Best Beard Grooming Kit - All In One For a Perfect Beard (Great Gift)

Whether you’re aiming to sculpt a pre-established beard or just looking to keep your beard scruff trimmed down to the perfect 5-o’clock shadow, maintaining excellent facial hair is a task that requires excellent tools.

After all, an artist is only as good as the supplies he’s is working with. When it comes to beards, there’s no exception.

Top 5 Beard Grooming Kits (Summary)

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Image Product Details  
All Organic ProductsIsner Mile Beard Care
  • Beard oil and balm remove beard itch and soften your beard
  • Comes with a downloadable beard care ebook
  • Boar bristles brush improves beard texture
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Best for Sensitive SkinXikezan
  • Very sharp scissors and wooden beard comb
  • Beard oil and balm fight itchiness and make beard look fuller
  • Comes with free shaving cream and beard care ebook
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Most ProductsMaison Lambert
  • Made of organic materials
  • Helps to moisturize facial hair and promote hair growth
  • Tools are infused with essential oils
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Naturenics Premium
  • Sharp scissors with easy grip handle
  • Oil and balm soften and tame beard, while eliminating itch and dandruff
  • Magnetic bamboo box to keep all products in place
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  • Dual-sided, wooden beard comb
  • High-end, professional scissors and boar bristles brush
  • 12 products in the pack
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Great facial hair doesn’t grow on its own; it needs your help and the assistance of high-quality tools and products.

Thankfully best beard kit provides a way to get everything you need with one easy purchase.

7 Best Grooming Kits Reviewed

1. Isner Mile Kit Beard Care

Packed in an elegant box, inside the Isner Mile Grooming Kit are the unscented beard oil and beard balm, beard brush, wooden, anti-static facial hair comb and beard grooming shears.

Both oil and the balm are made of organic ingredients like vitamin E and they eliminate beard itchiness, soften your beard, improve its texture, moisturize it and make it stronger while boosting its growth.

With the sharp stainless steel facial hair scissors, you’ll be equipped with a great tool that can help you shape your mane precisely and with ease every time.

The only problem you may encounter is that they’re pretty small, so if you have bigger fingers, it might be challenging to use them.

By helping you distribute beard oil evenly, a boar bristle beard brush improves your facial hair texture, while the anti-static wooden comb helps you style it.

Inside the downloadable ebook called the Beard Bible, you’ll find a lot of valuable advice on how to speed up your beard’s growth, how to use beard care products, tips for beard grooming and much more.



  • Removes beard itch and soften your beard
  • Boar bristle brush improves beard texture
  • Anti-static wooden comb and sharp grooming shears
  • Comes with a downloadable beard care ebook

  • Scissors are very small for men with bigger fingers
  • Small package of products

2. Xikezan

At a very affordable price for eight beard care products, Xikezan Grooming Kit has everything you need for your daily grooming routine.

Starting from the fragrance-free beard oil to beard brush, comb and scissors to free shaving cream and ebook with advice on beard care, you’ll be supplied with everything a modern beardsman needs to have.

If your goal is a softer, thicker-looking beard or if you want to alleviate the itchiness, a beard oil from this set is a lifesaver because it enhances your mane’s growth and makes it look fuller.

Use it in combination with beard balm to shape and style your beard the way you want to. If your facial hair gets tangled or coarse, comb and/or brush in the grooming kit will help you tame it.

The brush is made of boar thus helping you distribute the oil evenly and exfoliating your skin in the process without shedding too many bristles.

On the other hand, the comb doesn’t cause friction and static, so it won’t snag or pull the hairs. All of the products in the grooming kit are appropriate for men who have sensitive skin that gets easily irritated.



  • Fights itchiness and make beard look fuller
  • Very sharp scissors and wooden comb
  • Suitable for men with easily irritated or sensitive skin
  • Comes with free shaving cream and beard care ebook

  • The oil might feel a little greasy
  • Brush tends to scratch the skin

3. ZenNut

Arriving in a premium, luxurious looking box, ZenNut Grooming Kit is an excellent gift for a beardsman in your life.

Facial hair balm and oil are formulated with organic ingredients that make your beard and skin underneath moisturized, hydrated, softer and healthier.

They’re both supposed to be unscented, but some customers claim the oil has a slightly off-putting smell, while the balm doesn’t give a firm hold.

However, the fact that they are very effective in getting rid of beardruff, split ends and preventing irritation makes them a great value for the price.

Besides that, they’re suitable for all beard and skin types. Other products included in the kit are beard scissors, wooden comb, boar bristles brush and downloadable ebook.

The brush and comb work together in distributing the oil through your beard evenly, without scratching your face. Scissors are small, but amazing for snipping stray hairs here and there.



  • Balm and oil prevent flakes, split ends and irritation
  • Beard balm and oil moisturize beard and promote its growth
  • Boar bristles beard brush and wooden comb
  • For all facial hair types

  • Oil has a slightly unpleasant smell
  • Balm doesn’t provide a strong hold

4. Naturenics Premium

Bundled in a magnetic bamboo box, Naturenics Premium Grooming Kit also has small magnets that prevent the lid from opening.

Inside the box, you’ll find a dual-comb, trimming scissors, unscented beard balm and oil and a facial hairbrush with horse bristles.

Scissors are made of Japanese high-grade stainless steel and have sharp blades with hand-sharpened edges, so you always get an even cut with ease.

Their handle is designed to provide a comfortable grip and the rings are large enough for most men’s fingers. With the comb and brush that come along, you can eliminate snags and tangles from your beard.

Comb’s teeth are perfectly spaced, while the brush has a bamboo handle and is entirely made of horse bristles.

Horse bristles are a bit stiffer than boar’s, so this brush will exfoliate your skin and remove flakes. Both unscented, beard oil and balm prevent itchiness and help tame your beard.



  • Softens and tames beard while eliminating itch and dandruff
  • Brush is anti-static, exfoliates the skin and encourages beard growth
  • Sharp scissors with an easy-grip handle
  • Magnetic bamboo box to keep all products in place

  • Way overpriced
  • Balm is a bit oily and doesn’t have a strong hold

5. Goldworld

In a complete beard care products kit, Goldword also offers an all-natural, premium quality beard soap as a bonus. The soap cleans your beard and aids in getting rid of beardruff.

Other products include beard oil, balm, comb, brush, scissors, elegant storage bag and a free book you can download. As such, it’s an excellent gift for the bearded men in your life.

The double side facial hair comb is anti-static, has fine, good spaced teeth and is pocket-friendly. Durable and sharp beard scissors are perfect for keeping the strays under control.

Oil, as well as balm, are both fragrance-free and made of entirely natural and organic ingredients, with jojoba oil, argan oil and vitamin E and grapeseed as the main ingredients.

Jojoba oil and other ingredients work together in making your beard amazingly soft and free from dandruff and itchiness. Thanks to its properties, the balm also holds your beard in one place and boosts its growth.

It’s worthwhile mentioning that although the manufacturer claims the oil absorbs quickly, a lot of customers found them to feel pretty greasy on the face.



  • Beard oil eliminates itch and dandruff
  • Balm tames beard and promotes its growth
  • Anti-static comb and boar bristle brush suitable for all beard types
  • Comes with the gratis, all-natural beard soap

  • The finger holes may be small for some
  • Not for left-handed people

6. Maison Lambert

The Maison Lambert Beard Kit is a product that is specially crafted to make the grooming routine easier and more enjoyable for men. It contains high-quality tools that are handcrafted to provide satisfying performance at all times.

The Maison Lambert kit contains a beard soap that is mostly composed of organic products. It also contains a mustache wax that allows you to sculpt your facial hair to your preferred style.

The stylish and sturdy beard comb is made of sandalwood and it has two sides. Maison Lambert kit also comes with the beard oil that helps to keep your beard moisturized and soft.

The Maison Lambert beard kit includes a beard balm that promotes hair growth and rejuvenates the skin. The tools carry a subtle scent of natural essential oils. The Maison Lambert kit comes in a beautifully carved wooden box.



  • Made of high-quality and organic materials
  • Helps to moisturize facial hair and promote hair growth
  • Tools are infused with essential oils

  • The scent might be unpleasant

6. QQwow

Stored in big containers, beard balm and oil that come in the QQwow Beard Care Kit are crafted from organic ingredients like vitamin E that help moisturize, soften and condition your beard.

Beard oil will solve some of your most common beard problems, such as itchiness, dandruff or dryness. In combination with a balm, it’ll make your facial mane much softer and smoother.

There’s also a wooden comb, that’s handmade and completely anti-static. For most men who’ve used it, this is by far their favorite product in the kit.

It’s very effective in detangling knots and tangles from the beard and because it fits in the pockets, you can carry it with yourself wherever you go.

All three product are packed in an aluminum box, which makes this kit an ideal present for every bearded man.

It might be that the only negative thing about this item is the fact that you don’t receive more products, but given its affordable price, it’s totally worth it.



  • Beard oil stops beard itch and reduces dandruff
  • Handmade, anti-static beard comb detangles knots
  • Good, low price
  • Packed in an elegant aluminum box suitable as a gift

  • Only three products in the kit
  • Unpleasant balm and oil scent

7. Beardclass

None of the other beard grooming kits has more beard care products in it as Beardclass Kit Beard does. With 12 items, it’s the most complete facial hair kit currently on the market.

What this item has and others don’t is the palm diffuser brush, which makes the application of the oil extremely easy and without a mess.

While other beard care and beard grooming kits come with only one facial hair comb or brush, this one has four combs and three brushes to fulfill all your grooming needs.

There are also separate high-end, professional beard shears and smaller mustache scissors. The comb is relatively small and compact enough to be carried in pockets.

With a handle made of bamboo and boar bristle, the brush is gentle to the skin but tends to shed a lot of bristles.

Finally, beard oil is entirely organic and features seven essential extracts that work in nurturing your skin, stimulating hair follicles and encouraging beard growth.



  • High-end, professional scissors and boar bristles brush
  • Dual-sided, wooden comb
  • 12 products in the pack
  • Comes with 4 combs, 3 brushes and palm diffuser brush

  • Brush loses a lot of bristles
  • Scissors aren’t very sharp

What is a Beard Grooming Kit

A beard grooming kit tends to keep your beard grooming essentials in one easy, accessible location.

The truth is that different beardsmen require different products, so beard care kit must be tailored to fit a wide array of styles and needs.

Naturally, you need different items to care for a long, full lumberjack beard than you do to maintain some simple, casual scruff.

While most kits include many of the same staple items, there is still variation from product to product.

Here are some of the products and items you may commonly find in a standard beard grooming kit:

Natural Beard Shampoo/Wash

A beard wash is one item that no best beard grooming kit should go without.

Referred to also as “beard shampoo”, beard wash varies from regular shampoo.

The hair located on your chin is extremely different from the hair on your head.

It feels different, it has a different consistency, it is (of course) located in a different part of your body – so it makes sense that beards require a specific, special beard shampoo to keep your beard clean and healthy.

Normally, beard shampoo is gentler than washes intended for the head and allows the hair to keep its essential oils while still cleansing the hair and skin.

Within the realm of beard wash there is a wild array of choices and variables.

You can go with a more traditional, liquid-based wash, or opt to check out the best bar soap for beards instead.

Durable Wooden Beard Comb

Many kits will include a beard brush or comb, but normally not both.

These stimulate growth, detangle knots, and promote overall health and shape. When it comes to beard combs, the material is key.

The comb is entirely different than a typical plastic one, which should never touch your ever-growing, precious beard.

Plastic combs or combs intended for the head cause ripping of the hair and damaged follicles, which can halt growth and lead to frizziness.

Beard combs, on the other hand, should be made of high quality, like this wooden beard comb or one like it.

They have wide-set teeth that accommodate the thicker hair which grows on your face, and won’t tear or rip your beard.

Beard Brush with Boar Bristle

As with beard combs, when it comes to brushes, what its made out of matters.

Excellent brush bodies are often made of bamboo or wood.

Though plastic brushes are not necessarily worse for your beard than their higher-quality counterparts, they certainly won’t feel as nice in your hand–a downside many may not mind (especially since plastic brushes can be much easier to clean).

What matters most with beard brushes though is not the handle or body, but the bristles.

Some find that stiffer, high-grade materials like boar’s hair make excellent brush bristles for shaping and detangling your beard.

Natural and High-Quality Beard Oil

Beard oils are essential to any beard grooming kit as they can help to reduce itching, eliminate dandruff, smooth the hairs, and improve overall shape (just to name a few uses!).

While oils do come in many irresistible scents such as timber, pine, vanilla rum, and fir needle, there are also plenty of unscented beard oils available.

High-quality beard oils often include ingredients like argan oil, jojoba oil, or other pure essential oils. Some of them also include vitamin E.

Some products are even blended with vitamins such as vitamin E to maximize growth and overall beard health.

Beard Conditioner

Beard conditioner is a favorite among significant others because it tends to keep your beard soft and kissable.

When it comes to beard conditioners there are two types: leave-in options and ones you rinse out immediately.

Either way, a good conditioner will help keep your beard moisturized and make your beard smooth and soft to the touch.

Beard Balm or Wax

Beard balms and waxes help you form and sculpt your beard into the perfect shape.

Unlike most conditioners, beard balms and waxes stay in all day and do not need to be rinsed out until the next wash. They also contain great ingredients like Shea butter.

A good balm with Shea butter makes your beard thicker and normally has a rich fragrance that acts as cologne.

An essential for any established beard that just needs a little help to stay in shape, here’s the best wax for styling your facial hair.

Beard Trimmer

For your manscaping needs, look to beard trimmers.

Trimmers come in all shapes and sizes, and ideally include attachments that fit the specific styles and needs of your beard.

From rustic and woodsy to clean-cut and cavalier, a top-rated trimmer for beards gives you the ability to achieve the custom cut you’re after.

Barber Scissors

Established beards require scissors to achieve a cut that’s clean and sculpted.

When it comes to trims, remember that not all scissors are created equal.

You wouldn’t cut cashmere with children’s craft scissors, so you shouldn’t settle for low-quality metals when selecting a pair of scissors to manicure your luscious beard with, either.

Ideally, you want professional barber scissors made of high-quality materials that will stay sharp and assure a clean, straight cut.

Travel Case or Bag

Whether a cigar box, burlap bag, or zippered pouch, many kits include (of course) something to keep it all together.

After all, isn’t the point of a beard grooming kit to have everything you need in one easy, simple location?

While the box or bag the set comes with (if it comes with one) doesn’t matter as what’s inside, it’s one thing that can be the cherry-on-top for any good beard grooming kit.

No two kits are exactly the same, and not every beard care kit is created equally.

Most of them, however, will include some combination of the items above.

The differentiating factors are which items are included, what ingredients are used in the washes, balms and conditioners, and what materials are used for the tools.

Kits range from basic and affordable to luxurious and pricey depending on what’s inside of them, what company made them, and what materials and ingredients were used.

Benefits of Using It

Sure, you know that beard wash is essential and that you need to comb your whiskers regularly, but is an entire beard care kit really necessary?

Many men might think the collection of products that come in a beard care kit is overkill or that they don’t need one unless they have a beard.

The truth is that they’re useful to men of all types and beards of all kinds.

For All Beard Types and Styles

Don’t be mistaken: best beard grooming kits are not just for men with big, burly beards.

They’re also for the aspiring goatee, the well-manicured facial fuzz, the undaunted mutton chops and the classic Freddie Mercury ‘stache.

Whether you’re aiming for a flawless, clean-cut, GQ look or you’re after displaying the perfect lumbersexual style, beard grooming kit is going to give you the equipment and supplies you need to hit the bullseye on your perfect design.

Everything for Your Grooming Routine

Men often aren’t used to toting around the lotions and potions that women so frequently do; having a well-manicured beard requires more tools and products than what many are used to.

From beard oil and wash to trimmers and balms, a beard grooming kit is the best all-in-one way to be sure you’ve got everything you need.

Why you Need One

Of course, you could opt to buy all of the products that would come in a beard kit separately, but is that more expensive?

It’s easier to simply pick out a beard kit and move on, but is it really that much more convenient?

The truth is that it depends on the man and what kind of beard he has, but oftentimes it pays off to invest in the whole beard grooming kit.

All Beard Care Products in One

The products that come in kits are designed to be used together.

While mixing and matching individual products probably won’t hurt your facial hair, having a beard balm, beard wash, and conditioner that were specially formulated to complement each other may help boost the effectiveness of the products you’re using.

Additionally, a beard kit often contains one cohesive fragrance theme, so your timber-scented beard wash doesn’t need to compete with the verbena lime beard balm to get noticed and appreciated.

Is It More Affordable To Buy Grooming Products Separately or in Bundle?

A beard grooming kit companies package their goods cheaper when they’re included in a bundle.

Usually, you cannot buy individual items for the same price that you could simply purchase the entire beard kit.

Of course, in some scenarios, you may find a beard grooming kit that contains items you wouldn’t use and don’t need.

In these cases, it might still be worth it to buy the beard kit, but only if the price comparison is the same or less to buy the items you do want individually.

If you find yourself wanting items that aren’t included in a beard kit, a smart solution is perhaps to buy a basic beard kit that has several essential items but none of the fancy fluff.

Then, shop around for the additional items that beard grooming kits don’t usually include.

A few items that are not often included in best beard grooming kits but make excellent additions to your beard-care collection include:

Excellent Additions To Your Beard Grooming Case

Beard Color and Dye

Natural beard dye and color for those wanting to dye out the grey hairs or switch up the color of their beard.

Professional Beard Shaper

A neckline guide which is a beard-shaping template for where your chin meets your neck.

It allows you to get a straight, clean-cut and eliminate any scraggly neck hairs or uneven shave lines.

Beard Trimmer Attachments

Additional or specialty attachments for beard trimmers.

Professional Beard Shaper

Transparent beard shaper which helps you to easily trim your facial hair in an even, straight line

Beard Apron/Bib

Beard apron for catching trimmed hairs so you’ll cut the cleanup and save your sink drain from stray clippings

Body Wash

Though not a necessity in a beard grooming kit, the inclusion of body wash certainly is a nice bonus.

After all, being a well-groomed, handsome beardsman entails so much more than just the beard itself.

Body wash in a beard grooming kit helps keep your routine convenient; it’s especially nice when traveling as you won’t need to remember to pack your body wash separately.

The basic beard kit you’ve selected based on your needs along with the additional specialty items you buy separately will allow you everything necessary for your facial hair needs.

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