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TOP 4 Beard Balms (summary):

Beardoholic Beard Balm (Check out on Beardoholic shop)

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Balm (Check out on Amazon)

Grave Before Shave Beard Balm (Check out on Amazon)

Wild Willie’s Beard Butter (Check out on Amazon)

Regardless if you are growing a thick manly beard or a sculpted goatee, when the facial hair becomes coarse and dry, it can be very challenging to maintain beard style that you want.

The drier your hair, the more itching, and red patches will surface on your skin.

The one thing that you can do to eliminate all that discomfort itch and maintain your beard effectively is to consider some of the best beard balms.

These amazing facial skin products work on your beard to give it a great smell while softening both the hair and the skin below.

If you are not using a beard balm to manage your facial hair, consider all the benefits of purchase one of the best beard balms today.

The Importance of Using Balms

Common question that I hear is: ” What is beard balm?”. It doesn’t matter how thick or how long is your beard, you need to be using a beard balm to help to protect your skin underneath.

The beard balm works like an all-natural moisturizer, protecting the skin so that the facial hair will grow smooth, soft, and shiny.

When your skin is properly moisturized, the facial hair can grow more effectively.

One other use for the beard balm is that it also is great for styling your beard. The unique blend of oils and waxes will give your beard a slight hold so that it looks awesome all day long.

The all-natural fragrances will not damage your hair or your skin.

What You Want in a Beard Balm

The number one thing that the best beard balms contain is only 100% all-natural ingredients.

These beard balms contain lanolin, beeswax, or Shea butter, the perfect ingredients for thickening your facial and filling in those troublesome patchy beards.

Beard Balm Recipe and Ingridients

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Depending on the beard balm you choose, they come with different degrees of holding power for styling the beard.

For those unruly beards in a professional work environment, the strongest hold in a beard balm is recommended.

Making Use of the Beard Balms

Although the process in which the best beard balms are manufactured might be slightly different, once thing remains the same, the application of the beard balms to your face.

The first thing you need to do is thoroughly wash your face with an all-natural soap or beard soap. Pat dry the beard with a dry towel.

Place a dime-sized drop of the beard balm in your palms and allow to rub through all your fingers. Start at the neck, rub the beard balm into the beard and continue working upward towards the chin.

Be sure the beard balm goes through the facial hair and onto the skin of the face and neck areas as well. Apply up to three times a day for maximum results.

The Best Beard Balms Available

Consider these beard balms to get you started on your journey to healthier skin and more manageable facial hairs:

4. Wild Willie’s Beard Butter

When you use this beard balm, you can say good-bye to flaking, itching, and wild hairs pointing in every direction.

This balm will keep your hair follicles moist, helping to promote fast growth and reducing irritation at the same time.

You can easily achieve that classy and healthy looking beard every guy wants. Wild Willie’s beard butter has been crafted with organic ingredients, blending with 13 unique kinds of butter, oils, and vitamins, to provide the best conditioner for your hair and skin.

By reducing split ends, the hair will be less irritable and will begin to look more healthy.

Wild Willie’s Beard Butter

Wild Willie's Beard Butter


3. Grave Before You Shave Beard Balm

Maintaining your beard does not have to be such a challenge when you start incorporating a beard balm into your grooming routine.

The Grave Before Shave beard balm is comprised of only the finest of essential natural butter and oils, helping to tame even the wildest beards.

The invigorating fragrance is not overwhelming, a more subtle hint of unique blends that accent the balm.

The deep conditioning power of the balm keeps’s skin from flaking and itching, while improving the manageability of the beard.

Grave Before Shave Beard Balm

Grave Before Shave Beard Balm



2. Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Balm

This brand of beard balm is unique in that it is not a blending of mixes from different beeswax, it is a leather-wood organic beeswax manufactured from a single type flower.

This amazing blend both conditions and softens facial hair, giving your beard a healthier glow that is easier to shape with shaper and trim with adjustable trimmer.

Eliminate that irritating growth itch by applying the Professor Fuzzworthy’s beard balm deep into the facial hair and on the skin beneath.

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Balm

Professor Fuzzworthy's Beard Balm


1. Honest Amish Beard Balm

Honest Amish Beard Balm is created from the finest organic ingredients. We start with a proprietary blend of hair strengthening botanicals infused in a base of virgin argan, avocado, almond, virgin pumpkin seed, and apricot kernal oils.

It is then masterfully crafted with fruit and nut butters (Shea, Aloe, Cocoa, Kokum…to name a few), and hair enhancing essential oils. It will help soften, condition, repair, dry splitting hairs, and nourish new growth.

Honest Amish Beard Balm



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