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Growing your hair long has nothing to do with age. Seniors are worried about looking like they focus on style too much. But put those worries aside and take a look at your choices.

14 Amazing Long Hairstyles For Older Men

Slicked Back Length With Full Beard

For formal events, this is a great pick. Wash and comb your hair back with a firm-hold hair gel is a great option right after the shower. You can also try hair clay with the perfect hold, depending on the texture of your hair. Touch up your beard with a premium beard balm and mustache and that’s all it takes.

Suave Chin-Length Layered Cut

This is for those who have medium-length hair. The ends should be flipped up, which gives them volume. It might even make you look younger.

Low Ponytail, Full Beard and Handlebar Mustache

Groom your facial hair into a handlebar mustache and comb your full beard. Then comb your hair back and tie it into a low ponytail.

High Ponytail With Full Beard

As the name describes, tie your hair into a high ponytail and pair it with a short or medium-length full beard. A little bit of gray hair on the sides will make you look like an aged hipster.

Long Top With Shaved Undercut

Pair your undercut using hair clippers and trim the sides and back to make them short. Keep the top long, though, for contrast.

Long Man Bun Hairstyle For Older Men

This is a classic look that is often paired with a beard. It’s popular and easy to recreate no matter the age. Just comb it well and tie it back.

Messy Long Wavy Hairstyle

Don’t go using a hairdryer on it. Instead, let it air dry after washing it to make it look messy. If you have naturally wavy hair, that will play right into this style.

Messy Comb-Over and Beard

Once again, let your hair air dry and comb it back gently to give it a messy look. This one works great for events like weddings.

Long Curtain Hairstyle

This will require you to play with the partition a bit. A middle part is recommended and it looks great on older men.

long hairstyles for older men

Long Curly Hair With Undercut Hairstyle For Older Men

If you have curly hair, get an undercut only on one side for a bold look.

Slick Back Bun With Braids

This is for those with braids or just a couple in the front. This slicked-back hairstyle can be paired with a beard and the rest of the hair must be tied in a back bun.

Long Curly Hair With Short Beard

Let those natural curls do their thing. You will need a little product like the hair wax to keep them safe and in shape.

Medium-Long Tapered Curls

If you don’t have the patience for very long hair, the tapering can get rid of the weight on your neckline. This one is for naturally wavy hair and goes well with a center partition, giving it some balance.

Medium-Long Curly Taper With Stubble

Once again, this is one for those who don’t want long hair. Taper it and add some products like vaseline hair tonic to shape it. And let the stubble be.

How to Choose Long Hairstyle For Older Men

Here are a few things you should know before picking a style. And based on this information, you will also know which style is the best for you.

Those who have thin hair or a visibly receding hairline shouldn’t go for long hair. This is not the way to cover bald patches. Long hair makes things worse and will draw attention to your situation.

Long hair is often tough to style. So, pick something that doesn’t require much work on the maintenance of length. This is particularly true for kinky or curly hair.

Long hair also doesn’t look good with a clean-shaven look. So, decide whether you want a stubble, a goatee or a full beard. That will determine which hairstyles look good on you. A mustache is another thing to consider.

Pulled-back hairstyles are better for aged gentlemen. They are also easy to manage and look elegant. So, decide if you want a high ponytail or a low one.

Get layers to the length that matches the shape of your face. Then look at your facial hair and pick a style that works for you. Also, decide if you want to use hair products or want to let it air dry. That will tell you if you wish for a slick back style or a messy one.

How to Maintain Older Men Long Hairstyles

Older Man with Long Hair Thinking

Step 1 – Hydrate regularly

You want to make sure that your hair is hydrated often enough. Since aging is a factor here, consider deep hydration treatments. Hair is likely to become dry at this age and that can cause more damage.

This is even more true for those who like to apply styling products to their long hair. So, while you’re out shopping, get yourself some hydration products. This could mean oil treatments, hair masks, or products that moisturize your follicles.

Step 2 – Get proper ponytail holders

Then you must take care of how you tie your ponytail. Not all holders work the same way. Some can damage your hair based on how tight or close they are to your hair. And you will see the results when you pull them out.

Many holders can cause some damage if you don’t keep an eye on them. So, look for coil-type scrunchies made of plastic because they don’t pull the root of your hair all that much.

Step 3 – Avoid towel drying

You should also try not to towel dry as much. And cotton towels can cause damage and make your hair frizzy. Get a hair wrap to get rid of the moisture without scrubbing your hair. Satin products can also be helpful.

Step 4 – Check on split ends

This is yet another problem with long hair at any age. You might want to trim it once every 8-10 weeks to ensure that your hair stays healthy and grows as it should. They also make your hair look dull.

Step 5 – Shampoo properly

You might want to start looking into shampoo for hair loss if you grow your hair long. Keep a regular schedule for shampooing and sometimes, you must only rinse your hair and avoid the shampoo altogether.

This will keep your scalp moist.


Is long hair ok over 50?

It’s honestly your choice. But if you want to get into specifics, pick a style that suits your face shape and hair volume.

At what age is long hair no longer appropriate?

Age has nothing to do with “appropriate” lengths of hair.

Does long hair make an older person look old?

It’s not the length but the style and maintenance that can make you look older or younger.

Older Man with Long Hair Singing

Can 60-year-old wear long hair?

Absolutely, if you pick the right style.


There are a lot of effective hair oils for men, too, if you want to take better care of your long hair at this age. But overall, this isn’t a big problem to handle. So, pick the style you want and get going.

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