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The patchy beard style is a unique facial hair style that works independently. Note that having a patchy beard is not a bad thing. Dealing with a patchy beard is possible by styling it the right way.

For instance, you can highlight your cheekbones or elongate your chin with the proper patchy beard style. You are also allowed to add volume to a thin beard or style it in such a way that it can emphasize your features, even if you initially thought that this growth pattern was not that desirable.

With the right patchy beard style, you can use those parts with scarce or limited facial hair to highlight the best features of your face.

9 Most Popular Patchy Beard Styles

To give you an idea about styling a designer stubble and your patchy beard, here are some of the most popular patchy beard styles:

Clipped Patches

The clipped patch beard style is ideal if your cheek area does not get too patchy. You can get this style by using your trimmer’s #1 or #2 setting. While it can still show patches, the entire look will be even and uniform since you are trimming your beard.

When planning to wear the clipped patch style, shave your beard lines, like your lower neck and high cheek. This can help you look neat without losing your masculine and rugged appeal.

Sparse and Bristly

With the sparse and bristly style, you will still feel confident even if you have a patchy beard since it will make you look good. It even serves as your foundation for getting a full beard if you get to maintain it well.

To sport, this style, use the items in your premium beard grooming kits to clean up your neck and cheek lines. Trim your hair following an even or uniform length, too. That way, you can provide more symmetry and structure to your beard.

Chin Strap

If you can grow a thicker beard around your mustache and jawline but experience problems growing your hair high, either on your lower neck or cheeks, you can sport the chin strap. You can wear this look by shaving your neck and the high portions of the cheek.

This can result in your beard growing along your jawline, highlighting your jaw. It is advisable to keep the chin strap short to lessen the patches. This is possible even if you are a teen who may have noticed by now that teenage beards are often patchy.


The anchor is also a good beard style if you have a patchy beard. This style combines the pencil mustache, chin strap, and soul patch, which should be extended to your chin.

The anchor can also be styled so that you can trace your jawline, making it look like a goatee. It also looks like an inverted T. It is a nice beard style to wear as it can make you look daring, confident, and stylish.

Patchy Goatee

The patchy goatee refers to an unattached goatee, which combines a patchy beard with a mustache and soul patch. To sport this beard, avoiding shaving your face clean is advisable.

What you should do, instead, is to let your beard stay, then trim your hair short. Depending on your preference, you should then work on shaping your mustache and soul patch.


If most of your facial features are soft, the patchy and scruffy style is perfect for your beard. It is a good choice as it works by adding some contrast to your delicate features while ensuring that your face gets a distinctive edge.

Scruffy and Patchy Beard and Mustache

The only thing you should do to grow the scruffy and patchy style is to allow your beard to grow. This patchy beard style may need a bit more maintenance than the others, but it is necessary to make it look good.

Ensure that you maintain your skin and beard cleanliness when wearing this style. In this case, you can use the best beard brush to keep the beard looking good. Use your beard scissors to cut the sprouting and long facial hair.

Long Goatee

The extended goatee featuring short beards is a perfect style if you have a patchy cheek. It is an ideal choice if you are one of those men capable of growing a lustrous and long beard or facial hair on their chin but still incapable of growing a beard sufficiently around the cheeks.

It is unique, versatile, and commands attention. It does not require you to have thick facial hair; it is an appropriate patchy beard style for you.

Light and Soft

Go for the light and soft beard style if you notice your beard growing sparingly. It is also suitable for a naturally soft beard. You can wear this style by keeping your neck, jaw, and mustache tidy.

This style also requires giving your hair a short trim. This is the key to bringing out a more structured and smarter-looking beard.

5 O’clock Shadow

You can also go for the 5 O’clock shadow beard. It is more like a stubble beard that is not excessively clean. It is also not too long.

You can sport this style regardless of whether you shave your face clean or have a patchy or long beard. This style is so versatile that it is possible to sport it even for beard transplant results.


A lot of factors may trigger you to develop patchy facial hair. One of them is high levels of stress. This is unhealthy because it causes men to experience a patchy beard.

Some naturally have irregular beard or facial hair growth patterns, causing the patchiness. It could also be because of the lack of testosterone, a hormone necessary for creating sufficient androgen that contributes to beard growth.

How to Improve

Step 1 – Determine the cause

If the cause is genetics, there is nothing you can do except wait for your facial hair to grow. If triggered by a health condition or a medication, improving your health or changing your prescription is the best thing you can do to improve your patchy beard.

Step 2 – Improve your diet

You should start eating foods that are high in protein. This should help in optimizing the beard growth process.

Step 3 – Get enough rest and sleep

Ensure that you relax now and then, too. Your goal here is to obtain sufficient rest and avoid stress to stimulate your beard’s healthy and thick growth.

How to Style

Step 1 – Clip creatively

This is possible by giving your scruff a natural and careful trim. This should help enhance the shape of your face.

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Step 2 – Retain the hair on your jawline

A patchy beard may cause difficulties in getting even or uniform thickness. Therefore, you can deal with them in patchy areas by trimming back hair and picking a distinctive beard capable of emphasizing your most attractive features.

You should clean up your neckline while displaying scruff around your sideburns and cheeks. Choose a longer guard to keep your jawline hair and sideburns long.

Step 3 – Emphasize your cheekbones

Do you have great-looking cheekbones? Or do you prefer to create some angles? Either way, your goal should be growing the patches on your cheeks’ hollows. You can then have a more intentional look by trimming and styling your patches in the areas surrounding your mouth.

How to Maintain

Step 1 – Keep your beard clean

This is crucial in making your patchy beard style softer and volumizing the follicles. Wash your beard with warm water. Ensure that you also use a beard shampoo one to two times weekly.

Step 2 – Trim regularly and properly

You can trim properly by brushing your patchy beard against the grain before using the beard scissors. This is necessary for ensuring that your facial hair will stand on the end, further promoting ease in gauging whether the changes will improve your look.

Step 3 – Apply beard oil

You need this product to at least support the growth of your beard and ensure that it continues to look healthy.

Best Products to Use


This should form part of your beard care routine every day. Containing a lot of essential oils necessary for beard growth, you can expect beard oils to be of help in supporting the growth of your patchy beard.

It can supply sebum oil to every hair follicle and gets rid of dead cells that may hamper beard growth and cause itchiness.


If you are looking for a medication for beard growth, Minoxidil can help. It can accelerate the process of growing your facial hair. However, you have to be one hundred percent sure if it is a safe product for you to use before trying it.

Comb and Brush

You need these products to ensure that you get to brush and comb your beard regularly. Brushing can help lift your facial hair, which makes it possible for your beard to look lusher and fuller. This can also cover the patchy and bald areas.

Your beard brush can also help eliminate grime and dirt on your beard. Combing your facial hair also stimulates blood flow under the skin, which is good for encouraging rapid growth.

Guy Brushing His Beard


Use a beard growth shampoo as much as possible. Use it regularly as it contributes to strengthening your beard and promoting growth.

You can also nourish and protect your hair from breakage through a high-quality beard growth shampoo. A beard growth spray might help, too, so you may want to use it now and then.


Will my patchy beard ever fill-in?

Yes, but this will also depend on the exact cause of your patchy beard. If the cause is stress, a health condition, and a poor diet, you may want to change your current lifestyle and the medications you are taking.

It is also advisable to care for your beard correctly to fix the issues. For those still young, a patchy beard should not be a cause of concern as, in time, you will notice your beard growing fuller.

Can a patchy beard be attractive?

Yes. There are plenty of attractive, cool, and sexy patchy beard styles. You have to pick one that suits you well and wear and style it with confidence.

Should I shave off my patchy beard?

This should depend on your preference. If you are still unsure whether growing your beard can conceal the patchy and bald areas, then shaving your patchy beard off may be a good idea.

However, if you are willing to experiment, you can continue making it grow and style it in a way that fits you well. You may also trim your patchy beard so there will be less contrast between the least and most populated spots.

What length should a patchy beard be?

This should depend on your chosen patchy beard style. You don’t have to demotivate yourself even if you notice the patches in the area. You can continue growing it and style it just the way you want and based on what looks good on you.

Does beard oil fix a patchy beard?

Yes, beard oil can help you fix your patchy beard. One thing it can do for you that will indeed support growth is moisturizing your skin and facial hair.

It also softens your beard and makes it even more versatile or flexible, thereby preventing you from scratching it, which may only aggravate the patchiness. Moreover, it can condition your patchy beard, which can at least promote its growth.

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