Beard Oil vs Balm

Beard oil and beard balm are the two most essential products for you to have if you have a beard or plan to grow one. The two help in maintaining a healthy and well-groomed beard, with each of their unique qualities.

However, you sometimes may need to use only one of the two. Maybe you just want to know which of the two products is a better choice. Beard oil, wax, and balm are not similar products but have almost equally important qualities that you should understand.

They offer you different ways to maintain your beard. Here is a comprehensive comparison of beard oil and beard balm that should answer which of the two products is better than the other.

What Is Beard Oil

In a nutshell, beard oil is a basic product that you cannot do without if you are in or have the intentions of a beard-growing family. Pre-shave oil is a part of the shaving routine, so you might consider getting yourself one. Beard oil works as a conditioner and a moisturizer to ensure that your beard does not become dry and unattractive. Beard oil is to the beard what hair oil is to head hair.

Benefits of Using Beard Oil

Here are the many benefits of using beard oil:

Nourishing and Hydrating Qualities

Beard oil helps to nourish and hydrate your beard, making it softer and easily manageable. It is like how you apply chapstick to heal damaged lips. Beard oil also hydrates both the beard and the skin beneath, so this should be the product you should consider getting if your beard and the skin underneath always feel dry.

When you grow a beard, it absorbs all the moisture from your skin, leaving your skin exposed to dryness. If you start using beard oil today, you will no longer have to deal with skin dryness and breakouts under your beard.

Goodbye to the Itchiness and Dandruff

Nothing is as irritating as itchy skin and dandruff-infested beard. Well, with beard oil, you will no longer have to struggle with these. Dandruff in your beard is caused by the flaking of dry skin underneath it. Beard oil keeps the skin under the beard moisturized and hydrated and stops the itch and dandruff.

Tames the Flyaway Hair

A beard can be the most unruly hair while growing, depending on the type of hair you have. Some beards grow outwards, while others grow downwards. If you like having a well-shaped and groomed beard, then you know the struggle of aligning your beard to a specific direction or shape. Beard oil makes your beard softer and easier to style as you desire.

Great Scents

Most beard oils in the market come with nice scents that will complement your look. Beard oil will leave your beard smelling fresh, clean, and incredible, especially because of the essential oils in it. Beard oil also helps to neutralize an aftershave’s harsh effects, giving you a fresh feel all day long.

Benefits of Using Beard Oil

Beard Growth

Beard oil is not a magic potion that will give you a full beard overnight. However, consistent use of the product will reduce the damage on your beard, such as split ends, and will encourage your beard to become fuller over time. Beard oil also makes your hair follicles stronger and prevents ingrown hair.

Protects Your Pores and Reduces Inflammation

Beard oil works in your best interests, especially if you have sensitive skin. It neutralizes the harsh reactions your skin might have from the harsh chemicals in shampoos or the constant use of a premium foil shaver on your shaving machine. The oil does not clog your pores or interfere with sebum production and cleans and nourishes your skin.

How Does Beard Oil Work

Beard oil works as a double-duty styling agent for your facial hair. It moisturizes both the beard and the skin beneath, making your beard easier to manage and the skin more hydrated. Beard oil works best after washing your face. Your hair follicles and pores are open and can easily absorb the oil. Your beard is also more hydrated, and the oil helps to lock in the moisture.

Pros and Cons of Using Beard Oils


  • Beard oil helps to nourish, protect and repair your skin. Most beard oils have ingredients such as Almond oil, jojoba oil, and vitamins E, which help keep your skin in its best condition.
  • It helps to relieve itchy skin by moisturizing and hydrating it. Your grizzly grill will be grateful that you are using beard oil.
  • It helps to increase the fullness of your beard after continued usage. Beard oil helps to reduce the damage on your beard and allows it to grow fuller.
  • It brings life to be dull and dry beards by softening them. Sometimes, you will be amazed at how soft your beard can be.
  • Beard oils with ingredients such as Inca Inchi oil promote hair growth. They also have Vitamin E, which has natural antioxidants. 
  • Beard oils help tame and tidy a wild-growing beard to give you a more healthy and well-groomed look.
  • Enjoyable scent. Needless to say, beard oils smell great if you choose the right scent. And who wouldn’t want a great smelling beard?


  • Beard oils can leave your skin greasy and oily if they do not have ingredients that promote absorption into the skin or hair.
  • Do not provide any hold for medium or longer beards, so you may want to use a balm instead.
  • Expensive. Beard oils are not the cheapest products to own, so you might have to consider creating an extra entry in your budget.
  • Your facial hair might look greasy. Beard oils might attract unnecessary attention to your face because of the glowing and soft mane you will now be donning. Better get used to that.

How to Choose the Best Beard Oil

Carrier Oils

A carrier oil is the conditioning ingredient in beard oil and is one of the most important ingredients. Without a carrier oil, your beard oil will only bring unsightly beard flakes to your face. There are various carrier oils to choose from, such as grapeseed, jojoba, argan, and sweet almond. Ensure you do not have allergic reactions to any of the oils before you settle for one.

Essential Oils

How to Choose the Best Beard Oil - Essential Oils

Essential oils are the smell of the oil and will give you that amazing smell you want in your beard. It could be that woody, manly scent or the holiday-centric scent such as nutmeg, vanilla, and cinnamon. The good thing is that the scent stays throughout the day so that you will smell great all day long. Essential oils also have bonus qualities, such as being a natural antifungal and increasing blood flow in your skin.


You might want to settle for the beard oil that infuses a scent you will enjoy. The beard grows pretty close to your nose, and you do not want to have to bear a pungent or nauseating smell from your own beard all day long.

Ease of Application

The essence of buying beard oil is achieving a great look on your beard. It doesn’t help if you buy a beard oil that drips off your chin immediately after applying it or is too condensed and won’t get absorbed into the beard. Buy beard oil that is easy to apply and won’t make a mess on your face.


You do not want to use all your savings while buying beard oil because let’s face it, the rest of your life also needs financial attention—scout for a good oil beard with an affordable price tag. And the good thing is, you can venture into making beard oil at home as long as you have the necessary ingredients!

What Is Beard Balm

A beard balm is a beard maintenance product that works as a leave-in conditioner for your beard. It helps to moisturize, condition, style, and soften your mane. No more struggling with a long and unmanageable beard. An aftershave balm refreshes and hydrates your skin. Consider getting yourself the world’s best beard balm in the market.

Benefits of Using Beard Balm

Say Goodbye to Beard Dandruff

Beard dandruff is one of the most common problems in people who keep beards. It could be the reason why some people decide to shave off their beard altogether. Luckily, with the right beard balm, you may not have to go to such extremes. Beard dandruff is caused by itchy and flaky skin under the beard. The best way to prevent this is not to allow your skin to get so dry in the first place, and a beard balm serves this purpose perfectly. A beard balm helps to seal in the moisture in your beard and skin. It creates a protective layer on your skin, thanks to the beeswax in the ingredients.

No More Itchiness in Your Beard 

Everybody who has grown a beard can attest that it gets really itchy sometimes. This itch is more common in the first 2-4 weeks of growing your beard but can attack anytime. You can reduce the intensity of these itchy attacks by adding beard balm to your beard care routine. The beeswax in a beard balm helps to seal in your skin moisture, hydrate the skin, and reduce itchiness.

Offers You Protection From the Elements

Natural elements such as humidity, cold, and excessive exposure to the sun can cause protein loss-related damage to your beard hair fibers. Fortunately, beard balms hold the solution for this problem and protect your beard from the harsh effects of the weather. Again, the beeswax in the balm comes to the rescue. This time, it is complemented by the carrier oils, which help nourish the skin under your beard.

Say Hello to a Fuller Beard

Benefits of Using Beard Balm

A beard balm is by no means a magic potion to make your beard thicker and full. However, most beard balms have sufficient beeswax and tropical hard fats such as shea butter and cocoa butter. These fats enhance the growth of your beard and also make your beard appear fuller. A beard balm may also have coconut oil which can make your beard softerAchieve the best results by applying the balm immediately after washing your beard. You could also stimulate hair growth using a derma roller.

Better Styling and Tidying of Your Mane

A quality beard balm has plenty of beeswaxes, which helps keep your beard together when you style it—the holding qualities help your styling and tidying up routine. Apply a beard balm on your beard and shape it with a bristle beard brush.

Gives You a Healthier Beard

The shiny qualities of a beard balm give you a healthier, colorful, and vibrant beard. This effect is achieved by the light reflecting qualities of the beeswax and carrier oils in your beard balm. You graduate from a boring beard to a vibrant beard within a few applications.

How Does Beard Balm Work

Beard balm works as a leave-in conditioner, which helps to moisturize and keep your facial hair and skin hydrated for longer. It locks in the moisture after a wash and provides a protective layer for your skin. The beeswax and carrier oils in a beard balm help give your beard a healthy and vibrant look.

Pros and Cons of Beard Balm


  • Prevents dandruff. A beard balm is very effective in preventing beard dandruff because it locks in moisture in your beard and skin.
  • It helps reduce beard itching and rashes. Beard balms contain carrier oils and beeswax, which are the main ingredients.
  • Protects your beard from external damages. It protects your beard from the elements (humidity, excessive sunshine, and cold).
  • Fuller look. Beard balms give you extra volume and weight to your beard because of tropical fats such as shea and cocoa butter.
  • Neater look. It also helps you in styling and taming your beard.
  • Healthier look. Beard balm gives your beard a healthier and shinier look.


  • Can slow down the oxygen circulation of your beard. Beard balms can deter your quest for a healthier beard or skin because it prevents proper oxygen circulation on your beard.
  • More beard washing. Regular use of beard balm means regular washing, which will continually strip your beard of its natural moisture and oils.
  • It doesn’t always smell well. Beard balm does not come with a guarantee of a good scent, which may result in an unpleasant smell on your beard.

How to Choose the Best Beard Balm


Here you look at two sizes—the size of the balm and that of your beard. You may not need a balm if your beard is more of stubble, but a balm is an absolute necessity if you have a longer beard. The size of the balm matters because you want to buy a product that will outlast its shelf life in your hands. Buy a size that will finish fast, in case you need to change the brand or scent.

Level of Hold

Check the level of hold from reviews of the product before you buy it. Compare the quality and pick the most appropriate beard balm for your needs.

Natural Ingredients

The natural ingredients in your balm determine how well it will work for your beard. a good balm should have essential ingredients such as carrier oils and beeswax to help you with the hold. These can be identified from the ingredients. Be sure to look out for ingredients such as argan, jojoba or almond oil, sea or cocoa butter, and beeswax.

How to Choose the Best Beard Balm


You do not want to spend your days smelling like a rotten log, so be careful about the scent of the balm you choose. You want to buy something that will give you a nice scent and motivation to use it daily.


Spending more on a beard balm does not always guarantee the best results from the product. Be sure to work within a budget and get the product that best meets your needs for a beard balm. You can also focus on making beard balm at home using beeswax.

Beard Oil vs Beard Balm Comparison

Conditioning Quality

Both beard oil and beard balm come with a conditioning quality for your beard and skin. The difference is in the ingredients.

Most beard oils have carrier oils, essential oils, and sometimes vitamin E. Beard balms, on the other hand, have carrier oils, essential oils, butter (shea/cocoa), and beeswax.

The beard balm takes the trophy for the best conditioner in your beard care routine compared with beard oil. It has secondary ingredients such as tropical fats and beeswax, which help it penetrate the skin and provide a protective layer for your beard.

Styling Ability

Beard oil has zero styling ability because it has no binding agents. On the other hand, beard balm has beeswax, which goes a long way in providing the hold that your beard needs for styling. It can hold shape for your beard for a few hours, which is more than what beard oil can offer. However, if you are looking for a longer-lasting hold, you might have to consider going for a beard wax.


There is no doubt, both a beard boil and a beard balm are portable because they are usually stored in small containers. But how safe are the containers?

Most beard oils are stored in glass bottles, which require a high amount of care when moving around. If you store them with other items, they could break and spill your oil. On the other hand, most beard balms are stored in a metal tin, which is very easy to handle.

You do not need to worry about finding its contents spilled all over your other stuff. In light of this, the beard balm wins hands down in the portability contest.

Beard Type

When you decide to buy oil or balm for your beard, be keen on what works for your beard type. If your beard is short (less than 6 months in length), beard oil could be the ideal option for you. You probably do not have to deal with flyaway hairs at this level. At the beginning of your beard journey, you want to focus on conditioning and keeping your beard and skin healthy.

The high concentration of carrier oils in beard oil will foster this process perfectly.

When your beard grows longer, a balm becomes an absolute necessity. Now, you have to worry about shaping the beard and keeping it intact. A balm helps in this process because of the beeswax and tropical fats, which are the main ingredients. It also helps to keep your beard conditioned, moisturized, and hydrated so you can have that vibrant and healthy beard.

Beard Oil vs Beard Balm Comparison

How to Use Beard Oil 

Beard oil will give you the best results only if you use and apply it appropriately. Before you learn how to apply it, note:

  • The best time to apply beard oil is after a shower when your beard is cleanest and softest, so it absorbs the oils best. If you need to shave, use soap for a smoother shaving experience before you apply the oil.
  • Dry off any water from your beard before applying the oil. Water will prevent the oil from being absorbed by the beard.

Step 1 – Pour a little beard oil in your palms

Put 2-3 drops of oil in your palms. This looks like too little, but believe me; it will go a long way. You can add some more later if you need to.

Step 2 – Spread the oil evenly

Spread the oil evenly on your palms to ensure it is well distributed before it hits your beard.

Step 3 – Brush your palms on your beard

Once your oil is distributed, brush your palms along the sides of your beard. You’ll want to start with the sides because they are the most noticeable. Brush your palms on the front part of your beard like you did with the sides.

Bring both hands up through the bottom of your beard to ensure that even the lower part gets its share of the oil.

Step 4 – Apply beard oil to your mustache

Use your fingertips to apply the oil on your mustache using motions downwards.

Step 5 – Spread the oil with a brush or a comb

Use a beard comb or brush to evenly distribute the oil in your beard while setting the hairs back in place.

Step 6 – Repeat daily

Repeat this process at least once daily to keep your beard soft and conditioned. You can adjust the type and quantity of oil as your beard demands.

How to Use a Beard Balm 

Step 1 – Scoop out a little beard balm

Rub your finger on the balm in a circular motion until you have a dollop on your fingertip. This helps to get an even texture of the balm when you rub it on your beard.

Step 2 – Rub the balm between your fingers

Rub the balm between your palm and fingers until it feels warm and supple. This means that it is ready for application.

Step 3 – Start the application

Apply to your beard by rubbing your palms on the sides, the front, and finally, the bottom part of your beard. Fork your fingers through your beard to ensure that the balm in your fingers is rubbed off onto your beard.

Step 4 – Don’t forget the mustache

Apply some balm on your mustache by rubbing your oiled fingers on it in downward motions.

Step 5 – Use a comb or brush to spread the balm

Use a beard brush or comb to spread the balm evenly in your beard. The comb will help you shape your beard and give you a well-groomed look. Remember to wash off the balm at night before you sleep and repeat the above process the following day for best results.

Note: Beard balm will work best if applied on a recently cleaned beard, so it locks in the moisture in your facial hair.

Do’s and Don’ts of Beard Balm


  • Do go for a product with natural ingredients if you have sensitive skin.
  • Do use the balm after a shower when the pores and hair are in their best absorbent conditions.
  • Do buy a balm with butter as an ingredient that helps in working your balm in your beard.
  • Do use balm on longer beards so that it helps with the styling and tidying process.


  • Don’t use the balm on wet beards because it won’t be absorbed into the hair follicles and the skin underneath.

Do’s and Don’ts of Beard Oil


  • Do check for the presence of carrier oils, essential oils, and vitamin E in beard oil.
  • Do use beard oil daily for best results.
  • Do use beard oil on well dried and freshly washed beard for best results.
  • Do confirm the scent of your beard oil before you buy it.


  • Don’t buy an oil that is close to the expiry date.
  • Don’t apply beard oil on wet beard hair because it won’t be absorbed into the hair and skin.


Do you use beard oil and beard balm together?

It is not recommended that you use the two together. The tropical fats in the beard balm and the beard oil do not mix well together, and your beard could become extremely greasy.

How often should I apply beard oil or beard balm?

We recommend you use your chosen product at least once daily after a shower for the best results. Do not use both at the same time.

How long should my beard be to use beard oil or beard balm?

Beard oil and beard balm work best for different lengths of beard. A short beard, which is less than six months in length, should be tended to with beard oil. If your beard is longer, then a beard balm should be the ideal product.


Beard balm or beard oil? What should I use to have that well-groomed beard that I have wanted for so long? Well, beard balm and oil serve different purposes for different beards. Evaluate the needs of your beard and choose the best products because they are equally important.