Little Girl Haircut

Are you looking for various haircuts for girls that suit your daughter while she’s out and about, playing with her peers, or at school?
Then read on as we have over 25 popular haircuts for little girls that incorporate edgy and adorable hairdos.

Only parents with little girls know how hard it can sometimes be to find a suitable haircut for your mini-me. There is a choice for everything from short hairdos to long hairstyles and even some stunning low-maintenance medium-length haircuts.

The endless choices can make choosing a haircut seem like an uphill task. 

28 Most Popular Hairstyles for Girls

From short to medium and long, you are bound to find a haircut that will be perfect for your daughter on our list. You will see layered cuts, sleek bobs, sassy pixie cuts, choppy lobs and more.

Choose the haircuts that suit your girl’s hair and, most importantly, their personality.

Textured Pixie

Most little girls love long flowing hair, but let’s be honest – it’s not always a suitable hairstyle. Considering the amount of maintenance that goes into long hair, it might not be ideal, especially when you have two or three daughters.

It might initially feel overwhelming if you think about chopping long or medium hair into shorter hairstyles. This is especially true if your daughter has fine hair, natural curls, straight hair or a hair texture that is harder to maintain when short.

The good news is that short haircuts for girls can suit almost off hair types, styles, and face shapes. And if you end up with a nasty mess, you only need to give it a few months to grow.

One of the best short haircuts is the textured pixie. It is achieved by chopping down the long tresses of a casual pixie haircut to give it a messy finish. Dampen the hair with styling lotion and crumple it for a voguish disheveled mess.

Long Bob With Side Bangs

Bob haircuts with bangs don’t just work on adults; they can look stunning on your daughter. The long bob with side bangs is perfect for little girls with fine hair.

To achieve the haircut, a small nose-length section at the front is cut at an angle to create swooping bangs that flatter the face.

Multi-Layers for Long Hair

Long haircuts, as you know, can be tedious to style and maintain. In addition, given the volume and length, options are also considerably limited.

Considering the predicament, the best haircuts for long-haired girls would constitute multiple layers. In addition to crowning your girl with trendy tresses, multiple layers add volume, which makes that hair appear thick, stylish and healthy.

Multi-layers for long hair are a great choice when you want easy hairstyles to maintain. We recommend using good shampoo to maintain healthy strands.

Layered Bob

The layered bob is similar to a wob, adding glamor to an otherwise straight-laced bob. Cut your girl’s hair short and in the same shape as you would if they got a bob and asked their hairstylist to throw in some layers.

The layered bob is ideal if your girl has a round face shape. Accessorize it with cute hair clips to finish the look.

Classic Uniform Length

If you like classic and timeless hair trends, the classic uniform length is the perfect haircut for your little girl. Instruct the hair stylist to chop the hair up to an equivalent length.

The best way to achieve the hairstyle is to cut the hair with razors rather than scissors. A razor adds the right touch of contemporary fashion to an otherwise classic look.

Messy Shaggy Look

If you want an effortless yet cool look, go for the messy shaggy look. It will give your girl a disheveled, hipster look while retaining an air of aloof femininity. The messy shaggy look is a particularly low-maintenance hairstyle.

Young Girl With a Short Wavy Haircut

Medium Wavy Cut With Bangs

This is another haircut for girls that falls into the trendy category. Ageless and fuss-free, this haircut does wonders to enhance the shape of one’s face by highlighting the best features. To finish the look, style it in beachy waves or add a dash of pink or purple highlights for women.

Short Equal Length Wavy Haircut

The short equal-length wavy cut is a chic head turner that will make your girl look like they just got back from posing at the New York Fashion Week. It is a trendy hairstyle that is simple to style and accentuates one’s best features.

The haircut has been tweaked throughout the years, but the basic idea behind it remains the same. To achieve the hairstyle, cut the hair short at a uniform length and add barely-there waves. Accessorize it with a chic hairband to complete the look.

Easy Pixie

The easy pixie is an efficient haircut for most moms. It is one of the best short haircuts for little girls; it is playful and adorable. Add a few rainbow highlights for a genuinely stunning peekaboo hair look perfect for the summer.

Singled Short Bob

No matter how complicated the world is, hair doesn’t have to be equally complicated. Enter short, low-maintenance bob haircuts for little girls. The single short bob is the perfect hairdo if you want something to simplify your life or your morning routine.

You can opt for a classic single bob for the natural girl with a teeny-weeny afro.

A-Line Bob With Bangs

The A-line bob with bangs is one of those charming and cheerful haircuts. It is a popular short haircut that will always stay in style. It suits all face shapes and is one of the most practical hairdos, even when you want to tie it into a ponytail.

Shaggy Bob

A shaggy bob features shoulder-length messy, soft curls. Accessorize it with cute hair clips for a unique head-turning look.

Perfect Short Bob

Bob haircuts are the perfect haircuts for little girls – they are easy to style and maintain. The short bob is ideal for all hair types and face shapes. Add some layers for a timeless and trendy look.

Short Bob Haircut For Young Girls

Angel Haircut

The angel haircut, as the name suggests, is the pure beauty of a fallen angel. The haircut features a pixie and a bob. It’s one of the easiest hairstyles to maintain.

Concave Haircut

A concave haircut is an ideal hairstyle for almost all face shapes. The short haircut features layers and an inward curve that brings out the shape.

Rounded Bob

A rounded bob with bangs is a typical French hairstyle. The chin-length hairstyle is charming and highly versatile since you can style it in many ways.

Classic Straight Bob

The classic straight bob is another trendy and timeless hairstyle that will look adorable on your little girl. It is easy to style and helps accentuate their best features.

Choppy Pixie

A choppy pixie is ideal for little girls who like being fashionable. It is an easy-to-style-and-maintain haircut for all hair types and face shapes.

French Bob

The French bob is another timeless haircut ideal for little girls with short hair. It features a short bob and bangs that accentuate one’s facial features.

Short Curly Hair Style

Curly hair isn’t easy to style or maintain, but you can still find suitable hairstyles. The short curly hairdo is perfect for short curly hair. Leave the hair slightly longer and brushed to the sides for a timeless look.

Long Mermaid Waves

Little girls dream of having long wavy hair like their favorite mermaid character. Wavy hairstyles remain the go-to hairdos, especially during summer.

Girl With Long Mermaid Waves Hairstyle

Low Cut Fringe Strands

Curtain, side-swept, blunt or French fringes are having their moment, and the timing couldn’t be better. Now is an excellent time to switch to a fringe hairstyle. So why not start with the low-cut fringe strands?

Chin Length Bob With Fringe

The best thing about bob haircuts and why they are so popular is that they work for all hair textures. A chin-length bob with fringe, in particular, means less detangling. Part the hair to the side and secure it with a cute hairclip for an easy, everyday look.

Short Haircut for Curly Hair

There are many ideas for short curly hair. Even if your girl’s hair is a little coarse and unruly, there is a way for it to look amazing. Play with trendy colors and wet texturizing effects if your girl has naturally curly hair.

Curly Bob With Side Parting

A curly bob with a side parting is a short haircut showing a wavy, kinky, and permed definition. Ideally, the texture can be natural or added through a chemical process. It’s the perfect haircut if you are going for definition, volume and movement.

Undercut With a Touch of Color

If you want an edgy haircut, try the basic undercut but add a touch of color. The hairstyle can add an extra oomph to your girl’s usual look without looking obnoxious.

Super Short With Cute Fringe

A short, sweet bob with a cute fringe is a timeless, age-defying style. The short and edgy look can be styled and finessed in many ways, each different from the last.

Asymmetric Cute Pixie

The trendy asymmetrical cute pixie is an excellent hairstyle for little girls. The haircut is achieved by cutting one side shorter than the other.
It is an edgy upgrade of the standard pixie haircut.

Like many other haircuts, though, pixies demand styling. Wax, pomade and cream-based products will go a long way in maintaining an asymmetrical pixie haircut. The products help add texture and volume.

Girl With Asymmetrical Cute Haircuts

How to Style and Maintain Girl Haircuts

So, how do you choose a style, and what steps should you take to maintain it? Keep reading to find out.

Step 1 – Choose the right one

Once you’ve looked at a few hairstyles that will suit your little girl, it’s time to choose a suitable hairstyle. When narrowing down your options, one of the most important things to consider is your daughter’s desire.

Keep them in mind always and take into account their ideas. At the same time, find photos with a similar haircut as the one you want to give you an idea of how much versatility the hairdo has.

You know your daughter’s hair better, so try to go for a haircut that works best for them. If their hair becomes a tangled mess at night and she doesn’t like brushing it, go for a cute bob haircut.

If she doesn’t like having hair on her face, steer clear of haircuts with heavy and long bangs. As a mother, you will set the tone of the haircut and how she will feel about it afterward. Stay positive, be flexible, and consider the experience the perfect time to bond with her.

Step 2 – Crucial styling tips

Once you’ve chosen an ideal hairstyle that fits their hair texture and length, you must consider the styling.

Avoid overly complicated styles that will make your job harder in the morning. You want a hairstyle that makes it easier for her to go about her day without the disturbance of trying to keep her hair in check.

Consider investing in the right products and tools to make styling easier. Choose salon-grade hair dye if you want a pop of color for a trendy look.

Side note: Since lice are common with little kids or school-going age, a good practice would be to kill hair lice with hair dye. You get healthy hair and contemporary highlights.

Step 3 – Maintain your chosen style

Maintenance of your little girl’s hair will depend on your chosen style. Bobs are generally low-maintenance haircuts but can look messy when she gets out of bed.

In such a case, all you need is a quality hair brush that doesn’t cause friction with her hair to give it a good sweep in the morning. If the hair is longer, use a round brush to give it a fuller, more voluminous look.

If the hair is super short, any natural brush will work. Try and avoid using plastic brushes as these result in friction with the hair. Little girls’ haircuts must be protected from unnecessary heat and cosmetic products like gels and hairsprays.

So, avoid blow-drying or using heat appliances and keep it natural to ensure it grows fast and stays healthy. If she decides to grow out her short hair, a quick trip to the hair salon for a trim will help her look fabulous.

Finally, no matter how busy your schedule is, never let her go to bed with wet hair as it’s much harder to control and not mention, and it isn’t a good habit if you are trying to maintain healthy hair.

Step 4 – Best products to use

Most haircuts for girls involve short hairstyles, and since little girls tend to have thin hair, consider investing in texturizing spray to help add texture and volume to any haircut.

You also want to invest in a natural shampoo and conditioner meant for little girls to keep their hair looking clean and healthy.
If you have to dye their hair, lighten it without using bleach.

If you go for a choppy bob, use volume texture creme before blow-drying the hair to give it extra volume. Finally, if your little girl’s hair is prone to frizz, consider investing in shine and smoothing oil for smooth and silky strands. The oil also helps eliminate flyaways.


What are the best haircuts for girls with frizzy hair?

A lack of moisture triggers frizz. If your little girl’s hair is prone to frizz, consider hairstyles like a textured bob, face-framing long layered cut, bangs and waves, side-swept bangs, asymmetrical bobs, pixie cuts, long wavy bobs, shag with a curtain or Birkin bangs or a long curly bob.

How often should girls cut their hair?

If you want to keep your girl’s hair the same length, consider taking them to the salon for a trim every six to eight weeks. However, a cut every eight to twelve weeks will work if you want to grow their hair a little long.

How much do girls’ haircuts cost?

On average, girls’ haircuts cost about $15. The price, however, differs based on the salon and the hair length.

Which hair products can be used on children’s hair?

The best products for children’s haircuts are those specifically meant for their hair. These include fragrance-free baby shampoo and wash, hydrating cream and conditioner.

Does cutting girls’ hair help it grow?

Regularly trimming your girl’s hair will not help it grow any faster. Trimming doesn’t stimulate hair growth or affect the hair follicles.
Cutting the hair can only help maintain the length and prevent split ends.

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