Man with Long Wavy Hair

If you have long hair or even naturally wavy hair, there is a lot you can do with it. There are several hairstyles for you to try out that you can go through below. It is also crucial for you to maintain and style your hair correctly to achieve the perfect look.

Let’s take a look at some detailed information about long wavy hairstyles.

20 Most Popular Long Wavy Hairstyles

Whether you want 90’s hairstyles, side part haircuts, slicked back hairstyles, professional or even unprofessional hairstyles, long wavy hair can do the trick. Take a look at some popular options.

One-Sided Wavy Men’s Hairstyle

In this hairstyle, you can leave your hair long and loose while styling the top and concentrating it over to one side. This can give you a messy and casual look.

Man Bun 

Long wavy hair can be ideal for buns. Take all your hair and tie it up into a bun. You can also use a small portion of your hair to tie it into half a bun.

Messy One-Sided

Make a very soft part and sweep your hair over to one side. Let the hair hang loose and add some volume to make it messy and perfect for a day out.

Mature Long Hairstyle

With your long wavy hair, you can let them hang loose and comb them up to achieve a clean look. You can also add a middle part to make yourself look more distinguished.

Long Pony With an Undercut

Get an undercut while still keeping your hair long. You can then take your hair and tie it into a long pony to achieve a quirky yet clean look.

Long Wavy Hair With Undercut

Get an undercut and leave your hair long and wavy. You can then let it hang loose and let the waves stand out. Make sure you apply some product to keep this style in place.

Long Layered Wavy Hair

A great way to make your wavy hair stand out can be to let your long hair loose. Get some layers cut into your hair so that you can enhance the waves even more.

Long Layered Wavy Hair

Half Up Half Down Long Hairstyle

If you have medium or long hair, leave half of it (the back) down and let it hang loose. You can then take the top and tie it into a ponytail.

Salt and Pepper Curly Top

If you have naturally black and white hair or want to add color to it, you can do so and style up the top to appear curlier than the rest of your hair.

Comb Back Wavy Hairstyle

You can comb your hair back with some product and keep it in place with a cleaner and more professional loot. Let the hair at the back hang loose.

Colored Wavy

For a more quirky and eccentric look and to stand out even more, you can color the top portion or all of your hair and let it hang down to make it speak for itself.

Wavy Bangs

You can achieve wavy bangs by cutting your hair in a way that leaves some portion of the hair hanging over the forehead. You can then style the hair in multiple ways.

Longer on Top Shorter on the Sides

If you want to experiment a bit, leave the hair on your sides short through a taper, fade or undercut. You can then let the top length be long and wavy and let it hang down.

Tousled Waves Long Wavy Hairstyle

This look can work well with medium lengths while leaving the waves long enough. Tousle the waves up a bit to achieve a messy and casual look that still looks charismatic.

High and Tight Long Wavy Hairstyle

You can get a taper or fade and let the top portion remain a bit longer and wavy. You can style it to the front and tighten the waves a bit.

Thick Crop and Drop Fade

Let the hair on your sides fade until it blends with your skin. Keep the top long and thick so you can style it and let the waves flow freely.

Wavy Hair With Quiff

Nothing like turning your wavy hair into a quiff. Style the long top of your hair while ensuring the waves stay in place.

Man with Long Wavy Hair

Wavy Faux Hawk

Get an undercut or taper and turn the top into a wavy faux hawk by spiking it up without losing the waves. You can also add a line or pattern to the sides.

Long Wavy With Skin Fade

Get a skin fade on the sides and back. Leave the top portion long and wavy and style it slightly to the back.

Wavy Hair for Old Men

Older men can also pull off long wavy hair by keeping them loose or tying them into a ponytail. You can also add a part and grow a beard.

What Are Long Wavy Hairstyles For Guys

While it can be ideal if you naturally have long and wavy hair, there are ways you can achieve this look too. This kind of hairstyle mainly involves adding loose waves or curls to your hair that can add some texture and volume.

You might need to grow your hair a bit to get this look. You can use hair oils for men to improve growth, hair supplements and natural DHT blockers.

How to Get and Maintain Long Wavy Hairstyles For Men

Step 1 – Use a good conditioner

Conditioning is extremely important if you want to maintain the waves in your hair. Always apply more conditioner than shampoo and make sure you use a reliable enough product for this, such as the world’s best leave-in conditioner or a good wash-off product.

Step 2 – Air-dry

It is essential to dry your hair simply by leaving it loose after washing. This can help you get some natural waves in your hair, not to mention that it can also minimize the damage that would otherwise occur if you frequently use hairdryers.

Step 3 – Style when damp

The best course of action to style your hair to maintain it for a long time can be to style it when it is still damp. This can help ensure that your hairstyle does not come loose too soon. This can also be better for the nourishment and health of your hair.

Step 4 – Use hair products

Apply some hair products to your hair to help you achieve the desired look. You can use the best sea salt spray or choose pomade vs wax vs gel vs clay based on what suits your hair the most.

Step 5 – Style

You can now begin styling your hair. Be gentle and do not use a brush. Instead, use a fine-toothed comb or simply your fingers to help style the hair in the desired manner.

Step 6 – Use a blow dryer

The next step here is to use a blow dryer to settle your hair into place and provide a bit of volume. Ensure you keep the dryer at the lowest possible heat to avoid damaging it too much.

Man Drying Hair

Step 7 – Maintain health

You must make it a point to maintain the health of your type of hair to achieve stylish hair without it looking too thin. Waves look good with a bit of health and thickness, so make sure you eat well and wash your hair regularly. You can also buy Vaseline hair tonic to support your hair.

Step 8 – Ask your barber

If you want to avoid styling your hair on your own, the simplest thing is to visit your stylist and either ask for some inspiration or simply ask them to style the hair for you. You can get a trim or haircut alongside the styling if you are willing to spend a bit of money on this.


Which haircut is best suitable for long wavy hair on men?

Letting your hair hang loose and parting it to the side can suit long wavy hair quite a bit. Make sure you add some products to keep your waves in place.

Does wavy hair get curlier when you cut It?

Wavy hair can appear slightly curly when you cut it due to the professional tools and techniques used, but it does not change the texture unless you specifically ask for it.

What is the difference between curly and wavy hair?

Wavy hair involves looser and lighter curls throughout your hair whereas curly hair involves tighter and more widespread curls across your hair.

Which celebrities have long wavy hair?

Some celebrities with long wavy hair include Jason Momoa, Timothee Chalamet, Kit Harrington, Orlando Bloom, Jared Leto, Milo Ventimiglia and more. Some of Brad Pitt’s hairstyles have also been long and wavy.


Those were some of the most popular long wavy hairstyles for men. Now that you also know what you need to do to get them and maintain them, you can start choosing an option and then taking steps to achieve the look of your choice.

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