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styling beard with straight razor
So you finally got that beard growing out and now you are thinking about trimming and sculpting it.

What guy in their right mind would use a razor, I mean you gave up shaving long ago so you could avoid using that razor, right?

Well, perhaps you didn’t really think this through because regardless what you might believe or have heard, the razor is going to be the single most important trimming tool that will perfectly shape the beard.

Scissors and beard trimmers are no match for the razor, and here are some simple steps on how to style a beard with a razor.

How to Style a Beard with a Straight Razor

Step 1. Preparing Your Face

Similar to shaving, you need to prepare your face when you are going to trim the beard with a razor.

Take a warm shower first, or simply apply to the beard a towel soaked in warm water.

After a minute, the warm water will allow your pores to open as well as softening your facial hair.

This will reduce skin irritation and razor burn.

Step 2. Lathering the Beard

It doesn’t matter if you apply the shaving cream by hand from a can or if you use a beard shaving brush to apply lather, this allows the solution to reach deep into the beard to reach the hair follicles as well as the skin.

Apply a generous amount especially if you have a thick or longer than an average beard.

Step 3. Map Out the Shaving Area

Now that your face and beard are prepared, it is time to start mapping out the shaving area that you want to style.How to Style a Beard with a Straight Razor Correctlly

The lather can hide the areas you want to shave, so take your fingernail and draw a line on the cheeks and neck aka neckline so that you are only shaving outside the beard area.

Depending on the style you have chosen, simply run your finger where the cut line needs to be.

Near the neck, draw that line from the edge of the jaw all the way down to the Adams apple.

If you need help with alignment and clear lines be sure to check out this beard shaping tool:

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Step 4. Shaving Your Beard

Here comes the part most men hate. Take your razor and just begin shaving the areas that you have mapped out. If you have sensitive skin, pull the razor with the grain of the hairs to ease any discomfort.

Pull your skin in the other direction you are shaving so that you can see that beard line and shave more precisely without accidentally going into the bearded zone.

How to Style a Beard with a Straight Razor with Correct Angle

Correct angle of the razor

Step 5. Cleaning Up Your Face

Once you have shaved all the mapped out areas on your face and neck, rinse the face with cold water so that you can check out your work.

The cold water closes up the pores faster and will prevent any skin irritation from occurring. Pat dry the face and beard with a clean dry towel.

Step 6. The Aftershave

Now that you have styled your beard, it is time apply aftershave to condition the skin and improve the quality of the beard.

Rub the aftershave against the growth of the facial hair to keep your skin hydrated and soft.

Whether you have a full long beard or just starting out, now you know the steps on how to style a beard with a razor.

The key here is understanding what you want in advance and mapping it out in the lather like a chalkboard. Follow the lines and you will get that desired style every time.

Photos from: Vadim Guzhva ©

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