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Growing a beard for five months is extremely difficult.

A lot can happen during that timespan, and throughout it, you have to be in tune and ready to trim and groom so it grows to be nice and strong.

One small mistake can lead to a disaster.

Not a lot of guys are ready to make such an investment and dedicate so much time to growing their facial hair.

Especially when it turns out not everything is sun and roses and that dreaded itch, split ends and patchiness settle in.

Those that make it reap the benefits of their success by rocking a truly stellar-looking beard.

To help you get the most out of your facial hair, we devised an article that will thoroughly explain the entire process of growing a five-month beard.

You will learn all the tips, find out about a couple of tricks, and by the end of reading all the paragraphs, you will know exactly how to handle any situation and bump on the road on your journey to kick ass 5-month beard.

What Is a Five-Month Beard

Any man who decides to grow a beard shows his desire to be different. Having a beard these days has become a fashion statement among men. Although some men don’t care about fashion trends, let alone following one, still, the act of growing a beard is a character on its own.

Whatever your reason is for grooming a beard, you already know that it requires a lot of patience to grow a full beard.

A typical beard growth rate is about 1.27cm(1/2inch) per month, making a five-month beard 2.5 inches(6.35cm). 

 A 5-month beard is grown for a whopping 152 days and is long enough to cover Adam’s apple completely.


Protection From Harmful Rays

We cover our body with a cloth to keep our skin away from the sun’s harmful rays, but our face is vulnerable and is more prone to ultraviolet rays. When the facial skin is constantly exposed to these harmful rays, one can develop skin cancer or rashes.

When you grow your beard for five months, it becomes fuller, covering most of your lower face and neck region away from the rays.

Reduces Allergies and Infections

A full beard works as a filter to keep allergens from your mouth and nose. Ensure you wash your beards often with premium bar soap.

Reduces Cuts

Man Is Shaving

When you shave daily, you risk getting constant blemishes and cuts. These can lead to the roughness of the facial skin. Growing your beard for as long as five months ensures you are blemish-free and it means no more cuts as well.

Natural Moisturizer

Someone who shaves regularly can experience seasonal changes like dryness to the skin. Also, using products consistently to moisturize can hurt your skin.

The face has its moisturizer called sebaceous glands, which moisturizes the skin through the natural oil it secretes. Constant shaving can destroy these glands. However, growing a beard for five months can keep your skin naturally smooth and moisturized. 

How Does It Work

Growing a beard for five months is all about not shaving for an extended period of approximately 20 weeks.

Put in mind that when fully grown, beards don’t take care of themselves. They need some upkeep which some men prefer to do on their own.

Thankfully, grooming a beard is a skill that can be mastered by anyone and not just professional barbers. It becomes easier to do once you know what you’re doing. Even though you can grow naturally as you feel, do some minimal maintenance trimming. This will ensure that you get the length you want. 

Pros and Cons 

Man in Doubt to Cut His Beard


You get big bulky hair on your face when you’ve successfully grown your beard for five months. It looks like a black canvas that will require a magical touch from you or a professional barber.

If you have a fat face or a weak chin, a five-month beard is perfect for hiding the double chin. A five-month beard with short sides and angular trim can give you a perfectly chiseled face and a strong jaw. Make sure to use the world’s best beard scissors for your trim.


Growing a five-months beard takes a lot of self-control not to want to shave your face when everyone is expecting you to do so. It also requires a lot of patience for days when your beard would look like a patchy mess, or you stare into the mirror and see yourself looking like someone who has been kept underground for centuries.

How to Grow 

Step 1 – Let it grow

Growing a beard for five months requires a lot of patience and self-control. There will be times when all you desire is to shave it off. There will be moments when you think five months is too far away, and you want to give up. Be patient because a day will finally come when you realize you’ve reached your destination.

Step 2 – Mind the perimeter

Don’t forget to clean up the neck and chick lines. This keeps it more beard-like. 

Step 3 – Trim as it grows

Using a good pair of scissors, trim as it grows. This will help direct your hair where it should grow.

How to Trim

Man Is Trimming a Beard

Step 1 – Get ready for a trim

You don’t need to shower, but you want to start with a natural, clean beard. Use the best beard brush to shape your beard. Try not to fluff it; instead, shape it so you would wear it. This will help you assess where it needs to be trimmed.

Step 2 – Clean your cheeks

As your beard gets longer and fuller, it grows wilder, away from the cheeks. Remember, you want a beard that will chisel your jawline, not make you look like a chimpanzee.

Use your electric trimmer and start trimming. Avoid taking too much hair. Start with the sideburn; run the clippers down the side of your face, straight beyond the jawline. Do not curve inwards towards your neck region.

Step 3 – Take some off

Yes, you heard it right. You’ll have to shorten the length of your beard. First, determine where you want the bottom of your beard to be and how much you need to trim.

Using your trimmer, make slow cuts perpendicular to your jaw. Then start from the front of your beards, and work straight back towards your neck.

Step 4 – Tidy up the edge

Once you’ve cut your beards to the length you want, grab a mirror to see how it looks. You are likely to see that your bead is more square-shaped than you want. This is where you clean up the edges.

That is the point where the back edge of your beard joins the bottom of your beard. The spot can be found below the hinge point of your jaw. Soften up the angle to form a natural, rounded bottom for your beard.

Step 5 – Clean up the neck

As your beard gets longer, aim toward lowering your neckline. When your beard gets long enough to cover your neck, you no longer need to worry about the neckline.

Step 6 – Trim flyaways

Run an ultimate shaving brush through your beard to eliminate flyaways or stray hairs. Once your beard is lying naturally again, look out for any stray hairs that may protrude out of your beard. Get rid of them with your beard trimming scissors.

No significant cut needs to be made at this juncture. All you need is just little snips here and there. Comb and brush your beards again for any flyaway you may have missed. Don’t get too obsessed with getting rid of flyaways; you may take much of your hair.

Man Is Measuring His Beard

Step 7 – Perfect the bottom edge

Trimming your beard can create a sharp, unnatural bottom to your beard. This makes it look manicured and blunt.

To achieve a more natural look, point-cut along the bottom edge of your beards with scissors. While holding it straight up towards your chin, make tiny snips with the edge of your scissors. 

Step 8 – Trim the mustache

Once you’re through with the beards, next is the mustache. You can use your scissors to eliminate hair straying over your lips region. It’s entirely up to you.

Step 9 – Brush and style

Apply some completely unscented beard oil to your beard and use your beard brush to shape. This is the chance to see the excellent work so far. While at it, touch any spots you may have missed.

Don’t forget always to come and brush your beard often throughout the trimming process.

How to Maintain 

Step 1 – Use your scissors to tidy up the bottom edge of your beard

Try to take not more than an eighth of an inch.

Step 2 – Get rid of any stray hairs

Remove any mustache hairs that have grown towards your mouth. Line up your cheek lines.

Best Products to Use 

When you’ve grown a beard as long as 2.5″, it becomes easily prone to dryness because the natural sebum oil produced by the sebaceous glands won’t be able to keep up with the massive demand.

Natural beard shampoo is one of the best products you need to use for a five-month beard.

You should also get a good set of styling beard combs for maintenance trimming part, and while at it, choosing a lotion aftershave will come in handy.

Do’s and Don’ts 

Bearded Man on Yellow Background


  • Wash your beard often to keep it well hydrated. Ensure to use a dedicated soap or beard shampoo.
  • Be patient It takes a lot of patience to grow a beard for five months. Don’t be discouraged if your beard doesn’t grow as fast as you want in the first few months.
  • Invest in a good trimmer and best products 5 months is a long time and you want your patients to be worth it. Investing in good products and trimmers is essential to make the wait worthwhile. 


  • Avoid trimming too soon. Give it some time to be well grown before you cut. That way, all the patchy areas would have grown well enough for you to see the potential of your beard.

Quick Grooming Tips 

  1. Do not trim your beard when it’s wet. Water straightens the hair and makes it look longer. If you trim while the beard is wet, you may discover too much has been cut when the beard becomes dry.
  2. Bushy beard can be tamed using a brush and comb.
  3. Use adjustable beard trimmers. This will help you control the rotating razors.
  4. Shape your beard outline with a good trimmer. When dealing with flyaways, use a razor instead. 


How long is a five-month beard?

The beard growth rate is ½-inch (1,27 cm) per month, making a five-month growth rate 2.5″ (6,35 cm). This is the length where the bottom part of the beard begins to cover Adam’s apple.

Will trimming thicken my five-month beard?

Shaving or cutting your facial beard will not make your beards stronger or thicker. Trimming, on the other hand, will ensure better growth.

Where should the beard cheek line be?

Create a straight line from your sideburn to the corner of your mouth. Dip down into your beard to make the bottom slightly round. This will add a soft touch to the look.

How to blow dry a beard?

  • Use a medium temperature.
  • While blow-drying your beard, keep it 7 inches away from your beard.
  • Style your beard with a comb.
  • As you blow-dry, you comb each part.
  • Get all the curls and tangles.


Thank you for joining us at the finish line. We hope you’ve learned some helpful information today. Lots of patience is required to grow a five-month beard, but with the proper techniques and products, your beard will in no time be the envy of many! Beard on!

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