Beard Split Ends - How To Cure and Prevent Them

For every man, his beard is his pride and joy. You want to nurture it with high-quality products, groom it to perfection and show it off to the world with confidence.

However, you may find that as your beard grows longer, you become a victim of beard split ends.

These uncomplimentary ends to your facial hair split out into two – or possibly even more – strands of hair and are not the type of thing you want to find when you are styling your beard.

It does happen, however, so if you have found offending strands in your facial hair, know that you are not alone.

Fortunately, there are things that you can do treat and even prevent facial hair split ends from occurring in the first place.

The key is incorporating good beard care practices into your daily routine so your beard will stay healthy, nourished, split end free — and most importantly, look incredible.

What are Beard Split Ends

This facial hair problem occurs on the ends of your facial hair and looks as if the hair is splitting and growing in two different directions.

If you find it happening to one strand of your facial hair, then chances are, it is happening to several.

You will feel a noticeable difference in your beard because it will begin to feel significantly rougher and scratchier than a healthy beard.

This will not only feel uncomfortable to anyone who gets up close and personal with your beard, but it will also feel uncomfortable to you!

And there are few things more distracting and irritating than being poked by your own scratchy beard all day long.

What are Beard Split Ends

In addition to the discomfort, this problem will also affect the appearance of your beard. It will look unkempt and as if you never take the time to groom it.

When you take care of your beard properly, you will notice the difference when you run your hands through the silky-smooth perfection and your fingers don’t get tangled in the masses of unmanageable split ends.

What Causes Beard Split Ends

To treat and prevent this facial hair problem, it’s important to first understand what causes them.

What happens to your beloved facial hair when it gets too coarse and brittle is that it frays at the ends, causing the hair to split in multiple directions.

But what makes your beard become coarse and brittle? And, more importantly, what can you do to stop it?

Understanding what keeps your beard nourished, soft and smooth begins with understanding the term of sebum oil.

At the root of every follicle of your beard lies a sebaceous gland, a finite gland that provides your body with a certain amount of sebaceous oil every day.

What Causes Beard Split Ends

This amount is different for every person, but this oil keeps your beard happy and healthy. Once your beard grows so long, however, that the sebum oil cannot nourish the whole thing, the tips will begin to dry out.

This is where things like beard oil and beard balm come in handy to supplement your body’s natural sebum oil to make sure your entire beard is getting the attention it needs.

There are other things that can cause your beard to become dry and brittle besides a lack of sebum oil, however.

These things include seemingly innocent beard practices, such as dyeing your beard to hide a few stray gray hairs or blow drying your beard after a shower (a process that is essentially frying the precious facial hair you’ve been trying so hard to take care of).

What Causes Beard Split Ends

This can break your beard follicles and makes the dry hair left behind more susceptible to damage.

This isn’t to say you can’t ever blow dry or dye your beard – it’s just best to utilize these strategies sparingly to give your beard the best chance of recovering afterward.

And if you’re going to do these things, you should definitely use beard oil, beard balm, or another product to supplement the nutrients to your beard.

Other things you may want to consider are the type of shampoo you are using to wash your beard.

Many shampoos contain harsh chemicals that only strip your hair of its natural oils – and this is true for the hair on your head as well as in your beard.

Finally, look at the grooming tools you are using on your beard in the morning. Cheap plastic combs can cause even more split ends because of their rough edges.

Polished combs, on the other hand, will make your beard look well-groomed.

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How to Treat Split Ends

The best way to treat this beard problem is to understand what causes it in the first place.

It’s wise to keep the above things in mind in regards to the types of practices that can result in a fraying, itchy and unmanageable beard.

Staying away from these techniques as often as possible, or avoiding them altogether, is a good way to ensure that your beard stays healthy in the long run.

In addition to staying away from things that might harm your beard, it’s also wise to give your beard plenty of things that are good for it.

In addition to beard oil and beard balm, there are also things like beard supplements that can help you get all the nutrients to your beard that you might not be getting through your diet already.

For everything, you need to know about beard supplements click here.

How to Treat Beard Split Ends

If your split ends have become unbearable, the quickest and easiest way to treat an unruly beard is a quick trim.

You can use sheers or a beard trimmer to clean your beard and shed those split ends once and for all. If you take care of your beard well after being rid of them, you may find that this problem never comes back!

To give your beard an epic look and ensure that it stays manageable and gorgeous no matter how long it gets, the best thing to do is to keep these things in mind to care for your beard.

Keep your beard well-nourished and healthy to say goodbye to facial hair split ends once and for all!