Side Half Up Space Bun Pigtail Hairdo

Remember those pigtails you used to rock back in grade school?

Well pigtail hairstyles are now back, and more and more women are choosing this minimalist way to style their hair for everyday and special occasions.

Pigtails feature two sections of hair tied to each side of the head.

Children mainly wear the style, but grownups are finding new and innovative ways to rock the hairdo.

There are so many situations where you may need to tie your hair in ponytails, such as when working out, running errands or spicing up your look.

So, if you are looking for ways to experiment with pigtails, this comprehensive guide is for you.

We will look at some of the most popular pigtail hairstyles for the modern woman.

25 Most Popular Pigtail Hairstyles

From sleek twists to ultra-voluminous curls, stylists and celebs are proving that pigtails aren’t just for young girls.
Revisit this classic elementary ‘do with 25 of the most popular pigtail hairstyles of the modern century.

Short Pigtail Braids

If you have long hair, this is a style you should try. It features short braids and long tails that hang loosely over the shoulders giving off a more mature vibe. Side-sweep the bangs and pin them to one side to finish off the look.

Pigtail Buns

This is also an ideal hairstyle for women with long hair. It is characterized by a laid-back look and messy sophistication that gives off a bohemian vibe. Gather your hair into pigtails and loop them into messy twists at the back.

Double Pigtail Top Knots Haircut

This style works for all hair colors. It is a playful style that gives off a cartoon appeal.
The best thing is that it’s one of the easiest pigtail hairstyles to achieve.

To rock it, divide your hair in half and twist each half into a high chignon but leave the tails loose for a more relaxed look.

French Braid Ponytail Pigtails

If you are into French braids, consider a Viking hairstyle or the more playful French braid ponytail hairstyle.
This is an effortless style, especially if you know how to French braid your hair.

Create braid pigtails towards the back of the head but stop at the neck and leave the rest of the hair loose.
The result is two loose ponytails that fall to the back.

French Braid Ponytail Pigtails

Ribbon Pigtail Braids

If you like adding accessories to your hair, you will have fun styling your hair this way.
The colorful pigtail look is achieved by wrapping a bright ribbon through each braid.

It is an excellent choice if you want to add pizzaz to your outfit or support a specific cause.
For instance, you could wrap a pink ribbon through your pigtail braids to support breast cancer month.

No Part Pigtail Braids

This is a perfect hairstyle for when you want a minimalist look. It is a twist on the classic style where the part is hidden by pulling the hair from one side of the head across to the other and tying it in ponytails. It looks good on short and medium hair.

If you want to add a fun twist to it, consider dyeing your hair with an electronic red or a stunning caramel balayage.

Oversized Pigtails Hairstyle

This hairstyle will look good on you if you have long, thick hair. The larger-than-life braids are a showstopper.
They are reverse French braids whereby each section is loosened afterward with the fingers.

Fishtail Braids

Fishtails are a fun variation of the traditional braid and an excellent alternative for women who like stepping out of their comfort zones to try what others consider difficult-to-achieve hairstyles. From a glance, they look difficult to achieve, but they are pretty simple.

Visit the hair salon to get your fishtail braids if you don’t have the skills to do it at home.

Embellished Pigtail Braids

This is another great hairstyle to rock if you don’t like looking ordinary. Sometimes it features smaller braids twisted into larger ones and faux pearls. It will take a long time to achieve, but the result is worth all the struggle.

Pin Curl Pigtail Hairstyle

Are you looking for vintage alt hairstyles to try? You can’t go wrong with the pin curl pigtail hairstyle.
It involves making small pin curls on top and finishing off with short pigtails on the sides. To accentuate the curls, add a wispy headband.

Pin Curl Pigtail Hairstyle

Two-Tone Pigtail Braids

If you have thick hair, try the voluminous two-tone pigtail braids hairstyle. If you don’t have thick hair, you will need to do a lot of teasing and apply lots of hairsprays to achieve the right volume.

Once you have that, dye one side a different color and the other a different shade, then tie them up in two high ponytails.
It is the perfect hairstyle for women who desire a funky style that complements their personalities.

Pigtail Twists

This is another messy hairstyle you should consider trying. It involves making two fishtail braids that you twist into two little buns on each side of the head. Pin the burns in place and finish with quality hairspray.

Low Pigtail Hairstyles

Nothing beats the low pigtail hairdo if you are looking for a more relaxed hairstyle.
To achieve it, tie each section of your hair loosely just below your ears.

If you want a more polished look, wrap an area of your hair around the hair ties.

Crimped Pigtail Braids

The hairstyle has a runway look, but that doesn’t mean you can’t adopt it for everyday life.
Use a hair crimper to achieve a curly volume in your hair before tying it into two ponytails at the top of the head.

High Top Braid Pigtail Hairstyle

This pigtail hairstyle will look dashing on you if you have long hair. Start at the top of the head and tie a few strands of hair around the base of the braid. When you do that, the pigtails will drop beautifully on the sides of the head.

Colorful Pigtail Braids

If you adore peekaboo hairstyles, colorful braids are a great way to add fun to an ordinary braid hairstyle.
To achieve the look, you will need to get colored braids that you twist into your hair and tie into two ponytails at the top.

Leave the rest of the hair hanging loosely at the back. The colored braids will be the show stoppers.

Low Pigtails

If you have short hair, tie it into two low pigtails, and if you have bangs, make them wispy to create a laid-back Korean look.
Pair that with yoga pants and a cropped tee for that ideal out-for-errands ensemble.

You can also opt for a light sundress for a fun day-date look.

Girl With a Blonde Hair Wearing Low Pigtails Haircut

Half-Up Pigtail Hairstyles

For women with lobs and bobs, divide the upper half of your hair into two sections and tie them into pigtails.
It’s a great way to keep the strands off your face if you have long hair.

Side-Parted Pigtail Braids

Pigtail braids don’t always mean creating a center part. A side part will also do, and not to mention it has a grownup feel.
On top of that, a sleek side part also helps balance a heart or round face shape.

Double Bun and Braid Pigtail Hairstyle

If you want a more playful hairstyle, go for the double burn and braid ‘do. Start by tying your hair up as if creating high pigtails, but rather than pulling the hair through the hair tie, stop when you form a burn.

After that, braid the rest of the hair and secure the tips of the hair with an elastic. Do this for both sections.
This is an excellent style for women who desire a band hairstyle.

Pigtail With Braid

If you have short hair, add a fun twist to your pigtail style by adding braids. To achieve it, leave a small section of hair on each side of the head untied and tie the rest into pigtails with elastics.

Braid the loose sections towards the elastics and then wrap each braid around the elastics when you reach the base of the pigtails.
Secure with bobby pins to finish the look.

Pigtail Braids With Tendrils

Tendrils have been trending in the hair styling scene for a while now. If you want to jump on this bandwagon, add them to your braid hairstyle. Begin by separating small sections of hair and braid the rest towards the back into two tight French braids.

Let these sections hang loosely to frame your face and add a soft and fun twist to your overall look.

Messy Pigtails With Side Bangs

If you have one of those days where styling your hair into overly complicated hairdos is the last thing on your mind, then consider messy pigtails with side bangs. They are easy to achieve and look amazing without much effort.

Double Braids and Choppy Bangs Combo

There is something nostalgic about rocking your hair into ponytail braids. It also gives off a dreamy and romantic feel.
Divide your hair into two sections, French braid each section towards the back and pair it with choppy bangs.

Partner it with a pretty dress for a cottage-core finish.

Mini Pigtail Hairstyles

Consider the mini pigtail hairstyle if you don’t want to style all your hair into pigtails.
It is a great way to keep the strands away from your face since you only tie the front sections of the hair.

How to Style and Maintain Pigtails Hair

If you’ve decided to go for the pigtail look, here is how to choose a hairstyle, maintain it and the best products to use:

Choose the right one Pigtail Style

As you have seen, there are so many pigtail hairstyles you can choose from.
From super sleeky strands to beach waves there are many directions to take a ponytail hairstyle.

To determine the best hairdo, consider your personality and the shape of your face.
Go for a ponytail ‘do that helps balance your facial features.

Also, consider the maintenance that goes into each hairstyle and whether you have the skills to achieve it.
Fishtail braids, for instance, are harder to achieve and require you to visit the salon whenever you want to sport such a hairdo.

Crucial styling tips

Before twisting your hair into ponytails, you first need to work some texturizing spray through your dry hair.
The spray helps hold the style in place for longer.

Apply it to your hair, then use your fingers to work it through the entire length.
Next, apply styling cream to add a light sheen and tame the frizz, after which you can secure the hair into two ponytails.

Maintain Pigtail Haircut

To maintain your chosen pigtail hairstyle, keep your scalp hydrated using a leave-in hydrator.
When sleeping, wrap your head up in a satin or silk headscarf to protect your hair at night.

When washing, use a hydrating shampoo and deep conditioner before twisting the hair into ponytails.

Best Products to Use

You must use texturizing spray and styling cream to style your ponytail braids.
For ongoing maintenance, ensure you invest in quality hairspray.

Common Mistakes When Creating Hair Pigtails

Whether running errands, going to the gym or just needing to keep the strands away from your face, a ponytail hairstyle is the best option for many hair situations. However, not everyone is gifted with easy-to-manage hair or the expertise to craft the perfect ponytail.

Because of that, you’re bound to make some common ponytail mistakes that include:

  • Making the ponytails too tight – While you may want to keep the hair away from your face, tying your ponytail too tight can cause damage and even hair loss.
  • Not knowing your face shape – All ponytails are not the same. For this minimalist hairstyle you must find the right balance of texture and volume to complement your face shape.
  • Improper prepping – One of the biggest mistakes you might be making when styling your hair into a ponytail is how you brush it before tying it up. Brushing from the roots can cause damage and tighten the tangles at the ends.
  • Prepping your hair in the bathroom – Bathrooms don’t have enough ventilation, which leaves a lot of moisture in the air, which could cause your sleek ponytail to get frizzy.
  • You are styling your hair when wet – It can be tempting to tie it up into ponytails after a shower, but don’t do that.
    Styling hair when wet can lead to snapping and breakage since the hair is more fragile.
  • You are doing nothing post-workout – Some women like tying their hair into ponytails when working out.
    Salts in your sweat get trapped in the hair leading to dryness. If you can, take a shower after your workout or apply a moisturizing spray.


What are the most popular celebrities with famous pigtail hairstyles?

Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Paris Hilton and FKA Twigs are some of the most celebrities who continue to wear ponytails.

How do you keep your pigtails from falling out?

Secure your ponytails with bobby pins or elastic to prevent them from falling out.

How do I know if pigtails will suit me?

The most important thing to consider is the shape of your face. Luckily, there are many ponytail hairstyles to suit different face shapes.

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