Two Women With Blonde and Brown Viking Hairstyles With Long Braids

After watching the show Vikings and its spinoff offshoot Valhalla, you can wonder how cool those Viking hairstyles look.

Both shows have been able to depict a Norse style in a very attractive way and have pinched in a bit of modernity to make it entirely appealing.

Interestingly, Viking hairstyle women have taken off with the character of Lagertha and many other female Viking characters that appeared in it.

The various twists, knots, accessories and braids make for an exciting hairdo, even for contemporary times.

How to create one? We’ll tell you right now.

25 Most Popular Viking Hairstyles for Women

You’ve probably already assumed there is no single Viking hairstyle for women. Plenty of alt hairstyles can be worn on various lengths of hair. We decided to explore only the best and most popular ones.

Decorated Braids

Braids are a quintessential part of every Viking hairstyle. Here the braids on the sides come with barrel-style beads that give you a lattice effect. Different beads can be added as well to accentuate smaller plaits.

Torvi Braids

This style is inspired directly by Torvi from the Vikings show. The style includes rows of smaller braids on the sides with various accessories and a bigger braid on top. The central braid opens in a cascade as it goes down.

Viking Fishtail for Women

The Viking fishtail is much more complicated than a regular fishtail. It looks dramatically awesome and the various beads and accessories add to it. You will have to create a few braids and make them work together.

Shield Maiden Braids

Shield maidens were fierce female Viking warriors, and this hairstyle evoked their warrior spirit. It features a large braid on the crown of the head with a few smaller braids that wrap around the head.

Freydis Waves

The character of Freydis from the show Vikings takes sole custody of inspiration for this one. She is often seen wearing long wavy hair.
The most important part here is the dirty blonde hair that she rocks.

Viking Mohawk Haircut

A Viking-style mohawk does not involve shaving your head. Instead, a single braid goes from the fringe to the back of the head, with various smaller braids added on the side. The top part should flare up, while the sides should be decorated with beads.

Tattooed Woman With a Grey Colored Viking Mohawk Haircut

Two-Toned Viking

Mixing in a bit of modern with the Viking look the hairstyle involves some large pull-through braids.
The top part of the hair should remain darker, while the braids that go downward need to include a brown or a lighter hue.

Viking Volume

Most Viking ladies had lots of hair, but this style has the volume to match. The sheer force of the volume makes the hairstyle very impressive as it spreads out outwards.

Woven Braids

Making a Viking style more extravagant means taking things, especially braids, to an extreme.
Once creating a variety of braids you can weave them into a single one that you can wear on the side.

The style has a lot of details as well as accessories.

Lagertha Plaits

Lagertha’s plaits are legendary among the fans of the show Vikings. Many small plaits are bunched on the top of the head, resembling a braided quiff. The gold buckles on the side further add to the fierce Viking warrior spirit.

Multi Braid Hairstyle

If other Viking hairstyles for the ladies do not have enough braids for you then this one will definitely satisfy your urge for braids.
It involves smaller ones, enormous ones, pull-throughs and even fishtails.

The diversity of the braids makes it a bit messy but stylish at the same time.

Viking Flow

Long hair breathes confidence, but this one does look elegant as well. A large braid is formed in the middle but seems almost impossible to recognize due to the waves, while smaller, thinner braids accompany the hair as it falls to your shoulders.

Neon Viking

Combining a classic Viking hairstyle with cool hair color ideas results in something that can only be described as Punk Viking.

Crating a mohawkesque look with a massive top braid and a variety of smaller braids is combined with neon pink and black to form a very modern Viking style.

Viking Infinity Braids

Infinity braids are called so because they create an infinity sign and go downward for as long as your hair is.
It features some modern braiding techniques but takes a lot of inspiration from traditional Viking styles.

Rope Braids

Rope braids are both elegant and tough. They involve a complex system of braids where the bigger and thicker braids descend downwards as they get smaller and thinner. The end features a massive ponytail that creates volume.

Half Up Half Down Braid

The half up half down look pulls the locks away from your face. The top level is braided and hugs the back of your head, while the lower part falls downward in waves.

Ponytail Hairstyle

A Viking ponytail is a realistic look where women must pull back their hair, so it does not get in the way of everyday activities.
You can wear it on top of your head or down. Let it hang and go loose if you have more volume in your hair.

Blonde Ponytail Hairstyle

Loose Curls

This one does not require adding intricate braids or creating band hairstyles. You should take advantage of your curly hair and let it hang. This hairstyle looks natural and very feminine.

Loose Braid

You don’t have to tie the braids up and can let them hang. This is a style fit for everyday activities; you can even go out with one.
Create the braids, but loosen them up by allowing them to hang everywhere.

Central Braid

Braids are a distinctive part of Norse culture, and this one is fit for a queen. A central braid is just the starting point, as additional and smaller ones are woven into the mix. The style is kept tight and neat and includes gold rings or coins woven into the hair.

Two Braids Hairstyle

Making two braids on either side of the head and letting them hang is something that we get to see a lot these days.
The inspiration still comes from Viking culture, as the braids can be woven in exciting ways.

Curls on the Side

The volume in your hair and the features of your face can be accentuated with some curls on the side. You simply have to create a few braids on one side of your head, while allowing the other part to flourish.

Braids on the Side

This one, similar to the previous one, requires you to add the braids on both slides. The top can be left as a fringe or you can add a central braid if you want to subdue it a bit.

Buzzed on the Side

Another modern expansion of the Viking look is to buzz the side of your head and add a braid above it.
The rest of the hair should remain natural and you can allow it to flow and move freely.

Bob Haircut

Short hair can also be styled in a Viking manner, just look at Astrid from the Vikings show and you will know what we mean.
You will ditch the fringe here and keep everything at an even length. Small braids can be added, while the back can also be buzzed a bit.

Smiling Woman Wearing Grey Viking Bob Hairstyle

5 Traditional Female Viking Hairstyles

If you genuinely want to go completely traditional with your Viking-style hair there are some excellent choices that girls can try out:

Arden Braid

The Arden braid is inspired by the Arden women, which remains have been found in Denmark, dating back well beyond the Viking Age.
The style features two low-set braids on each side of the head that encircle it in the same way as a crown.

The braids are then secured with a long suede or wool cord.

Elling Braid

The Elling brand is inspired by the Elling women that date back somewhere between 350 and 150 BC.
It is a style that involves long hair, about 35 inches, and a single protective braid.

The entire braid could be wrapped to form a bun or left hanging loose, depending on how you feel.

Irish Ribbon Knot

The Irish ribbon knot is one seen in Norse mythology and is usually worn by valkyries and mythical female beings.
It may be women’s most common Viking style due to its simplicity.

The hair is gathered and tied up in a knot by the hair, without any additional pins or needles.

Kransen for Maidens

Traditionally, unmarried women in Viking culture wore something called a Kransen. It is a hairband passed down from mother to daughter and is used to secure the hair so it does not get in your face. To symbolize their maidenhood young women wore their loose or untucked braids.

Buns and Caps for Married Women

Historians say that married women in Viking culture needed to wear their hair in a bun or be covered by a hat.
The cap is not only a symbol of marriage but also helps protect the hair and keep them warm during colder periods.

The most popular type of cap is called the Jorvik cap and is similar to modern-day hoods.

How to Style and Maintain Viking Women’s Haircuts

You are probably here to learn how to create perfect Viking hair for women. Be prepared for a lot of braiding and hair weaving, as it is what it’s mostly about.

Step 1 – Pick a style

Determine the exact style you want to go for. Consider its advantage and how you can pair it with your look and clothing.

Step 2 – Grow your hair

The length of the hair is a significant factor. Most Viking women had long hair, which they then braided and styled.
So be sure to have enough length before you start anything.

Step 3 – Start braiding

This is the toughest and hardest part. You will have to braid the hair in specific places based on the style.
Start with the main braid, usually on top, and continue with smaller ones on the sides that you can weave into the main one.

Step 4 – Accessorize

Women’s Viking hairstyles are known for having various intricate accessories. You can pick from multiple colorful beads, rings, gold coins, scarves and bands to make your hair look unique and fabulous.

Things to Consider

Here are a few things that might further convince you to try on some of the Viking hairstyles for women:

High Effort But Not Permanent

Creating any of the mentioned Viking styles for women requires much effort and many hours to finish.
At the same time, these are not permanent and can quickly be disbanded.

You can wear the hair like this one day and go to a different style the next.

Professional Braid Stylist

Planning to create this type of hair requires a lot of effort and expertise. If you are not good and weaving braids, then you should find somebody who is. Especially one that can create intricate designs like the ones seen here.

Consider Extensions

To style a perfect Viking look, you need to have long hair. If you can’t wait that long for your hair to grow, you can consider hair extensions at first until your hair grows to the required length.


What did a typical Viking woman look like?

It is hard to describe nowadays what a Viking woman looked like accurately, but based on historical evidence and the depiction we see on modern shows, we can tell that they had really long hair.

They did wear buns and tied their hair with bands and knots, while warrior women braided their hair.

Do I need to have long hair to do a Viking hairstyle?

Yes, you do. Long hair is the main requirement for creating any Viking hairstyles for women.

Is it necessary to do a braid every time to perfect a Viking hairstyle?

No, it is not, but in most cases, the hairstyle involves some braid. There are styles where you need to style the long hair in a specific manner with a single braid or none.

What kinds of accessories are suitable for a Viking hairstyle?

Usually you can accessorize your hair with some beads and coins. You rarely get to see scarves and bands introduced.

Did female Vikings have dreads?

They had braids, but married women usually tucked their hair as opposed to maidens who wore it loose.
Shieldmaidens are usually the ones depicted as wearing long braids and possibly dreads.

How did they keep their hair clean and healthy?

Vikings spend a lot of time on personal hygiene, contrary to what many believe. They washed both their hair and bodies using soap made out of lye. This kept their hair clean and free of headlice.

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