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Asian men’s hairstyles and Asian beard styles are popular among men of all ethnic origins. Chinese men, in particular, have a wide range of facial hair patterns.

Everything from a Fu Manchu mustache to a long goatee and full Chinese beard styles, there are so many beard styles to choose from.

Why Chinese Men Have Less Facial Hair

The Chinese men’s hair culture is versatile, and more and more men are choosing Chinese hairstyles. From layered two-block haircuts, edgy mohawks, and top knot undercuts to legendary ancient Chinese hairstyles, there’s a style for everyone.

Their beard culture is, however, somewhat different. You see, many Chinese men have limited beard growth. The less facial hair is mainly due to Chinese men’s family lineages.

If you come across a Chinese man with a long beard, chances are that their facial hair is concentrated on the chin, lower lip, and upper lip, with no hair on the jaws. In reality, Chinese men can grow beards only in precise patterns.

And the same goes for other parts of Asia like Japan, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Despite that, some Chinese men can grow full beards despite their ancestry.

7 Most Popular Styles


Most Chinese men opt for a chinstrap since it’s easier to maintain and doesn’t require growing facial hair all over your face, including the cheeks. You only need to grow hairs on the chin, jaw, and sometimes a soul patch.

Light Stubble

This is another great option for Chinese beard styles. Most Chinese men prefer sporting short stubble beards.

Chinese Teenager With a Beard

Bushy Beards With a Long Mustache

If you are of Melanesian or Caucasian ancestry, you can try growing a bushy beard and combining it with a long mustache.

Only ‘Stache

With this beard style., you only need to grow facial hair on the upper lip. It’s one of the most effortless beard styles to maintain that won’t require you to spend so much on beard grooming products.

The only thing you will need is some styling products like mustache wax. The style is popular among Chinese men and men from Eastern Asia.


An anchor beard involves hair on the chin area and a mustache. You can grow your mustache and style it to include a natural mustache gap for a more edgy look

Short Goatee

Much like an anchor beard, a Chinese goatee features hairs on the chin, a mustache, and a soul patch with no hair on the cheeks.

Middle-Aged Chinese Men With Anchor Beard

Long Goatee

Consider growing a long goatee if you prefer a traditional Chinese beard style. The style requires you to lay down the razor for a while and allow your facial hair, especially on the chin area, to grow long.

How to Style and Maintain

Step 1 – How to pick the right one

Before picking a beard style, it’s essential to consider your beard growth pattern. Most Chinese beard styles don’t feature hair on the chin so consider styles like the goatee, anchor beard, chinstrap, or mustache-only beard growth oils.

If you would instead sport a full beard, consider using beard growth oils like minoxidil or supplements like biotin to boost facial hair growth. But don’t lose sight of the elegance of the Chinese beard while chasing fullness.

Step 2 – How to style 

When styling a Chinese beard, you will need to do a bit of brushing and combing. Also, use hair straightening tools for a sharp and neat appearance often associated with Chinese beards.

Step 3 – Maintaining 

The quality of your beard can begin to degrade if you don’t wash or moisturize your beard. Therefore, you want to ensure you wash your beard every few days and apply moisturizing products that leave your beard soft and the skin underneath.

Step 4 – Products to use

If you are growing a Chinese beard, you need to consider getting yourself one of those beard grooming kits with all the essential products for maintaining your beard.

You will need to beard wash, beard shampoo and conditioner, beard oil, beard balm, and probably beard wax if you have a mustache.


Can Chinese men grow a beard?

Yes, Chinese men can grow beards, the process may not be as fast as beard growth for men of other ethnicities, but a beard will still grow.

Do Chinese men shave?

Yes, Chinese men shave, unlike in the past when cutting your beard was considered disrespectful.

Why do Chinese men have less facial hair?

Chinese men have less facial hair mainly because of their genetic makeup and ancestry.

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