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A variety of men’s haircuts are on the rise in popularity. We live in a time where many haircuts, even too many to count, are currently popular and stylish, making it very difficult to choose.

Having so many offers to pick from can both be a blessing and a curse for men, incredibly stylish men, as they would probably want to explore different options. However, there is still a way to make a mistake.

Sometimes you might feel that a haircut will look good on you, but the result turns out to be a disaster. Making the right pick does not simply mean going for the in-trend offer.

You have to base your pick on various details, personal style and face characteristics being just some of them. We aim to help you avoid unprofessional hairstyles, so we have devised an article discussing trendy men’s haircuts and how to choose and create one. You have it all in one place; all you need to do is utilize the help provided.

32 Most Popular Men’s Haircuts

Short hair is excellent for summer days or areas where it’s hot. There are several short haircuts you can ask your barber to make. We highlight just the best of them.

Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut

Photo @dynasty_barbers

If you want an effortless and stylish haircut, then your choice has to be the buzzcut. It is a very low-maintenance hairstyle that suits any occasion and can fit into each setting. It goes perfectly on men that have naturally curly or crimped hair.

High and Tight Men’s Hairstyle

High and Tight

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With a high and tight hairstyle, you get a very comfortable haircut. To create it, a barber needs to cut or shave the sides and leave the top slightly longer. The only thing that remains is making a comb-over with the help of a product that will make it stay still.

Flat Top

Flat Top

Photo @dynasty_barbers

A flat top draws roots from military haircuts or those popular in the 80s. You have to shorten your hair in the back and sides while leaving volume up top. But the most important part is making the top flat and angular.

Low Fade Men’s Hairstyle

Low Fade Haircut for Men

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With a low fade, you get a stylish, versatile haircut. It requires an undercut that gradually transitions from the top to the sides as it fades out. The fade helps to distinguish the top from the sides, making you stand out from the people you are with.

High Fade Men’s Hairstyle

High Fade Haircut for Men

Photo @pjabreu

Contrary to the temple fade, the high fade differs, with the fade being placed closer up top. The high fade combines best with a short top that does not overhang, making it immensely easy to style and maintain.

Side Part

Side Part

Photo @pjabreu

A side part is a classic haircut that Don Draper revitalized and got it back to the mainstream in Mad Men. It is a style with a few variations, but each exclaims the person’s masculinity. Using some hair tonics will help to get the proper look.

Burst Fade

Burst Fade

Photo @pjabreu

A style that is popular among the younger crowd is a burst fade. This style combines a regular fade on the sides but with something extravagant on top. People typically go with a faux hawk or pompadour up there, but there are many ways to go.

High Taper

High Taper Haircut for Men

Photo @pjabreu

A high taper is a popular hairstyle where the hair thins down as it goes downwards. There are more tapers to choose from, but the high comes with a stylish approach for the wearer. You end up with a layer that combines texture and contrast.

Caesar Cut Men’s Hairstyle

Caesar Cut Hairstyle for Men

Photo @pjabreu

As the person it owes its name to, the Caesar cut evokes power in a person. Compared to the classic one that the all-mighty Caesar used to wear, the modern version has additional touch-ups, like a fade on the sides. It is one of the great older men’s hairstyles.

Textured Crop Men’s Haircut

Textured Crop Hairstyle for Men

Photo @universalcutsbarbershop

The textured crop is a standout hairstyle that opposes the regular crop greatly. A barber will add texture to your hair by cutting it in various places at different lengths. Be sure to use a texturing powder instead of wax for this one to stand out from the rest.

360 Waves Men’s Haircut

360 Waves

Photo @pjabreu

Waves have been popularized with African American men thanks to contemporary rappers. But 360 waves require a healthy set of hair and scalp to make. Some hair vitamins are going to help to prep for this one.

Flowy Cuts

Flowy Cuts

Photo @pier.vietto

Also known as a bro flow, flowy cuts are supposed to add fluid texture to your hair. At the same time, keep the sculptured edge and provide a professional and free-spirited style for anyone who wears it.

Undercut Men’s Haircut


Photo @pjabreu

The undercut keeps gaining more and more supporters. An undercut is a perfect solution if you don’t know which way to go. A style that has everything that you need and one which can open even a steel door.

Disconnected Undercut Men’s Haircut

Disconnected Undercut

Photo @pjabreu

Add a bit of a flare to a standard undercut by going longer up top. This one is like blending a buzzcut and a quiff into one. Yet, it trumps both of those haircuts in style.

Pompadour Hairstyle for Men

Men's Pompadour Hairstyle

Photo @pjabreu

The pompadour is a classic men’s haircut that is still worn today. You only have to sweep the hair back and flank it with some slicked sides. The tallest and most voluminous part needs to be the part in the front.

Slicked Back Hairstyle for Men

Slicked Back

Photo @pjabreu

To create a bold and masculine hairstyle, choose a slicked-back one. It gained much popularity in recent years due to its being versatile and easy to maintain. But to create a perfect one, hair density and texture have to be just right.

Blowout Hairstyle for Men


Photo @pjabreu

A very aesthetically pleasing and voluminous hairstyle is the blowout. It is not for everyone, but its rising popularity cannot be denied—a style of choice for youngsters.

Faux Hawk Haircut for Men

Men's Faux Hawk Hair

Photo @pjabreu

A variation and a more acceptable version of the mohawk is the faux hawk. The younger brother is more pleasing than, the older punk style. It is a handsome style that suits pretty boys.

Hard Part Haircut for Men

Men's Hard Part Haircut

Photo @pjabreu

What makes a suitable hard part is a timely placed shaved line. Your hairstyle will get the distinction it needs and you will be a standout almost everywhere you go.

Curtain Bangs Haircut for Men

Curtain Bangs

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Curtain bangs, or curtains, require you to part your bangs in the center of your forehead. It is a style more suitable for the 1900s, but it s one that is getting its retro revival as well.

Mullet Haircut for Men


Photo @mugshotbarberbristol

Most men stir away from the mullet when the modern version of it has become a pretty stylish choice. The short top and sides combined with an extended back may not seem like a suitable option for a formal situation, but you can wear it almost anywhere else.

Men’s Shaggy Cut Haircut

Shaggy Cut

Photo @pjabreu

Those working in a laid-back environment will benefit from a shaggy cut. One of the long wavy hairstyles stems from the rock icons of the 70s and 80s. It can flatter any face shape thanks to the feathered and choppy layer.

Loose Waves Men’s Hairstyle

Loose Waves

Photo @martin.risteskii

A very laid-back style where you let your locks unfold and flow over the sides of your face. However, it is a style that requires more maintenance and a lot of time in front of the mirror than you may think.

Long Straight 

Long Straight

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A staple of the 2000s, the long and straight is a very cool-looking haircut for pretty boys. You will need many grooming products to keep it straight, but the payoff is well worth it.

Man Bun

Man Bun

Photo @pjabreu

People with man buns were once laughed at but are now praised for their exquisite hairstyles. A staple of contemporary culture, this one can even be stylized with some braids or paired with a beard.



Photo @pjabreu

You probably have a ponytail at least once if you have long hair. It is a style that seems to be getting out and then back in the mainstream, but it is pretty comfortable when you don’t know what to do with your hair.

Half Up

Half Up

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This one comes from doing something with a ponytail or a man bun. You must tie the top half of your ponytail up and let the rest flow down. Very casual and easy to set.



Photo @braidenvy_

Braids can be worked into various styles. You can let them hang, wear them shorter, tie them together, and even accessorize. It is a staple of the African American community and a men’s haircut that never goes out of style.

But be sure to learn the appropriate two-strand twists needed to create it.



Photo @dynasty_barbers

Relatively similar when compared to braids but relatively high maintenance and not as easy to create as you may think. Nevertheless, it still does look cool, but you will wait until you grow thick and long hair to make them.

Long Layers

Long Layers

Photo @mittsky

Somewhat easy to create but not as simple to maintain. Nevertheless, it can look excellent and suitable for a person with a long face type.

Men’s Afro Haircut


Photo @dynasty_barbers

A long afro like Jimmy Hendrix used to wear is something you don’t see too often. But a bold men’s haircut comes with a statement and is perfect if you have the hair to pull it off.

Braided Bun Haircut for Men

Braided Bun

Photo @braidsbyjackie

If you have gotten weary of your man bun, you can breathe some new life into it by braiding it. It can be somewhat hard to create and does require more time, but it will pay off the second you style it.

How to Style and Maintain A Perfect Men’s Haircut

Step 1 – Pick a hairstyle

Pick a suitable hairstyle that goes with your features and personal preference. Be patient when choosing, as you don’t want to get one that does not match your face type.

Step 2 – Apply styling techniques

Apply the necessary styling techniques to create the desired style. Sometimes you will have to wait a bit for your hair to grow long, while other times, you can get right to it with the length you already possess. Do not forget about the maintenance regime.

Shying away from hair care products is a mistake as you are going to have to incorporate them into your hair care routine for your hair to preserve its shine.

Step 3 – Find appropriate products for your hair

You are going to have to listen to your hair and adapt. At the same time, get the ones that will help you style and preserve the hair as long as possible.


What is the most popular men’s haircut?

Top Haircuts for Man

There are plenty of famous men’s haircuts out there and it depends on your liking and taste, but facial features as well, based on which the styling will significantly depend.

What men’s haircut is most attractive?

There are many attractive haircuts out there. Some of the most liked ones include those with longer hair or shorter on the side and longer up top.

How should I ask my barber for a haircut?

You can tell a barber the name of the haircut you wish or try to explain it to him based on how it is described on the internet. But the most straightforward way is by showing him a picture.

Which men’s hairstyles are easiest to maintain?

Those with short hair. The shorter the hair, the easier it is to maintain, but you will have to go for a haircut more often than with longer hair.

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