Part

If you have longer hair, don’t cut it just yet! Try a hard part in the middle of your head and let the waves flow to your face and take shape.

Wavy Side Part Haircut

Leave a bit of length on the top and draw a hard part on one of your sides. Sweep the longer hair to the other side. Make this look better with a fade on the sides and the back.

Brushed Back

If you can’t stand hair on your face, use a medium hold gel to hold your waves back. Apply gel on the top hair and brush it towards your back. You can clean up this look better with tapered sides.

Textured Taper

Start with this basic haircut if you’re still learning to style your long wavy hair. Accentuate the look with a low fade.

Wavy Quiff Haistyle

The quiff looks exceptionally good when worn on wavy hair. You only need to maintain it well.

Comb Over

You can create volume with your waves by brushing them into a neat combover. This style is easy to achieve and works on different lengths and textures.

Wavy Undercut Haircut

You can have an undercut to go along with your waves. Have your barber give you an excellent shave around your head and style the waves however you like.

Wavy Man Bun Hairstyle

You can hold up your waves in a neat man bun. You must work with a good hair brush or comb and pomade to achieve this look.

French Crop

Who says you can’t wear a French crop on your wavy hair? Talk to our stylist and let them work the magic for you.

Side Swept Bangs

Bangs are a relaxed look, especially if you style them to lie on one side. Use a comb or brush to have this effect on your wavy hair.

Faux Hawk

A faux hawk looks great on straight hair but even better with wavy hair. You only need to learn how to contour the waves to fit the style.

Ivy League

This style originated from the American IvyLeague schools and continues to be one of the best hairstyles for the modern man. It’s most appealing because of its easy maintenance routine.

Surfer Waves

As the name suggests, you can style your wavy hair like a professional surfer. You can sweep the surfer’s hair to one side to make the style look better.

 Men With Long Surfer Hair

Long Layered Waves

Layering your long wavy hair is also a great option when styling it. You can get a barber to layer it and then learn how to style it.

Wavy Highlights

Highlight your waves to create a better and edger look.

Beachy Waves

Let your waves flow down and play in the wind like you’re walking on the beach.

What Are Wavy Hairstyles

Wavy hair falls somewhere between straight and curly and often has a thick texture. Such hair can be hard to style and manage. However, you no longer have to struggle with this. We have a lineup of different ways to style and maintain your hair.

How to Style and Maintain Wavy Haircut

Step 1 – Choose your style

Pick the style that suits your face and lifestyle. You can ask your barber to help you choose low-maintenance hairstyles.

Step 2 – Styling

Use a good hair brush or comb to style your hair. A good pomade,  hair gel or wax (for greaser hairstyles) also comes in handy for holding puffy hair.

Step 3 – Keep clean and moisturized

Only use natural shampoos and conditioners to take care of your hair.

Step 4 – Use quality products

Get the best maintenance products. These include hair cream, pomade, gel, and shampoos.

FAQ About Men’s Wavy Hairstyles

Can I train my hair to be wavy?

Yes. You can use hair products to create waves in your hair.

What is the best way to achieve wavy hair?

Ask your barber to recommend the best products, and let them work on your hair.

How often should I wash my wavy hair?

Don’t wash your wavy hair more than once every week. This helps to protect your hair from damage, breakage, and frizz.

What is the best haircut for wavy hair?

The best haircut depends on your lifestyle and the shape of your face. It also depends on your hair’s texture and the look you want to achieve.

What is the best styling product for wavy hair?

The best styling product for wavy hair is a quality gel or wax to hold the waves in place.

Anthony Giannotti

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