How To Grow Famous Fu Manchu Mustache Style

Feeling like a bad boy?

Fu Manchu mustache style is a favorite among bikers and any other man who wants to show the world he’s not the person to mess with.

First worn by the famous Chinese villain, Fu Manchu, this style is bold and skyrockets man’s confidence instantly.

A little bit of mustache wax is the main weapon for styling it.

It takes minimal effort to maintain and achieves maximum score with the ladies and guys.

Find out which Fu Manchu style is best for you and learn how to grow it in our guide below.

What Is a Fu Manchu Mustache

A Fu Manchu mustache refers to a straight and full mustache, which tends to start on your mouth’s corners.  You can then expect it to grow downwards, going down beyond your clean-shaven chin and lips.

The growth appears as two tapered tendrils that usually extend over your jawline. Having this style will let you realize the truth that mustache trimming requires precision. It is because being more precise every time you trim your mustache is the key to carrying this style well. You will also notice that it is a unique style, which a lot of people admire.

5 Most Popular Fu Manchu Mustache Styles

Growing a mustache can be a very exciting experience for anyone. It is because it provides several opportunities for styling. You can change the color of your mustache and beard if your chosen style allows it, giving you the freedom to choose how you truly want it to look.

Fu Manchu mustache also gives you a lot of freedom for styling as it has different variations, too. Here are just some of the most popular variations of the Fu Manchu that you can proudly carry:

Original Fu Manchu

As the name suggests, this style is considered as the original one worn by the famous fictional villain. It comes in the form of a thin and long mustache with spindly and long tendrils you can see hanging down over the side of your face.

Extrovert Edition

If you want to use a heavier style for your long spindly tendrils, then go for the extrovert edition of Fu Manchu. To rock this style, it would be best to apply a mustache or beard gel with a firm hold to the area. It is a major help in styling the facial hair and give it a more extroverted look.

Fu Manchu Warrior Mustache and Braided Beard

This specific version of the Fu Manchu allows you to combine the style with a warrior beard known for being carefully plaited. The good thing about this style is that it shows how committed you are as far as personal care and precision is concerned – both of which are essential if you want to be successful as a warrior.

Twisted Tendril

You can make Fu Manchu even more distinguishable by sporting its twisted tendril variation. All you have to do is to use a pencil to twist your tendrils around it. Put on a gel to let the tendrils set. You can expect to see nice-looking spiral shapes upon removing the pencil, making the style all the more unique.

Fluffy Fu Manchu

This is another great version of Fu Manchu. It is an incredible choice for those with brittle hair. Note that as you age, you will also notice your facial hair becoming more brittle, making it fluff up. You can enjoy such fluffiness by wearing this style.

Benefits of Growing Fu Manchu Beard

Easily Recognizable

It is probably because of how unique this mustache style is. You will see people admiring your unique look with the mustache having dramatically long corners.

Makes You Look Tough and Masculine

If your goal for growing a mustache is to have a tougher and more masculine look, then the Fu Manchu can fulfill it. Just make sure that you have a premium beard grooming kit, which also includes the best mustache comb as this style is quite high-maintenance.

Versatile Style

It seems to match different facial shapes well. With such versatility, you can surely wear it with confidence since you know that it can perfectly blend with your face.

A Short History

Short History of Fu Manchu Mustache

Fu Manchu is a style of mustache, which became popular because of Fu Manchu, himself, a fictional character that represents a villain in many films and TV shows. This fictional character was created by Sax Rohmer. While there are various portrayals of this character over the past few decades, the mustache style seems to be his trademark. It is the reason why this style also got the name of the fictional villain.

Pros and Cons


  • Can help your look even more unique and distinguishable
  • Allows you to portray your masculinity and toughness
  • Reminiscent of a famous fictional character
  • Highly versatile style, allowing it to fit different wearers


  • Takes a long time to style
  • A bit hard to maintain and grow

How to Grow It

To achieve Fu Manchu mustache takes time and therefore, you have to be patient to achieve your desired ‘stache style. Follow the steps below to grow your Fu Manchu:

Step 1 – Grow your beard first

The hair on the upper lip can look thin and frail at first, but that shouldn’t worry you. Grow all your facial air to avoid initial awkwardness and then trim the rest of the beard when mustache has grown fully.

Continue to groom mustache 2-3 times a week to ensure that only hairs at the ends are allowed to grow. Shave the rest of the face after a day or two.

Step 2 – Trim to shape the mustache

A top-rated stubble trimmer is recommended to shape the mustache to a required style and also to prevent the undesired hairs from growing long and bushy.

Shave the beard completely to allow the mustache to hang straight down physically without being attached to the rest of the face.

Step 3 – Train the hairs to hang straight down

To do this, you require mustache wax. Train the hairs down into the desired shape and apply wax as you pull down. Repeat this procedure until the hairs hang down naturally to the chin.

When mustache has fully grown and can hang down properly without the beard, then you have achieved your desired Fu Manchu mustache.

While this mustache style has been associated with villain reputation, several men out there have worn it despite the criticism. You don’t have to have a bad reputation for pulling out a Fu Manchu.

How to grow fu manchu mustache

How to Trim and Style Fu Manchu Mustache

If you are still interested in sporting a Fu Manchu mustache, even if it seems to take a bit of time to grow and style it, then you have to familiarize yourself with the common steps involved in doing so. Here’s how you can trim and style this type of mustache:

Step 1 – Let your beard grow first

You may notice your upper lip’s hair to appear frail and thin in the beginning, but you should not make it a source of worry or concern. You just have to let your facial hair grow in its entirety to prevent experiencing the awkwardness that you may feel initially.

Trim the remaining beard once you notice a full growth of the mustache. Continue grooming the mustache twice or thrice weekly. With that, you have an assurance that the growth is limited only to the hairs found at the ends. Shave any remaining hair on your face after one or two days.

Step 2 – Shape your mustache by trimming it

It would be best for you to use high-quality trimmer. A high-quality and reliable trimmer will make your beard symmetrical and ensure that you will be able to show the Fu Manchu style confidently. Go for a highly rated stubble trimmer as it works in shaping your mustache based on the required style.

This beard grooming product also seems to function the same way as when you are combing your facial hair. It is because it ensures that undesirable hairs do not look and grow too bushy and long. You should then completely shave your beard. Doing so will let your grown mustache hang down straight without attaching it to your remaining face.

Step 3 – Spend time training your hair to hang down straight

For you to accomplish this step, it would be best to invest in mustache wax.

You can combine this product with a high-quality mustache wax – one that you can use for more effective styling. With the help of the wax, it would be a lot easier for you to train your facial hair down based on your preferred shape.

You will immediately know that you have already successfully grown the Fu Manchu if you notice a full growth of your mustache, which also tends to hang down correctly, even without having a beard.

How to Maintain This Mustache Style

Just like when you need to wash your beard with soap regularly, it is also necessary to do the same with your Fu Manchu mustache if you want to maintain its excellent condition. You can also maintain this mustache style with the aid of these tips and steps:

Step 1 – Shave twice every week

This is necessary for ensuring that you can maintain a minimum beard while also ensuring that the Fu Manchu style is visible. If you want to have an easier time shaving or cutting the facial hair, scrub your face and rinse it using lukewarm water to be fully prepared. It will smoothen the beard, promoting ease in shaving or cutting.

Step 2 – Use a shaving foam or gel

This is a big help in maintaining your Fu Manchu mustache. It can improve the visibility of your mustache, preventing any part of it from being lost in sight. With that, you have an assurance that you will not mistakenly cut your facial hair.

Step 3 – Do not forget to trim

Trimming will always form part of maintaining your Fu Manchu mustache. It is advisable for you to let your mustache grow a lot. It should have full and complete growth. However, it is necessary to make it a habit to trim it. With that, you can prevent ruining the whole look since it will not turn out to be too bushy.

Fu Manchu vs Other Similar Mustache Styles

One thing about Fu Manchu that you have to be aware of is that it is usually compared with other popular styles. It is because the style resembles some of them. Here are just some of the styles that are mistakenly thought of like Fu Manchu and their major differences.

Fu Mnachu Vs Handlebar Mustache

Fu Manchu mustache and handlebar mustache are often mistaken as just the same by those with untrained eyes because the two are somewhat the same. However, there are actually noticeable differences between the two.  

A Fu Manchu mustache involves facial hair, which tends to leave the face close to the mouth’s end portions. You can then see the hair hanging down and appearing in thin and long tendrils. Meanwhile, a handlebar mustache can be distinguished with the hair growing from your hair follicles down the face and your chin’s end.

Fu Manchu Vs Horseshoe Mustache

Some people also confuse the Fu Manchu and the horseshoe mustache styles confusing. It is primarily because the two styles come with mustache hairlines that you can see starting over the upper lip then going down to the jawline. However, you can still differentiate the two with the horseshoe ending at your jawline.

The Fu Manchu, on the other hand, features a long and straight hairline, which you can see hanging from your jawline. It also has an unfixed length, which means you are allowed to grow it based on your desired length.

Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s and Don’ts With Fu Manchu Mustache

  • Groom your mustache. Make sure to do it twice every week. Also, it is advisable to grow only the hair’s ends.
  • Shape your mustache with a trimmer. You should then let the remaining hair grow long and bushy.
  • Use specialized scissors. Make it a habit to cut mustache with specialized scissors – one that is specifically designed for that purpose. That way, you are sure that your desired look will constantly be attained.
  • Do not be impatient. Remember that growing a Fu Manchu mustache requires a lot of patience, considering the fact that it takes time and effort. If possible, dedicate around five to six months to get the look you want from this style.


How long does it take to grow Fu Manchu mustache?

Growing the Fu Manchu mustache takes longer than other styles. You may need to wait for a minimum of five to six months to sport this style. With that in mind, you need to be patient and exert more effort following all the guidelines of growing one until you have successfully grown this style.

Why is it called a Fu Manchu mustache?

It is named Fu Manchu because this mustache style comes from a famous villain that existed several years ago who has the same name. This character appeared in many TV shows and movies. The unique mustache style he sported was then named after him.

What does it say about you?

If you wear this style, then expect people to view you as someone masculine and authoritative. It somehow indicates a strong and unique personality. This is the main reason why a lot of men who want to show how strong and masculine they are choose to wear this style. Aside from that, this style somewhat shows your creative side.

What face shape best fits this style?

Fu Manchu is highly versatile, which means that it suits almost all facial shapes. However, it still seems to look the best when sported by those whose faces are diamond-shaped.