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several mustache styles

Mustaches aren’t just for the kids looking to show off their entry into manhood anymore.

These days you can spot young professionals, actors, and fashionistas all sporting mustaches.

Growing, and styling, a unique mustache is a way to separate yourself from the herd.

The New York Times even notes that CEO’s of big business are getting in on the trend.

With mustaches finally reaching the mainstream, there isn’t anything holding you back from growing one.

In the below list we’ll outline numerous types of mustaches. If you’re considering adjusting your style a little, take a look through and decide which is best for you.

Before long you’ll be standing out of the crowd sporting and combing your stylish new mustache.

The Chevron

The chevron was made famous throughout the seventies by many actors.

Worn by legendary TV private investigator Magnum P.I, it is the mustache for you if you’re into all things vintage. We think it’s past time for this one to come back into style.

the chevron mustache style

You’ll love how easy this mustache is to grow and maintain. Just grow it out for a week or so. Keep it trimmed fairly short.

And make sure that neither side extends past the lips. Follow these grooming tips, and in no time you’ll be sporting this retro comeback.

The Fu Manchu

We’ve all seen this style worn in our favorite kung fu movies.

During the eighties, they passed from Asian movies into the American mainstream eventually becoming the go-to mustache for pro-wrestlers and Harley Davidson enthusiast alike.

The “Manchu” can be grown two different ways. For those with thick facial hair let the Manchu grow in as thick as you like.

It should grow down the face in parallel lines from the edges of the mouth to the jawline.


Christopher Lee

Those of us with thinner facial hair can grow a thin mustache keeping it trimmed at the edges of the lips. Keep the rest of your face shaved clean.

Now just grow the ends of the mustache long until they reach your jaw line.

If you’re a real kung fu artist, throw a couple of braids in there, and you’ll have a movie deal before you know it.

The Handlebar Mustache

A favorite of 1800’s cowboys and 21st-century hipsters alike. If you want a mustache that people are going to notice, the handlebar is the ‘stache for you.

Be fair warned, though; this mustache required a little more grooming and patience than your typical one.

the handlebar mustache style

To start your handlebar off, you’re going to want to keep everything but your upper lip cleanly shaved.

Don’t ever trim your new handlebar mustache. You’re going to need that length later.

Once you have the length, you simply need to wax it up and get to twisting. Before long you’ll have the most iconic ‘stache in the office.

The Pencil Mustache

This pencil mustache is so thin that it looks as if it might be drawn on. First made popular by famous actors of the silver screen Clarke Gable and Vincent Price.

These days it is most notably worn by Hollywood director John Waters.

This mustache requires more of the face to be shaved than most others. To get the perfect pencil thin look you’ll need to shave from the bottom of the nose to nearly the top of the lip.

The “pencil” should be kept neatly trimmed and will rarely be longer than the edge of your mouth.

pencil mustache style

Jean Dujardin

The intricate shaving involved with this one may have those who suffer razor burn shying away from it.

If you just follow the advice from Groom Culture on how to avoid razor burn you can be sporting your new look fear free.

The Pancho Villa

You’ll recognize this one as being worn by villains in nearly every “spaghetti western” ever filmed. If you’re going for the slightly unkempt look for your new ‘stache, then “Pancho” is for you.

It will look great whether the rest of your face is clean shaven or not.

pancho villa mustache style

Francisco Villa

The basic grooming is going to be very similar to the handlebar mustache described earlier. The major difference though is that no wax will be applied and no twisting and training are needed.

Your new Pancho Villa should grow in bushy and natural giving you that “bad guy in the cowboy movie” look.

The Dali

Show everyone your love of art and style by sporting a Dali. This mustache is named after the famous early 20th-century Spanish artist Salvador Dali.

The guy who demands sophistication in all things should consider growing in a Dali.

the dali mustache style

Salvador Dali

Think of the Dali as a cross between the pencil and handlebar mustaches previously discussed. You will need to keep it thin between the nose and upper lip.

You’ll also need to make sure to keep everything from the edge of your mouth outward and downward shaved clean.

Once you start to grow some length at the ends, simply use best mustache wax to wax it and pull it upwards toward the ears.

The Walrus

The aptly named walrus mustache has been worn throughout history by great thinkers, writers, and presidents alike.

The unique design, when grown correctly, completely hides the mouth. This makes it the perfect mustache for any guy who isn’t exactly thrilled with the size or shape of his lips.

walrus mustache style

When you grow your new walrus mustache out, keep the length just barely past the edges of your mouth and keep the rest of your face shaved.

Now you just need to work on the length. Once it starts growing out, just keep combing it downward with mustache comb until your lips are no longer visible.

The Natural

By far the most popular mustache the natural is what most guys decide to go with. You’ll find it’s the easiest one to grow and takes less time to maintain.

The natural can be grown into any shape and can be as long or short as you like.

natural mustache style

Colin Farrell

The natural is also the mustache that most others will be groomed.

Once you grow the natural in, you can start to decide from there if you’re going to keep it looking natural, or groom it into one of the many mentioned previously.

Best yet, should you screw up grooming your natural into a different mustache it can be shaved right off and grown back with little effort.

Photos from: Dima Sobko ©, Luis Molinero Martinez © and Martin Haas ©

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