Long Hairstyles for Men

Your hairstyle speaks volumes about you and the impression you hope to make on people. It also boosts (or reduces) your confidence because it’s one of the most noticeable things.

 While men are breaking away from the conventional narrative of wearing their hair short, you must understand the dynamics of growing and maintaining a long hairstyle. You must understand your hair type, the hairstyles that suit you and how to keep that long hair.

60 Most Popular Long Hairstyles for Men

Long Casual Messy Hairstyle

Long Casual Messy Hairstyle

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Something is striking in a messy yet casual hairdo for a man. You can let your hair flow whichever way, as long as you use quality hair products and styling tips to keep it healthy. Comb out your hair in any style you prefer, and wear it proudly and confidently.

Long Braids Hairstyle

Long Braids Hairstyle

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Braiding is becoming a popular trend among men with long hair. You can choose to braid your whole head, or braid the top and center hair, then use an undercut on the sides of your head. You can let the braids flow to the back or sides of your head or hold them up in a bun or ponytail.

Long Dreadlocks Hairstyle

Long Dreadlocks Hairstyle

Photo @barbershopindonesia.id

Dreadlocks have to be one of the styles that ooze masculinity and have an attractive appeal to men. If you have grown out your hair and would like to wear it in a unique and straightforward hairdo, try dreadlocks. Talk to your hairstylist about the size of locks you want and the look you want to achieve.

Long Man Bun Hairstyle

Long Man Bun Hairstyle

Photo @moeecutz

This is one of the styles you need to be careful with because it has been ridiculed over the years, especially if you wear it wrong. However, if you can pull this look and make it suit your facial features and lifestyle, you’ll attract the right kinds of attention.

Hold your hair in a manageable package at the back of your head, and twist it into a nice bun. Be careful not to pull too tightly at the roots.

Long Ponytail Hairstyle

Long Ponytail Hairstyle

A ponytail is one of the sexiest looks you can pull with long hair. It’s also one of the most effortless hairdos, which don’t even need a professional to make it work. You only need to comb your hair towards the back of your head and hold it in place with a hairband.

Keep your hair well moisturized to hold a neat ponytail.

Half Up

Half Up

If you want to layer and add texture to your hair, then the half-up, the half-down hairdo is what you need to master. This hairdo is easy to achieve because you only need to moisturize and comb your hair towards the back of your head.

However, with this style, you’ll only hold the hair from the front and sides of your head and let the back hair hang loosely down your neck.

Light Waves

Light Waves

This hairstyle is ideal for men with attractive long wavy hair. You need to blow dry your hair on high heat and medium speed, then use a hair pomade to add volume and texture. Comb your hair to the side or part it at the center to achieve the best look.

Long Curls

Long Curls

You’re lucky if your hair is curly because you don’t have to do much to achieve a perfect look. You only need to use quality curly hair products to accentuate the curls and wear your hair in any style you desire.

If you want to show off your curls, you can let your hair down or sweep it to the side.

Long Middle Part Haircut

Long Middle Part Haircut

Photo @lululucas

Instead of letting your hair down haphazardly or holding it up in a bun or ponytail, why don’t you part it in the middle and leave it to flow?

Make a hard part from the front to the center of your head to achieve this look. After parting, you can use quality hair pomade or wax to hold your hair in place.

Straight Long Locks

Straight Long Locks

Photo @_she2faded_

You can wear dreadlocks on any hair length, but they look more appealing and masculine on long hair. It would be best if you worked with a barber specializing in locks to get a clean and precise look. Remember to retouch your locks now and then to keep them well maintained and clean.

Beachy Voluminous

Beachy Voluminous

Photo: s_bukley/depositphotos.com

To achieve this look perfectly, you need to add some volume to the roots of your hair. The voluminous roots keep your air from lying flat on your head and give you an attractive look. You can use a texturizing spray to get the voluminous look or let your hair’s natural texture take over.

Long Man Bun With a Fade Haircut

Man Bun With Fade

While a man bun is a beautiful hairstyle for men with long hair, it looks better with a fade. You can decide to fade the sides of your hair and manage the remaining hair by holding it in a man bun. This haircut is for older men too.

Slicked Back

Slicked Back

Photo @beardoboss

This is the ideal style if you want a stylish and eye-catching hairstyle with your long hair. Flank the look with a clean undercut, taper or fad for the best results. Pair this look with a nicely maintained beard, and you’ll look like you stepped out of a magazine.

Side Part

Side Part

You can work with your hair to create an alluring style, with your hair swept to one side. Create a hard part at one side of your head, and let the bigger section lie away from the part. Use a good quality hair pomade to hold the hair in place.

Long Layers

Long Layers

Your long layered hair is a gift, and you should treat it as such. You can let them flow in whichever direction you like and add a little extra care to keep your hair naturally strong and healthy.

Dyed Blowout

Dyed Blowout

If you’re wearing ablow out on your hair, why not add its appeal with a dye? Talk to your hairstylist to help you pick the right shade and apply it to your hair. Depending on the look you need, you can dye the whole head or focus on the tips. Hair dyes will refresh your look.



Photo @britvabarbershop_

Some men have thick long bangs growing naturally on their heads. If you’re such a man, then learn to embrace the bangs and wear them confidently. You can use quality products such as shampoo, deep conditioners, hair gel, or pomade to hold the bangs in place.

Long Hair With Undercut

Long Hair With Undercut

You can shave the sides and back of your head with a neat undercut to accentuate your hair’s length and draw more focus on your face.

You need to visit your barber often to keep the shaved parts short. Treat your long hair with quality products to keep it healthy, and style it as you like.

Two Part

Straight Long Hair


Thin Dreads Slick

Casual Long

Mid Messy

Casual Style

Dreaded Bangs

Undercut Big Braids


Longer Down

Wavy Side Part

Top Messy Knot

Slick Back

Side Fishtails And Ponytail

Casual Blow Back

Photo: everett225/depositphotos.com

Two Side And Wavy Ends

Photo: ChinaImages/depositphotos.com

Layered Straight

Photo: s_bukley/depositphotos.com

Wavy Stepped

Photo: PopularImages/depositphotos.com

Wild Hairstyle

Photo: Jean_Nelson/depositphotos.com

Mid Shaggy

Photo: s_bukley/depositphotos.com

Layered And Messy

Photo: s_bukley/depositphotos.com

Side Part Longer Hair

Photo: arp/depositphotos.com

Mid And Messy

Photo: Featureflash/depositphotos.com

Slick Back And Tail

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Long Dreadlocks

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Braided Big Bun

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Bounded Thin Dreads

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Bleached And Combed

Photo @barbersukraine

Slick And Curls

Photo @barbersukraine

Layered Waves

Photo @hair__sam

Straight Cut

Photo @barbersukraine

Braids Mohawk And Sign

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Natural Long Curly Hair

Photo @lululucas

Long Bowl

Photo @osman.karaev

Classic Man Bun

Photo @martin.risteskii

Colored Dreads

Photo @mini_jordan23

High Bun Nape Design

Photo @nainaje77

Top Knot

Photo @vbodnarr

Square Haircut And Bun

Photo @barbershopindonesia.id

Top Braids Bound

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Long Dyed Braids

Photo @barberclipsbr

Things to Consider About Long Hairstyles for Men

Hair Health

If you’re growing your hair, you must invest in its health. The longer your hair, the easier t is to notice damage and frizz.

You can start taking care of your hair’s health with multivitamins, doing a hair mask at least once a week, limiting heat styling, using keratin treatments and being gentle when brushing or combing your hair. Multivitamin supplements improve hair from within your body.

Face Shape

The shape of your face determines how different hairstyles will look on you. Before styling your long hair, look up ideal styles for your face shape.

Maintenance Requirements

Longer hair doesn’t need to be trimmed as often as shorter hair. However, it also requires maintenance for it to remain healthy. You must maintain your hair with quality products such as pomades, shampoos and multivitamins.

Depending on your desired length, you must trim it at least every three months.


Having the same hairstyle all year long can be tedious and might push you to shave your head. You need to have a repository of different hairstyles you can wear with your long hair for other occasions. Versatility makes long hair more manageable.

For instance, if you are tired of tending to your natural mane, consider getting a perm to make your hair more manageable.

Hair Thickness

Hipster Guy With Grey Coat

Some men have thick hair, and others have thin hair. Some long hair designs look better on thin hair, while others look better with thicker hair. For instance, bangs look good on thick hair. Understand your hair type and choose the most appropriate hairstyles.

Your Expectations

What look do you want to achieve with your long hair? Always style your hair concerning your mood, the formality of the setting and its appropriateness with your lifestyle.

How to Ask for It Long Hairstyle

When you walk into a barber shop or a hairstyling shop, you need to be clear about what style you want with your hair. You can bring some photos to help the stylist understand what you need.

Explain in detail what you want the result to look like, and engage the stylist to see if they understand what you need. You can also ask them to show you evidence of pat work to convince you they know what they need to do with your hair.

How to Style Long Haircut

Step 1 – Start with clean hair

Ensure your hair is clean and well moisturized.

Step 2 – Trim the required areas

If you’re working with an undercut, fade or taper, use your shaving tools to achieve the desired look.

Step 3 – Arrange into your desired style

If you’re wearing braids or dreadlocks, arrange the hair to your desired style. This could be a bun or a ponytail.

Style – Comb when necessary

Comb your hair with the desired style. You can even accessorize your hair with items such as clips and bandanas. Bandanas are cool with long hair.

How to Maintain Men’s Long Hairstyle

Step 1 – Invest in the right grooming tools

Stay prepared by having all the right grooming tools, such as a wide-toothed comb and a strong hair brush with natural bristles. If you’re holding your hair in a ponytail or bun, use a cloth-coated band that won’t damage your hair.

Step 2 – Be patient

Understand the hair growth journey and be patient. You can use hair tonics for growth.

Step 3 – Avoid over-styling

Don’t over style your hair, so you don’t give it a feminine appearance. The essence of growing long hair as a man is to accentuate our masculinity. Let your hair look natural. You can boost this look with a texturing spray or a matte paste.

Step 4 – Keep clean

Wash your hair with a natural shampoo and a premium hair conditioner, then shake out the water before drying with a microfiber towel. This will help reduce frizziness and split ends.

Step 5 – Take care to avoid damage

Don’t wear tight-fitting hats or tug too much on the roots of your hair to avoid breakage, have a consistent grooming routine and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Best Products To Use

  • Surf spray.
  • Texturizing spray.
  • Antigravity spray.
  • Shampoo.
  • Deep conditioner.
  • Matte styling pase.
  • High-quality pomade.
  • Best hair dryer.


Will long hair suit me?

Man With Long Hair Smoking

Whether long hair suits you r not depends on factors such as your lifestyle, the shape of your face and the length of your hair.

Can an older man have long hair?

As long as you groom your hair correctly, age is not a determining factor in the length of your hair.

What is the best product for long hair?

A good texturizing spray coupled with good hair pomade.

What should I do with my hair when I go to sleep?

Wear a nightcap when sleeping to protect your hair.

Should I wash my hair daily?

No. The chemicals in shampoos can strip your hair of natural oils, leaving it dry and susceptible to damage. Wash your hair at most three times a week.

Can my long hair cause me headaches?

Long hair can cause headaches if you’re not gentle when styling it. Tying it too tightly might also cause you headaches.

Michele Antunes

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