Simple but Effective Techniques on How to Soften a Beard

Growing a beard is not so cracked out to be. We are all romantically in love with growing a firm and strong beard, but the reality is that a long bushy beard itches.

Also, your significant other will not have a good time constantly having to rub against your sandpaper cheeks.

How to soften a beard is the first question you should ask yourself the very second you decide to grow it.

Knowing the proper methods to deal with a curly beard will save you from many inconveniences and keep your relationship.

There is more than one way to skin a cat; there are multiple ways of softening your beard. We decided to go through the lot and provide you with the methods that have shown to be the most effective in getting your burly beard tamed.

These are some prime tips for men to help get rid of an itchy beard and shape it properly at the same time.

Why Is My Beard Rough

To deal with a problem, you first have to know the origin of the situation. You might think a thin beard will not itch or leave scrapes on your girlfriend. The truth is that short and long beards may appear rough and cause you all kinds of problems.

What you need to consider is the following:


Shampooing your beard and using products not meant for it will dry it out. For instance, washing your beard with a regular soap or body wash will not nurture it and will seep out all the moisture leaving it dry and rough.

Having Split Ends

Split ends on our beards directly result from dryness and perhaps even UV or heat damage. Split ends don’t only feel good. They are also not attractive to a person with a beard.


Sometimes the area where we live dramatically defines our beard and hair characteristics. Hot and cold damage can harm facial hair and a thick mustache. You probably can’t change your place, but you can adapt to new grooming habits to soften the beard.

Bad Beard Grooming

Grooming your beard in the wrong way or a complete absence of it will roughen up your beard. Using improper methods will most certainly not only cause your facial hair to become coarser but might even damage it.

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Dehydration is the biggest and most obvious problem that leads to a rough beard. A dry beard is also unhealthy, making using proper beard oil as a moisturizer an essential aspect of beard grooming.

Most Effective Ways for Beard Softening

The best way to soften your beard and get it softer is by changing your habits and employing some grooming techniques that will help soften it up.

This means that you will have to change how you have looked after your beard so far, adapt to heal it, and get it as soft as velvet.

While some people think that heavy use of products is not so helpful and that a beard can be softened on its own, they are entirely wrong. You can soften heavy stubble if you are using the right sort of products.

Beard Oil

Beard oil is your go-to product when trying to soften up your beard. It is suitable for softening a stubble or a short beard and doing the same with a longer one. Beard oils replenish the natural oils that we lose as well as help to add moisture to our facial hair.

Besides moisturizing the hair, it also benefits the skin beneath it as it rehydrates it and provides it with all the nutrients that will eventually create a favorable ground for hair growth.

If you ask yourself how often to use beard oil, once daily for a regular beard is fine. But twice a day will work if you are dealing with a coarse beard and need to soften it fast.

Beard Wash

It is vital to wash our beards. Proper beard hygiene will help remove all the bacteria, crumbs and nasty stuff from it. However, at the same time, you have to wash it with good products.

Getting a specific beard wash will help to soften your beard and make it shiny. A quality beard shampoo with natural ingredients will keep it hydrated and clean and make it smell nice. Still, it is not advised to wash it too often; every two to three days is more than enough.

Beard Conditioner

You have to add a beard conditioner treatment to your regular beard grooming routine if you want to make it softer. Conditioners offer an added layer of hydration and work even for patchy beard styles.

It will keep your cuticles healthy and feed the beard strands and the skin beneath them.

Beard Balm

A beard balm is considered a styling product, but it also coats your hair and makes it pliable. It can give your beard some depth and added thickness, making it easier to style.

Its greatest advantage lies in beard protection, as it will last in very harsh environments and even form a protective UV light layer. How to use beard balm is essential and should be applied last after other products.

Brush and Groom

Having a good beard brush and brushing it regularly will help to detangle the hair and also help to exfoliate your skin. Also, beard trimming will allow you to get rid of stray hair and keep your beard tamed.

The more attention you pay to your beard, the healthier it will be. You will soon start noticing the difference after establishing your beard grooming routine and it will become softer in time.

How to Soften a Beard

Now that you know all the products and ingredients you must watch out for, you can start implementing them.

However, it is essential to mind the steps and apply the products in a specific order for maximum effect.

Step 1 – Wash your beard

Get your beard wet and apply a little bit of beard wash. Run it all around and rinse it off with some lukewarm water.

Man Washing His Thick Beard

Step 2 – Condition your beard

To soften your beard, you must condition it after washing it. One of the best products to try is a leave-in conditioner that will help nourish and soften the beard at the same time.

Step 3 – Apply some beard oil

Beard oil helps to both nourish and condition the beard. You will want to put a small amount in your palm and rub it against the hairs. Finish with a swipe over the hairs to get them looking shiny.

Step 4 – Use some beard balm

Finish things off by applying some beard balms to coat and protect it. You can also style it as you prefer and get it to stay that way for longer periods.

Step 5 – Comb and brush the beard

Use a wooden beard comb or a beard brush to style and brush it. This action will also help to spread the oils within your beard evenly.

Best Natural Products to Make Your Facial Hair Softer

If you don’t have a budget to get all the bells and whistles for softening a beard, there is a cheaper and more natural way to do it. All beard products can get quite expensive, especially when you need them all at once.

So, creating your beard oil is one of the ways to go. Combine some base oil, like jojoba or argan oil, with other essential oils, like rosemary or lavender.  Place everything in a glass container, mix them up and allow them to sit for a while.

The next thing is applying it to your beard and viewing the results. The best thing about creating your beard oil is knowing exactly which ingredients go into it so that it can be 100% natural.

Also, you can choose the smell and create it just how you like. It can also be cheaper and even better than good beard butter.

Using High-Quality Beard Balm


How long does it take to soften a beard?

If you follow the established beard care routine consistently, you should start seeing the results quickly, perhaps in a few weeks.

Is it essential to take care of your skin underneath the beard?

Yes, it is. Skincare underneath the beard is very important as you are also nourishing the ground where the hairs grow, making them softer, gentle and healthier at the same time.

Can you prevent your beard from becoming rough?

Yes, you can. You can do so by regularly moisturizing your beard, keeping it away from direct sunlight, and preventing cold and heat damage. If you can keep it from drying out, you will successfully prevent it from becoming rough.

Which tool is best to use when applying products to the beard?

It works best to apply products with your hands. That way, you will be able to spread everything ideally. To even things out, you can use a beard brush after applying the products and spread everything evenly.

How do you dry your beard after washing it?

You can let it air dry or use a towel to dab it. Never rub your beard roughly with a towel so you don’t break the hair. A gentle dab is all that it takes. Also, stir away from blowdrying your beard and using excessive heat.

What should I do to soften a beard for kissing?

The best solution is to apply beard oil 2-3 times daily and use a beard brush with boar bristles to train your hair. That way, the hairs will go downwards and to the side instead of sticking straight out.

Are there other home remedies besides foods I could use to soften my beard?

Yes, there are. You can make your beard oil at the home of natural ingredients you buy. There are plenty of recipes for making beard oil at home, so that you will find one sooner or later.

How to soften a beard for shaving?

Go into a warm shower for at least 5 minutes and allow your face to absorb the water. This process will thicken hair follicles, making shaving much easier when you get out of the shower.

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