Bearded Man With Long Hair

We can’t all be Jason Momoa and have the ability to rock both long hair and a long beard together.

We can hope to get as close as possible, but chances are that we are going to end up looking completely the opposite.

Sexy long hair and a cool beard go really well together.

It is an impeccable combo that only a few are able to put together successfully.

You can’t know if you are one of the few unless you try it.

One thing we can confirm is that we have more than one way for you to make this style happen.

Be sure to read our article thoroughly and follow all the tips.

We also threw in a couple of examples that are very appealing and look sexy.

So let’s see where you should start.

20 Most Popular Long Hair With a Beard Styles

There is a wide array of long beard styles and long hairstyles with short beards that you can go through below and pick from.

High Taper Fade Spiky Hair With a Long Beard

Technically, this style does not include long hair in the way you think. However, since it has a high taper fade, the top section of your hair is still longer than the sides and the back.

The fade here starts higher up and then seamlessly blends into a long beard that starts short and lengthens as it goes down.

Balbo With Long Hair

A Balbo is essentially a beard concentrated around the chin and a mustache, with no blending of the two. The beard on the sides is kept short and minimal, while the hair is long or medium in length.

Handlebar Mustache and Full Beard

A handlebar mustache is long and curved at the sides. Grow out your beard as well to make it full and thick while keeping your hair shorter. The sides of your hair should be short, while the top can be longer and slicked back or the side.

Thin Line Beard

A thin line beard means keeping your beard on the jawline, chin and mustache extremely thin and short. When combined with long, wavy, or parted hair that comes up to your neck or shoulders, this can give you a clean and stylish look.

Wavy Long Hair With a Bushy Beard

Let your hair and beard grow long enough for a few months and then style them to make the hair long and wavy while your beard remains thick, bushy and shapely. A thick and curved mustache can also enhance this fun and fierce look.

Patchy Beard Style

Man With a Patchy Beard

If your beard naturally grows patchy, you can take advantage of this by cleaning it up and making the patches even. You can also try this out with regular growth. Your hair should be slightly longer and, ideally, slicked back. A parting can also add cleanliness to the look.

Goatee Beard

A goatee beard is a short beard surrounding your chin while also sporting a mustache without any hair on the jawline or cheeks. You can then pair this with long hair to get a subtle yet creative look for yourself.

Full Beard With a Long Hair

While a full beard with long hair can be challenging to sport, it can certainly look charming and a bit wild as long as you take care of and style it properly.

Your hair can go beyond your shoulders, while your beard and mustache must be thick and well-shaped. Hair products can help maintain the shape.


Having stubble around your cheek, chin, mustache and neck can make for an attractive and charming beard as long as you keep it straight and clean. Your long hair can work well with stubble, especially if you tie it up into a ponytail or a bun.

Handlebar and Stubble

A handlebar mustache and some stubble can give you a creative and free appearance. Long hair with some waves or curls can enhance this even more, especially if you keep your hair down instead of tying it up.

Mutton Chops With Long Hair

Mutton chops can be a fun beard style that involves keeping the sides and mustache longer while the beard on the chin is kept short. Combined with long and styled hair that you wear down, you can get a free and attractive look.

Dreadlocks and Stubble

For black men, combining your dreadlocks (medium or long length) with clean stubble can give you a unique and stylish appearance. Make sure your hair is suitable enough to make these dreadlocks so that you can then style them as you want.

Man Bun With a Dense Beard

If you have long hair or plan on growing it out, you can tie it into a messy and low bun. This can work exceptionally well with a dense and shapely beard and a thick mustache. Keep the beard on the cheeks shorter.

Medium Beard With Long Jheri Curls

Man With Curls and Medium Beard

Long Jheri curls that fall along your shoulders and forehead can give a distinct, carefree and relaxed look. To match these curls well, growing your beard to an even and medium length can make a huge difference in the best way.

Brushed Back Hair With a Long Beard

Grow out your beard until it becomes long and thick. You can then shape this well while also shaping your mustache to grow long and curved. Then, brushing your hair and keeping it in place can complement the beard wonderfully, making you look cool and tough.

Ombre Hairstyles With a Beard

Long and straight or wavy hair dyed a bit to offer depth and contrast can look great with a clean and even beard. You can also part your hair and let it look a bit free and open to enhance the overall appearance.

Thor Inspired Beard

Thor, with his lush and long hair with a thick but short and clean beard, can seem difficult to match up to, but it is certainly possible with good grooming. Let your hair fall openly apart from a half ponytail and keep your beard uniform.

Van Dyke Beard

A Van Dyke beard means leaving your mustache long and cheeks clean and short while blending the soul patch into the beard on your chin. To match this, you should keep your hair clean and slightly slicked back, with the length being around the chin or neck level.

Soul Patch

A soul patch keeps the beard on your soul patch thicker and shapely while the rest of your beard is extremely short. You can then leave your hair long, free and open while adding a messy side part if you wish to.

Pixie Cuts With a Beard

Keep your hair medium in length while changing the lengths around the sides, back and top. Slick it back with a product and let the front flow over your ears. The beard should be rugged but even.

How to Style  

Step 1 – Determine hair length

Man With Long Hair Is Thinking

You need to figure out how long you want to keep your hair since there can be varying lengths in long hair. Consider what kind of beard you want at this stage to start planning.

Once you have a certain style in mind, you will need to grow out your hair in the first place to style it as you want. You can try using some premium hair oil for men to aid the growing and nourishment process.

Step 2 – Cut the hair

Now that you have your hair long enough, it can be a good idea to cut it a bit using hair clippers to achieve your look. Trimming the hair to an extent will also provide cleanliness and cohesion to your hair to be easier for you to maintain your look.

Do not end up cutting too much since this might defeat the purpose of having long hair. Just a little bit is enough to make your hair healthy and ready.

Step 3 – Style and shape

You can now style and shape your long hair in the way you want. Using hair wax or even hair clay with the perfect hold, you can gently work through your hair using your fingers or a comb. This can help you get the shape that you require.

Once you apply the hair product, style your hair based on the hairstyle of your choice. For instance, you can push your hair to the side, make a side part, style it back, tie it up, or do anything else that you think will suit you.

Step 4 – Beard thickness

Figuring out the beard thickness is the next step since you want your beard to look good with your long hair. If your facial hair looks thin, you can learn how to make your beard thicker and grow it out for a while.

Whether it is keeping your beard short or trimming off the mustache, or keeping it long and thick, there are several styles that you can attempt and try out to see what works well for you.

Step 5 – Grooming

Grooming your beard is quite essential whenever you want to style it. This can help keep your beard in shape while keeping it clean and firm to hold up throughout your day. You can try out some beard wax or oil to keep it in place when you style it.

How to Maintain

There might be some beard myths that you still believe in that tell you that a beard can be too messy, itchy, or inconvenient to manage, especially when coupled with long hair.

However, if you can figure out a way to care for your long hair and your beard regularly to maintain it, then there should be no such issues left for you to deal with in the first place. Below, you can go through the steps to care for your long hair and beard.

Step 1 – Wash your hair

Washing your hair and your beard frequently using shampoo and conditioner can help keep your hair healthy for a long time. This can make it easier to prepare your hair whenever you want to style it.

Man Washing Hair Using Shampoo

Step 2 – Trim your hair

Even if you want to keep your hair or beard or both long, you must trim it once in a while to ensure that it continues to thrive. This can also be an excellent way to get rid of damaged bits in your hair so that they do not take up a large part of your hair or beard.

Doing this while your hair and beard are still wet can make the process easier.

Step 3 – Use a blow dryer

Make sure you use a good blow dryer or even a professional hairdryer so that you can dry your hair thoroughly. This step can add better volume to your hair and make it easier for you to style it later.

Step 4 – Moisturize

Moisturizing your hair and beard regularly can help nourish them better to retain their health and thickness. This can mainly be useful if your hair is a bit coarse. Applying oil to your hair and beard once in a while can go a long way in smoothening them out.

Step 5 – Comb

Longer hair lengths can make it relatively easy for your hair to develop knots. This can also happen if you have a long beard. An excellent way to deal with this is to comb your hair and beard daily to get rid of these knots and prevent them from becoming too matted up.

Step 6 – Keep beard in shape

Don’t overlook some care and maintenance for your beard. Apart from the previous steps, you must also ensure that your beard does not become too unruly and untidy.

Shave it once in a while with the world’s best straight razor and let it grow back. If you don’t want to let go of it completely, make sure you trim it frequently.

Step 7 – Tie lightly

Another important thing with long hair is to keep it as loose as possible. Even if you want or need to tie it up at some point, keep it a bit loose to allow it to breathe. Keeping it tight might lead to too much hair fall, further resulting in harm and unhealthy growth.


Should your beard be longer than your hair?

This depends on the length of your hair. If your hair is short, having a long beard can undoubtedly be better so that your face looks more proportionate.

How can I grow long hair and beard?

Attractive Man With Long Hair and a Beard

If you are in the growing process for your hair and beard, make sure you do not trim them during this time. Let them grow out naturally, and apply oil to quicken the process. Combing the hair and beard out daily can also help.

Is the long hair with a beard professional?

Long hair with a beard can be professional as long as your manage to style it properly. For instance, tying your hair up into a bun or ponytail, pushing it back, or keeping it clean and tidy while keeping your beard relatively short and neat can certainly add professionalism to your look.

Will long thick hair suit well with a thick beard?

Long thick hair can work well with a thick beard as long as you maintain your beard properly. Make sure you keep it tidy and well-groomed to accentuate and work well with your long hair instead of working against it.

Short or long beard – Which is better with long hair?

Generally, if you have long hair, keeping your beard short is a better idea to maintain a clean and stylish look. If your hair is not too long (around shoulder length or shorter), then you can attempt to grow out your beard a bit as well.

Does long hair look better with a beard?

Yes, long hair looks better with a beard but only with a short one so that you can carry a clean yet fashionable look. It can also add a more cohesive appearance to ensure that you look mature and stylish.

How do you blend long hair with a beard?

Adding a fade to your long hair can help blend the hair with the beard. This means keeping your sides slightly short, so they can directly lead to your beard.


That was everything you need to know about having long hair with a beard. Through the numerous styles mentioned here, you can go through them and pick a style that you think will work best for you and will suit you best.

Feel free to try different styles out and experiment while also maintaining the look regularly to make the most of it.

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