Cheerful Girl With Curly Hair

Curly hair, don’t care! Curly or wavy hair is extremely beautiful, but at the same time, it can be an incredible nuisance. Girls with curly hair constantly struggle to maintain it and allow it to look beautiful.

However, it all comes at a cost, as you are constantly compelled to take a hair straightener and get it all out of the way. Things don’t have to be that way, as many curly hairstyles can help you look beautiful and easily maintain.

Your curly hair does not have to be a burden for you; it should be something you are proud of and what helps you to display your feminine features.

For that reason, we urge you to check out some curly hair examples that we have gathered and also learn more about the maintenance of the type of hair as well as the proper setting of it.

With our help, various women can get excellent hair ideas to improve their appearance with a fashionable hairdo.

Let’s begin.

40 Most Popular Curly Hairstyles

Having curly hair is both a blessing and a curse. You are constantly in flux about switching to short haircuts but are holding on by a thread to keep your wonderful curly hair.

Dealing with the curly ends and the ringlets constantly makes you think switching to a ponytail or straight hair would be better.

To help you hold even firmer, here are the most popular curly hairstyles that we have today that might inspire your potential new look:

Ombre Curls

An excellent ombre style will benefit your curls very much. Starting will depend on your natural hair color, so you can choose the color combination you want to embellish your locks.

Headband Hairstyle

One of the ways of taming your curly hair is going for easy band hairstyles. Accessories are always fun to try and in this case, they can be very practical. A headband will hold the curls in place and help you look stunning at the same time.

Curly Shaggy Hairstyle for Natural Hair

Take some weight off your natural curls by shortening them, but let them go wild. The shaggy look is much more suitable for mid-length hair and allows natural hair to thrive.

Mermaid Waves

The mermaid’s hair is more suitable for girls that have wavy hair. Take Gisele Bundchen, for example, and the way she sets her hair.
This could be you and it won’t take long to style it.

Pretty Wavy Blonde Balayage Lob

Even though caramel balayage hair is in style these days, a blonde balayage lob is a better choice for wavy hair. You will save so much time preparing in the morning as you can finger-comb your lob before you leave for the day.

Bouncy Volume

Curly hair does help you add that spring to your step and can genuinely make you happy. To achieve that, you are going to need help maintaining that volume. Be sure to condition your hair and moisturize it with the necessary products so it retinas a natural bounce.

Girl With Bouncy Curly Volume Hair

Easy French Twist

You can deal with your curly hair like Zendaya and create a French twist. This one is much simpler to make than you think and looks stunning even for a red-carpet occasion.

Soft Voluminous Curls for Mid-Length Hair

Shorter curls are much easier to maintain than long ones. If you are prepared to sacrifice some length and switch to mid-length, you can still preserve the volume of your hair and add some softness and elegance at the same time.

Cute Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are a perfect way of taming and protecting your natural curls. Some may see it as s baddie hairstyle, but it is simply a style that helps to protect your hair and get it out of the way and nicely tucked away while creating a unique look at the same time.

Deep Side Part

You can add a deep side part to your hair when feeling romantic. That way, you use your hair’s natural texture to your advantage and give it a pristine look.

Clumpy Curls With Highlights

If you have a lot of volume in your hair, you can create massive, clumpy curls that make the hair even more stunning.
Add some highlights through it to give it more shine.

Medium Curly Brunette Shag With Babylights

You don’t always have to go for massive curls and can shape them into medium ones. Go with babylights instead of highlights and see how your shag improves.

Sky-High Pony

Updo hairstyles are still very much in style. Particularly with curly hair, you can wear it up and create a pony at the top of your head where your curly unravels and form a palm tree hairstyle. Updos don’t require creating braid ponytails, but they add pop and lots of lift to your hair.

Messy Rounded Curly Bob

A rounded curly bob is the easiest and the most natural style for curly hair. The natural curliness of the hair does half of the work for you and you only need to mess it up a bit for added impressions. Bobs don’t require much cream or gel to style or set up the front or the bottom; the key is to style it with your fingers.

Girl With Bob Curly Hair

Messy Half-Bun

Curly hair allows a girl to have more than one option. A but is one of them and you don’t even have to gather all of your curls up.
You can do a half bun, allowing the rest of the hair to float around.

Brushed Out

If you have some wick dreads and decide to give up on them, brushing them out is the most suitable way to remove them. At the same time, you will get a unique style specifically ideal for long hair.

Chin-Length Curly Bob Haircut

Instead of a rounded bob, you can go for one up to your chin. The curls go masterfully with this style and, in a way, allow things to develop naturally.

Frizzy Half-Up/Half-Down

Another look that you can create is by brushing your curls out. Instead of gathering them all up, wear some of it and the rest down to get more impressions for the people around you.

Classic Slick-Back

One of the most suitable celebrity styles is slicing back your curls. While the part on your head remains combed back with grease, the rest of the curls should go loose in the back.

Shoulder-Length Wavy Hair

You have to take advantage of having luscious, naturally wavy hair. Let it loose, but shorten it, so it does not surpass your shoulders.

Long Layered Haircut

Adding layers can help you distribute your curls, especially if they fly about. In particular, it can help with long hair, allowing you to stack the layers on each other.

Medium U Cut With Defined Curls

A U-cut is a way that can help you tame your hair. It plays on the strength of your natural curls, allowing you to get a style that fits any occasion.

Low Curly Bun With Loose Curls

Move some of your hair on top and create a curly bun. Leave some of the curls and allow them to fall loose on the slides of your face.

Messy Curly Brunette Shag

One of the most traditional and classic looks is a messy shag. If you have brown hair, you will get a more down-to-earth look which will not be too extreme for upper-class situations.

Modern Short Curly Hairstyle

Funky Layered Shag for Long Hair

Having curly hair is usually followed by some funky music. You can shag up your long culrs, so your hair goes in the tones of your favorite music.

Mid-Length Curly Hairstyle With Curly Bangs

Your bangs can play an integral part when styling your curly hair. The curls should be left at mid-length while styling the bangs, so they allow your eyes to come into focus.

Unraveled Braids

After wearing your braids, unravel them, and don’t brush out the hair. Leave it be and add some accessories to get a style that should fit younger girls more.

Mid-Length Light Pastel Pink Curly Hairstyle

It is pretty nice to introduce some hair color to the mix. We propose some light pastel pink hues for this occasion to help your curls get the most out of their natural beauty.

Messy Shoulder-Length Hairstyle for Curly Hair

Shaggy hair can be your advantage, especially if you have well-defined curls. To get some structure, keep it till shoulder-length and wear it like you don’t care.

Messy Angelic Look With Big Curls

If you have preserved your hair all this time and got some big curls, you can go for an angelic look and earn some extra points.

Double Buns

Two is always better and if you have loads of hair, some double buns will help you tuck all of it away. You can wear a princess Leia looks and put one on each side of your head.

Short Finger Waves

Creating finger waves is most suitable for shorter hair. They take a little time to create but pay off dividends eventually.
Check out Rihanna’s finger waves for inspiration.

Long V Cut for Curly Hair

A pronounced and defined V cut is quite a good choice on longer hair. Your curls can get the treatment they deserve, as you will protect and care for them if you shape them this way.

Ravishing Golden Blonde Curly Hairstyle

Golden blonde is a very exquisite color choice. It will embellish your locks even more and your curly hair will get an upper-level treatment.

Medium Highlighted Style With Loose Curls

Adding highlights to black hair is easy, but doing it on curly hair can be difficult. However, if you find a good stylist, some medium highlights will work well on loose curls.

Voluminous Half Up

Curly hair usually means a lot of volumes. To help you manage all that weight, create a half-up where you will distribute some of the hair and leave the rest draping your shoulders.

Mid-Length Curls

With so many curls everywhere, it helps to get rid of some of them by getting them to mid-length. Creating a wild style is easy, then, as the curls are going to work in your favor.

Girl Mid Length Curly Hairstyle

Long Curly Hairstyle for Balayage Hair

Introducing some color into the mix is a great idea. A curly balayage on black hair sounds like a perfect combo. It is best done on longer curls as your hair drops down naturally downward.

Low Bun With Braids

You have the option of combing your curls with some braids. Create a low bun and make some braids that hang on the sides.
There are a variety of peekaboo braids to try, but you can choose which ones you prefer the most.

Sleek Updo

Sleek hair does come with its benefits in controlling curly hair. What you can do is combine it with an updo and control the hair at the same time while setting it in a very attractive manner.

How to Style and Maintain Curly Haircuts

Depending on which style you choose, curly haircuts can be very easy or hard to set. However, if you can follow some of these basic steps, you will have an excellent haircut for any type of occasion.

It helps if you have naturally curly hair, as we are opposed to getting a perm as it might damage your hair.

Step 1 – Pick the style you like

It can be short or long, depending on how you like setting your hair.

Step 2 – Cut the hair to a specific length if needed

Messily style the rest.

Step 3 –  Use a quality conditioner to help nourish your hair

Use products that have natural ingredients so your locks can stay healthy.

Be sure to go to a beauty saloon every three to four weeks. That way, your hair will need the necessary styling if necessary.

Picking suitable hair styles do not only depend on the hair type; you also have to determine the curl pattern as well. The trick comes in handling the tresses, the definition of your hair, face shape, and the hairline around the forehead to add a new dimension and vibe to your look.


What is the easiest curly hairstyle to do?

The one that comes out naturally. You only need to wash your hair, use some texturizing products and you are there. The effect may depend on hair texture, but you must allow your mane to curl naturally. 

How to care for natural curls?

You must wash your hair with shampoo no more than 2-3 times a week. It is good to use a conditioner to help moisturize the hair. You should avoid using hair oils, which may weigh down the curls.

Do curly hairstyles need to be layered?

It depends on the style. Usually, no, but if you are getting a specific style, you can. It also depends on the frizz, hair length, and product you use.

What are some tips for maintaining curly hair?

Try air drying it instead of using a blow dryer. Heat can damage the hair; if your curls lose their moisture, they might get dry and brittle. A woman may forget that different shades and colors can upset her natural tendrils and may even damage the roots, the scalp and the strands.

How often should you trim curly hair?

It depends on the style and how fast your hair grows. Every three to four weeks is the usual time when curls can be cut. You have to watch out for the movement of your hair and whether you need to straighten up the crown, the fringe, or the body of your hair.

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