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Some men take a fanatic approach when it comes to taking care of their beards.

In some ways, you should do that if you want to get your beard as crisp and tight as you want it to be.

In order to achieve the perfect look of your facial hair, you have to incorporate all the best products and tools when grooming it.

A beard comb is one of the most underestimated pieces of beard grooming equipment that your beard set simply has to have.

Without it, your beard may turn out to be scraggly and unkempt.

Therefore, choosing a correct beard comb should require maximum effort on your part.

Not any old comb will do to help you get the look you need.

In order to save you time on extensive research, we have created an ultimate list of the best beard combs that we could find.

We reviewed all the products and explained all the advantages that each one of them has.

With any luck, after going through this article, you will have picked the most suitable beard comb for your type of beard.

Beard Combs (Summary)

Image Product Details  
Most DurableBeardoholic
  • Extremely easy to control
  • Finest teeth and no static
  • Pocket-friendly
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For All Beard TypesBeardoholic Beard & Mustache Comb
  • Portable
  • Easily detangles knots and tangles
  • Lightweight
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No Hair BreakageStriking Viking
  • No damage and breakage
  • Doesn’t cause electricity
  • Pretty durable
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  • Doesn’t damage beard at all
  • For all beard lengths
  • Set of 3 combs
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Kent 81T
  • Affordable
  • Highly portable
  • Fits into wallet or pockets
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Best Beard Combs Reviewed

1. Beardoholic Beard Comb

This is one of the best beard combs you will ever encounter. With a five-star rating, consumers have found this beard comb ideal for all beard styles. It has a long lifespan, is anti-static, and detangles hair. It offers a great grip and is extremely easy to control.

Beardoholic Beard Comb


  • Made to last
  • Fine Tooth
  • Pocket-Friendly

  • None

2. Beardoholic Beard & Mustache Comb

Beardoholic Beard & Mustache Comb features carefully crafted fine and coarse teeth. It is an essential accessory that any man should have in its grooming kit.

This beard comb is compact and portable, making it the best option to pack in your backpack. It features smooth, rounded tips that would not leave or cause any scratch marks on your skin. 

With this comb, you can easily untangle your beard without causing any breakage or damage to the hair. The comb certainly works wonders in the prevention of ingrown hairs.

It’s a good option for all types of beards as it gets rid of knots while gently stimulating the production of oil naturally. You can be sure that your beard will be healthier and tangle-free when you using this comb.

Beardoholic Folding Beard Comb Plastic



  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easily detangles knots and tangles
  • Works for all beard types

  • Might not work for thick, long beards

3. Kent Men’s Handmade Comb

This brand is widely known and associated with quality products. Kent was established in 1777 and has been producing top-quality beard brushes and combs ever since.

This handmade beard comb comes in a comb set of 3 and the price is very inexpensive for a total of 3 combs. It does not damage hair and stimulates natural oils within the hair cuticles as the hair is combed.

Kent Men’s Handmade Comb


  • Made of acetate
  • Superior handmade construction
  • Works well with all beard lengths

  • Some would consider it too small

4. Folding Wood Comb by Striking Viking

Treat yourself to this long-lasting, sandalwood beard comb. It is very durable, and customers love the great “earthy” smell.
Unlike plastic combs, you will not experience any static electricity, giving your beard a neat, clean look.

Folding Wood Comb by Striking Viking



  • Well-made comb
  • Smells great
  • Decreases damage and breakage to hair

  • Wider than expected

5. Kent 81T Beard/Moustache Comb, X-Small

This beard comb may be small, but it is sturdy with the overall quality. Like other Kent products, you can expect a handmade, durable comb.
What makes this one so special is that it is highly portable because of its size.

It can fit nicely into your wallet or pocket for any occasional touch-ups. The only downfall is that it’s not effective with all types of beards.

Kent 81T


  • Portable
  • Made of cellulose acetate

  • Not as effective with long beards

Comb that is also worth mentioning:

Top Pocket Comb for Beards & Mustaches by Viking Revolution

Pocket Comb by Viking Revolution

Benefits of Using a Beard Comb

Using a quality beard comb can make the difference between a coarse, rough beard and a nicely groomed, soft one. A few benefits of using beard combs include:

  • Combing your beard every day will ensure your facial hair grows in the right direction, eliminating ingrown hairs. This also helps grow a beard faster and in a healthier manner.
  • Beard combs give you the look you want. Combing your facial hair helps you style your best beard style any way that you want. It also trains your facial hair to grow in a certain direction.

Types of Beard Combs

There are so many types of beard trimming and styling combs currently on the market. To narrow down your selection consider the teeth width. There are fine tooth combs as well as wide-tooth combs.

Beard Comb Types

If you have a soft beard, we recommend using a beard comb with teeth spaced closer together. For coarser beards, wide tooth combs usually work best.

Then you’ll want to decide on a material. You really only have three options here: wood, plastic, and metal.

Here is a brief overview of the differences, benefits, and downfalls of each:

Wooden Beard Comb

If you are serious about the health of your beard, invest in the best wooden beard comb. They are hand-cut, which avoids tugging and pulling at your beard. Not only do they look good, but they can last a lifetime!

There are 3 main reasons why wooden combs are better for beards. For one, unlike other beard comb types, wood beard combs have wider teeth that glide through hairs smoothly without breaking or damaging your beard.

Secondly, wooden combs for beards are anti-static, which means they’ll help you detangle knots in your beard better without making it frizzy. The final reason why wooden beards comb is better is that it helps in moisturizing since it helps spread beard oil and balm evenly across your facial hair.

Sandalwood has shown to be the best wood option for a wood beard comb. In addition, the best wooden beard comb should have width teeth to glide easier across longer and coarser beards.

Plastic Beard Comb

Plastic comb is cheaper than the rest, also resulting in poorer quality. Usually flimsy, they create static within the hair and do not smooth out beard hair as nicely as wood beard combs.

Metal Beard Comb

You may not be as familiar with metal beard combs and that is a good thing. Metal beard comb doesn’t have smoothly cut edges, which can harm hair follicles. They are also far from being anti-static.

As you can see, wood combs are the best selection when it comes down to the health and appearance of your beard.

This leads us to the next decision that you’ll have to make: stamp or press cut beard comb vs a hand-cut one. We recommend going with the hand-cut choice for several reasons.

Handmade beard combs are usually made with sturdier material such as wood or horn.

The teeth are also individually cut, eliminating those jagged edges you often find in stamp pressed models. For this reason, you’ll notice a smooth, itch-free result.

How to Comb Your Beard

So, you have found the perfect wood beard comb, now it’s time to learn how to properly comb your beard. Not only will your beard feel and look good, but combing it the right way also promotes healthier hair!

To begin, you want to comb your beard from the bottom up. Combing your beard this way will help your beard appear fuller and will make it easier to work through tangles.

Once you’ve combed your beard upwards, you can comb the beard down paying special attention to your trimmed neckline.

Style your beard any way that you’d like and don’t forget about your mustache! Comb it off to the sides and away from your mouth.

Beard Brush vs Beard Comb

There is a difference between a beard comb and a beard brush. To begin with, combs are great for styling beards as they grow longer.

Paired with top beard grooming products, you can achieve the style and shape you’re looking for.

Used in combination with natural beard shampoos, beard scissors, and durable beard trimmers ensure proper beard grooming.

Consequently, beard combs can be used on wet or dry hair while a beard brush can only be used on dry hair. Many say that brushing your hair too much will cause split ends.

The best times to brush beard hair is after you’ve showered and dried the beard. Because combs aren’t as harsh on hair, they are more popular among consumers.

Can You Use Hair Comb/Brush on Your Beard and Why?

Beard combs and brushes are made specifically for beards and should be kept separate from the items we use on our hair. Doing so makes the bristles on the beard comb/brush easier to clean.

Keep in mind if you are using beard oil and products you don’t want to get this into your hair. If you are a pogonophile, we know you’ll agree with our last bit of advice: keep your hair comb and beard comb separate.


Do beard combs work?

If your goal is to prevent beard split ends, train your facial hair to grow in the desired direction to get the look you desire, moisturize the beard by distributing beard oil evenly, keep your mouth clean and get rid of beard itch and dandruff, then yes, quality wood beard combs work. Plastic and metal ones aren’t a good option, so make sure to choose wooden combs for beards for the best results.

Are metal combs bad for beards?

In short, yes, metal combs can be for your beard. Their edges aren’t smooth and this can damage your hair follicles. In addition, being from metal, these combs often cause static and can make your beard look unkempt.

Are beard combs worth it?

If you choose a quality, wooden beard comb with wide teeth, then yes, your beard comb is definitely worth it. The reason why wooden beard combs are worth every penny is that they prevent ingrown hairs, train your hairs to grow away from your mouth and in the desired direction and help you spread beard oil and balm evenly across your beard.

Are heated beard combs good?

Heated combs are good for men who have a naturally curly, coarse or wavy beard since they’ll tame it and make it more manageable. Men with a straight beard can benefit more from a simple wooden beard comb.

Can you over comb a beard?

If you comb your beard more than 5 times in one day, you’ll over comb it and this will damage your facial hair. Combing your beard 3-5 times a day is more than enough to experience all the benefits and keep your beard neat and clean.

On the other hand, you should use your wooden beard brush only once a day since anything more than that can damage your beard.

How do you clean wooden combs?

To clean your wooden comb for a beard, you only need warm water and mild soap. Soak your wooden beard comb in the solution 2-3 minutes. Use a cloth to wipe dirt and debris by going gently through each tine. In case there is a residue that won’t come off,  make sure to scrub it thoroughly with the old toothbrush.

Why are wooden combs better than plastic?

One of the main reasons why wooden combs for beards are better than plastic is that wood is stronger than plastic, resulting in better quality. Wooden beard combs are also better than plastic since they’re anti-static and plastic causes a lot of static.

Finally, a  plastic comb doesn’t smooth beard as neatly as wood beard comb does.

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