6 different goatee beard styles

First, let us tell you what is a goatee. It is fast becoming the popular facial hair style for business professionals, college students, and guys in general, the goatee just seems to look great regardless which variation you choose.

Knowing how to shave the facial hair and then maintaining specific goatee styles can make the difference in looking like a movie star or a hobo.

The first step is understanding which style works best with the shape of your face.

Once you determine which of these goatee styles compliments your unique facial structure, you should have little difficulty in maintaining your new look and making that new style work for you.

Types of goatees:

1. Pure Goatee (Goatee Without Mustache)

Pure or original goatee by definition doesn’t include any mustache style. When you grow a mustache and let the sides connect with your goatee you got your self a full goatee.

So pure goatee is a small chin beard under your lip with no mustache and jawline shaved.

Pure goatee beard style

2. Full Goatee

Often referred to as the classic goatee or full goatee, this is the style of goatee most men picture when they think of this style facial hair.

What you are picturing here is basically a circle beard, the facial hair of the mustache continues down and around the side of the mouth where it joins the shaven beard that extends only as wide as the outer edge of the mouth.

This unbroken circle of hair is the most popular of all the goatee styles.

Full goatee beard style

3. The Pretty Boy

The pretty boy goatee is exactly the same as the true goat with only one major difference.

Rather than a wide thick area of facial hair, the goatee is trimmed back considerably around all areas to form a thin line mustache and goatee.

4. The Landing Strip

The landing strip goatee is yet another variation of this popular facial hair style that is simple to maintain.

Here you shave off the mustache and chin hair except for the area directly below the mouth.

This landing strip will run vertically down from the corners of the mouth as long below the chin as you like.

Landing strip goatee beard style

5. The Van Dyke

The Van Dyke is similar in style to the true goat, perfect for the guy having difficulties growing a complete circle of hair.

Rather than having patches of missing hair, the Van Dyke is a combination of a soul patch, mustache, and chin goatee, without these parts being connected.

This way any small gaps in the hair growth will not be easily recognized.

The Van Dyke goatee beard style

6. The Anchor

With the Van Dyke goatee, the chin hair is confined to a very small area.

The anchor goatee is a longer version of the Van Dyke, allowing the facial hair below the mouth the grow down lower and usually across closer to the sideburns.

The unique combination of the soul patch, wider goatee, and the mustache, closely resemble that of an anchor.

Anchor goatee beard style

7. How To Trim and Style Your Goatee

1. Make sure that your skin and beard are dry.

2. Trim your beard and mustaches evenly with beard trimmer, settings set to 5mm (not more).

3. Remove the rest of your beard and mustaches except soul patch and wide area underneath your mouth (approximately 10mm wider than your lips, depending on your style).

4. Use precise trimmer and beard shaping tool to create nicely shaped oval jawbone line and curved lines on soul patch that connect with your beard.

5. Maintain your goatee style every few days. That means you should keep the rest of your beard short and trim your goatee to look nice and tidy.

Deciding which of these goatee styles is best for your face structure comes down to a few factors.

Choose one that not only matches the shape of your face, but one that looks great with the fullness and completeness of the facial hair.

If you work in a professional business environment, having a thick goatee might not be the type of style best suited for that job.

That is why trimming it down to a Van Dyke or Pretty Boy will allow you to enjoy the look but it will not be as predominant.

Goatee Styles Chart

Goatee styles chart

Click on image to view it in full size

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