Guy in Grey Suit Jacket With Layered Hairstyle layers in mens hair long hair layers men male layered haircut

There are several reasons why men choose layered hairstyles. They’re adaptable and fashionable, as well as low-maintenance and eye-catching. Layers are common in Asian hairstyles because they look great on any hair length and thickness and are especially good on thin hair.

They say if you do not know what hairstyle to choose, then pick a layered hairstyle because it is made to look good on every man. Below are the most popular layered hairstyles.

50 Most Popular Layered Hairstyles

Short and Choppy

Short and Choppylayered mens cut layered side part haircut male layers for men's hair

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The front and side hairs are layered to frame the face. Layers are cut across the top of the head, with the bangs and sides left somewhat longer. To add the ruffled appearance, blow-dry and mousse to add a ruffled appearance. This is a go-to look when styling thick hair.

Mid-Length Layered Men’s Hairstyle

Mid-Length layered haircuts boys layered haircuts for long hair men layered haircuts male

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To get this look, the lengthier hair on top should reach the jawline, while the strands of hair below the shoulder line should be layered to match. This hairstyle will give a lovely contour to the face, especially if you are wearing glasses.

Highlighted Mid-Length

Highlighted medium layered hairstepped haircut male layer haircut for men layered cut mens

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Color is another excellent technique to improve the definition of a style, especially when it comes to layering. Choppy blunt layers help frame that incredibly strong jawline and create a movement of straight hair. It makes the idea of thick, rich, and choppy locks by applying light and natural-looking highlights.

Long Layers

Long layeredmens hair layers mens layered haircut long mens medium length hairstyles with layers

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A long hair must be added with some layers to give it some form, especially if it is curly. The texture of the hair will be more noticeable at the ends due to the weight of the mane.

Layered Mullet

Mulletmedium length hair with layers men men's layered hair long men's long hair layers

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Mullet haircuts are regaining popularity because of current procedures like maintaining the sides and top of an out-of-style mullet haircut shorter than the actual length. This look leaves front bangs alone and shapes the side layers in an inverted orientation for face-framing. The top can be kept a little untidy and spiky for a more modern look.

Men’s Layered Blowout Hair

Blowoutlayering mens long hair layers in hair men medium layered men's haircut

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Simply blow-drying following a layered haircut creates this blowout look. The sweeping back of the layers provides a stunning feathery effect, which is the true beauty of the complete style.

Layered Clean Look

Clean Looklayered haircuts guys layered side part male layered side part men

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Going for a clean layered haircut will create a mature look. Applying a pomade o hair gel will give the entire hairdo a fresh look. Depending on your facial structure, a slick back, push back, or a side part may be styled.

Curly Layers

Curly Layerscan guys get layers in their hair layer hair cut for man layered cuts for men

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Layered hairstyles make it simpler to carry and preserve natural curls. It is crucial to consider the length of the curly hair before layering. Curls must not be trimmed too short. Leave the layers alone and shape the thair into a side or middle part as desired.

Side Shaved Design

Side Shaved Designmens layer cut hairstyle mens long hair layers mens medium length layered hairstyles

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This is best for those with long silky hair textures. To add more definition to one side of the head, trim it and apply additional razor lines. To get a balanced look, leave the remaining hair open.

Rat Tail

Side View of Man With Rat Tail men's layers hair men's long hair layered mens haircut layered sides

This one has unique characteristics that offer a beautiful style from the front, while the back rat-tail gives a punk look. The top hair is turned into the side part and the back hair is twisted into a rat tail.

Flowy Taper

Flowy Taperlayers hair men medium length layered haircut men men's layered hairstyles short length

Photo @alan_beak

This haircut is not too dull, not too crazy, and never goes out of style. It flatters various facial shapes and hair types while balancing casual and professional looks. This is the best choice if a neat haircut is required.

Layered Slick Back

Slick Backlayered hair male layered medium haircut men layering men's hair

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The hair is condensed in freely flowing layers for a glossy look. A generous amount of pomade or hair gel is applied to the hair and is brushed completely towards the back; flowy styles are effortless. For a puffy effect, blow-drying may be done before adding the gel.

Side-Swept Bangs

Side-Swept Bangsshort medium layered haircuts men grown out layers men layered hair cuts for men

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For this look, funky bangs must be added. Afterward, a hair styling product is applied to the front layers of the hair and is pushed forward. The bangs are swept to the side, stylishly covering the forehead.

Textured Layers

Textured Layersmens long layered hairstyles mens medium haircuts mens medium layered hair

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When layers are fashioned in a messy but professional way, they seem more promising. This bedhead style works great with both casual and formal clothes. It is styled by sweeping the side of the head to the back and for light layered hair, the back is kept messy. This is best when styling long hair with beards because a full-grown ginger beard adds masculinity to this style.

Layered Quiff

Layered Quiffmens hairstyles layered cut mens layered hair cuts mens long layered haircuts

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The 1950s pompadour and flattop are combined in a quiff haircut. The back and sides are usually shorter, while the top is longer and bulkier. The front part is designed to sweep up and back to add volume and form.

Men’s Brush Up Layered Haircut

Brush Upmen's hair layers men's medium length layered haircut mens haircut layered

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The hair on top of the head is fashioned upward in a haphazard manner with a brush-up hairdo. The side and back part of the hair is cut and styled with an undercut, fade or taper.

Faux Hawk

Faux Hawklayered hair styles for men layered hairstyle for men men layered haircuts

Photo @scammellsbarbershop

The modern men’s hairstyle of a mohawk. It is significantly more practical, professional, and adaptable than the mohawk, which expresses a punk spirit in hair. Faux hawk features a longer strip at the top, a taper, fade, or shorter-length cut at the sides, and an undercut.

Layered Caesar Cut

Caesar Cuthair layers men layer cut hairstyle boy layered hair cut for men

Photo @alitheebarber

This is one of the timeless haircuts for guys. Short, horizontally straight cut bangs define this style. Side hair might be the same length as the fringe or even shorter.

Bowl Cut Layered Haircut

Bowl Cut mens layered hairstyletwo layer haircut boy what does layered hair mean for guys

Photo @enzo_m3

Also known as the “mushroom cut” because it resembled the appearance of fungi. It is a short haircut with a broad, blunt fringe. The hair on top of the head is trimmed to the same length as the fringe all around. Hair below that level is frequently shaved short or progressed to the bottom hairline.


Man With Feathered Hair layers mens haircut men layer haircut mens layer cut

This results from layered hair with a side or center part and is designed to seem somewhat like a bird’s feathers, thus the name.

Shaggy Layers

Shaggy Layers layering haircut men layers haircut for men layers haircut men

Photo @enzo_m3

The shag comprises layers brushed at the sides and top, making the hair voluminous around the crown and thinner along the margins and across the ends. This look is best for medium-thick hair that is straight, wavy, or curly. Most of the ’70s styles are still trendy, and this is one of them.

Short Spiky Layering Hair

Short Spikylayer cut for boys layer haircut men layer mens hair

Photo @enzo_m3

This haircut is versatile and can be experimented with different looks at any time. A short side haircut provides the appropriate contrast to draw attention to the spiked-up top. Spiky hair is one of the 80’s hairstyles that are back because of its sharp style.

Casual Slick With Wispmen's mid length layered hairstyles pictures of men's layered haircuts step haircut men

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Classic Man Short Hairstyleface framing layers men layered cut for men layering mens hair

Photo @lululucas

Shaggy Style men's haircutsshort layered haircut men boys layered haircut double layer haircut boy

Photo @lululucas

Long Curly Hairlayered men's haircut medium mens layered medium length hair mens medium length layered hair

Photo @lululucas

Blow Up Hairstylemens hair layering mid length haircuts men short layered haircuts for men

Photo @lululucas

Fade Art men's haircutmedium length mens layered hair men's long hair layered cut men's long layered haircut

Photo @barberhdm3

Side Swept Undercutlayered short hair men medium length layered haircuts for men medium length layered mens hair

Photo @alan_beak

High Fade Undercutmen's shoulder length hair with layers short layered haircuts men layered mens hairstyles

Photo @barberhdm3

Skin Fade Mohawklayered hairstyle men layered hairstyles men long layered haircuts men

Photo @barberhdm3

Textured Fringemens layer hair cut mens long layered hair layered haircut man

Photo @alan_beak

Swirl Fringemen's layered long hair back hair layering men long layers mens haircut

Photo @alan_beak

Slick And Bangs Backmens short layered haircut men's layered haircut long men's layered hairstyles

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Formal Hairstylelayered fade haircut medium length layered haircuts men mens layers haircut

Photo @alan_beak

Wavy Fringemens layered hair cut mens layered long hair layered mens haircut

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Short Fringe men's hairstyleslayered mens long hair long layered hair men men's layered hair short

Photo @alan_beak

Fingered Styled Pompadourwhat is a layered haircut for guys layer hair cut for men layered haircut male

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Textured Slick Backmen's layered haircut medium long layered haircut men mens layered hairstyles

Photo @ashxlauren

Central Section Quiffhair layering male mens layered cut long layered haircuts for men

Photo @ashxlauren

Quiff And Curlmen's medium layered haircut mens hair layered 3 layer haircut boy

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Feathered Back Sidemens medium length layered haircut layered medium length hair men layer cut men

Photo @alan_beak

Spiky And Fringemens layered hair men layered haircut mens layered medium hair

Photo @universalcutsbarbershop

Swept Backlayered hairstyles for men long layered mens haircuts men's layered long hair

Photo @chef_barber_jay

Shaggy With Bangsmen's layered haircuts layer cut for men layered hair for men

Photo @scammellsbarbershop

Dyed Long Topmedium length hairstyles men layered cut men what is layered hair for guys

Photo @christinathebarber__

Casual Bangs On Sidelayered mens hair layered long hair men layered male haircut long

Photo @lululucas

Curly Mohawk men's hairstylelayered haircut for men layer hair cut men mens layered haircuts

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Shadow Fade And Side Toplayered mens haircuts layered men's haircut men's layered hair

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Grown Out Mulletlayering hair men men layered hair mens long layered haircut

Photo @anthonythebarber916

High Quiff layered men's hairstylelayered haircuts men men's layered hairstyles medium length layered hair men

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Textured Blow Backlayered haircut men mens layered haircut men's layered haircut

Photo @alan_beak

How to Choose Best Type

With all the different types of hairstyles, choosing one that will best fit your look may be very challenging and confusing. Before picking one, it is essential to know these things first:

  • Your face shape: Is it an oval, round, square, oblong, triangle, etc.?
  • Your hair type and texture: Is it thick, thin, fine, silky, frizzy or coarse? Is it straight, wavy, curly or afro-textured?
  • Your hair length: Is it short, medium-length or long?
  • Your profession: Should your hair be formal?
  • Your personal preferences: What kind of appearance do you want to achieve? Is it neat, punk, cool, casual, professional, etc.? Or do you need a cute hairstyle to lift you?

Knowing your answers to these questions will help you choose what hairstyle best suits you.

How to Get Layered Haircut

Layering your hair may be simple when done correctly and with premium self-hair-cutting tools. Here are the steps:

Step 1 – Spray with water

Adding layers is simpler with wet hair, so spray it with water if your locks are drying out too much while cutting. Wet hair also makes it simpler to see what you’re doing because the strands sit as straight as possible.

Step 2 – Comb

To remove any knots, comb the hair carefully.

Step 3 – Choose the section

Pull a portion of hair straight from root to tip, starting at the bottom of the head or where you want the longest sections to be, then grip at a 90-degree angle to the head with the forefinger and middle finger.

Step 4 – Cut 

Cut the hair to the desired length at an angle to the scalp. Because the hair will retract when dried, leave a bit extra length. If necessary, you can always trim more.

If you desire a clean neckline, you may shave to the point where you want the hair to stop; this will provide a stopping place for shorter hair.

How to Maintain Layered Hairstyle

Step 1 – Use a shampoo and conditioner 

Use a shampoo and conditioner that is moisturizing. After washing with shampoo and conditioner, blow-dry the hair. Blow-drying the hair can bring out the layers and make them more bouncy.

Step 2 – Use a high-quality hair brush 

Curly hair should be brushed using a boar-bristle brush. When you use the wrong brush, your hair might become frizzy and unkempt.

Step 3 – Style

Use good-quality pomades, hair gel, or the world’s best hair oil for men to make hair look fuller and enhance the effect of layers.

Step 4 – Emphasize your style

Color or highlights can enhance the look and make layers more visible.


The significance of layered haircuts for guys cannot be overstated. With all of their benefits, there is almost no reason not to obtain one. Layered hairstyles are easy to distinguish from others because of their particular structure.

Layering the hair is a creative and simple approach to styling your hair!


Is layering a good idea for thin hair?

Layering in thin hair makes the hair appear thicker. Layers are an excellent alternative for adding fullness to thin hair.

Who is layered hair best for?

Portrait of a Fashionable Young Man Wearing Glasses

With all the different kinds of layered hairstyles, layered hair is best for everyone. A layered hairstyle can blend with any facial structure and hair texture.

What does layering do to the haircut?

Layered hair adds movement and weight by blending shorter strands into the length. Layers provide structure inside your cut and define personal expression in many styles.

Do layers affect hair growth?

In a month, hair grows around half an inch. It will take more time for your layered cut to grow if it is cut longer.

Does layering reduce hair volume?

Layering adds to hair volume; however, longer layers may minimize the appearance of volume in thick and wavy hairs.

How do you cut men’s layered hairstyles?

When learning how to cut men’s layered hairstyles, one must first understand the different lengths and angles required to achieve a textured and blended look.

This technique involves cutting the hair at varying lengths to create layers that add dimension and movement.

The stylist will carefully section the hair and use different cutting methods, such as point cutting or slicing, to create a seamless transition between the different lengths.

It is important to have a clear understanding of the desired style and to use precision cutting techniques to achieve a polished and professional finish.

How do you cut men’s medium/long hair with scissors?

To properly cut men’s medium/long hair, following the appropriate techniques and guidelines is essential.

This type of haircut requires precision and attention to detail to achieve the desired result.

The stylist must carefully section off the hair and use sharp scissors to trim and shape the hair according to the desired style.

Maintaining a consistent length and ensuring that the hair is evenly cut throughout is important. 


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