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Having a confident Asian men hairstyle is tough.

You can try to create one yourself, but the results are not guaranteed.

There are a bunch of ways you can go wrong and definitely things that need to be avoided.

You are definitely going to want to create a haircut that will help you lift your self-esteem and not get it sucked out of you.

The key to creating really cool Asian men hairstyles lies in initially going for the right choices.

There is a formula for doing that.

We have decided to let you in on the secret and created a guide that will help you pick a trendy Asian men hairstyle that you are going to love and wear with pride.

92 Top Asian Hairstyles for Men

Classic Slicked Back

Classic Slicked Back
asian dyed hair men
asian face shapes male
asian fade haircut long

This is a very sophisticated look. Slicked back hairstyles are all the rage right now and they are pretty easy to pull off. You only need to maintain a taper cut on the sides and keep the top slicked back.

Layered Two-Block

Korean fade haircut
asian crew cut hairstyle
asian crop top fade
asian drop fade

This hairstyle calls for longer hair cut into layers. It shows off the shape of your face quite well and doesn’t take too much time. Using premium hair oil for men can help keep your hair smooth and glossy to suit this hairstyle.

Taper With Texture

Taper With Textureasian comb over fade
asian comb over undercut
asian combover

Photo @whale_0ne

This hairstyle starts as a buzz cut at the neck and gradually becomes a dense, choppy mass of hair at the top. It can take you some time to have those spikes falling just as you want them, so be prepared to tease them into shape.

Mohawk With an Edge

Mohawk With an Edge
asian boys hairstyles
asian boys short haircut
asian business haircut

This one looks fresh and professionally maintained, but it can quickly be taken care of at home. You need a pair of powerful hair clippers and a mirror. The sides are cut in a fade and the top is slightly longer and styled in spikes.

Top Knot Undercut Asian Men Hairstyle

Top Knot Undercutasian boy haircuts 2023
asian boys hair cuts
asian boys hair styles

Photo @whale_0ne

The top knot undercut adds a fun little twist to the classic undercut. You do a classic undercut leaving the hair on top long enough for a tiny bun. It is a bit of a commitment as you need to style it just right every day.

Asian Bowl Cut

Asian Bowl Cutasian bangs men
asian blonde short hair
asian boy cut

Photo @whale_0ne

The bowl cut might have been an embarrassing childhood memory, but it is back in vogue. It looks chic and cute, especially with bangs falling over the eyes.

Side Swept With Taper

Side Swept With Taper asian men's hairstylesasia hairstyle
asia men hairstyle
asian bald fade

Photo @whale_0ne

This is one of the most popular side part haircuts. The sides are cut in a smooth fade and the top is longer and side-swept. If your hair has a nice texture, it will show it off nicely.

Faux Hawk With Sharp Edges

Fine Hair Faux Hawk With Sharp Edgeszero fade haircut asian
asain fade
asain undercut

Photo @shrunknheads

The edges are razor sharp on this one and there is a hint of a mohawk with the hair on top slightly longer and in spikes. You need to keep a close eye on it and maintain it frequently to ensure it stays in shape.

French Crop With Bangs

French Crop With Bangs Asian Man Hairstyle
textured fringe asian male
thick crop haircut asian
undercut hairstyle asian

This is not for everyone. The sides are buzzed in a very close fade and the top is slightly longer and styles downwards. It can look exquisite and chic on some face shapes.

Long Dyed Shag Asian Men Haircut

Long Dyed Shag
taper asian
taper fade middle part asian
taper haircut asian men

This hairstyle is a long shaggy haircut with lots of layers and a subtle hint of color — this hairstyle is out of the question if you work in a corporate office. It looks best on a free, uninhibited spirit.

Curly Swept Quiff

Curly Swept Quiff
short hairstyles for asian men
short quiff asian
slick back asian hair

This hairstyle will have you looking like Prince Charming — slightly buzzed sides with long, textured hair on top swept over to the other side.

K-Pop Style

K-Pop Style asian men's hairstyleshort asian men haircut
short hair men asian
short haircut for asian men

Photo @whale_0ne

The K-pop style needs no introduction. It is the classic ‘rolled out of bed look’ coupled with casually layered hair. It is a versatile look and can be styled casually or professionally.

Gelled Comb Over Asian Guy Hairstyle

Gelled Comb Overmiddle part undercut asian
oval face asian hairstyles male
round face haircut asian men

Photo @whale_0ne

This is one of those looks that looks very high maintenance but takes no effort. Just choose any length you like and add a soft fade to the side, leaving the top longer and choppier.

Crew Cut With a Hard Part

Crew Cut With a Hard Partlow fade haircut asian
low taper asian
mid length asian haircuts male

Photo @whale_0ne

If you thought crew cuts were just for army men, think again. This sharp look is enhanced by a hard part to look highly maintained and well-groomed.

Long Layered Pompadour

Long Layered Pompadour asian guy haircutskorean hairstyle for round face male
korean male hairstyle for round face
little asian boy haircuts

Photo @whale_0ne

If you are open to spending some money on styling your hair and love dramatic hairstyles, this one’s for you. An extreme fade starts at the neck and meets long hair at the top.

Simple Man Bun

Simple Man Bun asian men's hairstylehigh taper fade asian
ivy league cut asian
korean haircuts for round faces male

Photo @whale_0ne

Man buns aren’t just for hippies. If you have long hair, a simple, soft bun at the crown of the head looks very chic and effortless. It is not a very subtle look, so make sure you pull it off.

Look up some Asian beard styles because they complement a simple man bun.

Dyed Grown-Out Cut

Dyed Grown-Out Cut
haircuts for thin asian hair male
hairstyles for asian boy
hairstyles for round face men asian

If you are a student or have a reasonably flexible job, this one might appeal to you. It is just a long haircut in multiple layers and can be styled in many ways or not at all — it is totally up to you!

Ivy League Haircut

Smiling Young Man With Ivy League Haircut
haircut for asian men round face
haircut for oval face men asian
haircuts for asian men with round faces

This is a very straightforward, no-nonsense look. It is well suited for professionals or men who want low-maintenance hairstyles.

Comb Over With Wings

Comb Over With Wings
drop fade asian hair
faux hawk fade asian
haircut asian men

This is certainly not for the weak-hearted. It pairs a high fade with long hair on top and adds a small cut combed over to the other side. You need a skilled stylist for this haircut.

Textured Long Fringe

Textured Long Fringebest haircuts for asian men
chubby asian haircut
cool asian boy haircuts

Photo @ashxlauren

This is a very casual look — tons of soft layers that need regular trims to maintain. Make sure the barber is skilled enough to execute this.

Tousled Caesar

Tousled Caesarbest asian men hairstyles
best haircut for asian men
best haircut for round face men asian

Photo @whale_0ne

This is a classic hairstyle that needs regular trims for maintenance. You can style the hair on top with a holding product. The debate between pomade vs wax vs gel vs clay is quite long, but you should choose one that suits your hair.

Messy Quiff With Undercut

Messy Quiff With Undercut
asian thin hair hairstyle male
asian undercut hairstyles
asian undercut male

If you have curly hair, this one will look amazing on you. It combines an undercut with a long quiff on top. It will need a lot of styling every day, so make sure you are prepared for that.

Caesar With Highlights

Caesar With Highlights
asian teen boy haircuts
asian textured fringe
asian textured fringe haircut

This is a classic Caesar cut with blonde highlights. The fade is buzzed very close to the skin at the bottom to make the contrast more apparent.

Shaggy Taper

Shaggy Taperasian taper cut
asian taper fade haircut
asian teen boy haircut

Photo @whale_0ne

You will need a good holding product to stay up on top long hair. You can also switch it up by trading the taper for a fade. When it comes to taper vs fade, a taper is a slightly less high maintenance.

High Taper Fade

High Taper Fadeasian short haircut men
asian slick back hair
asian slickback

Photo @whale_0ne

This is a reasonably masculine look but doesn’t seem common or boring. The volume towards the front keeps the look intact without any styling.

Crew Cut With Volume and Highlights

Crew Cut With Volume and Highlightsasian quiff haircut
asian round face haircut men
asian short haircut male

Photo @alan_beak

This looks effortless but needs a lot of effort to maintain. It is one of those 90s hairstyles that are back — highlighted tips, high fade and tousled styling.

Low Drop Fade

Low Drop Fadeasian men's short hairstyles
asian mens short haircut
asian mid taper

Photo @whale_0ne

If you have thick or dense hair, this cut is for you. It keeps the volume intact with a low fade and looks attractive with minimal maintenance.

Classic Fringeasian men taper
asian men's hairstyles
asian men's short haircut

Photo @alan_beak

Messy Mullet
asian men quiff
asian men short hair
asian men slick back

Blow Dried To The Front
asian men haircuts short
asian men long hairstyles
asian men low taper

Low Fade
asian man undercut
asian men face shape
asian men fade

Side Top
asian male round face haircut
asian male undercut hairstyle
asian man hair style short

Dyed And Fringe
asian male fade haircut
asian male hair highlights
asian male hairstyles for thin hair

Classic Short Haircut
asian high fade
asian low fade
asian low taper middle part

Mid Curly Hairdo
asian hairstyles fade
asian hairstyles men
asian hairstyles men round face

Brushed Upasian haircuts for oval faces male
asian haircuts for round faces men
asian haircuts male

Photo @whale_0ne

Dyed And Blow Up
asian hair cut
asian hair men
asian hair style

Volumed Back Side asian guy haircutsasian faux hawk fade
asian flat top haircut
asian fluffy hair

Photo @whale_0ne

Textured Mid Hair asian male hairstylesasian crew cut fade
asian face shape male
asian face shape men

Photo @alan_beak

Zero Fade And Fringeasian boy hair cut
asian boy hairstyle
asian buzz cut fade

Photo @alan_beak

Nape And Temple Taperswooping fringe asian male
taper asian haircut
asian army cut

Photo @alan_beak

High Fade And Wavy Topround asian face haircut male
side swept undercut asian
square face asian haircuts male

Photo @whale_0ne

Skin Fade Side Part asian male hairstylemessy quiff asian
mid fade side part asian
oval face shape hairstyles asian men

Photo @whale_0ne

Bowl Crophigh fade undercut asian
korean hairstyle for oval face male
korean hairstyle round face male

Photo @whale_0ne

Wavy On Tophaircuts for straight asian hair male
hairstyle for asian men
hairstyle for round face men asian

Photo @whale_0ne

Two Parallel Fade Linehaircut for asian men
haircut for oval face male asian
haircuts for asian boys

Photo @whale_0ne

Stepped Short Haircutfade haircut asian
fade haircut for asian men
fringe asian hairstyle male

Photo @whale_0ne

Bangs Upbest haircut for asian male
best haircut for round face male asian
best hairstyles for asian male round face

Photo @whale_0ne

Mid Fade Comb Overasian skin fade haircut
asian straight hairstyles male
best asian male haircuts

Photo @whale_0ne

Tight Taper Top Blockasian quiff fade
asian short hair men
asian side part

Photo @whale_0ne

Blow Back Topasian men undercut
asian mid fade haircut
asian mohawk fade

Photo @whale_0ne

Cropped Back Sideasian men haircut short
asian men round face hairstyle
asian men short haircut

Photo @whale_0ne

Top Block Back Sideasian male oval face hairstyle
asian man hairstyle
asian men haircut for round face

Photo @whale_0ne

Blow Back Behindasian male fade
asian male haircut fade
asian male haircut short

Photo @whale_0ne

Taper Fade Whirl Topasian haircuts men
asian high taper
asian low taper fade

Photo @whale_0ne

Comb Over Topasian businessman haircut
asian hair style boys
asian haircuts

Photo @whale_0ne

Side Part And Fadeundercut haircut asian
undercut men asian
asain boy haircuts

Photo @whale_0ne

Slick Backshort haircuts for asian men
taper haircut asian
undercut asian hair

Photo @whale_0ne

Blow Backhigh fade asian
low taper fade haircut asian
mid fade asian

Photo @whale_0ne

Taper Fade And Combeddrop fade haircut asian
hairstyle for oval face asian male
hairstyle for round face asian men

Photo @whale_0ne

Classic Comb Overasian undercut fade
best asian boy haircuts
best haircut for porcupine hair

Photo @whale_0ne

High Bald Fade Undercutasian mens haircut
asian quiff
asian teen haircuts

Photo @whale_0ne

Back Side Men Hairdoasian low fade haircut
asian men hair highlights
asian men short hairstyle

Photo @whale_0ne

Shadow Fade Back Sideasian french crop
asian haircut male
asian haircut men

Photo @whale_0ne

Mid Fade Brush Toptaper fade asian
undercut asian male
asian faux hawk

Photo @whale_0ne

Taper Fade Back Sideround face asian male
round face haircuts men asian
short asian haircut male

Photo @whale_0ne

Combed Tophaircuts for round faces men asian
long face shape hairstyles male asian
mens hairstyles asian round face

Photo @whale_0ne

Hard Fade And Comb Overhaircut for chubby face male asian
haircut for round face asian male
haircut for round face men asian

Photo @whale_0ne

Taper Fade Behindasian teen haircut
asian undercut haircut
fade asian haircut

Photo @whale_0ne

Fluffy Top And Fadeasian men hairstyle for round face
asian mens hairstyles
asian taper

Photo @whale_0ne

Side Slickasian hairstyle for square face male
asian hairstyles for oval faces male
asian male hairstyle round face

Photo @whale_0ne

High Skin Fade Blow Topasian haircut fade
asian haircut for round face men
asian hairstyle for round face male

Photo @whale_0ne

Brushed Back Wavy Topasian boys haircuts
asian fohawk
asian fohawk fade

Photo @whale_0ne

Fluffy Top Behindasian men's haircut
french crop haircut asian
short hair for round face asian male

Photo @whale_0ne

Bald Fade And Sidelineasian hairstyles male
asian male hairstyles round face
asian men round face haircut

Photo @whale_0ne

High Fade And Undercutasian comb over
asian fade haircut short
asian hairstyle for oval face male

Photo @whale_0ne

Taper Fade Sidelineivy league haircut asian
quiff haircut asian
short asian hairstyles male

Photo @whale_0ne

Skin Fade Short Mulletasian undercut long hair
haircut for asian male round face
heart shaped face hairstyles male asian

Photo @whale_0ne

Textured And Slick Backkorean haircut for round face male
asian men hairstyle round face
asian taper fade

Photo @whale_0ne

Mini Pompadourasian square face hairstyle male
best haircut for round face asian male
hairstyles for asian guys with round faces

Photo @whale_0ne

Crop Topasian haircut
asian male haircuts for round faces
asian men hairstyles round face

Photo @whale_0ne

Side Top And Blow Back Bangsasian boy haircut
asian boy hairstyles
asian crew cut

Photo @whale_0ne

Bun And Curved Linelow taper fade asian
round face haircut male asian
round face shape hairstyles asian male

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Slick Back Hairstyleasian male haircuts
haircut for round face asian men
haircuts for asian men

Photo @lululucas

Fringe Long Bangsasian haircut for round face male
asian ivy league haircut
asian male haircut

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Fade And Messy Topasian taper haircut
round face asian hairstyles male
round face asian male haircut

Photo @whale_0ne

The Fluffy Middle Partasian men short hairstyles
asian oval face hairstyle male
asian undercut hairstyle

Photo @whale_0ne

Blow Back Mid Hairasian men haircut round face
round face asian haircut male
asian male hairstyles

Photo @whale_0ne

Level Slicing Fluffy Topasian hairstyle round face male
hairstyle for round face asian male
asian boy haircuts

Photo @whale_0ne

Mid Fade And Undercutasian male round face hairstyle
asian boys haircut
asian haircut round face male

Photo @whale_0ne

Crop Top And High Fadeasian male haircut round face
round face shape hairstyles male asian
asian hairstyles for round faces male

Photo @whale_0ne

Messy Slick Backasian fade
short asian hairstyle male round face
hairstyle for square face male asian

Photo @whale_0ne

Spiky And Fadeasian haircuts for round faces male
asian men's hairstyle for round face shape
asian undercut

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Why Are They Unique

It is not that Asian men’s hairstyles are entirely different from other hairstyles, but they are designed keeping in mind the texture and thickness of the hair. Asian men generally have straight hair, which suits many popular hairstyles.

Let’s take a look at some examples of hairstyles that look amazing on Asian men:

How to Pick the Right Hairstyle

Face Shape

Your face shape directly impacts what kind of haircut would suit your face. Here’s a quick rundown of different face shapes:

Asian Man With Modern Haircut
asian haircuts for round faces male
asian men's hairstyle for round face shape
asian undercut

  • Round Face: Go for hairstyles with more volume on top and stay away from an excessive volume on the sides.
  • Oval Face: Do not go for fades on the sides or high hairstyles like mohawks or faux hawks.
  • Square Face: Stay away from hairstyles with short bangs.
  • Heart-Shaped Face: Look for balanced hairstyles on all sides and avoid high hairstyles.


As we’ve mentioned, Asian hair is usually thicker and stands up straighter. If you cut it very short near the hairline, it will stand straight at it and look very awkward.

If you’ve been experiencing hair fall near the hairline and want to restore it to its former glory, try natural DHT blockers.

Avoid Thinning Shears

Since the hair is thicker, it can be tempting to get the thinning shears and chop away the excessive volume. Don’t do this as it may make your hair lose shape and appear very thin.

Ask your barber to use scissors to slowly cut the volume through gradual layers rather than in one fell swoop with thinning shears.

Go For Full Bangs

Thick hair doesn’t suit wispy or thin bangs, so use the volume of your hair and get full bangs if your hairstyle calls for a fringe.


Styling Asian hair is not the same as styling other kinds of hair. You need to choose a style that suits your face and one you can maintain every day.

Go through our list of Asian hairstyles for men and find what you’re looking for.


What hairstyle should I get as an Asian man?

Consider your face shape before settling on one, but comb-overs and undercuts look good with Asian hair.

The sides are usually buzzed or faded, with more volume towards the top. You get clean lines on the sides, while the top keeps it interesting.

You can use mousse or wax to add more definition to the hairstyle.

How do Asian boys style their hair?

Styling can be a pain for Asian boys as it sticks up straight when short and is very stubborn. Asian boys style their hair straight out of the shower to make it easier. Just towel dry a little and use pomade or mousse to style it.

How do Asian men get fluffy hair?

It depends on what kind of texture you are looking for, but the best way is to use a hairdryer after a shower in the opposite direction of the usual parting. This adds some texture and makes your hair appear fluffier.

Young Asian Man With Long Hair and Bangs
asian round face haircut male
hairstyle for asian round face male
asian fade haircut

You can also try a different conditioner or use a hair mask before your shower to try and make your hair fluffier.

How do Asians put their hair down?

The thing about Asian hair is that it will stick up straight like the spikes on a porcupine if you cut it short. So, the first step is never to cut it short. Always leave enough length for the hair to lay down.

If your hair is stubborn and can’t put it down even though it is long enough, you need to use wax or pomade to put it down or slick it back.

What hair products should Asians use?

The kind of hair products you need depends on your hair and your individual needs, but a good shampoo and conditioner are the most basic products you need.

You might need hair wax, gel, pomade, or clay based on your style. Keeping some hair wax or pomade in the house is always a good idea if your hair is sticking up and you need something to hold it down.

How do you cut Asian men’s hair?

When it comes to cutting Asian men’s hair, it is important to understand the unique texture and style preferences of this demographic.

With different hair types and growth patterns, knowing how to cut Asian men’s hair can be a valuable skill for any hairstylist.

By following specific techniques and using the right tools, stylists can create various trendy and traditional looks that cater to the individual needs of their Asian male clients.

How do you style thick Asian hair?

When it comes to styling thick Asian hair, it is important to consider the natural texture and density of the hair.

Different techniques and products can achieve a desired look, such as layering, texturizing, and styling products like pomade or wax.

It is also important to consult with a professional hairstylist who is experienced in working with thick Asian hair to get personalized advice and recommendations.

Overall, finding the right styling routine can help enhance the natural beauty of thick Asian hair and create a unique and stylish look.

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