Serious Black Young Woman With Wavy Two Buns Baddie Hairstyle

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In the same way as girls like bad boys, guys also go for baddies.

A baddie is a confident but fierce girl that is always put together and looks marvelous. Imagine somebody like Kylie Jenner as the best example.

Becoming a baddie does not only mean wearing fashionable clothes that are in trend. While behaving a certain way is essential, adding a suitable hair design is crucial.

Therefore, you must have the necessary knowledge of baddie hairstyles to look the part.

This is what we are going to teach you today.

Nothing left to do than to read our tips and ideas so you can update your Instagram profile soon with your new badass look.

23 Most Popular Baddie Hairstyles

To look like a proper baddie, you can’t get any hairstyle out there. You need a specific one that will show off the exact nature of a baddie.

We have some great examples for you and advise you to check them out.

Half-Up Fountain Pony

You have probably seen this one on celebrities like Ariana Grande and Khloe Kardashian. If you have, you know the best way to wear it.

They have a chicer version of the half-up pony, but you can make this one easily at home. You do need to have long hair and take care of it properly.

Slick Bun

Baddies like using their natural features to their advantage. The best way to do so is to get the hair out of the way, but you need to know how to do it properly.

Instead of a fun peekaboo hairstyle, you should make a slick bun. You can wear the bun on top or in the back, but the hair around it needs to look very slick.

Half-Up Sleek Top-Knot

This one is the top choice if you have straight hair. No matter the color of your hair, you can create a small top-knot while allowing the rest of your hair to go down. You can sleek it up a bit and it works even better if you have really long hair that falls to your shoulders.

Clipped Up

Clipped up means adding a snap or butterfly clip to your hair. This one allows you to get very creative and the clip you add becomes an accessory. You can add more or strategically place one at a special spot to hold your hair.

Protective Cornrows

Cornrows are the ultimate baddie hairstyle. They make the wearer a lot tougher, even at first glance. However, this one is difficult to create, especially if you have long hair.

It requires some skill and perhaps even going to a professional. When done correctly, it will exemplify your baddie nature.

Protective Cornrows Baddie Hairstyle

Accent Braids

Creating accent braids is much easier than making longer braids or having them all over your hair. These are supposed to be worn on top of your head or in a few places as your hair goes downwards.

The most usual way is to have two french braids made from your hairline to the crown.

Baddie Space Buns

Some will advise you to try pink ombre hair, but instead, we tell you to get space buns. The very name is fun to say and the look can become even more amusing. It is pretty simple, requiring you to create two buns on each side of your head. The bigger, the better and badder.

Shiny Long Hair

If you treated your hair right with good products and were able to grow it nice and long, you are already halfway to a baddie hairstyle. It is a quintessential baddie look, as shiny long hair can be worn tied or without accessories.

The idea is to allow it to go down on both of your shoulders or just one and just let it shine.

Criss Cross Band Hairstyle

Band hairstyles are easy and making it in a crisscross pattern is the very essence of a real baddie. The most popular way is to section your hair into smaller ponytails which are then supposed to cross over each other throughout the entire hairline.

It may take more time to create, but the payback is immeasurable.

Brazilian Body Wave

Baddies like to show off their hair and make everyone see the chicness and glamour. A Brazilian body wave is the most suitable way to achieve that effect.

You need to have good hair texture to make this one happen and sometimes it is enough to simply have naturally wavy hair.

High Top-Knot Hairstyle

When it comes to baddie hairstyles, top knots are what’s in. You also have to know how to wear a top-knot. So basically, the higher, the better, and the bigger.

Braids Boxer

We get to see more and more girls do boxing and MMA. These are essentially bad girls that like to fight but also need a way to get their hair out of the way.

Boxer braids are the answer for all those bad girls with long hair. These are two tight braids that are made on the sides which run toward your back. Box braids can give you a specific edge, especially when combined with a toothbrush look and they look great in any hair color.

Boxer Braids Haircut

Rubber Band Hairstyles

Baddies like to incorporate rubber bands in all kinds of intricate ways. The more you have them and the more creative you get with them, the better and badder the hairstyle will look. Try using different colored bands in your hair and see the result.

Twist Out Hairstyle 

Use your natural hair to your advantage and create a baddie look. Twist your natural hair with a simple braid to get the desired effect.

A single twist is easy to make, but it might take a little more time than you are willing to invest. So be ready to spend a few hours doing it.

Long Braided Ponytail

Braids are what essentially make a baddie hairstyle work. Black hair with highlights can look cool, but not if you want to be a baddie.

So use your long hair to your advantage by creating one massive braided ponytail. You can throw it around and wear it in the back or draped across your shoulder.

Blunt Bob

You might think that this is not a real baddie hairstyle. When you look at it closely and see the sharpness and the uniqueness, you immediately start to understand why Natalie Portman had the haircut in Leon: The Professional.

Baddie Bandana Hairstyles

Bandanas are back in fashion while being missed for quite a long time. However, they have come back as a staple of the baddie culture. What you can do with this one is a lot. It is versatile and you can wear your bandana in all kinds of manners as long as it goes with your hair.

Butterfly Clips Hairstyle

Using butterfly clips is not the same as creating a beautiful butterfly haircut. Baddies like accessories and these kinds of clips allow you to style your hair in all kinds of different manners. Clip your hair, use colorful ones, and wear them both long and short.

Finger Waves for Short Hair

No one rocks finger waves better than Zendaya. She has the style done as perfectly as it can be worn. It is an exceptional choice for glamorous occasions, especially for a red-carpet outing or a simple dinner.

Classic Pigtails

You can never go wrong with a classic look. Pigtails are the essence of the schoolgirl look but are now a part of the baddie culture. More so, it is probably the easiest style to get, as all you need are two bands to tie two pigtails on the side of your head.


Dreadlocks are another baddie staple. Of course, they look much better on black girls, but everyone can wear them. However, creating dreadlocks and maintaining them is not easy, so be ready for a lot of added work.

Sleek Laid Edges

No baddie style is complete without styling your hair’s sleek laid edges or slayed edges. It involves styling the baby hair that frows around the hairline and, that way, adding that unique twist that the hair needs.

Sleek Laid Edges Hairstyle

Colored Hair

A baddie-colored hair can be pretty versatile. You don’t have to settle for just one tone; you can pick multiple ones, even all at once. So you can choose between a toned-down version or a really crazy one.

Anyone should get these hair baddie hairstyles once in their life as they don’t require that much effort to create and maintain.

How to Style and Maintain Baddie Hairstyles

Not everyone can be a baddy. You need the complexion, the attitude and the notion of being one. However, people can start to recognize you as one if you start rocking a good baddie look.

Step 1 – Choose the style

Pick one of the many styles we have pointed out here.

Step 2 – Style

Grow your hair to the necessary length and cut and style appropriately.

Step 3 – Maintain

Throw in some accessories (bands and clips) and decide whether to braid parts of your hair or the whole lot.

Step 4 – Use the right hair products

Be sure to condition your hair and wash it with a suitable shampoo, but do not overdo it.

Wigs are out of the question and bangs and bobs may be getting a comeback, but something you should do before thinking about these looks is to read the things on our list and follow them to perfection.


When did baddie hairstyles become popular?

Most baddie hairstyles originate from the 90s and 2000s, but much of their popularity stems from the 2010s and onward.

What are some easy baddie hairstyles to do?

Ponytail hairstyles and bun hairstyles are the easiest. You only need a band and don’t need to style the hair as much.

Which celebrities have the best baddie hairstyles?

Zendaya, Ariana Grande, and Kylie Jenner are the ones that first come to mind.

Will a baddie hairstyle suit me?

You never know until you try it. However, you must have the complexion and the attitude to wear one properly. It also depends on the front, the curls, and the colors so you can become a baddie beauty.