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How To Grow Famous Fu Manchu Mustache Style

Fu Manchu mustache was derived from fictional Chinese villain, Fu Manchu.

However, the style has gained popularity across the world, particularly with bikers and other groups of people who feel like bad boys.

The mustache resembles the traditional biker mustache fashion, but the biker mustache is trimmed from the whiskers on the chin and cheek whereas the Fu Manchu is allowed to grow exclusively from the upper lip without attachment to the face or any other place.

The hair on the upper lip is shaved relatively short except at the ends. The excluded ends are permitted to grow extensively and trained to hang perfectly downwards.

You require the mustache wax, which is a crucial weapon in grooming this style. The hair is then trained down into a preferred shape, then waxed and pulled down again.

This process is repeated until the facial hair hangs straight down to the chin or below.

How to Grow Fu Manchu

To achieve Fu Manchu mustache takes time and therefore, you have to be patient to achieve your desired ‘stache style. Follow the steps below to grow your Fu Manchu:

1. Grow your beard first

The hair on the upper lip can look thin and frail at first, but that shouldn’t worry you. Grow all your facial air to avoid initial awkwardness and then trim the rest of the beard when mustache has grown fully.

Continue to groom mustache 2-3 times a week to ensure that only hairs at the ends are allowed to grow. Shave the rest of the face after a day or two.

2. Trim to shape the mustache

A top-rated stubble trimmer is recommended to shape the mustache to a required style and also to prevent the undesired hairs from growing long and bushy.

Shave the beard completely to allow the mustache to hang straight down physically without being attached to the rest of the face.

3. Train the hairs to hang straight down

To do this you require mustache wax. Train the hairs down into the desired shape and apply wax as you pull down. Repeat this procedure until the hairs hang down naturally to the chin.

When mustache has fully grown and can hang down properly without the beard then you have achieved your desired Fu Manchu mustache.

Train the hair to hang straight down
While this mustache style has been associated with villain reputation, several men out there have worn it despite the criticism. You don’t have to have bad reputation to pull out a Fu Manchu.

If you had or you’re still having the Fu Manchu, share with us your experience in the comments.

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