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Maintaining your medium-length hair might sound harsh, but there are many low-maintenance hairstyles that you can get to make it easier for yourself. Through this guide, you can go through such options while also understanding how to maintain and style such hair.

13 Best Medium Low Maintenance Hairstyles

Whether you are looking into a taper vs fade or choosing brow flow looks or considering shaggy hairstyles for men, you should have some ideas to work with. You can go through some ideas below.

Casual Quiff

Get a fade or undercut, keep the top medium in length, and style it into a casual quiff.

Longer Fringe

If you cut your hair short but leave the top longer and make the fringe stand out, you can easily maintain it without worrying about the rest of your hair.

Side Swept Ivy League

For a clean and elegant look, sweep your hair to the side and hold it in place with a product.

Messy Textured Hairstyle

Get a deliberately messy hairstyle and cut your hair into layers or in different directions to create a textured look.

Low Maintenance Side Part

Part your hair to the side and let it hang loose for a casual yet easy-to-handle look.

Classic Taper

Taper your hair’s sides and back portions and leave the top long. Add a part for tidiness.

Mid-Length Crew Cut

You do not always need to cut your hair short for a crew cut. Get an undercut or fade and leave the top longer, so there is no bottom section to worry about.

Mid-Length Crew Cut

Low Maintenance Curly Crop

You can fade out your sides and back while leaving the top long and curly, making it ideal for naturally curly or wavy hair.

Medium Length Shag

With naturally wavy hair, you can cut it to medium length and tousle it a bit to give you a casual and carefree look.

Side Swept Undercut

An undercut can remove most of the hassle for you. Leave the top medium in length and sweep it to the side to keep it in place.

Windswept Texture

Style your hair to the front to highlight some waves in your hair to make it look natural and windswept.

Medium Length With Side Part

Make a side part and divide your hair into sections to create a clean look.

Loose Side Swept

Let your hair hang loose and slightly sweep it to one side.

What Are Low Maintenance Haircuts

If you have medium-length hair, getting those hairstyles that you can easily manage and handle while still looking good can help you considerably. These are low-maintenance hairstyles for medium hair.

Few steps are involved in maintaining such hair, allowing you to save time, resources and effort. Choosing a suitable enough hairstyle can seem as challenging (and as necessary) as selecting a premium beard balm, so make sure you know what you need and like.

How to Maintain 

Step 1 – Wash regularly

The easiest thing to do is wash your hair regularly with shampoo and conditioner to ensure that it stays nourished and healthy. Do not overdo it with daily washing. Make sure you also use a high-quality and reliable brand.

Step 2 – Use the right products

You can use a hair relaxer to make your curls easier to manage but opt for one that does not cause too much damage. Use only the world’s best hair clay and other products to get you healthy and stylish looks. Applying hair gel should also be done rarely and adequately.

Step 3 – Avoid hair dryers

Using a hairdryer too frequently can add too much heat and chemicals to your hair and cause it to become brittle and rough. Use them rarely and keep the heat low.

Step 4 – Use the right comb

Make sure you use the right comb for your hair. A fine-toothed comb might work for some hair types and textures and not for others. In either case, ensure the comb or brush does not pull at your hair too much or hurt your scalp.

Man Combing His Hair

Step 5 – Trim often

Trim your hair often to maintain and manage the length better. Ask your barber for advice and help if you find it challenging to figure things out.

Low Maintenance Quick Styling Tips

● Use a professional hairspray for men to dampen your hair a bit before styling.
● Make sure you wash your hair the day you want to style them to achieve the best possible results.
● Invest in a stylish shaving mirror to view your process up close.
● Use a comb and your fingers to style your hair.
● Apply hair products like wax, gel, clay or pomade to hold the hairstyle in place.
● Use a blow dryer occasionally to add some volume to your hair.
● If you want to reduce the frizziness or volume in certain sections, use a brush and press the hair down.
● For a casual look, make it a point to tousle your hair before going out.
● Ask your stylist or hairdresser to choose a style and carry it out for you.


What is the best low-maintenance medium hairstyle for men?

A casual quiff, an afro, a mid-length crew cut and more are some best low-maintenance medium hairstyles.

What low-maintenance haircut should I get if I have thin hair?

A crew cut or a fringe can work for thin hair while still being easy to maintain.

How do you maintain a medium hairstyle?

If you wash your hair regularly, use the right products, get regular trims, eat healthily and avoid too many chemicals or dryers, you can easily maintain your medium hairstyle.

Man with Healthy Hair


As troublesome as it might be to have medium-length hair, it can be worth it to opt for a hairstyle that helps you retain your length and provide a stylish look while also being easy to maintain. Now that you know about some styles to pick and how to keep them look stylish and simplify your haircare routine.

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