How To Grow Famous Fu Manchu Mustache Style

Feeling like a bad boy?

Fu Manchu mustache style is a favorite among bikers and any other man who wants to show the world he’s not the person to mess with.

First worn by the famous Chinese villain, Fu Manchu, this bold style skyrockets man’s confidence instantly.

A little bit of mustache wax is the primary weapon for styling it.

Maintaining and achieving maximum scores with the ladies and guys takes minimal effort.

The Fu Manchu mustache may not be one of the most commonly used beard and mustache styles, but it is worthwhile to try it as it can give you a more prominent and unique look.

Some are not fond of this mustache as they believe it is the signature style of criminals and villains. It is one of those Chinese beard and mustache styles that became vital to television and cinema because it stereotypically depicts Chinese villains.

Note, though, that there are several ways to give it a different vibe and make it fit your persona.

With the many Fu Manchu variations in this article, you no longer have to think of what to choose between a beard or a mustache since you will most likely pick an option from this list.

Find out which Fu Manchu style is best for you and learn how to grow it in our guide below.

What Is a Fu Manchu Mustache

A Fu Manchu mustache refers to a straight and full mustache, which tends to start on your mouth’s corners.  You can then expect it to grow downwards, going down beyond your clean-shaven chin and lips.

The growth appears as two tapered tendrils that usually extend over your jawline. This style will let you realize that mustache trimming requires precision. Being more precise every time you trim your mustache is the key to carrying this style well. You will also notice that it is a unique style many people admire.

10 Most Popular Fu Manchu Mustache Styles

Fu Manchu Beard

Fu Manchu does not only come in the form of a mustache. It also has a variation that makes it look like a beard. The Fu Manchu beard features a long tendril that grows from the middle part of the chin. This tendril could be as long as the whiskers or longer than them.

If you want this style, make it a point to leave a bit of facial hair on both sides of your mouth and beneath your bottom lip each time you trim your face.

Dali Mustache

Another of the most popular styles of mustache classified as Fu Manchu is the Dali. With this style, you can prove that deciding to wear a Fu Manchu mustache does not mean you will be limited in styling.

Make Dali’s flair visible in your Fu Manchu by shaping it in a way that points upward. This means that it should not be hanging down.


If you are still unfamiliar with Cossack, be aware that it can be classified as a Slavic ethnic group. The members of this group had their version of Fu Manchu before.

If you want to follow their style, you can make your facial hair denser and fuller. It should nearly cover your mouth and make it hang below your jawline. It may also look like a long mustache with a short beard grown densely and fully.

Fu Manchu Connected Sideburns

This style is a very interesting and fun take on the Fu Manchu as it involves training your mustache to get two impressive beard styles in one. This is perfect for you if you have sideburns.

Combine the Fu Manchu with your sideburns and you will be able to bring out a tough and solid look. This is also a good choice if you regularly wear a beard and you wish to give your style a bit of an upgrade.

Fu Manchu With Mutton Chops

This Fu Manchu version allows you to combine or pair up two styles. Make your Fu Manchu more exciting and attractive by combining it with the famous mutton chops.

You can get this distinctive and impressive facial hair style by connecting your sideburns with the mustache. You can do that with the help of facial hair that grows along your jawline.

White With No Beard

You can choose white with no beard style if you want minimal facial hair. It is also a good choice for those who have a patchy mustache or thin facial hair but want to give it more style and persona.

In this style, you will notice how even a white and short mustache holding the Fu Manchu style can stand independently and bravely alone. This is possible even when the part where your beard grows is shaved off completely.

For this style to work, you must trim your facial hair regularly to maintain its short length. It would also look better if you pair it with a short hairstyle.

Thin Fu Manchu

Is your facial hair thin? Then you don’t have to worry since Fu Manchu is still an attractive mustache style for you. Combining a short beard with this thin mustache will look even better.

It looks good on physically buff men, as it can make them look even tougher.


Go for the ultra-short if you are looking for a mustache style that complements a bald head or receding hairline well. Just like how a mustache with a gap will look good, this ultra-short mustache also has a charming yet tough appeal.

Short History of Fu Manchu Mustache

You can have it buzzed closely to your skin. Make it look even better by wearing it without a beard.

Long and Waxed

In this style, you will be growing your Fu Manchu long. You should apply some wax adequately to give it a somewhat sculptured shape.

It is not suitable for daily wear, but an incredible choice if you are looking for a specific style of mustache guaranteed to grab attention during a special occasion.

Thick and Bushy

One thing that makes Fu Manchu styles different from each other is the thickness. This means you can style yours based on how thick or thin you want your mustache to be.

For the thick and bushy style, you can style your mustache in a way that looks wide and thick. Achieve the wider mustache style by allowing some hair to grow around your chin. You should then buzz this facial hair growth depending on your preferred shape.

How to Grow a Fu Manchu Mustache

Step 1 – Let your mustache grow first

Trim it one to two times weekly to give it a more groomed appearance. Ensure that the tips remain intact.

Step 2 – Shave off the remaining hair three to four times weekly

Also, use a beard trimmer to maintain your desired shape and length of a mustache.

Step 3 – Disconnect your mustache

It should be disconnected from your remaining facial hair. Do so in a way that the tips will end up hanging down.
Give your Fu Manchu a more authentic and genuine vibe by not enhancing it using beard hair.

How to Trim and Style Fu Manchu

Step 1 – Trim all the excess facial hair

Trim all that is not part of your Fu Manchu style approximately three to four times weekly. Form an outline using the defined corners on top of your upper lip and upright tendrils that you can position on both sides of your mouth.

Step 2 – Use beard scissors to make adjustments to the whiskers’ length

Make sure to choose a length that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Part of regular trimming and maintenance is also cutting your mustache using a scissor one to two times every month.

Regarding styling, facial hair should be allowed to grow on top of your upper lip. Make sure it also extends down to frame both sides of your mouth.

Step 3 – Shave off any excess hair that you find from the corners of your mouth

This can give your tendrils a narrow look. After that, add a parting to divide the whiskers of your Fu Manchu. Shape it in a way that it points down.

Step 4 – Style the tips

You have several options, including giving it a chin-length trim, allowing it to hang freely or styling it with a braid or a pointed-down look. Do not forget to comb your beard and stache to make it look as polished and well-groomed as possible.

Do’s and Don’ts With Fu Manchu Mustache

Best Products to Use for Styling

Beard Oil

Depending on your chosen mustache style, you need to familiarize yourself with how often to use beard oil. Using this oil on your mustache can help your mustache, especially the flyaways and wiry strands, under control.

It also aids in conditioning your hair, making it healthy, hydrated and soft.

Mustache Wax

You also need to have a mustache wax to keep your mustache tidy and neat. It also promotes ease in eating and drinking, even if you are wearing a mustache.

Beard Balm

You may also use a beard balm in place of the mustache wax. With the help of this product, you can retain the shape of your mustache while ensuring that it continues to have its unique look.


Is it offensive to wear a Fu Manchu?

Not at all. You can find a lot of variations of the Fu Manchu that look good on men. All it takes is to find out which fits you and your personality the most and your best facial features.

Where did Fu Manchu mustache originate?

The Fu Manchu, the famous facial hair, started to appear in The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu, a British serial show in 1929. After that, the mustache became a crucial part of television and stereotypical cinematic depictions of villains in China.

Who are some famous people who had Fu Manchu?

The most notable person who wore the Fu Manchu was Hulk Hogan, a professional actor and wrestler in America. He rocked the famous and iconic mustache style from his career started.

What are some common misconceptions about Fu Manchu?

A common misconception of Fu Manchu is that it is only for the criminal and the villainous. It is a wrong notion, though, as anyone who wishes to look authoritative and masculine can now wear the Fu Manchu.

You can now use this mustache style to show your strength and unique personality.

How long does it take to grow a Fu Manchu mustache?

Growing the Fu Manchu mustache takes longer than other styles. You may need to wait five to six months to sport this style. With that in mind, you must be patient and exert more effort following all the guidelines of growing one until you have successfully grown this style.

Why is it called a Fu Manchu mustache?

It is named Fu Manchu because this mustache style comes from a famous villain that existed several years ago who has the same name. This character appeared in many TV shows and movies. The unique mustache style he sported was then named after him.

What does it say about you?

If you wear this style, expect people to view you as masculine and authoritative. It somehow indicates a solid and unique personality.
This is the main reason why a lot of men who want to show how strong and masculine they are choose to wear this style.

Aside from that, this style somewhat shows your creative side.

What face shape best fits this style?

Fu Manchu is highly versatile, so it suits almost all facial shapes. However, it still seems to look the best when sported by those whose faces are diamond-shaped.

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