7 Best Beard Scissors and Steps Needed To Start Using Them

After talking with thousands of men over the years and after our own personal trial-and-error experience, we discovered that using proper tools to trim the beard is essential in making it look perfect.

Sure, growing a beard is the first step, but finding the ideal style for your face shape and sculpting the beard the desired way are the next few steps. If you’ve ever used the wrong trimming tools, you’ve learned this the hard way. It’s quite understandable though.

Mastering the art of proper trimming and shaping with clippers, especially if you have zero experience, is quite challenging.
Nevertheless, when they need to style the beard, most men still grab beard trimmers first.

As you know, this can end disastrously, leading to more than just a few hairs being trimmed. That’s why, if you ask us, we’d say that the old-fashioned beard scissors are the better way to go.

With the best beard scissors, you can blend and trim your beard in certain areas quickly and easily with more precision than a beard trimmer. In this article, you’ll find 7 possibly best shears that’ll keep your facial hair in top shape every time.

5 Best Beard Scissors

Image Product Details  
Sharpest bladesBeardoholic
  • Doesn’t dull or rust
  • Most comfortable grip
  • Easiest tension adjustment
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Most AffordableSanguine
  • Wide finger holes
  • Extra ergonomic grip
  • Suitable for left-handed men
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Most DurableEquinox Professional
  • Precise and sharp blade
  • Adjustable tension screw
  • Comfortable grip handle
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  • Removable finger rest
  • Large finger holes
  • Fine tension adjustments
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Curved and Rounded
  • Sharp blades
  • Great for hard-to-reach areas
  • Don’t rust or get stained
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For more detailed and complete product reviews on benefits and features, keep reading.

We have made a few suggestions for high-quality affordable beard scissors that barbers use at the end of the article.

Beard Scissors That We Recommend

Beardoholic Beard Scissor

Made of high-quality Japanese stainless steel, Beard Scissors from Beardoholic are sharp and highly durable, lasting several years.
Their smooth texture and stainless steel material prove they won’t rust or stain even if you use them for a long time.

Our team has been using these beard scissors in the barbershop for a while now, and we all agree that they never fail to impress us and our clients. One thing we like the most is that they prevent hair from getting caught between each blade, which usually happens with other scissors.

The blades are also noticeably impressive. They are proven to be sharp and precise. Their curved edge effectively trims every stray hair strand evenly and smoothly. I do that with a single cut without pulling, tugging, or damaging the beard.

As a result, I’ve noticed that they provide a clean and accurate cut. They even help remove stray hairs and split ends without compromising the beard’s length.

Customers Feedback:

One of the features that most customers love about the Beardoholic beard scissors is the adjustable tension screw.
Many customers are also impressed with the large finger holes. The holes can comfortably fit most male hands.

In addition, a rubber material is used for its cover, which promotes a much better fit and prevents the steel from scratching the fingers.
The problem occurs for men with really bulky and big fingers. It may also be quite a challenge to use if you are left-handed.


This problem can be solved. You just have to remove the rubber, which will accommodate your big and bulky fingers.
Once the rubber is removed, you can comfortably grip and hold the scissors.



Equinox Professional Razor Shears

Another pair of beard scissors we recommend to our clients is professional razor shears from Equinox. I like the ergonomic feel and design. They work ideally for our team of barbers and salon staff because they have a comfortable finger hole and curved finger rest.

The versatility is also unquestionable. I also like how lightweight they are. This makes the scissors easy to use and handle, making them convenient to use for a wide range of clients.

Featuring an adjustment screw, you also have the option of fine-tuning the sharp scissors based on your preferred tension.
The ergonomic design is also a big advantage, as it means it is not hard to control and hold.

The blades are sharp enough for use on different thicknesses and sizes of beards.

Customer Feedback:

Most customers only have one phrase to describe the Equinox professional razor shears – top-notch quality.
However, some find the finger holes too small, and some say they are not ideal for left-handed people.



Sanguine Beard & Mustache Scissors

I am happy I invested in Sanguine Beard and Mustache Scissors, as I keep receiving good client feedback.
Most of them love how perfectly they trim their beard and mustache.

They specifically like the exceptionally sharp blades, capable of conveniently cutting all strands of facial hair.
The blades used in these scissors are also convex.

They are Japanese-styled, making them genuinely efficient in cutting hair instead of snapping, promoting healthy and thick hair growth.
I am so delighted with the fact that the scissors feature a tension screw, which you can easily adjust by hand.

You do not need to use a key or a screwdriver for this. Its lightweight nature and attractive black color make it a perfect choice for personal and professional use.

Customer Feedback:

Many customers are so glad that these scissors have a nice ergonomic grip. They suit those who are left-handed.
One flaw that some users pointed out is that about one-half-inch of its tip is incapable of cutting.

This means you may have problems using it to fine-tune individual strands.

Sanguine Beard & Mustache Scissors


Suvorna Men’s Beard & Mustache Scissors

When I think about the 2-inch blade with a sharp razor convex edge that helps cut and trim facial hair with ease, I think of Suvorna Beard Scissors. My constant use of these scissors also made me discover how ergonomic the handle and grip are.

This is a big help in creating precision cuts. In addition, there is a tension adjustment knurled knob with a golden coating and features a backing plate. These things promote better fine-tuning as well as smooth motion when cutting.

Most of our clients are satisfied with the tightly fitted blade. The reason is that it helps a lot in dealing with unruly, stubborn, and stray hairs. There is also no need to worry if you have bigger fingers and hands because the finger holes featured in this beard scissor are big enough.

Customer Feedback:

One thing that keeps impressing users is the built-in razor-sharp blades. These assure users they will never have difficulty getting precise and clean cuts, and they also make the haircutting process easier.

Another benefit of these scissors, according to most customers, is that they have a nice feel and size. They are so compact that you can maneuver them easily and achieve precision.

Suvorna Men’s Beard & Mustache Trimming


Utopia Care Rounded and Curved Facial Hair Scissors

Regarding quality, I can say that the rounded and curved Facial Hair Scissors Offered by Utopia Care are unmatched.
The whole team is very pleased with the stainless-steel construction, which makes it highly durable and of top-notch quality.

The stainless-steel material is the reason why this beard grooming tool is proven to be long-lasting. It can serve its purpose for a longer time, plus you can make that possible without doing so much for its maintenance.

They can maintain their longevity by using a dry, delicate material to wipe them off after each use. It has a unique, easy-to-grip handle design and boasts a non-slip nature.

Because of this, I never experience problems with my fingers firmly cradled by the scissors. This is also a good thing as it promotes better balance and control.

Customer Feedback:

Many customers rave about the scissors’ versatile nature, which allows them to adhere to users’ unique cutting requirements.
Several customers also gave a thumbs up on this scissor’s curved and rounded tips.

They find this particular feature effective in protecting skin from possible cuts. One minor flaw is that getting used to this tool may take time. The size also makes it quite challenging to sharpen.

Curved and Rounded Facial Hair Scissors


Marbeian Beard and Mustache Scissors

These beard and mustache scissors are ideal size 4.5 inches, making them easy to use on clients who want their beards to be trimmed and groomed neatly. I specifically like the tiny tips, which guarantee better accuracy when trimming.

Made of stainless steel, they are easy to clean, maintain and long-lasting. The material will be able to serve its ultimate purpose of cutting and trimming your beard for a long time.

The scissors also feel nice in the hand, making them very comfortable to use no matter how thick or long the facial hair is.
They also feature finger openings big enough to fit the fingers of most men.

Another unique thing about this product is that it has an eyebrow and a small mustache comb. It is around 2.8 inches in size.
The inclusion of this comb promotes ease when it comes to precise shaping. It is also helpful in cutting fine details and combing whiskers.

Customers Feedback:

The solid build of this pair of beard scissors is one of the things that continues to leave a good impression on the customers.
Most customers also love how the scissors feel when used in their hands. One drawback is that it is not as sharp as the others.

Beard & Mustache Scissors With Comb


ONTAKI Premium Hand-Forged Beard and Mustache Scissors

ONTAKI are beard scissors that we keep on using in our salon. Many of our customers are greatly satisfied with them.

As we regularly use these scissors, we have discovered that the Japanese steel used in their construction is so good that it can handle the majority of cutting tasks. It delivers exceptional cutting performance while showing off its long-lasting sturdiness and reliability.

Another reason we decided to include them in our salon’s grooming kit is that they are highly versatile. They serve multiple purposes.
The ergonomic design of the scissors is also worth mentioning.

It is ergonomically and professionally designed, so you will experience the highest comfort level.

Customers Feedback:

Most customers are impressed with the long-lasting and high-grade nature of the Japanese stainless-steel material.
They love how it helps provide accurate and precise cuts each time they use it.

Several customers also praise the premium-quality and convex blades. Such blades help make the scissors more effective in all forms of cutting techniques for beard or facial hair, including wisping and slide cuts.

Note, though, that this pair of scissors is smaller than the others.

Premium Japanese Steel Scissors with Comfort Grip


Why Do You Need Beard Trimming Scissors

In case you’re thinking that using regular beard and mustache scissors for trimming your facial hair is enough, you might want to reconsider. Beard trimming scissors are definitely not the same as regular ones.

Their shears are shorter which allows them to get into hard-to-access areas on your face with ease. Where regular scissors would potentially hurt you or cut more hairs than needed, the best beard scissors will help you trim your beard to perfection.

You’ve probably assuming that an electric trimmer would do a trimming job faster and you would be right. However, one wrong move with it could cost you your precious beard and you could spend months regrowing it.

Beard and mustache scissors are way easier to control and a lot more precise. This is particularly important for trimming your ‘stache where using a trimmer is almost impossible.

Even if you’re not the biggest fan of facial hair trimming, the time for a minor touching up will eventually come. Also, the chances are that after a few months, your beard will develop split ends. This happens even to men with shorter beards.

A beard with split ends is definitely not a healthy beard and grows slower than it would without them. Plus, split ends cause it to become unruly and coarse.

Therefore, if you want your beard to look its best, you will make sure to give it some touch-ups and remove strays and split ends without sacrificing the length. For this job, you will find beard and mustache scissors to be the most convenient and handiest to use.

Finally, they are much less expensive and more affordable than the cheapest beard trimmer.

How to Choose the Best Beard Scissors

There are four essential things and a few additional features you want to take into consideration before purchasing a new pair of scissors for trimming your facial hair.

Make sure to focus on the steel quality, blade length, size and ease of grip, as these features play a huge role in your beard and mustache scissors performance and portability. Nonetheless, premium quality shears often tend to be too large and very expensive.

The goal is to find the right balance between the quality, size and price. To make your search easier, let’s dive deep into explaining each of the four main factors and a few additional ones you should be looking for in beard scissors.

Steel Quality

At this point, it all comes down to deciding whether you will go with Japanese or German stainless steel. Both of them are high-quality but differ in terms of sharpness and durability, thus offering different experiences.

Japanese steel is more delicate because it’s more refined. However, it has a curved cutting razor edge that gives an extremely precise and smooth cut. You can say that Japanese steel is one of the most precise materials there is.

Being more refined makes this steel more prone to dulling faster, which is why it requires to be sharpened regularly. You’re probably guessing that German steel is sturdier and more durable to its Japanese alternative.

Its cutting edge is a little beveled and because of that it holds the hairs without allowing them to slip. As the steel is less refined, it will pass quite some time for the German steel to dull or develop nicks. This, however, doesn’t mean you won’t have to sharpen them.

You will know the right time has come when the beard and mustache scissors start tugging and pulling your facial hairs instead of cutting through them smoothly.

Blade Length

The length of the blades is questionably one of the essential aspects of beard scissors. Back in the days, there were different shears for beards and mustache scissors were something else.

The ones for beards were long and mustache scissors were shorter because you would need to use them for close up work and detailing.

Just think about it – long scissors could chop a chunk of your mustache doing irreversible damage, while it would take an eternity to trim a beard with short blades of mustache scissors.

Nowadays, trimming scissors are mostly made in one, medium size blade length, but there are still some longer options available in case you have a bushier beard and want to give them a go.


Professional hairdressers use beard shears that are usually long from 5.5 inches or 14 cm to up to 7 inches or 17.75 cm.
These are the finest quality facial hair scissors you will encounter. Obviously, 7 inches is far too long even for the biggest beard.

If your facial hair is thick and long, 5.5 inches is an optimal size. In any other case, trimming shears of around 5 inches are the best choice. For men who care about portability, travel beard and mustache scissors of 4 inches or 10 cm in length are unbeatable.


Ease of Grip

You will know that the beard and mutache scissors are easy to grip if their opening doesn’t squeeze your fingers, no matter the size of your hands. Finger rests are another great feature that you should look for. They make sure to help you keep your hand steady while trimming.

Finger rests are those bars at the bottom ring of your scissors that pop out of it. There are shears with and without the finger rests, depending on your preferences.

Also, you can remove some of them. If you think about it, scissors with removable rests are the way to go, as you can take the finger rest off if you don’t need it. To do so, you should just screw out it of the bottom ring.


Besides having a universal grip, most facial hair scissors are designed for right-handed people. Fortunately, although there aren’t many of them, you can also find the ones for left-handed men, but you won’t always find them necessary.

More and more facial hair trimming shears nowadays are crafted for right-handed people, but still can be used by lefties too because some of their features qualify them for that.

Tension Screw

A circular knob at the place where the blades of the scissors are held together is known as a tension dial or screw.
As its name suggests, this feature allows you to change the tension of your shears. In other words, it brings both of the blades closer.

Many people think that this will also alter the sharpness of the scissors, but that won’t happen. For that, you will have to sharpen the blades or get a professional to do it for you.

Safety Tips at the Top of the Blades

It’s understandable that this is not something most men would consider important but think about it. Extremely sharp top of the blades can be potentially dangerous, especially if you’ve got kids or pets or if you have a problem with shaky hands.

Travel Pouch

For bearded guys that are planning to use trimming scissors only at home, some fancy pouch or case is not a thing they care about too much. Men who like traveling, however, can find a pouch for their scissors to be pretty handy.

Cases for facial hair scissors can be as big as glasses cases, with a special cut-out section inside or be smaller and made of nice leather.


Your scissors are likely to stay sharp for longer if you clean them after every use and store them in some dry place.
Storing them on some wet place will cause them to rust sooner.

Of course, no matter how much you care for them, after around 6 months of use, it’s inevitable that the blades start dulling.
As soon as this happens, make sure to sharpen them to avoid that they tug or pull the hairs and cause uneven cutting.

How to Trim a Beard With Beard Scissors

By following along with these six simple steps and a little bit of practice, you will have that beard looking stylish in no time at all.

Preparing the Beard

The first thing that you need to do is properly wash your beard and then dry it with a clean towel. Make sure to use a specialized shampoo for beards that can also improve your facial hair growth and thickness.

Trimming when the beard is wet could look different when it dries, so always trim when the hair is completely dry.
Comb the beard with a Wide-Tooth Comb downward, then comb upwards against the direction of the beard growth.

This will make the facial hair appear fluffy, and is important so that loose hair is standing up ready to be easily cut.

Cutting Procedure With Barber Scissors

Starting with one side of the face, begin to pass the trimming comb through the beard at a slight angle and start snipping away at the hair that protruded out from the teeth of your comb.

The key here is working in sections and only cutting the edges so when you brush the beard it looks all the same length.

Avoid Over-Cutting

Many first-timers will keep cutting away at the beard and make a mess here. The process is simple, trim just a little in each area at a time. The focus here is trimming only the ends of the hair.

By working a small section and only trimming the ends, you get a tidy look in no time at all. Keep the comb close to the surface so you are not digging too deep and to keep the trim even.

Moving Around the Face

Now that you have trimmed up one side of the face, comb the beard in the right direction to see the results. If you are happy, we move to the other side of the face. This takes practice at first, so be patient. Cut in stages and take off the ends.

Step 4: Moving Around the Face

The Chin Area

The underside of the chin can be tricky, so comb upwards and then angle the comb-like on the rest of the face and trim the ends only.
Once finished, comb the hair in the right direction and with beard scissors snip off any odd hairs sticking out.

Don’t get too focused on one section because after you are completed the entire beard will again flow together.

The Clean Up

Once you are happy with the look, wash your beard to remove any clippings from it. Drop some beard oil in the palm of your hands and moisturize the beard and the skin. This will make the next time you cut easier too.

Vinnie - Barber

About the author: Vinnie – Barber

Vinnie is one of the members of the Beardoholic writers team. He’s also a barber and hairstylist for 15 years now and he has a kick-ass beard of his own, so he surely knows what makes a magnificent beard and hair and how to achieve them. He’s our go-to guy for all the latest beard and hairstyle trends and he always has a tip or two on how to grow and style a thick beard fast.

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