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Although many men have become accustomed to breaking out the beard trimmer when they need to style their beards, you do not have to be afraid to grab some beard scissors and get trimming the old fashion way.

By following along with these six simple steps and a little bit of practice, you will have that beard looking stylish in no time at all.

With scissors, you can blend and trim certain areas quickly and easily with more precision than a best beard trimmer.

We have made a few suggestions for high quality affordable barber scissors throughout the article.

Enough said, grab your new beard scissors and follow along:

Step 1: Preparing the Beard

The first thing that you need to do is properly wash your beard and then dry it with a clean towel.

Trimming when the beard is wet could look different when it dries, so always trim when the hair is completely dry.

Comb the beard with a wide tooth comb downward, then comb upwards against the direction of the beard growth.

This will make the facial hair appear fluffy, and is important so that loose hair is standing up ready to be easily cut.

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Step 2: Cutting Procedure With Barber Scissors

Starting with one side of the face, begin to pass the comb through the beard at a slight angle and start snipping away at the hair that protruded our from the teeth of your comb.

The key here is working in sections and only cutting the edges so when you brush the beard it looks all the same length.

Step 3: Avoid Over-Cutting

Many first timers will keep cutting away at the beard and make a mess here. The process is simple, trim just a little in each area at a time.

The focus here is trimming only the ends of the hair. By working a small section and only trimming the ends, you get a tidy look in no time at all.

Keep the comb close to the surface so you are not digging too deep and to keep the trim even.

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Step 4: Moving Around the Face

Now that you have trimmed up one side of the face, comb the beard in the right direction to see the results.

If you are happy, we move to the other side of the face. This takes practice at first, so be patient. Cut in stages and take off the ends.

beard trim with beard scissors

Step 5: The Chin Area

The underside of the chin can be tricky, so comb upwards and then angle the comb like on the face and trim the ends only.

Once finished, comb the hair in the right direction and with barber shears snip off any odd hairs sticking out.

Don’t get too focused on one section because after you are completed the entire beard will again flow together.

Step 6: The Clean Up

Once you are happy with the look, wash the beard to remove any clippings from the beard.

Drop some beard oil in the palm of your hands and moisturize the beard and the skin. This will make the next time you cut easier too.

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Now that you know the steps, practice a little at a time and you will be styling that beard in minutes without issue.

Got experience with beard scissors? Share it with us in the comments bellow.

Photos from: Dmytro Sidelnikov © and Vadim Guzhva ©

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